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Found 16 results

  1. Hey guys! I made Update 1 video of project names Calister showdown. To Do list for a few upcoming updates: - Dynamic reloading anomation - Bug fixes - Ragdoll shoot force - Footstep sounds - Networking - Weapon aiming Please keep in mind that models, scenes and animations will definitely change and are just placeholders at the moment. Leave some feedback if you find it good https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oMFsQIhZpRY
  2. Hello there fellow developers, While I've been working on my level designing skills I realized how much of a difference post processing really makes to the overall look and detail of the scene. So I thought Id show you kind folks a comparisin of what my project looks like with and without post processing. NOTE: The models you see in these pictures are NOT made by me, I simply just created the scene and added the props. Effects used. 1. Mad goat SSAA( Probably the most important, in my opinion, Link: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/86368 ) 2. Horizon Based Ambient occlusion (Second most important in my opinion( Link: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/54780) 3. Tone mapping (standard assets) 4. Amplify color (Link: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/1894 ) 5. Beautify ( Also extremely helpful( Link: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/61730 ) Enjoy hopefully you learned something new. POST PROCESSING ENABLED: POST PROCESSING DISABLED:
  3. DariusRusu

    M3 E36

    What do you guys think? What should i improve?
  4. Found this really awesome presentations from the makers of INSIDE , can be really useful. The Rendering of INSIDE A Game That Listens also this unite 2016 presentation - Technologies for Reaching Stutter Free 60 FPS in INSIDE comment and add if you guys find more things about this game .
  5. Hey folks, I recently uploaded a video to my youtube account with a new update about updated graphics. Please let me know what you think! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zA6d1rgLWBE
  6. Video of it in action: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s4mTmoUpV2o Link to download: http://pastebin.com/FA9myyat Please like and subscribe to the YouTube channel for more scripts like this! All for free!
  7. ALIVE FOR TODAY OPEN-WORLD SURVIVAL MMOFPS PC, MAC, LINUX, WEBPLAYER Alive For Today, is a post-apocalyptic open-world survival MMO. The main location will be set in a a desert with very little supplies and even less water. Survival is the main feature of this game, we aim to be as realistic as possible. We plan to introduce multiple locations, with varying weather and climate systems including the arctic mountains of Alaska, the tropical jungles of Brazil, the deserted plains of Ireland, and many more. Our goal is to produce a high-quality terrain that measures a total of 2000x2000 kilometers. This will give us enough room to introduce vehicles including Helicopters, Cars, Trucks, ATV's and more but it will also allow us to bring mounts into the game such as Horses and more. All of our terrain is created using World Machine 2.3, TerrainComposer and WorldComposer. We will be using multiple environment packs created by Manufactura K4, which can be found on the Unity asset store. A wide variety of weapons including melee, assault, and more will be introduced to the game as well. Our server stretch goal will be successfully handling up to 300 players at a time per server. PVP will be a huge, core feature of this game and it can drastically change the way the game is played. Originally we were going to develop Alive For Today in the United States, set in Washington State because of it's dense forest, and heavy precipitation. Zombie were going to be the main antagonist in the game but we have decided to pull them from the goal, well not completely. After of lot of thinking, I decided to leave zombies in the game as an option for server owners. They can enable zombies, and disable them. Each time you change this however it requires a server restart (As an attempt to stop future trolling). Stay tuned for more news about Alive For Today coming soon and remember to check out our developer page for information on how to apply for our team, we need all he help we can get so don't be shy! Project can be found on IndieDB: http://www.indiedb.com/games/alive-for-today Thanks, KING. (CEO & Founder, Project Lead) (EVERYTHING IS SUBJECT TO CHANGE) (ALL IMAGES POSTED ARE FROM PURCHASED ASSETS THAT WE OWN THE LICENSES TO) WE ARE RECRUITING Now accepting applications to join our development team! We would like to get around 2-3 people for each position so don't be shy, go ahead and apply! Currently we are looking for the following positions to fill: -3D Modeler(s) -UI Designer -Texture Artist(s) -Terrain Designer -Programmer(s) -Composer -Writer Feel free to apply for any other positions as well, does not have to be listed above for you to apply for it. You can apply by submitting your application to: DBNStudios@outlook.com
  8. Hey guys. I was wondering how I would achieve this type of art style that The Walking Dead: A tell tale game has. Its kind of like a Comic/Borderlands look. And I know I can get somewhat the same look with a Toon shader. But it doesn't look very good. Can anyone send me a link or tell me the best way on how to achieve this please? thanks -Stuart
  9. Guest

    Looking for Someone's Opinion..

    Heyy Guys, just wounding if you could give me an opinion on my channel art, I know it's basic but I feel like i want to try and change it up.. link; youtube.com/Tomlexentertainment please help no hate..
  10. Hello everyone, First, my english is very bad, but i'm working on it I'm finished a school this year, and i'm a CG artist, and I'm not afraid of new challenges. I come from belgium, and i speak good French and Russian. If you want to see my portfolio, http://www.baynazarov.be Always ready to help you if need
  11. hi everyone need some tips and tricks to improve by game performance and which are the major image effects that i should use to make my game look realistic in unity 4.1.
  12. Hey all, I need to tidy up the Xcode parts of my projects so I need to buy a iOS system. I don't need it for anything else really. Does anyone have any experience of running Unity 4.2 on a mini mac? Any feedback or (affordable) alternative suggestions appreciated Thanks everyone
  13. HUMANITY FALLING [ZOMBIE FPS] Humanity Falling is a very strategic zombie survival fps that can be played either single player and later multiplayer. The creators, Backbone Games, was founded on June 2013, where a team of game developers got together and started coding. The game itself is in Alpha state, meaning that there will be bugs and mistakes but this isn't always bad. Everyone learns from their mistakes and we are doing exactly that. By letting our fans tell us what they like, they get to play what they want which is exactly what every game developer wants. Check out the Youtube video and the Screenshots In the fps there has been a lot of complicated scripts that we have challenged. So please report for bugs. The game is currently compatible on Windows and soon Mac. Please read the Legal Note before trying the game. We are also trying to solve some performance issues on the Web Player (due to a huge amount of things to process per frame). Please tell us all the bugs and things you want to be fixed or added, since this game is in alpha state. We want what's best for our customers. Please click the link below to download the game for Windows. We hope you like our game. Edit: Sorry but due to everything that happened we have delayed all updates till Beta. We will inform you with updates but it wont be available for download yet.
  14. Hello everyone! We all know about Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 but we don't know much about the next-gen consoles Xbox One and PlayStation 4 and the future of game industry. The two consoles are awesome, graphics, processors, controllers even user experience but what about the future of game industry with the development of technology? is it real that graphics will be more than realistic and what about real life & society? will Google create a real life games like find the easter eggs in your country using Google glasses? Please tell me your thoughts in replies.
  15. Whyherro

    Web dev resources

    Hey guys, just thought I would put this together Text Editors 1. Brackets - http://www.sublimetext.com This text editor, I'm sure a lot of you know. But it's truly amazing, there's a lot of plugins available and it's nice on the eyes. 3. Notepad++ - http://www.yiiframework.org Yii, is a powerful framework best for making Web 2.0 apps. It is developed by the Yii Team. Tools 1.Xampp - http://www.apachefriends.org/en/xampp.html‎ Xampp turns your computer intro a local server, which you can than test your php developed websites. It is developed by apache friends. 2.Wamp - http://www.wampserver.com/en As with Xampp, WAMP turns your computer into a local server, where you can test your php developed websites, but it is a little harder to use. It is developed by Alterway. 3.Jetstrap - https://www.jetstrap.com Jetstrap is fairly new, and is completely amazing. It's a WYSIWYG editor for bootstrap. If you want me to add anything else, post here
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