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Found 10 results

  1. Hi, so I've been modeling for a few years now and I thought why not share some of my models. Now, some of these are models that I'm pretty proud of, so with that said, I would appreciate it if you give me some credit although you are NOT required to give me any credit. Instead I would ask you to check out my sketchfab where you can find even more totally free models. Sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/gomnosano Here are the models: Free Models.rar Screenshots of each model:
  2. Version 1.0.0


    Hey, here are some grenades I made for other projects. Decided to share some with the community... hope you guys like them 3 Grenades // 2048x2048 maps // 3 components per grenade // -albedo -normal -specular -ambient occlusion
  3. This tutorial will show you how to predict the trajectory of a grenade or any other projectile. I used simple cubes as path points in this tutorial you can change that to any prefab you would like or you can use the LineRenderer. Editor Screen Shots: https://www.dropbox.com/s/zrm721st5478630/One.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/6ltjk1jqbhgopz7/Two.jpg https://www.dropbox.com/s/genipedrke0guvi/Three.jpg The Code : using UnityEngine;using System.Collections; public class PredictionPath : MonoBehaviour { // Use this for initialization public Transform Cube; //This is the prefab we will be instantiating as the path steps Transform[] Cubes; //the array that will hold all the gameobjects that draw the path(path steps) public Transform ShootingPoint; //Shooting Point GameObject TidyParent; //just an empty game object to instantiate the path steps inside of it to keep things clean public Rigidbody Bullet; //the bullet rigidbody Vector3 Gravity; //gravity public float FrequencyMultiplier; //this will increase or decrease spacing between path steps public int Ammount; //ammount of path steps public Vector3 InitialVelocity; //the velocity by which you will shoot the projectile void Start () { Gravity = Physics.gravity; //sets our gravity variable to the defined project's gravity Cubes = new Transform[Ammount]; //creates a new array and sets its size to the Ammount variable TidyParent = new GameObject ("TidyParent"); //create empty gameobject for (int i=0; i<Ammount-1; i++) { //Instantiate Path Steps and save them in the array Cubes[i] = Instantiate(Cube,Vector3.zero,Quaternion.identity) as Transform; Cubes[i].parent = TidyParent.transform; } } void Update () { UpdatePath (); if (Input.GetKeyUp (KeyCode.Space)) { //Shoots the bullet for demonstration Rigidbody Clone = Instantiate(Bullet,ShootingPoint.position,Quaternion.identity) as Rigidbody; Clone.AddForce(InitialVelocity,ForceMode.VelocityChange); //THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT you must use ForceMode.VelocityChange because it doesnt depend on the mass unlike ForceMode.Impulse and it adds the velocity instantly, if you use the default forcemode the prediction wont work. } } void UpdatePath(){ for (int i = 0; i < Ammount - 1; i++) { //loop through the array and set each path step to its predicted position Vector3 PredictedPosition = PlotPath(ShootingPoint.position,InitialVelocity,i * FrequencyMultiplier); Cubes[i].position = PredictedPosition; } } Vector3 PlotPath(Vector3 InitialPosition, Vector3 InitialVelocity, float TimeStep){ return InitialPosition + ((InitialVelocity * TimeStep) + (0.5f * Gravity * (TimeStep * TimeStep))); //this is the very simple equation of motion s=ut+1/2at^2 just with Vector3 in 3 dimensions not one dimension as usual } }
  4. Here is a simple ears-ringing sound effect made with Audacity and some mic feedback (thanks for that idea DarKnet!), hopefully it will sound better with other things going on... Ill probably make a better one when I need it. Feel free to use this however you want, no credit needs to be given but it would be great if you actually use it in something! Cya! Ear_Ringing.mp3
  5. Hello, I have the ArmedUnity free FPS kit and I imported the locomotion prefab of the soldier in the Unity Bootcamp demo Project into this fps kit project. Then suddenly, these 2 errors appeared: Scripts named 'Grenade.js' exist in multiple locations (Assets/Scripts/weapons/Grenade.js). Please rename one of the scripts to a unique name. Scripts named 'Grenade.js' exist in multiple locations (Assets/Resources/OldScripts/WeaponScripts/Grenade.js). Please rename one of the scripts to a unique name. I tried to delete, or rename each one of them, but more errors appeared. So what should I do to fix this ?
  6. NEW PACKAGE! This time, it's a grenade, smoke grenade that is! It's the M18 Smoke Grenade, which is suitable for ANY FPS game you're developing! Use it in a deadly arsenal to put up smoke while you go in for the kill/go in for a heist. Best of all, it's LOW POLY! Won't put a high number on your drawcalls count or lag your testing even a bit! ENJOY! _____________________________________________________________ Download! IMAGE:
  7. So, here it is. Programs used : Blender and Gimp. Grenade Model > .obj format grenade (divided into body, cap and ring. > 1024*1024 Diffuse Map. > unitypackage is included. > .blend file is also included > 1094 Vertices Download : http://ugsify.blogspot.in/2013/10/free-grenade-model.html License : Free for commercial or non-commercial projects.
  8. Programs used : Blender and Gimp Download Link : http://ugsify.blogspot.in/2013/08/smoke-grenade.html
  9. Hey everyone! I'm currently working on adding grenades to our FPS and want them to be a crucial part of gameplay and since you don't have that "depth" to a screen it is hard to accurately predict where said grenade is going to go. So I came up with the idea that you have a "visual trajectory" to see where you will throw it (think angry birds). This trajectory will not show rebounds, it will stop at the first collision point. Would somebody be able to give me a hand in coding this? I have no idea how to go about it :/ Just some pointers, or a link to an example, you don't have to code anything! Thanks in advance!
  10. Hey all, I'm hoping someone might have a ringing noise? Like when you accidentally flashbang yourself while playing CoD BO2 in your moms basement hehe Seriously though, royalty-free for commercial use only. Thanks!
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