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Found 3 results

  1. Hi! My name is Justin Smith, I'm 16 years old and the lead dev of Tymelapse Games. Right now, our main focus is titled "Project Anvil" What is Project Anvil? Project Anvil is a SciFi FPS based in the Halo universe. We currently only have 3 devs and are in serious need of more, we need: 3d modelers, C# Coders, js Coders, Network coders, Map Designers, Terrain Editors, Texture-ers, Voice Actors, Concept Artists, and whatever you think you can contribute. ---About Project Anvil--- Crucible (Like Forge) War Games (Matchmaking) Instant Action (Firefight) Training Grounds (Duh ) Project Anvil runs on Unity 5.31f1 personal, it is and will always be 100% free to play Project Anvil will support up to 4 players per team at launch (Matchmaking/Forge) Project Anvil will support modifications and custom maps. ----STORY---- The year is 2562, you are a Spartan V set aboard the UNSC Anvil Station, testing experimental technology and actively participating in War Games alongside the Sangheili. On Anvil Station, you have access to many experimental feautures not yet available to other soldiers, such as the Crucible, unrestricted access to experimental armour, new weapons testing, new and realistic AI combat situations, as well as the ability to enlist in service to protect Human colonies from what's left of the Covenant. ----The Crucible---- The Crucible is a deck aboard the Anvil Station available for virtual battlefield creation, while designed for War Games, The Crucible is also available for other permitted uses as well. ----War Games---- War Games are simulated battle events, and training for both Sangheili as well as Spartan users. War Games has a variety of different training methods, including popular modes such: Slayer, FFA, Headhunter, Capture The Flag, Grifball, and more. ----Instant Action---- Instant Action is available to all Spartans aboard the Anvil Station, enabling them to fight remaining Covenant forces in order to protect Human Colonies. ----Training Grounds---- The Training Grounds are a deck designed specifically for Spartan weaponry, Movement, and Vehicle testing. Target practice and AI simulation are also available in the Training Grounds deck.​ Any additional questions? Any concerns? Ideas? Feel free to email us at: tymelapse.studios@gmail.com OR visit our website: www.project-anvil.weebly.com
  2. Soooo... I got a look at I01 a little while back, and let me tell you... This game is amazing in it's core... I loved the models, the gameplay was very reminiscent of Halo 3 (In my opinion), and I loved the demo map "Cavity".Unfortunately (due to my stupidity :'( ), I tried to leak some files on the contingency site... now before y'all go hating XD I only tried to leak them cuz it's awesome... but still, I shouldn't have. The files were previously stored publicly on Github, which are now taken down... Anyways, my main point of posting this is to update everyone (from a fan's perspective) on the game. It's amazing, the devs are doing amazing! I01 is great, TheChunkierBean, HAMM4R, Church y'all are doing awesome (as well as unmentioned devs, those are just some I'm semi familiar with ).
  3. Hello, fellow Halo fans! I'm a member working on the halo fan PC game called Installation 01. We want to bring back Halo to the PC. But in order to do this, we have to get more people who would enjoy recreating Halo to bring back our firepower. Being a fan team, we can’t make any money, and we won't take donations until a beta is released. We are doing this in our spare time. Professionals, students, and Halo fans coming together with whatever free hours they have. We are making something that we’ve craved for a long time, and aim to accomplish, a full Halo game for Windows, Linux, and Mac, bringing back the favorite classic gameplay and game modes from multiple Halo titles. We've already got a pretty HUGE team but we really need MAINLY more modelers to bring back the team's speed. We also aim to build the multiplayer structure around Halo 3's, or at least based off of it. Positions we need filled so this project moves faster: Artists: -2D- • Knowledge of GIMP, Photoshop, or any other comparable 2D graphics program. Largely needed for UI and texture work. • Willing to work on assigned projects within their deadlines. (we won't chew you out, we just EVENTUALLY expect a deadline.). • Knowledge of 3D modeling is a plus, but not required. -3D- • Skills with any widely used 3D modeling software, such as Blender, Max, or Maya. Zbrush is also welcomed. • Work within deadlines (once again, we don’t have a lot of deadlines, just know your limits) • Doesn't matter if you prefer environmental, structural, or organic modeling, your position is critically important at the moment. • Knowing how to texture models isn't required, but is a plus. • WE NEED A PROP MODELER! • WE NEED SOMEONE WHO CAN MODEL ARMOR, WEAPONS, AND MULTIPLAYER MAPS! (Customization is a big thing in this game) WE TAKE OUR WORK SERIOUSLY! WE ARE VERY PROFESSIONAL ABOUT WHAT WE DO! WE NEED GOOD MODELERS WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, NOT AMATEURS. If you wish to help out as any of those roles, just let us know here! NOTE: We use Skype to communicate. We have multiple chat rooms. Art, and code. NOTE: We are abiding by Microsoft’s Fair Use Policy, hence why we cannot make any money off the project, and why we must build everything ourselves, we cannot distribute “rips” of any kind from any Halo game. This is a community project, there is no chance for profit, the only reward for our devs is that they have the satisfaction of making a small dream into reality.
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