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Found 3 results

  1. So I completed my first year at uni back in early may, since then I have been working back at my old job as a Unity3D Developer. So for the past almost 2 years I have only been doing either graded work with C++ or using Unity to make programs for someone else and I really need to get my motivation back to work on my own games and get back into the Indie scene. My issue is that when ever I try to think of a game idea I end up with 10 different ideas, pick one, then after 2 weeks decide one of the other ideas was better, try that one, then give up because of limitations in my skills (I am a programmer so when I start needing Art and Animation) I loose motivation as I can't make it look nice or sound nice etc. As I am use to working professionally I never have to worry at work, we have a team of artist/animators that make what ever art assets we need. Due to this my standards have become really high, all the project I've worked on have been created by a team of seasoned artists and there is no way I can replicate that. I was wondering if anyone else find this to be a issue and how they get around it? I have so many ideas but just can't get motivated to see it all the way through!
  2. These are just my opinions and I thought it a good subject for discussion. I believe gameplay is the single most important aspect of game design, and I have been studying it for at least 10 years. I've figured out what "Fun" is which took me along time. For me there have been some landmark games, which I've studied and learnt from: The addictive qualities of Everquest sometimes called "Evercrack". http://www.cbsnews.com/news/everquest-or-evercrack/ or http://www.nickyee.com/eqt/addiction.html Minecraft which proved once and for all that graphics are NOT an important part of gameplay. DayZ, which is either by design or fluke very special, far more special than any of its derivatives imho. The single most important part of DayZ gameplay is that while playing, things are getting better, you actually spend your time just trying to make things better for yourself. In most games things are getting worse and the game escalates, often to ridiculous proportions, the mobs get bigger and harder your weapons and armour get more powerful. DayZ is different, you can be playing for months and in the blink of an eye you're back on the beach as a newbie. There are no quests or missions in DayZ, no NPC's with question marks above their head, you make your own missions up, if you find a car that just needs a wheel, you're on a mission to find a wheel. It is no accident that zombies run at exactly the same speed as the player, it probably was a fluke that they get stuck on geometry which enhances game play. I've become a bit obsessed with "DayZ" game design because its so elegant: It's not the zombies that kill you, they actually do very little damage, you die in DayZ because of a series of unfortunate incidents. DayZ is not quite there though: Once you have a tent and some spare gear, it ceases to be a survival game and becomes a PvP FPS game, and you're back to the escalating arms race again. You need a overly powerful machine to play it because of the game engine. Finding a server is a pain. The 24 hour day night cycle is too long. Map size and server population is too varied. Too many bugs and glitches. I think a small indie team even a one man team could use some of the DayZ game design elements to make a survival game. Doesn't have to be post apocalyptic zombies, bit sick of them tbh. Could be anything Invading Aliens, Killer Robots, Vampires etc. or just NPC humans. Survival is Survival, you could be a bank robber on the run, escaped prisoner, stranded on an alien planet. As long as you "fully" understand DayZ gameplay. Rule No1: The mobs run at the exact same speed Rule No2: The mobs don't Shoot you Rule No3: You have to stop to heal / bandage: related to Rule No1 and many more....
  3. About RMC Rivello Multimedia Consulting provides consulting services for applications and games and exclusive Unity3D / C# Screencast Videos in HD. RivelloMultimediaConsulting.com/unity/ About Unity 3D / C# Unity is a fully integrated development engine that provides rich out-of-the-box functionality to create games and other interactive 3D content. About Training This Unity3D & C# Training series takes the complete beginner through familiarity with the Unity editor IDE, the C# programming language, and the concepts for making great games. Enjoy!
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