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Found 3 results

  1. PlanB (FPS Project)

    I have reworked most of the project and here is a video of the current state of the game: There is still a lot of work that needs to be done but im progressing. I might add a roadmap of the project soon to have a better overview of the project and where it is going. I feel like the old Updates are a little bit outdated but if you want to take a look. here they are:
  2. Indie Game Project: Reactor

    Having a lot of tools and never using them would just be a waste. so starting a new Indie game project called Reactor. when i get all the software's fully licensed I'm aiming to get in on the Xbox Indie section of there Marketplace, but I'm not thinking too far ahead. First things first is actually getting the game to start up with the main character holding a weapon. then I'll worry about the rest as far as gameplay, level design, textures/shading, etc. single developer (please note that this post is not me asking people to join, if interested....sure, this is just a simple post) step 1 : Character model = DONE step 2: Weapon model = Done step 3: Animations/Scripts = WIP PS. the weapon model will not be on this post just because it is the SCAR-H on my Modeling Progression Stage 3Gallery LINK: http://armedunity.com/gallery/image/317-scar-h/
  3. Darkraze FPS Updates

    Hello guys and welcome to my showcase of our futuristic tactical action FPS game called Darkraze. Currently, it is being developed by a team of 2 people (including me) named Renegrad Studios. This game will be FREE. I will be releasing updates spanning from 1-2 weeks (or longer). You can follow these updates by clicking on Follow Topic at the top right, liking our facebook page, and subscribing to DaBossTMR on YouTube! Facebook Page: Darkraze Official Page YouTube: DaBossTMR IndieDB: Darkraze Main Update List (Changelogs and Videos): > Update #1 > Update #2 > Update #3 > Update #4 > Update #5 ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ---GENERAL--- Game name: Darkraze Game genre: Tactical/Action Style FPS Main game modes: Singleplayer, multiplayer, and survival. Time Period: 2172 on a planet similar to Earth. Futuristic themed. Price: Free ---SINGLEPLAYER STORY--- Rough plot: The story takes place in 2172, when Earth's resources are nearly depleted and its once beautiful nature is now ruined. 15 years ago (2157), Project Javelin has launched a new transportation to allow transportation to nearby planets quickly (at that time) and efficiently. This has led to a discovery of Planet X. On the planet in current time, emergency deploy unit (EDU) (main character) Atlas-163 wakes up from "sleep mode" (slows down the replication and death of cells) to a code-red alert when attacked by an unknown race. Blahblahblah, the story continues from there. ---MULTIPLAYER--- Max. Players Per Server: 2-16 (may change later) Matchmaking Methods: Quick Match (searches and places you in a random match automatically) Join (join games from server list) Game modes (6): Weapons: Aiming for about 25 - 35 weapons. Maps: Scaling from small (COD) to large (BF3), 8-12 maps. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Info on the F2P game: - ABSOLUTELY NO pay-to-win items, any potential purchasable items are only used for stylistic purposes (cosmetics). STATISTICS (as of March 15th, 2015): 272 scripts, 35,500 lines of code (ALL WRITTEN BY US). Complete Uncompressed Build Size: 407 MB.