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Found 4 results

  1. Breakable Assets

    Hi All, So I am after some guidance I am wanting to build some Buildings for my game that our breakable like battle field 4. I suck at scripting but I am trying to learn, Modelling I am OK. What I have played around with so far is just creating cubes in blender using the fracture object withing the program. Exporting to unity Applying mesh collides to the individual fractures and ridge body's to, This gives me a basic breakable object. But i found this is limited as if i wanted to make a skyscraper for instance that the base supports our breakable and when blown apart the top topples over (again like bf4) the supports built with the above technique can not support that much weight with out falling part under the load. Also tried a bridge and the pieces that didn't have any support I,E the arch just fell apart in game mode. Has anyone tried to make or know how to get round the issue. I used to create breakable buildings in CryEngine and the individual parts where held together via a physics cube but not sure how it was executed. Any input would be appreciated I am willing to experiment.
  2. Well this is basically a tutorial on how to have more than 2 Point Lights which is allowed by Unity3D as a default setting. Now this can cause headaches for beginner level designers and people who want good lighting in their scenes. I've been there, so I have finally gotten a fix for this. NOTE: Some of you might already know this as it's not really that hard. Here are BEFORE & AFTER pictures. Now to change the amount of lights you can have without having distortions and dims, head over to the project settings under the edit menu. Then go to the Quality menu, to edit some settings. As shown in the picture below. Then this should come up.. Change the Pixel Light Count from 2 to how many ever you want. I changed mine to 20 to achieve the results you saw in the Before & After picture.. Hope this helped, good luck on your project. Happy Posting!
  3. Hello friends, I have a question, there any way to create a car and a helicopter in FPS Kit with first person camera (like vehicles in Battlefield 3 and 4)? Thanks, and sorry for my english.
  4. DLC's | How to do?

    So if i make like a paid DLC for my future game, how would it work? how could i have the maps and stuff work right and make sure someone has to pay to get it this thing has always come across my mind with multiplayer