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Found 32 results

  1. Does anyone know how to save in an ultimat surwival asset?
  2. please i need help i want to Reverse Engineering apk unity game.
  3. Free File Hosting: http://hosting.heximalstudios.co.uk Free Web Hosting: http://hexhosting.ml HexLauncher: http://client.heximalstudios.co.uk/HexLauncher Its a launcher where you can sumbit your games and earn money on that! Some thing like steam Just contact The Support!
  4. Hey guys :3 This is my second game release on google play service! Check out ya ! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LogyexGames.EndlessTurns
  5. Available now on Amazon App Store , Apple App Store and Google Play Store! Links Download on the App Store Get it on Google Play Available at Amazon Available at Amazon Underground Website YouTube Trailer Screenshots Features ◆ 50 Unique Game Modes. Extensive and varied library of challenging game modes. ◆ Beautiful Graphics. Colourful and vivid immersive HD visuals. ◆ Pumping Soundtrack. Electric and techno infused soundtrack. ◆ Level Editor. Build, craft and create your own levels. ◆ Solar System Simulator. Explore the open-world space sandbox in Planetarium. ◆ Local Multiplayer. Play with a friend in multi-touch modes. ◆ Simple Controls. Pick up and play with easy dynamic joy stick and tap controls. ◆ Social Engagement. Compete worldwide in leaderboards unlock achievements. ◆ Brainrush. Engage in cognitive challenges to test your memory, visual rotation and interpretation skills. ◆ Zen Experience. Interact and unwind in relaxation. ◆ Player Freedom. No in-app purchases, No grinding EXP or gems, No waiting for extra lives, No intrusive or unnecessary permissions. About Me I would like to share with you a project that I have been working on for the past two years. As with all of us here who are passionate about gaming I wanted to create my own game ever since I started playing games. The idea of creating your own worlds and experiences that others interact with has always fascinated me. The only problem is that I do not know how to write a single line of code. But with the help of accessible engines such as Unity and a lot of research (Google, YouTube, Forums, Unity Docs, Asset Store) I was able to make this happen. There were dark times where I wanted to give up when I was unable to solve a bug or make something work the way I wanted it to work and there were those “aha!” moments that provided such a surge of excitement and motivation. It was difficult starting out as many laughed at the prospects of me making a game and looking at what other developers and professionals are making with those amazing looking games had admittedly affected my confidence knowing that I will not able to compete or my game won’t be good enough. In addition with life throwing those challenging moments that we all have to deal with at some point only added to the struggles. But with a lot of self-motivation I was able to continue and finish my project. I do have a full time job so I worked on this in the evenings and weekends. Yes I did have to sacrifice playing the latest games or watching movies and other things but the drive to complete it was far more thrilling and engaging. So Cubemetry Wars is a chaotic and fast paced arcade game where you survive endless waves that test your skills. It offers classic arcade gameplay that has been inspired by one of my favourite series Geometry Wars. I do not wish to bore you with a wall of text but if you have any questions please feel free to ask! I hope you enjoy playing the same way I enjoyed making it. There are no IAP but there are two versions. Free one does have adverts but the full one removes adverts and gives access to the level editor. I Look forward to your feedback, thoughts and comments! I am just glad I am finally able to share this. Thank you.
  6. bucigel

    Add games

    Hi all, i have a question, can premium member add games??
  7. GamezZz

    Nzn FPS Kit

    Hy Friends, This is my first scripting in Unity3D. I haven't any programming knowledge before. I used Javascript for development.(Little bit C#) Functions - 1. Walk/Sprint With Sounds (When Sprint Sound Change Dynamically in Wood, Grass, Concrete, Gravel) 2. Jump And Landing Sounds 3. Bullet Spread 4. Gun Sway 5. Reload Animation, Gun Recoil Animation Create Using Unity3D Animation Window. 6. Gun Model - Assault Rifle ( I hope Add Mp5, Shotgun, Ak-47, Uzi ) 7. Bullet Impacts (According to Metal, Grass & Gravel, Wood, Concrete) 8. Crouch. 9. Bullet Ejection & Drop Sound My Indie FPS Game in Progress Development. I Hope Next Time Polish My FPS Kit and Create Realistic AI System With Cover System (Now in Progress Development). Please Give me a feedback. Link - https://youtu.be/3QClmvcyBQ8
  8. Hello to all, We are interested in licensing (exclusive or non-exclusive) games which are done in Unity5, as Webgl games. In case you are able to have created games in older unity version, and you are able to port it to Unity5, but don't have the required license, we might help you with that in case the game is high quality work. Providing samples are required, or playable version of your current work in progress. Games which aren't viral, are prior. I represent Y8.com and Network. I'll check this forum quite often for the next few days/weeks, so feel free to write me a PM or leave a reply here. Thanks, Zoki.
  9. PONGO [ Released ] Grab your Pongo, a tool usable as either a pogo stick or a gun, to obliterate enemies and traverse the vast islands of Flubber. Balance rapid movement and high jumps with challenging combat, hordes of enemies, puzzles and traps at every turn. Featuring over 45 challenging levels, charming 3D environments and an immersive original soundtrack, Pongo puts a new twist on classic platformer and shooter mechanics. Grab your Pongo and let the adventure begin! The Team Fenner Stevens : The Game Designer Shaqs Aki : The Modeler Ermal ferrati : The Coder Thanks to those who supported us to get GreenLit ^ ^ http://store.steampowered.com/app/369000/ We made it !
  10. Hi, ARMEDUNITY and everyone in this website. This is Freeman Org. was officially recently founded and Established on 28th September 2014 in a small town in UK, in Essex, Colchester by Ben Freeman. Expanding office soon to the capital city London as the main home of Freeman with two people and the main individual developer and app designer and the head of Freeman Technologies Ben Freeman, working hard to ensure that consumers get the best quality apps and games on any platform available worldwide. Creating application software first and foremost for Microsoft's platform Windows & Xbox One exclusively. Our goal is to expand platforms to iOS,Android, Steam, Mac OS X, Blackberry, PS4, Wii U and other platforms in the near future. Our goal of Freeman Org. is to bring the unique quality apps and games to all platforms for consumers to enjoy quality and enrich apps and games experinces to the next level. We serving 191 countires already since our debut app launch on the Windows Platforms!!!.
  11. After Watching https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9b2DmMcxk64 When OneManArmy3d Shows the Parkour System of his game, It looks like it is taken from AcParkour. Is it True?
  12. Hey guys i wanted to share this website they are giving away free games and other game related freebies. http://www.keysteez.pk/promo/?mref=37 Ill get some points if you register with this link. So Please use it. Thanks
  13. Hi Guys I Just want some new Ideas for a Storyline and something which hasn't been thought or done before and if you have any ideas I really would like to hear them.
  14. The post has been deleted
  15. Hola muy buenas a todos soy Webmaster279, y pues quiero compartir mi canal con ustedes es un canal de tutoriales de Unity3D, llevo poco subiendo videos de Unity que espero que les gusten mucho, les mando un fuerte abrazo a todos y espero que no este mal publicar esto aqui:) http://www.youtube.com/user/webmaster279
  16. Hello everybody whats your top 10 games. My top 10 games are . 10.AC iv 9.GTA SA 8.Forza horizon 7.Spintires 6.GTA iv 7.BF4 6.Terraria 5.Minecraft 4.Super Mario 64 3. Goldeneye 64 2.GTA v 1.Planetside 2
  17. Hello guys there are great free fps game coming soon. Its called No Heroes. It will have massive destruction like in bf4, it will have parkour and deep weapon customization. It will on steam http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=102544767 Destruction teaser:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ln9F8Uf7HiI&index=18&list=UU68cRDwrPq3zjoScKj8Dy4A Parkour:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ORXxo5GBnjE Weapon customization:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gQaK_GxBD18&list=PLDgvxGQhCEGA_URkEfGu5mxkzus--N3Qy&index=2
  18. I have created website for team AroBlinz (Mobile Games) Website features: Forum Home Games - list of games (by clicking game name you can download game) Account settings Register/Login News Visitors Counter ..... more check at: http://abgames.clanwebsite.com post your suggestions in comment. thanx everyone.
  19. Hey guys. I was browsing internet and came a across this site: http://gamejolt.com/ . Its a site where free indie games are published everyday.
  20. Hey guys! I thought that this might be a cool thread. If you are looking for a game and would like to trade for it, or have games that you would like to trade, post your info here! Format: - Game you are looking for - Game(s) that you are willing to trade for it - Contact info (If any) - Steam name (optional)
  21. I was just wondering what your favorite browser based games/demos are. Also, if you can, please paste the links to the games. Here are some of mine: Fpsman: http://www.kongregate.com/games/briderider/fps-man The Very Organized Thief: http://gamejolt.com/games/puzzle/the-very-organized-thief/18991/ SUPERHOT: http://superhotgame.com/play-prototype Modern FPS: http://games.armedunity.com/modern-fps/ FOC/US: http://gamejolt.com/games/other/foc-us/20156/ Markiplier Trapped In Ricks: http://gamejolt.com/games/other/markiplier-trapped-in-ricks-game/16582/ and I really could go on, but these are my favorite. P.S. You can put your own game in there. I haven't made any.
  22. Hi at all, my name is Claudio, i'm the founder of twingames http://www.twingames.it we developed more games in this year, and i now seeking new programmer to make some new games. Ios: https://itunes.apple.com/it/app/top-soccer/id808664264?mt=8 Android: https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Twin+Group+srl.&hl=it We are serious company, i'm interested in particular in racing game and fps games for ios/android... We can pay you with profit-share and minimun guaranteed price. If you are interested contact us at info@twingames.it Regards
  23. Hello! My name is Jake, I'm the Co-founder of this small, indie-dev group called 'Paperviper' that was started by me and my friend Tristan. (View our details here ) We(We meaning "Paperviper") are currently looking for more people to join our team so we can get the right amount of work done to begin creating our games. Our initiative at the moment it to grow a nice sized fan base that will love our games, but we need published games in order to do so, and in order to publish games we need skilled people willing to work whenever they can to help make these said games. We want to make about 3 to 4 free games that will be great; or at least good enough to peak the interests of many people and hopefully capture the interests of some of them, thus creating fans. Projects Technically, there are 2 games being done under our way. The first is called 'WAGAKKIWA'; It's a visual novel that I'm am working on using the Python Programming Language and the Ren'py engine. When it is complete, it will be released as a Paperviper game (in fact, it may be released as the first). This is an active project, that I surprisingly am managing most of it by myself. Progress of this game is regularly posted on the IndieDB page which can be found here! The second one is a sort of Farming RPG, rather than some farming simulator. This is still in 'pre-production' stage, and it the vocal point as to why we want to build a team! The game will be styled a bit like the popular Harvest Moon series, but there will be more activities to do rather than just farming. (It won't be activity filled like Rune Factory, but the plans definitely point to have more things to do that Harvest Moon doesn't touch on). Anyways, we've planned to have this game made with the C# programming language, and of course all done in the amazing Unity engine. There is still no progress on this game except a few concept artwork pictures, a little bit of story ideas, and one model of a completely grey person. Positions Please note that we are wanting to construct an actual team, not just for one game, but for many to come in the future. Following is a list of positions we are trying to fill in: (in order from the most important to the least) C# programmer:At least over 1 year of experience Able to program things like Menus, Dialogue boxes, NPCs & AI, Day/Night and time systems, Currency Systems, etc. Has experience with the Unity Engine (bonus if you have experience with even more engines) 3D Modeler/Animator:​Can create 3D models with textures, that can easily export into Unity Can rig and animate models (based on what is needed) Can created 3D models of the following (but not limited to): People, Animals, Tools, Buildings, Plants and Environmental items (like Rocks), Vehicles, items. Sound Designer/Engineer:Create music (mostly background music), sound effects, etc., depending on ideas, descriptions, and more from peers and others on the team. Edit sound and songs to be almost clear if not entirely clear and be ready to export in one of the following formats: .mp3, .wav, .ogg Artist:Create and design original artwork that can be used for games. Can make artwork that could be used in the following: Game menus, GUI displayables, pause/menu screen backgrounds, dialogue containers Additional needs (for all position types): Communication accounts such as: Skype, Email, Twitter A up-to-date and installed version of whichever engine we use Payments I'll be straightforward: There are no payments. Not at this moment of time though. If you read the beginning of this thread, I state that 'our initiative is to create a few good free games' to create a fan base. This is so we know there are epic players out there who are interested in our work. I know that hearing something like 'You won't get paid' from something that involves some hard work is unsettling, but me and Tristan aren't really going for any type of cash reward goal with this. We like making games that many people will enjoy playing and that's that. We want to basically get a good team of people together, and makes games we know will succeed whether there is money or not... ...now, if you are included into our team, since we aren't some fancy business with employment documents, etc., we just wanna be a group of friends/comrades or acquaintances if you prefer that make games. This means you won't have to do your part of the project constantly or time based. I will state though, that sometimes I can pressure about things needed to be done only for the sake of the project, so we want people who can fill our open positions that can fit in some work with the projects whenever they can, where ever they can. Other information As noted, this isn't a recruitment for one game. We are literally looking to make a team, create some games and in the future hopefully do our best to be something like Mojang; an indie game company. This means we will only accept applicants that are wanting to make games, wanting to be a part of this, and not abandon Paperviper or any project you will participate in. You all have tight schedules I'm sure, and since this whole thing is just starting out we are working on our games whenever we can. I myself though, am almost always online because I do freelance jobs and other things online, so you can almost 90% of the time do your work along side me on any games we'll make by talking on Skype/some IM chat. It's a plus since I'm the co-founder and Director of all the games we make (until we can become an actual game company and get some more good people to join the team). Another thing I want to cover before I continue is about our style: most groups that make games usually have a certain style or certain genre that they strictly stick to. It works a lot for people, but not all of the time. Paperviper intends on making many different types of games, but I will say that we are very interested in making JRPG and Anime-themed sorta games, though we also will like to make FPS games, Simulations, and more. I figured I'd share this info as I know many people wanting to join teams are sometimes annoyed by all of the 'First Person Shooters and Zombie games!" type of groups. Applying So, did I convince you to be on the team? Great! Next step is to apply. As I write this, our official website is currently suspended thanks to the stupid web host, so you can send all applications to my email: jake@weeshare.ws You should write the email in the following format: Position you're applying for Your age Your name (First & last) Links to any demos of your work Your experience A little description of yourself Why you want to be part of Paperviper And that's it. I'll be checking emails periodically, and I usually reply to all applicants 99.9% of the time. (Just incase our website goes back online days after this thread is done, you can check out the join page here: htttp://paperviper.com/join-our-team ) Thanks for reading! (tl;dr read the thread!) ~Jake from Paperviper
  24. Hi! I am Ayaz, Creative Director at Alifpro - TopNotch We develop TopNotch Games Our Game Here Enjoy! Company Website: http://alifproduction.com/
  25. Share the best Unity Games here. Also mention why you like it most. I like this one: Pop Party https://play.google.com/store/apps/developer?id=Alifpro+-+TopNotch Reason Beautiful Interface Clean Script Awesome Assets Extremely fun Addictive No Ads so far.
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