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Found 13 results

  1. hey there im duss

    i have no idea how to use unity, but im gonna try to learn, somehow
  2. Hello Pals

    Hello, pals My Name Mufabil45 and i still newbie at Unity, btw i Have game project it called "Sukabumi: Untold Story", This games is about history of Sukabumi city ( if don't know it, ask Google keyword : Sukabumi, West Java). and btw i Have trouble at my game project, i don't know how to create ww1 and 2 weapons, weapon animation And many more. Thank you 4 your attention. (Actually This project was inspired from Battlefield 1)
  3. Greeting everyone

    Hi everyone, im Ellis, i wanted to built FPS survival game that can play with friends, i don't know much coding yet, so i hope this community with lots of pro will help me complete my dream of making game xD Thank you.
  4. Hello Devs

    Hello Everyone, Let me introduce myself. I am Christopher, a Software analyst by day and a Game Developer by night. I joined this community because a friend recommended it. I hope to contribute here. If you need help with anything don't be afraid to ask, I love helping people. If you have any questions about me please ask.
  5. Newbie Here!

    Hey everyone, newbie here! Been using Unity for a while! Trying to make a tycoon game atm and been having a lot of fun doing that! I look forward to posting in the forums here! I love the walking dead, halo, and Destiny. I also love writing stories, especially on sci-fi or apocalyptic topics!
  6. Hello, Shockdead Games here...

    I am new to this website. I am currently making an FPS.
  7. Greetings! I'm OzRavenheart :D

    Hello everybody :3 I felt it was appropriate to introduce myself here but I rarely know what to put in these things, so I might ramble a bit. I worked at a Caltex in Albany (Western Australia) for about 4 years paying back a stupid debt that I took out to buy my first proper "top-of-the-line" gaming rig. I was constantly working night shift in a bad area and the customer-base at night was drunken aggressive people from the nightclubs, since we were the only place open after the clubs closed. The pay was decent and I paid my bills on time, but dealing with negativity to the point of death threats everyday at work from the drunken customers wore me down. I stopped going out unless I was going food shopping or working, I had my house locked up tight to avoid the people who often threatened to follow me home after work. My neighbours thought the house was abandoned even though I lived there for 4 years. In short I was a mess, Then I broke. I couldn't take it anymore. I was disappointed that this was what my life had become and I tried to remember what I had wanted to do when I was younger. The life I was living wasn't on that list. I wanted to be a game developer. I had done ever since I found out how to make my own Doom 2 maps back in early high-school. I used to love tinkering with the construction kit for Elder Scrolls: Morrowind and trying to make my own little house in a tucked away place to store all my things. I decided to make a change. I packed up and moved to Rockingham (Where my dad was living) and enrolled in a programming course. I didn't realise back then that programming probably wasn't the best choice of courses to learn how to make videogames, but whatever. It gave me a good background in programming to work from and for the most part I enjoyed it. I studied a Cert IV in software development, but unfortunately didn't pass the last semester and needed to repeat. Unfortunately they weren't offering the same course again the next semester as they had decided to run an experiment and combine the Cert IV and Diploma classes together. I didn't have much of a choice. If I wanted to get a certificate, I would have to enroll in the Cert IV/Diploma course. So I did. I did well (despite mediocre teachers, whom it was clear did not understand the content and were just doing their best) but unfortunately did not pass the last semester of the longer course either. Since the experiment was ultimately a failure for the school, they aren't running it again, so I have to move on. I have no formal qualifications despite 2.5 years of study, but I know object oriented and procedural coding pretty well now, so I have that going for me :3 I am currently working. Delivering pizzas for Dominos until I can find a full-time job or until the bridging course required for me to start the Bachelor's Degree in Games Technology at Murdoch University in 2005/2006. I'm still deciding where I want to go from here, but I'm doing my best to find some beginner tutorials on Blender and Unity3D so I can start making something small in the meantime. I am rather good with code, but it can take me longer than most because I'm fairly pedantic. This isn't necessarily a bad thing as my code is usually neat, readable and well written due to the extra attention to detail given. So if anybody knows a good starting point for a programming student to learn 3d modelling, texturing, animating and Unity 3d I'd love to hear about it. :3 Ok, well I think that's about it. Twitter: https://twitter.com/OzRavenheart/
  8. Hello everyone

    Hello everyone My name is Mikkel and i live in Denmark. I have about 2 years of programming experience,so i'm not the best programmer, but i still hope i can post some useful stuff, and hopefully learn a lot, and maybe one day join a team.
  9. Heya!

    Hey everyone! My name is Paul, I'm 15 years old living in Canada. I've been programming for about 4 and a half years now. With about a year of innactivity. I've worked with VB.net, Python, C#, Javascript, PHP, and of course things like HTML, CSS, and SQL. I'm also an active gamer. I play a lot of different computer games but I'd have to say my current favorite is Rust. I've been working with Unity for about a year and I've yet to create anything substantial really I've just been fooling around trying different things. Working on various systems. Things I've created in Unity: - Walk, Run, Sprint, Crouch script - Melee System Script (Hit an enemy it reduces there health by a preset value) - Made working doors - Created an Enemy Spawn System (They spawn randomly all over the map or they spawn in random areas within an area around the player - Created an accurate item spawn system (Food spawns in kitchens, fire pokers spawn near fireplaces, that kinda thing) - Created a noise system (invisible circle around a player that increases in size based on action, (Jumping running walking shooting) that attracts zombies within the cricle) I also have a working knowledge of animations in unity. I've worked on a Day/night cycle before but it wasn't the greatest. Please feel free to leave some of the things you've done with unity in a reply or a pm! BinKill-Ethical
  10. Newbie here.

    Hi, guys. I am newbie here. I am iOS developer and just start to learn Unity. Hope that I can learn from you all.
  11. Hello Armed Unity Community!

    Hello community, I am a novice independent game designer. I have a background in graphic design. I went to school 15 years ago to learn to make games and got stuck making coupons. With my discovery of Unity3D I am now working on a FPS and although challenging it's awesome. I am here to try and mingle in the Unity3D circle and learn from some of the great minds here in Armed Unity's community. So I hope to make a few friends that share the same passion I do. Thx for reading. Have a good one.
  12. Introducing me

    Hello people of Armed Unity! This is B13story from Tunisia I'm new on armedunity and i don't know much about this forum but what i've noticed is all of you are Game Developers !yay! I'm a Geek and i like developing games, B13story means too much to me, it's my life, my hobby, my personality also it's my first pseudo! To summarize my story, i discovered my dream when i was playing GTA VICE CITY my all-time favorite game, i told myself why i can't start making games like Rockstar Games, EA or even SEGA? I started editing GTA games and CS1.6 until i ended up today working on Unity and many more game engines to create a game.. not just a game it's a passion & love i want to share with people all around the world. I hope we can help each other to make great games and why not someday we all participate to make game of the century for Armed Unity ! Sincerely!
  13. Hello Armed Unity

    Hey guys my names Lee i was born in England but now live in Australia and im 20 years old aspiring to become great Game Designer (or at least good game designer haha)but also learn all the other parts of game design eg. Coding, Animation. I Live and breath games and i have always wanted to create games for people to play and hopefully enjoy at the moment i am creating a game called Black Friction a Modern/Futuristic FPS game and also wanting to develop a RTS at some point (fingers crossed) . I love Football or Soccer to most of you guys is another one of my passions. id like to think as myself as funny friendly person that likes to help if it is needed i guess to put it bluntly i also hope i can become a active member of Armed Unity and help people realize their dreams and also a stepping stone to mine Thanks for taking the time to get to know my a little more than you did before Lee