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Found 3 results

  1. Parsing error

    1.using UnityEngine; 2.using System.Collections; 3. 4.public class BirdControl : MonoBehaviour { 5. 6. 7.public Vector2 JumpForce = new Vector2 (0,500); 8. Use this for initialization 9.void Start () { 10. 11.} 12. 13. Update is called once per frame 14.void Update () { 15. 16. if (Input.GetKeyDown (KeyCode.Space)) { 17. GetComponent<Rigidbody2D>().AddForce (JumpForce); Unity error:Assets/Scripts/BirdControl.cs(20,1): error CS8025: Parsing error Can someone help me plz..
  2. Unity 3D Game Programmers DOUBLE JUMP ENTERTAINMENT An exciting multiplayer anime game startup is looking for talented Unity 3D game programmers to work out with the DJE team--located from all over the world. The successful candidates will be working on an exciting anime-themed next gen multiplayer product--with the goal to revolutionize the gamification of anime. We are looking for experienced, talented Unity 3D programmers to help develop our initiative across multiple platforms. KEY RESPONSIBILITIES With strong Unity 3D programming skills, you will work closely with other engineers/designers to implement core game play features in a hybrid FPS/TPS multiplayer game play experience. You will implement, debug and refine core game play features. Collaborate effectively with a small, high energy team of artists, designers, and executives. Exhibit strong grasp of Unity development for cross-platform deployment --including UI, sound, physics, and graphics. You will contribute to a high quality, unique visual experience--a world of magical anime adventure for kids and adults. QUALIFICATIONS Ability to rapidly prototype and iterate, in an lean/agile dev environment. Strong, proactive problem-solving and troubleshooting skills. Continuous, proactive learner in Game Design and Game Development.. Passion for video games, animation, and the future of multiplayer anime. WHY JOIN DOUBLE JUMP STUDIOS? Be a key part of building a anime-themed, next gen multiplayer fast-paced fighting product (pioneering gamification in anime). Be able to bring your own ideas into projects. Competitive compensation, good benefits, and catered lunches. Get in on the ground floor of an ambitious multiplayer game startup with developers located across the globe--and work with a kickass, collaborative team! CONTACT Email: doublejumpdevelopers@gmail.com
  3. NOTE: AS OF MAY 27th 2013, ANY POST THAT IGNORES THESE RULES WILL BE REMOVED, WE EXPECT AT LEAST SOME INFO/WORK Here is a quick guide on how to correctly present yourself when recruiting team members. This post will give you a rough guide on what to do and what not to do. The Title: Keep the title as brief and as professional as possible without being confusing or lengthy. A good example would be 'team name' is hiring! Payment: Alot of people here make two mistakes when discussing payment: [A] Create false promises, (I.E saying the people will be paid from money they don't have but believe they will as they will create the next COD) Say "you wont get paid until after game is finished" ... this will immediately put most people off A professional way around this is to put (Profit Share) in the title... this is all that needs to be mentioned about payment until they are on your team... Previous work & Progress: This is probably the most important part of the post: it is important to give as much information as possible about yourself and your past experience, it is always a good idea to have atleast one game gone through the entire development cycle before you begin a team.. even if the game is worse than pong, it will all help people build up their trust in you to not drop the project... Any progress already made would also be a bonus however, the reason you are setting up a team is to make the progress so I suggest that you dont put posts as 'recruiting modeler' but instead give them more of a managerial role as maybe founding modeler, its subtlety's like this that make the difference Job Roles Don't recruit more people than you need and ensure to hire the person with the EXACT skill set you need. for example dont hire a c# coder and expect them to be good at networking, or dont recruit a 'modeler' and expect them to texture and animate so just be careful... there is no real reason to have a texturer, modeler and an animator as 3 different people Readability Readability in this forum is crucial since you don't want readers (admin and mods as well) to strain their eyes looking at dark colors (dark blue, purple, etc) that blend in with the background of this forum. Making "rainbow" colors in your post tends to really make it annoying to read. Just leave it at basic colors. An EXCELLENT example of a recruitment post can be found: HERE