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Found 34 results

  1. Gun Idle (sway) script.

    Hello, I am learning C# and beside I am also creating my own FPS game. Here is gun idle (sway) script I have taken this line from a script now I got stuck in it. The problem is I want remove following things so that it can work fully. Onemanarmy had said that learn scripting by yourself and yes i am learning but I need help here. I want to change this keywords to some other words so that it can work fully following words are: Yes I also want to remove if(weapon.isSelect){ Here is full code. public float smooth = 4.0f; // Speed to stabilize the movement. public float tiltAngle = 5.0f; // Average angle that the gun can tilt. public float maxTiltAngle = 15; // Maximum angle that the gun can tilt. public Transform tiltTarget; private void Update () { if (weapon.isSelected) { // If the player is not stopped or you are moving the mouse. if (Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") != 0 || Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") != 0 || weapon.controller.GetInput() != Vector2.zero) { // Tilt in Y. float TiltY = Mathf.Clamp(Input.GetAxis("Mouse X") * -tiltAngle, -maxTiltAngle, maxTiltAngle); // Tilt in X. float TiltX = Mathf.Clamp(Input.GetAxis("Mouse Y") * tiltAngle, -maxTiltAngle, maxTiltAngle); // Tilt in Z. float TiltZ = weapon.controller.GetComponent<Rigidbody>().velocity.magnitude >= weapon.controller.crouchSpeed * 0.8f ? Mathf.Clamp(weapon.controller.GetInput().x * -tiltAngle, -maxTiltAngle, maxTiltAngle) : 0; // Defines the end position according to the tilt on each axis. Quaternion newRotation = Quaternion.Euler(TiltX, TiltY, TiltZ); // Moves the weapon from the current rotation to the end rotation. tiltTarget.localRotation = Quaternion.Lerp(tiltTarget.localRotation, newRotation, Time.deltaTime * smooth); } else { // If the player is not moving and the mouse input is zero (Vector2.zero), reset it to its original position. tiltTarget.localRotation = Quaternion.Lerp(tiltTarget.localRotation, Quaternion.identity, Time.deltaTime * smooth); } } else { // If the player is not moving and the mouse input is zero (Vector2.zero), reset it to its original position. tiltTarget.localRotation = Quaternion.Lerp(tiltTarget.localRotation, Quaternion.identity, Time.deltaTime * smooth); } } I have taken this from FPSE(I spent $35 for this plz help) I hope u people understand and will help me plz plz plz plz.
  2. 416-3 Carbine (Rainbow 6 Siege)

    This model is made by me, Its a rough model of Jagers weapon from Rainbow Six Siege, If you use it just give me credit some how. 3 parts, main gun, sights, and mag, but feel free to join them together I just thought it would be easier if they were separate. File is at the bottom of this form, .blend file. -ADS- DOWNLOAD- HERE
  3. Noveske NSR Assault Rifle

    Here is my latest model i made, i just want to hear your feedback. https://www.artstation.com/artwork/34nrY
  4. Free Super-Shorty Shotgun Model

    Hello game developers! I've been doing a lot of 3D modeling for practice and I figured I should give some to the community. Here is a little Super-Shorty shotgun. One of my favorite guns. License: You CAN publish a game using this commercially, you CAN modify the model or textures in any way to see fit. However, you CANNOT sell or distribute this model without my consent. If you wish to give it to someone send them the link to this post. 360 Giff: https://gyazo.com/56cca749f2ae88c7fb3eabab491ccf9f Some Animations I made (NOT INCLUDED): Model Info: 870 Faces, 1.0k vertices Texture info: All textures are 2048x2048, Material includes diffuse, normal map, metallic, occlusion, rough map. Also includes camo texture. Download: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B2vPiBIX_4AAZEFudXhjeEZUN0k/view?usp=sharing Enjoy earthlings, there is more free stuff to come.
  5. [AssetStore] HQLP WEAPONS PACK 1

    HQLP Weapons Pack 1 - High quality low poly weapons pack. Package contains: - 5 Low poly High Quality weapons. The average triangle count per weapon is more 3000 triangles. - Each weapon has it's own 2048 x 2048 texture and material. Weapons list: Melee: -Axe Pistol: -M9 MachineGun: -P90 -M4A1 Sniper: -L96 Any bug or question send to: proassetsunity@gmail.com (Pending for review on Unity AssetStore) (Sorry for the screenshots quality)
  6. Scar - L (My first Model)

    I know this is probably a crap model. But I am showing it anyway. It is my first model, and my first time texturing, so don't hate on it too much. Tell me how to improve it, when I have it perfect, I will have it available for download. This is for the fps game I am making with the au fps kit. I have to add a few more details, but overall, complete. Thanks. Verts: 6,612 Faces: 6,151 Tris: 13,044 (Is this a lot?) I guess it is high poly? Pictures:
  7. Basic Raycast Gun C#

    Here are two scripts that i recently made, they are really basic so the gun can´t reload and it does have not a mag, but anyway, i wanted to share them to the forum Shooting.cs using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Shooting : MonoBehaviour { private RaycastHit hit; AudioSource audiosource; public AudioClip shoot; void Awake () { audiosource = GetComponent<AudioSource>(); } void Update () { if (Input.GetMouseButtonDown (0)) { bang(); audiosource.PlayOneShot(shoot, 0.7f); } } void bang() { Vector3 myTransform = transform.transform.forward; Physics.Raycast (transform.position, myTransform, out hit, 50); if ((Physics.Raycast (transform.position, myTransform, out hit, 50)) && (hit.collider.gameObject.tag == ("enemy"))) { hit.collider.SendMessageUpwards("DoDamage"); print ("hit"); } } } EnemyHealth.cs using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class EnemyHealth : MonoBehaviour { public float EnemyHealthVar = 100; void Update () { if (EnemyHealthVar <= 0) { Debug.Log("ded"); Destroy(gameObject); } } public void DoDamage() { EnemyHealthVar -= 50; } } As im a begginer, please tell me if there is any error or anything that can be improved
  8. Need A JS Gun Script

    I Need A Gun Script That I Can Modify For A Pistol, Assault Rifle, Sniper Rifle, Lmg, Smg, Etc; PM Me Here Or Respond To The Topic, Thanks.
  9. Need feedback on my P226

    So im working on this p226 http://i.imgur.com/oo8KBfa.png http://i.imgur.com/86hKe7l.png http://i.imgur.com/PatFwG5.png there and would like your opinions first of all i know that the ironsight for the gun is missing but im doing it separate file so i can reuse it on other models if i need to . Other than that what is good about it and what can i improve on it thanks for the feedback . Also need to texture it too but too much to do and soon will put the final result with texture and the ironsight soon thanks for the feedback(again) Also need to do the low poly too but best to get feedback now so i dont have to spend too long going back Don't be afraid to criticize
  10. Version V1


    Hi Spent the day creating this for my sons project but thought i would share it with the community on AU because there not many free gun prefabs ive seen around it"s a ARGi with all removable attachements For use on None Commercial project use unless you have my consent also please give a shot out Please leave a thank you if you Download it and your constructive comments below enjoy With be updated so leave you ideas I have decided due to many requests to release this asset for commercial use it is now published for commercial & non commercial but credits must be given in final build for non-commercial & commercial i think this is fare thank you Free Map Download HILL HOUSEFree 2 floor fps Map Direct Download Here Enjoy Remember to give Credits Thanks Pacciones Aug with attachments.unitypackage
  11. Hi guys how is it going? I know this is a long stretch but I am in need of some decent gun and arms rigs that are animated with the following animations: > Idle > Reload > Fire > Draw If anyone has some animated guns with arms on their PC or wherever, and are willing to share with the community for place holders only, NON COMMERCIAL use....then please help me. All the best, HairySeal
  12. Guns that i made

    So guys Yaze here and well i did a bit of practicing on making some weapons and well these are the results ​ M1911 http://i.imgur.com/KJI0E7t.jpg Scar-l http://i.imgur.com/eh1w5tK.jpg http://i.imgur.com/15dtxoT.jpg http://i.imgur.com/W6xSNE6.jpg So these were the weapons that i made there a few mistake in these weapons in which i can add some more detail which i kinda wanted to do on the texturing meaning using normal maps and so on and forth also in the M1911 there was a few mistakes such as some of the normals were baked properly since i did it the lazy method by not using an envelope Problems: the sight on the scar wasnt the right one on the gun(mainly cause i wasnt lazy or couldnt do it but i just hate that sight sooo much its just like a square with a hole in the middle so i just made a plain sight and well yeah gimme the critism even though i pretty much know what to be said its just i wanted to fix some of the mistaks and all but i was just tooo lazy lol also the scaling ehh i found it a bit off on the scar
  13. QBB

    My new gun
  14. Taking request all you have to do is PM me with the weapon name (image references optional) you want me to model my prices are usual 10 bucks for all. It depends on the model. If its simple i might just price it for 3-5 dollars. this is a simple model but i dont have to rest of the guns rendered when i render that ill post : ) So i can show my work
  15. Spectre M4

    Reworked my material definition for these old textures, model + bakes done my RedRogueXIII. It's still a WIP though, some of the rust/dirt is too strong and undefined 3d Preview https://skfb.ly/CMJP Edit: - added a third render showing the silencer I also forgot to tell you that no generators (dDO, sub. painter) were used to texture this. The textures that you see were made with the teqnique of photosourcing.
  16. Inproving FPS Kit 2

    Hey guys thanks for all your help and I was just wondering if you had any ideas that I should to the fps kit I'm using please right back.
  17. Societatem - FPS Multiplayer Shooter

    Societatem is Singleplayer & Multiplayer tactical FPS. It features infantry combat with a class system, vehicle combat which currently includes jeeps, tanks and helicopters, and specialized game modes such as Takeover and TDM. The infantry features advanced movement such as parkour which includes flipping and climbing over obstacles, leaning around walls and rolling in and out of cover. There are bots in the game and many unlockables you can acquire by earning experience while playing. Current team members: William - Lead programmer, animator Chris (LuxuriousSociety) - Lead modeler, texturer, co-programmer Joltation - Orchestrator The open alpha for Societatem will start at the time of the IGoAUC 2014 competition, which is 25th of December, 2014. More information about the game can be found on our IndieDB page and YouTube channel. We post update videos on YouTube and news on IndieDB. Keep in mind that the latest information on both sites are most likely outdated and differ greatly from what is actually implemented in the game. To save myself the time of doing everything twice, once on here, once on IndieDB, please "watch" our game on IndieDB if interested! IndieDB YouTube Channel Thanks for reading, - William, RedCrusaderGames
  18. Sync over networking problem!

    Hello there, I'm experiencing the following problem for years now and it keeps me annoying that I don't know how to solve this. Below I've made a video. http://www.mediafire.com/watch/?t6sgdtcbeduz6e3 Note: I will let you hear two different games, firing an assault rifle. My own game uses the Photon Cloud networking system. I still don't know how to fix this problem. Actually... The higher the ping, the more the gun-sync will decrease. Yes, as you can hear the gun-sync in my game is terribly bad even when playing over a LAN connection with only 2 players, and 2 ping! I'd like to solve this problem, so I need help. Another great example is that it is technically possible. Take OneManArmy's Modern FPS for example. It is based on Photon Cloud I think, or not? I'm not sure.
  19. Add healthbar in fps kit?

    How do I could I add a health bar above enemies? Could a script be provided?
  20. if else problem?

    var ammo : int; var player : GameObject; enum status { idle,running,shooting,aiming,reloading,walking } var FireRate : float = 1; var NextFire : float = 1; var state = status.idle; function Update () { if(curammo > 0){ if (Input.GetMouseButton(0) && Time.time > NextFire) { state = state.shooting; NextFire = Time.time + FireRate; } else state = state.idle; } if(state == state.idle){ animation.Play("Idle"); } if(state == state.shooting){ animation.Play("Single_Shot"); } } so when i use this code, the state "shoot" never occurs... if i remove the "else state = state.idle;" .. the shoot state keeps on looping.. how could i stop the shooting state from looping?
  21. Shooting AI

    Hello Beautifull comunity of ArmedUnity , I Was wondering if there was someone out there wanting to help Me Making an Artificial intelligence (AI) Shoot , Follow , And Take cover in designated Zones , Thats the only missing peace in my game , If someone can help me ,please i just need a script ,the models and animations I Already have them
  22. [FREE] USP .45 Model

    Here is a free model based on a USP .45 , it is my first blender project. Hope you enjoy. Download link: (http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/72385) Alternative: (http://www.mediafire.com/download/h40it1z4wlvael1/USP+.45.zip)
  23. [Blender] M4A1 CQB High Detail

    Another detailed model- M4A1 CQB. Model Detail: Faces: 11,858 Verts: 11,878 Tris: 23,658 have fun ! Download: http://www.mediafire.com/download/ucxw30jhz0tac2j/M4A1-CQB.blend
  24. Gun Tilt On Movement

    Was not hard to put together! But i figured that i would put it up anyway, I'm gonna try stay more active on the forums and help out alot more so one day i can be support . What it does it make it when you walk left or right your gun will tilt in that direction much like BF4: #pragma strict var smoothGun : float = 2; var tiltAngle : float = 30; function Update () { var TiltGun = Input.GetAxis("Horizontal") * tiltAngle; var target : Quaternion = Quaternion.Euler(0, 0, TiltGun); transform.localRotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.localRotation, target, Time.deltaTime * smoothGun); } To make it work just put it on your gun holder
  25. muzzle flash/smoke help

    hai everyone i'm working on a fps right now and have trouble finding a tut on how to do this. Can any of you help me modify this java script that I found online so that it switches between muzzle flash and smoke like in bf3 but it has mostly smoke and can you make a semi and full auto version. THE SCRIPT : var muzzleFlash : Renderer; var muzzleLight : Light; function Start() { muzzleFlash.enabled = false; muzzleLight.enabled = false; } function Update() { if(Input.GetButtonDown ("Fire1")) { Shoot(); } } function Shoot() { muzzleFlash.renderer.enabled = true; muzzleLight.enabled = true; yield WaitForSeconds (0.00); muzzleFlash.renderer.enabled = false; muzzleLight.enabled = false; }