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Found 14 results

  1. Hello peeps, my name is FreeUnity. I'm 17 years old and currently live in beautiful New Zealand. I have a passion for game development but I am still fairly new to the engine, I use the skills that I have developed over the past year to create free projects/scripts for people, that I release on my YouTube channel: FreeUnity. (be sure to check it out) I will be posting free stuff on the forums daily/weekly so be sure to look out for my name If you want me to make you something, for free, then please comment or pm me I am always happy to help.
  2. Hello guys, we are a little company of five idiotic monkeys that started making "games" in unity. We found out about this awesome site, so we would like to become a everyday users of this community site. So we say a big hello to every user that is active on this site, and a big welcome to the unity crew! If you are interested in our monkeying around in the actual editor, here's a video we made for our show of : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kLRYTTO2sUo The name of the FPS game is Battleground Enlarge.(Our brains were out of memory). Typical multiplayer action shooter, nothing special but for us a hole of joy, so we hope your all exited like we are making it just while your reading this sentence. The Unity Crew.
  3. Hello everyone my name is Emil and I'm a Swedish 3d artist (I hope I wrote right) I have been in the armedunity forums for quite some time but never see me that much! here you have some of my latest projects! the K67 submachine gun! see you soon
  4. Hello Guyz, i just descovered your Forum researching some stuffs for Unity and i've find it really USEFULL.... Thanks a lot, and .... Hey, Hello everyone!!!! Elusys!!!!
  5. Hey folks ! I am Shaqs and I'm a modeler and a texture artist. I am here to Share my work with you all, and to make a team to earn some money by combining the talents of talented peoples along with me ! . Currently I am not working on any project Cause I alone cannot make a Game, But I'll like to help any one of you. I am modelling for about two years, I have started a blog to show up my current work yesterday. Here is the link of it : http://aki3dstudios.blogspot.com I know that its not enough to gain your trust, But yesterday only I came to know about that to make a team you must show up your work so I've uploaded my some models on my Blog. Models on my blog are just 5 or 6 days old. Thank you for your consideration...!
  6. Hi I'm datsu. Be sure to check out my simple web login example and give me feedback. I'm new to Unity3D a C# but try my hardest. I really want to meet 3D animators and modellers but they are bit snobby most of the time. If you need any help with anything code related give me a message! Anyone who can animate using MikuMikuDance I really, really need! I can do basic 3D modelling a amateur looking animations.
  7. Hi and Hello, My name is Matew, i`m from Romania, and i`m a Level Designer. I Started Working in the Game Developing Buissines around 5 Years ago, and doing "Gun to Hire" Work since then. I am pleased that i could join ArmedUnity Forum and can`t wait to meet some of you Developers out there. Best of Luck !
  8. soup


    FPS Kit 1.3.5 [MOD] - Armedunity How can i make a friendly AI in this project please help me i need it very much!!
  9. Hey all, I gather I got your attention with the oh so not catchy Topic Title. So the name is Simon and I was born in South Africa, but move between South Africa and the UK as they are both my home. I have just started out within the game development industry and found out this was a good place to come to come and get a taste of what it is like in the industry. I hope to meet some like minded people within this field and be able to collaborate with such people. Nice to meet you all. Happy Gaming
  10. Hey everyone! I know what your thinking, Sam! Why are you introducing yourself? We already know you! Well its because i never really introduced myself, and I kinda just feel like introducing myself properly So my real name is Sam and I'm 13 years old (Turning 14 on October the 12 this year) and I have been using unity for 2-3 years but only this year I have decided to really get into coding in c#! Ps: thanks to DaBossTMR for getting me into c#! I am the lead dev for my teams upcoming fps survival game, which we have been working really hard on and we just released an update #2 video! Our team name is Le Royal Games... So hows that for an introduction? Wait there's more! I was born originally in Coventry, England. And shortly after living in England for only 3-4 years of my life we moved to the small and most beautiful country ever... New Zealand, we moved to New Zealand in style! On a BBC tv show called get a new life! It was an tough journey leaving my grandparents, nana ect... But it was worth it! I want be to a game designer and I will keep on trying my hardest to succeed in my dream/goal! And that's all you really need to know about me! -Sam AKA RedBaron
  11. Hello!! My name is Langley. I've been on Armed Unity for a couple of months now, and now i decide to say hello! :\ haha I'm not very good at making games so i'm using OMA's FPS KIT. And soon hoping to become a member While i'm here... can anybody help me with a script for headbobbing? like when you run/walk the camera moves around a bit. Thanks! Cheers guys!
  12. Hello everyone ^ω^ I hope everyone is doing okay today, I just wanted to pop in to say hello. My name is Shizumi Neko (real name : Andrew) I'm newish to unity but now most of the basics of unity ^-^ well me don't know what eels to say so for know bye. Thank you for reading my post and have a great day, Shziumi.
  13. Hey guys my names Lee i was born in England but now live in Australia and im 20 years old aspiring to become great Game Designer (or at least good game designer haha)but also learn all the other parts of game design eg. Coding, Animation. I Live and breath games and i have always wanted to create games for people to play and hopefully enjoy at the moment i am creating a game called Black Friction a Modern/Futuristic FPS game and also wanting to develop a RTS at some point (fingers crossed) . I love Football or Soccer to most of you guys is another one of my passions. id like to think as myself as funny friendly person that likes to help if it is needed i guess to put it bluntly i also hope i can become a active member of Armed Unity and help people realize their dreams and also a stepping stone to mine Thanks for taking the time to get to know my a little more than you did before Lee
  14. hey guy i been formus for bit now but never introduce my self so i got free time so why not sort: i am 17 going on 18 from Manchester UK right now at college might be going uni on game development course need master degree (not a chance but i been told i have good chance) happy guy un less you piss me off The banter i am want to be level designer/scripted development as full time job (dream) lol why do i want create games it start when i was 6 when my granddad (god rest his soul ) got me my first game console Nintendo 64 i was hook on to it from then i have load of consoles and then one day few years age start comeing up with idea for better new games and that why i am here to day thank for read my bant andrew
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