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Found 18 results

  1. So as many of you may know, I was working on an FPS game titled "Project Initiative", it was going to be based in the Halo universe and I had everything planned out. However, I don't have much experience in recruitment and that is the downfall, I couldn't pick up any devs and I don't know much in coding so I definitely couldn't have done it myself... So I've decided to release the files I had, feel free to modify them for any project, as long as credit me for them. PM me for details and what you plan to do with them
  2. My name is Justin Smith, I'm 16 years old and an ex developer from the fan-game "Installation 01". While I was on the team, I learned a lot about the way a functional team should work, and the proper foundations of game development. I also learned a bit of 3d modelling due to my role in the team (designing layouts and blocking out maps). I recently departed from the project, and decided to start working on my own fan game. I was able to gather together some developers and we are currently working on a project titled "Project Cartographer". "Project Cartographer" aspires to become something Halo has yet to try, an open-world exploration game. Our current concept is for Project Cartographer to be based around an open-world "Firefight" mode, where you can unlock secrets and easter eggs, side with factions, and embark on side missions to upgrade your character and progress the story. Forge and Multiplayer are an eventual possibility, although that is not our focus and no work is currently being devoted to that. I plan to do monthly updates on the project, and screenshots will be shown when possible. We're definitely looking for developers in just about every field, and if you think you have what it takes, shoot me an email at: solaris.osiris.i01@gmail.com
  3. INTRODUCTION - So after messing around with Unity a bit, I decided to pick up my old Halo project that I previously abandoned. I honestly wasn't prepared to take on a full game yet and it became overwhelming, especially with nobody other than I really knowing what the focus of the game would be. So let me re-introduce you, to Project Initiative. Project Initiative is a free-to-play, arena style shooter based in the Halo universe. My goal is to make the gameplay as true to the franchise as possible, though still allowing room for creativity and innovation. I currently have four main game modes planned to be incorporated at release: Anvil, Firefight, War Games, and Training (More may come as development progresses). The main focus of the game is the Anvil Editor (like forge in Halo), and War Games as this is a multiplayer focused game. Firefight will do a small ammount of story-telling, although this is the least of my concerns. Training will be a large room giving the player unrestricted access to all weapons, vehicles, enemies, etc. in the game. There will be no campaign and there are currently no plans to give it one. I myself cannot do this alone, so I am actively searching for developers. Please refer to the "Join the team" section for details. STORY - The year is 2562, you are a Spartan V set aboard the UNSC Anvil Station, testing experimental technology and actively participating in War Games alongside the Sangheili. On Anvil Station, you have access to many experimental features not yet available to other soldiers, such as the Anvil Editor, unrestricted access to experimental armour, new weapons testing, new and realistic AI combat situations, as well as the ability to enlist in service to protect Human colonies from the remaining Covenant forces. JOIN THE TEAM - So as stated, I cannot do this on my own. I am in need of developers willing to dedicate at least 4/5 hours per week, and can contribute to the team. I myself do UI/HUD templates (designing the layout, not formalizing), Map design/production, and public relations. Right now, this is an idea I wish to bring to the community, and progress so far is little over none. Although, if you are interested please email me at: crux.cyanide@gmail.com (below are some specific jobs needing to be filled) -3d Modeling -Sound Effect Production -Texturing -Networking -Scripting (email for more specifics) -Voice Acting -Subreddit/forum moderation -Whatever else you wish to contribute Thanks for reading, and I hope to work with some of you soon.
  4. Hey, my name is Justin Smith, I'm 15 years old and the lead dev of our Project. This is merely an idea I wish to make a reality, we are currently searching for as many developers as we can get, if you are interested email me at: crux.cyanide@gmail.com or tymelapse.studios@gmail.com Some info about Project Initiative ----------------------------------------- Project Initiative is a First Person, action packed shooter based in the Halo universe. Featuring the following main game-modes: -Firefight -War Games (Matchmaking) -Anvil (Forge) -Battle Sim My goal is to create the ultimate Halo PC experience, bringing the iconic Multiplayer, the original weaponry, and tons of new content and tweaks with the same old fun and fast paced action as the original. Project Initiative is built around the community and centered laregely on the Anvil (Forge) aspect of the game, enabling a file-share system, a custom games lobby, and even the ability to add your own modifications to the game and import your own meshes/textures into Anvil. Anvil will enable map creation, map modification, AI spawning, a custom scripting system, an in-game screencorder, and much more to come, stay tuned! Join me if you would like, but keep all nay-saying in PM's (NOT comments below )
  5. Hey I'm back. (This is a new post, feel free to ignore [and to moderators] delete the previous topics as they are now inactive) So as previously stated in another post, this is about our indie Halo game (Originally called Project Anvil) and since then we have adopted the new name "Project Initiative". All the previously mentioned features are still planned to be incorporated. Project Initiative will be featuring the main four game-modes: -Wargames -Anvil -Firefight -Training Although, we are currently only a team of 3 and in need of more developers, anyone who is fluent in Unity, and feels like they can contribute something to our team can email us at: tymelapse.studios@gmail.com We currently need: -Programmers(Js, C# [Networking, Player, etc.]) -3d Modelers -UI Design/Formalizing -Concept Artists -Something else useful to contribute I hope to work with some of you soon (Oh, and don't worry about our issue with I01 devs, that issue is resolved )
  6. Hi! My name is Justin Smith, I'm 16 years old and the lead dev of Tymelapse Games. Right now, our main focus is titled "Project Anvil" What is Project Anvil? Project Anvil is a SciFi FPS based in the Halo universe. We currently only have 3 devs and are in serious need of more, we need: 3d modelers, C# Coders, js Coders, Network coders, Map Designers, Terrain Editors, Texture-ers, Voice Actors, Concept Artists, and whatever you think you can contribute. ---About Project Anvil--- Crucible (Like Forge) War Games (Matchmaking) Instant Action (Firefight) Training Grounds (Duh ) Project Anvil runs on Unity 5.31f1 personal, it is and will always be 100% free to play Project Anvil will support up to 4 players per team at launch (Matchmaking/Forge) Project Anvil will support modifications and custom maps. ----STORY---- The year is 2562, you are a Spartan V set aboard the UNSC Anvil Station, testing experimental technology and actively participating in War Games alongside the Sangheili. On Anvil Station, you have access to many experimental feautures not yet available to other soldiers, such as the Crucible, unrestricted access to experimental armour, new weapons testing, new and realistic AI combat situations, as well as the ability to enlist in service to protect Human colonies from what's left of the Covenant. ----The Crucible---- The Crucible is a deck aboard the Anvil Station available for virtual battlefield creation, while designed for War Games, The Crucible is also available for other permitted uses as well. ----War Games---- War Games are simulated battle events, and training for both Sangheili as well as Spartan users. War Games has a variety of different training methods, including popular modes such: Slayer, FFA, Headhunter, Capture The Flag, Grifball, and more. ----Instant Action---- Instant Action is available to all Spartans aboard the Anvil Station, enabling them to fight remaining Covenant forces in order to protect Human Colonies. ----Training Grounds---- The Training Grounds are a deck designed specifically for Spartan weaponry, Movement, and Vehicle testing. Target practice and AI simulation are also available in the Training Grounds deck.​ Any additional questions? Any concerns? Ideas? Feel free to email us at: tymelapse.studios@gmail.com OR visit our website: www.project-anvil.weebly.com
  7. So I'm not very good at coding, but I was wondering if anyone could help me in creating an in-game editor (Like Halo's Forge mode)
  8. Hello, I came to Armed Unity as an option of last resort and desperation. I've desperately been trying to seek a team large enough to accomplish the large task of creating a non-profit fan-made 'Halo' game (Post-343), and I am aware that this isn't unique considering the announcements of Project Contingency and Glassed. However, I've been working on this game solo for the past year so far, mainly focusing on a non-plotbreaking story that is good yet doesn't conflict with the actual canon Halo storyline. My team at the moment consists of two very skilled 2D Art designers, a beta tester, and a C# programmer (away temporarily due to problems with his personal life). My team originally was as big as 23, however about a year-and-a-half ago we all divided due to the lead developer joining a much bigger team. Anyway, more information about the game itself. Halo: Operation Aurora, a post-343 style Halo game, focusing mostly on the fun matchmaking we came to love in Halo 3 and Reach (with playlists that allow you to play in verified forged maps), and a campaign that expands more and more as the game updates. Initially there will be a closed beta for a month, filled with chosen players so that most bugs can be picked up and fixed before Open Beta. Currently, progress is going at a steady pace, but will soon start to decline. Right now we're redesigning the old menus (this project was originally intended to be far different) and remaking the classic Blood-Gulch into an urban environment, instead of in a xeric setting. The type of people I would require for this team is anyone, really. But here's the positions if you're more for specifics. Programmer (C#) Programmer (Java) Programmer (Boo) Audio Design (Effects) Audio Design (Music) Voice Actor 3D Design 2D Design/GFX Design Concept Art Environmental Art More You can apply at HaloOperationAurora.weebly.com. Alternatively you can contact me via my personal skype, which is Thealpheno. I will read applications on forums, skype and the website, I just found that the website personally supplied an easier route for me to access and review applications myself. I apologize if this game idea seems very out of taste to some, but this was something that was intended originally for the CE community, to bring life back into the PC Halo scene. Thank you for taking the time to read this, and if you read this all, then damn you must have some spare time on your hands...
  9. My team needs someone for textures. We have multiple textures, but no one to texture the enviroments. Any help is great. Contact me at yousaffhabib@outlook.com
  10. Hello, fellow Halo fans! I'm a member working on the halo fan PC game called Installation 01. We want to bring back Halo to the PC. But in order to do this, we have to get more people who would enjoy recreating Halo to bring back our firepower. Being a fan team, we can’t make any money, and we won't take donations until a beta is released. We are doing this in our spare time. Professionals, students, and Halo fans coming together with whatever free hours they have. We are making something that we’ve craved for a long time, and aim to accomplish, a full Halo game for Windows, Linux, and Mac, bringing back the favorite classic gameplay and game modes from multiple Halo titles. We've already got a pretty HUGE team but we really need MAINLY more modelers to bring back the team's speed. We also aim to build the multiplayer structure around Halo 3's, or at least based off of it. Positions we need filled so this project moves faster: Artists: -2D- • Knowledge of GIMP, Photoshop, or any other comparable 2D graphics program. Largely needed for UI and texture work. • Willing to work on assigned projects within their deadlines. (we won't chew you out, we just EVENTUALLY expect a deadline.). • Knowledge of 3D modeling is a plus, but not required. -3D- • Skills with any widely used 3D modeling software, such as Blender, Max, or Maya. Zbrush is also welcomed. • Work within deadlines (once again, we don’t have a lot of deadlines, just know your limits) • Doesn't matter if you prefer environmental, structural, or organic modeling, your position is critically important at the moment. • Knowing how to texture models isn't required, but is a plus. • WE NEED A PROP MODELER! • WE NEED SOMEONE WHO CAN MODEL ARMOR, WEAPONS, AND MULTIPLAYER MAPS! (Customization is a big thing in this game) WE TAKE OUR WORK SERIOUSLY! WE ARE VERY PROFESSIONAL ABOUT WHAT WE DO! WE NEED GOOD MODELERS WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, NOT AMATEURS. If you wish to help out as any of those roles, just let us know here! NOTE: We use Skype to communicate. We have multiple chat rooms. Art, and code. NOTE: We are abiding by Microsoft’s Fair Use Policy, hence why we cannot make any money off the project, and why we must build everything ourselves, we cannot distribute “rips” of any kind from any Halo game. This is a community project, there is no chance for profit, the only reward for our devs is that they have the satisfaction of making a small dream into reality.
  11. Hey guys ! I just wanted to share my tribute to the halo franchise with this halo indie game I am making with OMA's fps kit My Game is called Halo: Spartan 117 follow it on http://gamejolt.com/games/action/halo-spartan-117/35922/ (You can also find more screenshots and videos here) here is a screenshot
  12. The texture artist will need to be able to create all kind of textures for the game. This is a non profit game because of legal stuff, so this is a non paying job.
  13. Hello Everyone I would like to propose to you a project me and a small team of friends have been working on for a few weeks now. I making a Halo game on unity 3D and I would like to get the opinions of any halo fans on Armedunity(or anyone interested). I would like to sky you of what you think about my ideas so here I the basic plot synopsis. In 2557 the tide of the war against the covenant has turned , with the UNSC infinity defending many of the colonies of the UNSC from the forces of the covenant With pressure from many of the civilians of the UNSC pouring in to reclaim the colonies lost earlier this decade, the UNSC is planning a massive galaxy wide assault on the covenant fleets threat occupy former UNSC space. After witnessing the fall of reach as a child, Spartan James Blackwood X-195 (you) have decided to assist in this assault. Put in charge of the UNSC Gun Runner, A ship with enough firepower to level a planet, you take the fight to the covenant where you see fit. It's time for revenge it's time to finish the fight So what do you think? I'd like to get some people giving ideas and support into our project and I'd like to see other peoples suggestions to get our game to appeal to other halo fans. So Ladies and Gents please reply to this project so that me and my mates have some thing to work towards. Thanks PS This s is all being made under Microsoft game content usage licence and so it should all be legal.
  14. So here it is boys! Like and Subscribe! Also, custom assets are coming! THIS IS NOT THE FINAL BUILD.
  15. So I FINALLY figured stuff out and got my Halo 3 Assault Rifle in the Kit! But I have custom animations. And they are not in the same FBX file. They are attached to the same model, but each one has its on model. So how do I fix this???
  16. Hello lads, Bean here. So I have a Halo 3 Assault Rifle model with arms and animations in a .Max file. So my question is, how do I apply this .Max file in the FPS Kit? Thanks! Bean
  17. Does anyone have any scripts that replicate Halo? I have a decent project right now, but I'm horrible at scripting. Help the Bean out! Thanks mates! Halo-Test1.tiff
  18. This video demonstrates in my game the zombies. Zombies are randomly generated on each spawn (each piece of clothes, limb, etc), and are spawned based on Hordes. A round has X Hordes. You can battle other players as you fight zombies off. You are able to work together, or work against each other. Zombies will be spawning in waves, so you may not see many zombies in the certain section of the city you are in. Zombies are randomly selected as a runner or a walker, nothing predefined. Source code will not be released. Code will not be released. Describing how everything was coded may be released. No promises.
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