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Found 3 results

  1. Hey community, I'm trying to design a list where you can see all your friends online, but I'm not sure how I should design it. Can someone help me point out the direction i need to go? (Current "Setup") : https://gyazo.com/359d3433870351781ffc77fdec974095 Thanks you all!
  2. Hello friends ArmedUnity forum I came to bring a whole unique system done for me, and I'm sharing with you here. Characteristics: Add and Remove User Limit the amount of friends you can have System inspired in AU Modern FPS. Created by: Alien_Halls [Matheus Henrique Alves] Higor_Gamer[Higor Klein] _____=====[EXCLUSIVE]=====_____ using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; public class Friendy : MonoBehaviour { public GUISkin GUI_SKIN; public Vector2 scroll; public bool ShowWindow; [Header("Menu Friendly")] private float FDPosX = -3.68f; private float FDPosY = 41.8f; private float FDSizeX = 4.4f; private float FDSizeY = 1.89f; [Header("Menu Button")] private float BTPosX = -3.12f; private float BTPosY = -2.38f; private float BTSizeX = 5.63f; private float BTSizeY = 13.4f; public List<string> Friends = new List<string>(); public string Add; public int MaxFriend = 10; // Use this for initialization void Start () { } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { } void OnGUI () { GUI.skin = GUI_SKIN; if(!ShowWindow){ MenuButton(); }else{ MenuWindow(); } } void MenuWindow() { GUILayout.BeginArea(new Rect (Screen.width / 2 - Screen.width / FDPosX, Screen.height / 2 - Screen.height / FDPosY, Screen.width / FDSizeX, Screen.height / FDSizeY), "", GUI_SKIN.customStyles[0]); GUILayout.Box("You Have: ["+Friends.Count+"/"+MaxFriend+"] Friend."); scroll = GUILayout.BeginScrollView(scroll); GUILayout.BeginVertical(); for(int i = 0; i< Friends.Count; i++) { GUILayout.BeginHorizontal(); GUILayout.Space(25); GUILayout.Box(Friends[i], GUILayout.Width(170), GUILayout.Height(35)); if(GUILayout.Button("X", GUILayout.Width(35), GUILayout.Height(35))){ Friends.RemoveAt(i); } GUILayout.EndHorizontal(); } GUILayout.EndVertical(); GUILayout.EndScrollView(); GUILayout.Space(20); if(Friends.Count >= MaxFriend){ GUILayout.Box("You Have Reached The Maximum Of Friends."); }else{ GUILayout.BeginHorizontal(); Add = GUILayout.TextArea(Add, 20); if(GUILayout.Button("ADD", GUILayout.Width(60))){ if(Add == string.Empty){ print("Complete All Fields to Add!"); }else{ Friends.Add(Add); Add = ""; } } if(GUILayout.Button("Close", GUILayout.Width(60))){ShowWindow = false;} GUILayout.EndHorizontal(); } GUILayout.EndArea(); } void MenuButton() { GUILayout.BeginArea(new Rect (Screen.width/2 - Screen.width/BTPosX, Screen.height/2 - Screen.height/BTPosY, Screen.width/BTSizeX, Screen.height/BTSizeY), "", GUI_SKIN.customStyles[0]); if(GUILayout.Button("Show Friends", GUILayout.Height(35))){ ShowWindow = true; } GUILayout.EndArea(); } }
  3. I'm BooRed and have a one track mind. If you want to talk about coding and such Skype me. I'm always looking for development contacts. Skype: chippy.mew
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