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Found 19 results

  1. Johannes


    A Throwback to the roots of classic first person shooting Think back to a time when military shooters were so dominant and important in your gaming schedule, what made them so good? It's simple, They were fun! No boats, tanks or jets to do your work for you - keep those boots on the ground! You are a soldier, you have your guns, your body and most vitally your mettle! Head out, Grunt! With a distinctly historical arsenal made available to you, you can choose to play any way you want. A selection of the weaponry also contains attachments that were either in use on the field or being tested at the time, giving you lots of options! Unlock more guns as you progress through the ranks to become the ultimate foot-soldier! Come sun, rain or snow in darkness or light, war will rage on! What's the forecast? You choose! You can play in clear, rainy or snowy settings in Grunt1914. These selections have a distinct effect on the maps you choose to fight on, as the visibility and controls adapt to the weather cycle at play! As the fog fills the air and the snow piles will you be able to hold your nerve and take that perfect shot? Time will tell! The Axis vs the Allies, blood will flow! It's the classic story as we've heard it told many times before, the story of brutality and fear, yet also victory and brave hearts! You can play as either a soldier from the Axis alignment, or the Allies confederation. Take up arms in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Gun-Game modes as you rush to be proclaimed the victor above all others! Bordered arenas with tons of tricks and turns Do not desert the battle soldier! Grunt1914 features eight distinct and robust maps to explore and seek triumph in! These are all based on real life locations from novel and peculiar theaters of war of that historical time. Each map features certain unique traits and areas to uncover and unravel, as you make your way through deserts, forests, tombs, military bases, underground hospitals, towns and many more rare areas! Skill above all else There are no power-ups or buffs to help you here, no powers or special treatments to be had. Only one thing matters in Grunt1914, your tactics! How you react and the way you play will decide your fate! There are no vehicles or mounts to save you! Your skill is all you have here! Are you a sniper that favorites long range kills, are you a run and gun heavy grunt or are you sneaky silencer type? You can be any class you want, as long as you can survive! The nostalgia of a classic interface Brave the harsh battlefields and arenas with a compass and map in hand, use those senses to locate enemies on the field! All of these are neatly laid out and visible to you at all times, exactly when and where you will need them! Use these tools to your advantage to turn the tide and become the victor when all seems lost! About the developer Aligned Games© was started by me, Johannes Christiaan Nienaber in 2013 as a video-game development studio. At that time I focused on the creation of smaller scale games, but have since moved into developing bigger and better games. I run the studio myself and as such all of its associated video-game are my sole creations. Grunt1914 is my first foray into the PC gaming market. Please contact me through the studio's website if you have any queries or questions, you can do so at - https://alignedgames.com/ Other social links : Steam : https://store.steampowered.com/app/1059040 Discord : https://discord.gg/Tc5b7D9 Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Grunt1914/ Twitter : https://twitter.com/grunt1914 IndieDB : https://www.indiedb.com/games/grunt1914 Youtube : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKfm34iEuHrFCduvV4OZpag Concept art : Screenshots :
  2. OwlApps

    Grandpa Day

    Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a grandpa? This game will show you the day of grandfather, from morning till evening. Ride a bicycle, feed grandson, sort pills and more! This day will be unforgettable for you! This experience you will not get anywhere else! Features - 8 different levels - Click, drag-and-drop, balance, shake, wipe, and many other non-recurring actions - Easy-to-learn for any player with increasing difficulty for the most sophisticated - Nice music - Flat design https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.owlapps.grandpaday
  3. DISCLAIMER: NO SALADS WERE HARMED IN THE MAKING OF THIS GAME! [UPDATE] Make Me A Salad, somehow, over time, evolved into a horror game! Don't ask me how this happened because I have no idea. I do know, somewhere along the road of development, the whole thing changed. Game Description: Make Me A Salad is a horror game that messes with your head. The game is based on the topic of corporation and has you dive into the sick, cruel world of capitalism and it's all put together to look like a children's game...how wonderful! Features include: 3 ingredient types (a whole load more coming soon) Cartoony, colorful art style (for the most part...) Random ingredient requests Ingredient cutting system An in-depth story and dialog system And much more coming soon! Story: Our current storyboard is (obviously) way to long to fit in this post (and It would give away key story elements). That's why I put together this basic overview of the story: Screenshots:
  4. INFORMATIONS ABOUT THE GAME Title: Do not leave me alone Genre: Horror/Adventure/Deep story You'll play as Reginald Carter,a male,who has a family.He has a wife (Veronica Carter),and two childs (Frank & Ron Carter).One day his wife Veronica gets ill and was transportet into the nearest hospital.She have left a note for Reginald,in theyre bedroom which says (thats not the complete text of the note) : "please come and visit me.Its so boring here.But the doctors are very friendly.But remember,take you flashlight with you.Its dark outside".And then (...). I dont want to take you the fun,so explore yourself.But i can tell you,you havent seen a story like this in a game like this! Thanks! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ABOUT ME Reallife Name: Fabian Nicknames: DrGreenTea & DoktorGreenTea Age: 13 (Please dont condemn me for my age) Location: Germany Languages: German,English Where am i good in (PC/Unity): Level Design,Programming ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ WHICH PERSONAL DO I NEED? NORMAL Animators (Animates moves,etc.): 0/2 Texturer (Creates textures for walls,etc.): 0/1 Programmers (Creates Scripts,etc.): 1/2 Music & Sound producer (Creates Music,Soundtrack,Ambient,etc.): 0/1 Modellers (Creating objects,etc.): 0/2 VOICE ACTORS 24-36 years old male: 0/1 34-50 years old male: 0/1 18-26 years old woman: 0/1 13-18 years old male: 0/1 13-15 years old male: 0/1 ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ HOW YOU CAN CONTACT ME (IF YOURE INTERESTED) You can contact me via Steam or Skype.You can find my nicknames under this line. Steam: DrGreenTea Skype: doktorgreentea ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ ENDWORD So.Thank you for reading my post,if youre interested for helping me (every worker will be listed in the credits),than you can contact me via Steam or Skype. My nicknames can you see a few lines above.So yea,i hope i can find someone who wants to help me! -DrGreenTea
  5. Hey I'm back. (This is a new post, feel free to ignore [and to moderators] delete the previous topics as they are now inactive) So as previously stated in another post, this is about our indie Halo game (Originally called Project Anvil) and since then we have adopted the new name "Project Initiative". All the previously mentioned features are still planned to be incorporated. Project Initiative will be featuring the main four game-modes: -Wargames -Anvil -Firefight -Training Although, we are currently only a team of 3 and in need of more developers, anyone who is fluent in Unity, and feels like they can contribute something to our team can email us at: tymelapse.studios@gmail.com We currently need: -Programmers(Js, C# [Networking, Player, etc.]) -3d Modelers -UI Design/Formalizing -Concept Artists -Something else useful to contribute I hope to work with some of you soon (Oh, and don't worry about our issue with I01 devs, that issue is resolved )
  6. GamezZz

    Nzn FPS Kit

    Hy Friends, This is my first scripting in Unity3D. I haven't any programming knowledge before. I used Javascript for development.(Little bit C#) Functions - 1. Walk/Sprint With Sounds (When Sprint Sound Change Dynamically in Wood, Grass, Concrete, Gravel) 2. Jump And Landing Sounds 3. Bullet Spread 4. Gun Sway 5. Reload Animation, Gun Recoil Animation Create Using Unity3D Animation Window. 6. Gun Model - Assault Rifle ( I hope Add Mp5, Shotgun, Ak-47, Uzi ) 7. Bullet Impacts (According to Metal, Grass & Gravel, Wood, Concrete) 8. Crouch. 9. Bullet Ejection & Drop Sound My Indie FPS Game in Progress Development. I Hope Next Time Polish My FPS Kit and Create Realistic AI System With Cover System (Now in Progress Development). Please Give me a feedback. Link - https://youtu.be/3QClmvcyBQ8
  7. Hello Everyone! My name is Kevin and I need a team to help me create a Civilization game for IOS. Before you wright it; yes I have heard of Civ Revolution... Before Creating this game I have been a game developer for almost 4 years and I am looking for a team to help me create my dream. The game will be a simple version of Civilization, but at the same time not so simple people will call it:"Made for Noobs", or something like that. THE GAME: The game will work like Civ, but will be simpler. There will be a Story mode in the way of Total War: Napoleon. Small parts of the world to make you learn, and at last the whole world. You will be able to play with friends, Online, Single Player and a offline COOP for IPAD. (We will work on the Singe Player first, then COOP, and at last ONLINE). You will play as Historic figures like in other games, but to make sure there will not be lag, there is not going to be any Random Worlds. The Singleplayer will follow Historical event, while the COOP and online can be based on Historical events, or just be random. ME: Name: Kevin ----- Contact Info: Skype: ook_nkoo, EMAIL: oOKNKOo@yahoo.com Age: 15 Good at: Design, project leading, World Design, Some Coding Location: Denmark PEOPLE I NEED Texturer: (A Person able to make the textures for the models) 0/1 Map Designer: (Able to recreate the world on the style of the game) 0/1 Music/Sound Designer: (Able to create the sound and iconic music of the game) 0/1 Programmers: (Codes will of course be needed so if you can code please help) 0/? (Not sure how many is needed) Modellers: (You need to be able to create a model, but not something amazing just something simple to stay in style) 0/1 If you want to join please write a comment, add me on skype, or write me a mail UPDATES:
  8. In this episode i am setting up everything so i can start scripting! Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jwWp5AGWds4&index=1&list=PL4zevqe9aqi61bJEoi7NuMF35rJORUPaV
  9. Hey guys ! I just wanted to share my tribute to the halo franchise with this halo indie game I am making with OMA's fps kit My Game is called Halo: Spartan 117 follow it on http://gamejolt.com/games/action/halo-spartan-117/35922/ (You can also find more screenshots and videos here) here is a screenshot
  10. Hey Armed Unity members, We're an indie game development company working on "The Final Stand," a multiplayer survival game inspired from multiple survival game mods like 'Day Z', 'Rust', and 'Battle Royale.' We've been working on the game for almost two years and we're going to release in the Q1 of this year on Steam alongside Alienware. The payment is post launch compensation, you'll be paid after the game goes on Steam which is in Q1 of 2015. If you're looking for a hefty project to put on your portfolio and have the possibility of landing a full-time position with us - this is the game to join with a very close deadline! Check out the game: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=241750254 About the game: http://thefinalstandgame.com/about/ Here are some screenshots from a recent build (we're still tweaking shaders, lighting, and gameplay): Interested in joining? Great! We're looking for the below job positions to be filled below: Animator - Priority Able to work with existing rigs and create a new rig, if needed Experience with 3rd person animations and 1st person animations Willing to finish the 4 sets of 3rd person animations left, shouldn't take long at all. Experience in transferring .fbx's or animations to be used in a game engine (we can provide a little refresher, if needed). 3D Environment Modeler Experience with hard surface and organic modeling Experience Kitbashing and create modular assets using tilesets Ability to create both high and low poly models based on concept art or references Ability to create both hand-painted and photo-sourced texture maps: diffuse, spec, normal, alpha, and emissive Strong skills with Maya and Zbrush Strong eye for detail natural environments How To Apply So if you're interested in joining our team, email hellagamesentertainment@gmail.com. If you didn't see a job positing but would still like to offer your services, don't be afraid to send us an email - we'd love to see if we could have you on the team! Please send a portfolio and just the job title with whatever you're applying for. Don't be afraid to apply, we're very responsive and willing to give everyone a shot! - Hadey Mohammed (Lead Game Designer) Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/TheFinalStandHG Twitter: https://twitter.com/HellaGamesEnt Email: hellagamesentertainment@gmail.com Website: www.thefinalstandgame.com Steam Greenlight link: http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfile.../?id=241750254 IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/the-final-stand
  11. Hello people Armedeunity, this time I will present a game created by my company indie mini games, N3XUS GAMES, the game is called Baby & Slender City, in which you will Collectables 8 bottles to finish the game. controls: W - Forward A - Left S - Back D - Right P - Pause CTRL - Crouching F - On / Off Flashlight Mouse - Move Camera Shift - Run Well that was it, the game link below and share it if you like. Links: MediaFire (Download): http://www.mediafire.com/download/da42sk4u9nnws2k/bab.rar
  12. Hello again! I've been working for the past 6-7 months on a stealth/team based games in the vein of the Commandos/Desperados series. It is set in medieval Japan, my main influences are the works of Kazuo Koike, from Lone Wolf and Cub to Path of the Assassin, manga like Shigurui Death Frenzy and of course my favorite director of all time Akira Kurosawa, i'm also a big fan of TV series like Kage No Gundan and Yagyu Clan Conspiracy (Shinichi Chiba is a f****** GOD). What all this had to with the game? Well I wanted to take a more down to earth approach on the Ninja genre, leaving the supernatural elements aside and relying heavily on technique so citing my influences on the Ninja/Samurai genre would help to make my point. I was also raised on games like Commandos and was really sad this type of games have died throu the years, i knew i had to make a game like them with Ninjas and Samurais!! (I can't believe no one has ever thought of that before! I mean come on! NINJAS!) At the current stage the game is only at a pre-Alpha but i think it is shaped up enough to saw the world my vision of it! although it is a stealth game primarily i wanted the combat to be fun and pretty engaging and not to punish the player if spotted and difficulty to be more based on realistic elements like if you fight against multiple opponents, well the odds of course won't be in your favor . But of course being a game about ninja's mean that the player always has some aces up their sleeves At the moment I finished the first character in your team (Every character has tons of animations and everything is done by me so progress is slow but steady) and working on enemies AI. I wanted to eliminate elements most games have that players can exploit, like the most common technique "If something works, spam it", i try to tackle this with adaptive AI, if you use something on an opponent and others are seeing it they learn it, so if you try it on them you gonna have a different outcome. AI out of combat is not that simple either, i'm trying to recreate realistic behaviour for a more immersive and lifelike experience, for example: if enemies see a fire, they will try and put it out, of course they can't just put it out with their hands, they need buckets and buckets don't grow on trees so they need to go and find one and then fill it with water and when they throw the water in the fire they need to fill it again and so on and on... (something i've already implemented in the game but needs some debugging so it's not in the video, sorry). Well okay enough with my ramblings, i can talk for hours and hours about it Here are a few pics if you don't want to watch the video, but please, feedback is always appreciated! (plz keep in mind it's only 6-7 months since i started learning to code/animate/modelling) You can find the Vlog here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4qdL6MpObMg or to my blog http://devwithoutacrew.blogspot.gr/
  13. Hey guys. I was browsing internet and came a across this site: http://gamejolt.com/ . Its a site where free indie games are published everyday.
  14. Hey guys here is a culling system i developed, it works with free version of unity. There is a documentation inside the package as well as an example scene. Features : WORKS ON UNITY FREE AND SUPPORTS ALL UNITY PLATFORMS THIS IS NOT OCCLUSION CULLING, IT DISABLES OBJECTS BASED ON DISTANCE. nDev CullingSystem v1.0.rar
  15. Hello! My name is Jake, I'm the Co-founder of this small, indie-dev group called 'Paperviper' that was started by me and my friend Tristan. (View our details here ) We(We meaning "Paperviper") are currently looking for more people to join our team so we can get the right amount of work done to begin creating our games. Our initiative at the moment it to grow a nice sized fan base that will love our games, but we need published games in order to do so, and in order to publish games we need skilled people willing to work whenever they can to help make these said games. We want to make about 3 to 4 free games that will be great; or at least good enough to peak the interests of many people and hopefully capture the interests of some of them, thus creating fans. Projects Technically, there are 2 games being done under our way. The first is called 'WAGAKKIWA'; It's a visual novel that I'm am working on using the Python Programming Language and the Ren'py engine. When it is complete, it will be released as a Paperviper game (in fact, it may be released as the first). This is an active project, that I surprisingly am managing most of it by myself. Progress of this game is regularly posted on the IndieDB page which can be found here! The second one is a sort of Farming RPG, rather than some farming simulator. This is still in 'pre-production' stage, and it the vocal point as to why we want to build a team! The game will be styled a bit like the popular Harvest Moon series, but there will be more activities to do rather than just farming. (It won't be activity filled like Rune Factory, but the plans definitely point to have more things to do that Harvest Moon doesn't touch on). Anyways, we've planned to have this game made with the C# programming language, and of course all done in the amazing Unity engine. There is still no progress on this game except a few concept artwork pictures, a little bit of story ideas, and one model of a completely grey person. Positions Please note that we are wanting to construct an actual team, not just for one game, but for many to come in the future. Following is a list of positions we are trying to fill in: (in order from the most important to the least) C# programmer:At least over 1 year of experience Able to program things like Menus, Dialogue boxes, NPCs & AI, Day/Night and time systems, Currency Systems, etc. Has experience with the Unity Engine (bonus if you have experience with even more engines) 3D Modeler/Animator:​Can create 3D models with textures, that can easily export into Unity Can rig and animate models (based on what is needed) Can created 3D models of the following (but not limited to): People, Animals, Tools, Buildings, Plants and Environmental items (like Rocks), Vehicles, items. Sound Designer/Engineer:Create music (mostly background music), sound effects, etc., depending on ideas, descriptions, and more from peers and others on the team. Edit sound and songs to be almost clear if not entirely clear and be ready to export in one of the following formats: .mp3, .wav, .ogg Artist:Create and design original artwork that can be used for games. Can make artwork that could be used in the following: Game menus, GUI displayables, pause/menu screen backgrounds, dialogue containers Additional needs (for all position types): Communication accounts such as: Skype, Email, Twitter A up-to-date and installed version of whichever engine we use Payments I'll be straightforward: There are no payments. Not at this moment of time though. If you read the beginning of this thread, I state that 'our initiative is to create a few good free games' to create a fan base. This is so we know there are epic players out there who are interested in our work. I know that hearing something like 'You won't get paid' from something that involves some hard work is unsettling, but me and Tristan aren't really going for any type of cash reward goal with this. We like making games that many people will enjoy playing and that's that. We want to basically get a good team of people together, and makes games we know will succeed whether there is money or not... ...now, if you are included into our team, since we aren't some fancy business with employment documents, etc., we just wanna be a group of friends/comrades or acquaintances if you prefer that make games. This means you won't have to do your part of the project constantly or time based. I will state though, that sometimes I can pressure about things needed to be done only for the sake of the project, so we want people who can fill our open positions that can fit in some work with the projects whenever they can, where ever they can. Other information As noted, this isn't a recruitment for one game. We are literally looking to make a team, create some games and in the future hopefully do our best to be something like Mojang; an indie game company. This means we will only accept applicants that are wanting to make games, wanting to be a part of this, and not abandon Paperviper or any project you will participate in. You all have tight schedules I'm sure, and since this whole thing is just starting out we are working on our games whenever we can. I myself though, am almost always online because I do freelance jobs and other things online, so you can almost 90% of the time do your work along side me on any games we'll make by talking on Skype/some IM chat. It's a plus since I'm the co-founder and Director of all the games we make (until we can become an actual game company and get some more good people to join the team). Another thing I want to cover before I continue is about our style: most groups that make games usually have a certain style or certain genre that they strictly stick to. It works a lot for people, but not all of the time. Paperviper intends on making many different types of games, but I will say that we are very interested in making JRPG and Anime-themed sorta games, though we also will like to make FPS games, Simulations, and more. I figured I'd share this info as I know many people wanting to join teams are sometimes annoyed by all of the 'First Person Shooters and Zombie games!" type of groups. Applying So, did I convince you to be on the team? Great! Next step is to apply. As I write this, our official website is currently suspended thanks to the stupid web host, so you can send all applications to my email: jake@weeshare.ws You should write the email in the following format: Position you're applying for Your age Your name (First & last) Links to any demos of your work Your experience A little description of yourself Why you want to be part of Paperviper And that's it. I'll be checking emails periodically, and I usually reply to all applicants 99.9% of the time. (Just incase our website goes back online days after this thread is done, you can check out the join page here: htttp://paperviper.com/join-our-team ) Thanks for reading! (tl;dr read the thread!) ~Jake from Paperviper
  16. Hey guys, I just released a new indie horror game (Not too scary but you may enjoy it) called "Scribble" Trailer: These are links to download/play Newgrounds : http://www.newgrounds.com/portal/view/630648 GameJolt : http://www.gamejolt.com/games/other/scribble/20361 IndieDB : http://www.indiedb.com/games/scribble
  17. Guest

    Indie Game Project: Reactor

    Having a lot of tools and never using them would just be a waste. so starting a new Indie game project called Reactor. when i get all the software's fully licensed I'm aiming to get in on the Xbox Indie section of there Marketplace, but I'm not thinking too far ahead. First things first is actually getting the game to start up with the main character holding a weapon. then I'll worry about the rest as far as gameplay, level design, textures/shading, etc. single developer (please note that this post is not me asking people to join, if interested....sure, this is just a simple post) step 1 : Character model = DONE step 2: Weapon model = Done step 3: Animations/Scripts = WIP PS. the weapon model will not be on this post just because it is the SCAR-H on my Modeling Progression Stage 3Gallery LINK: http://armedunity.com/gallery/image/317-scar-h/
  18. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jYYg0N1XPaQ Game Updates: This map is called Isolation, it will be released in the beta ,THIS IS A WIP ( WORK IN PRGORESS) I am currently working hard on the player upgrade , inventory and weapon buy systems. I started working on this map before I released the alpha, and I am showing the map in a early stage. Expect more improvments as the project evolves:)
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