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Found 159 results

  1. NEW PACKAGE! This one is a bit late but sure was worth the wait I guess. It's a new pair of FPS Arms which you can use without crediting anyone from this site! It was made by me, and can be used ROYALTY FREE! Feel free to use it in whatever project you like! Please read the text file in the package before proceeding after download! Thanks! Download! Image: ___________________________________________________________________________ Original Post here at my website: 7XFGAMES
  2. Hello mates, Here is the interface of the project I'm working on. It may still change but that is the basic concept. The project is being developed in unity, in the future I will create a topic showing the progress of this game. All panels are draggable When equipping an item it changes the character look All the design was made using free resources in the interface as well maps and character. I need to adjust some border edges and image positions but that's basically it. Suggestions are welcome, remembering that I am developing this project from scratch @OcularCash Thanks for the tips. With your help I found a way and I was able to create a fully functional inventory system and changes the look of the character and will be useful for other things like craft, skills (hotkeys), chests etc ... seeya!.
  3. It was a cool script that I made, hope you like it!
  4. These are not my assets, but they are handy and... FREE! Website:
  5. My M37 model i made a while back, i don't use it and i will not be updating it so don't ask me. Preview: >> Download <<
  6. I made a door script for anyone to use, and I have also included a prefab to easily put in your game. doorDemoAssets.unitypackage
  7. For Non-Commercial Use Animation List : - Draw - Holster - Idle - Inspect - Reload - Empty Reload - Shoot 1,2,3 Download Links : - Animation - Mediafire , Google Drive - Hands - Kriss Vector
  8. bow

    Hey Im searching for a free TPS bow (4FREE) you have to jump sneak and roll and grab the bow. I give you an example video how it should look like for all the dummies out there : yes there arer download links under the video but the packages costs ~ 90 $ in all and i don´t want to spend so much money for it if someone could make it for free or to a maximum of [5 $] this were so nice SORRY FOR MY BAD ENGLISH HERE IS THE LINK TO THE VIDEO:
  9. Hey guys, it's a boring Monday. Any of you need some models made? I'm bored and I want to model something so I'll make you a model for free but I reserve the right to reject or decline any requests at any time. Rules: 1. Keep it somewhat simple. No asking for AAA quality models or massively detailed objects. I know I'm going to get a ton of requests for weapons but please try to keep it simple. As they would say in the military, KISS. 2. Don't ask for more than one model please. Give others a chance to have something made. 3. Leave a comment with your request, tell me what you are going to do with this model and what kind of game you are making with it. (This is just because I'm a curious and snoopy fish) 4. Make sure you tell me what style you want. (Realistic, semi-realistic, low poly, stylized, etc.) 5. Keep in mind I specialize in hard surface modeling. I can do some sculpting (Basically just rocks) but I can't do any advanced stuff. 6. DO NOT SELL THE MODEL I CREATE YOU, YOU CAN USE IN A COMMERCIAL GAME BUT DON'T SELL THE MODEL ITSELF. 7. Don't worry if I don't respond right away. I am a full time student and I also am running track. So I don't get home until 5:30-6:00PM Eastern time. I'm snowed in right now that's why I'm doing this. Disclaimer: Work may or may not be the same quality as these. Some of my work:!/content/59771
  10. Here are some fps arms i made in blender and textured with gimp! Enjoy PS. Arms are rigged! FPSarms.rar
  11. Here is a Hand Radio model that i made recently, i wanted to share it with you and maybe you will find it helpfull and find a use for it.
  12. Hey everyone, For almost a month now I've been trying to get a specific movement code working. It's not long or anything (atleast I believe it isn't) it's just that you need to understand the maths behind it and the specifics, this is really my main issue as I've done C++, Python and a bit of SourcePawn coding before and I'd feel way more confortable working on different aspects and would definetly enjoy it more, if anyone wants to help it would be really appreciated I will tell you the specifics about the movement code and provide what is needed aswell if anything is. I could've just made a thread asking for help thread but I don't think it would be fair since it is indeed an help section and not a place where people should request actual code. I think it's more fair to put it this way since I know very little about how movements work and more precisely the maths behind it, it's probably the biggest challenge I encoutered in anything I coded. Thanks for you time! Have a nice day.
  13. Hi everyone! After 3 years of no activity I just started making games again. One of my new projects is #Fast And Smart, wich is a 2D android game. Its kinda rougelike with brain training battle system. (You have a short amount of time to answer a simple math question like 3+2) As you play the game gets harder, so you learn more. The game is in its final states, just needs a little bit of polishing I attached some pic's as well Now i wan't to publish the game to the Play Store but let me know if you have any ideas or questions, or just wan't to try it out. Good to be back.
  14. Hi everybody That's an Animated 3D Model, works perfectly on Unity 4.6.1. Only non-commercial use ! Download link in the description.
  15. Hello game developers! I've been doing a lot of 3D modeling for practice and I figured I should give some to the community. Here is a little Super-Shorty shotgun. One of my favorite guns. License: You CAN publish a game using this commercially, you CAN modify the model or textures in any way to see fit. However, you CANNOT sell or distribute this model without my consent. If you wish to give it to someone send them the link to this post. 360 Giff: Some Animations I made (NOT INCLUDED): Model Info: 870 Faces, 1.0k vertices Texture info: All textures are 2048x2048, Material includes diffuse, normal map, metallic, occlusion, rough map. Also includes camo texture. Download: Enjoy earthlings, there is more free stuff to come.
  16. Photon Survival RPG MMO Kit- Thing Update v2 Update v1 Simple kit I put together while messing with Photon again. Don't expect to make a full game with this, because all it does is let you walk around, kill other players, and chop down trees to collect wood (so far). If people think its cool, I'll add more resources, and crafting. Anyway.... Update v2 -Added Ai -Added crafting fires, and houses DOWNLOAD (unity package, 84 mb -sorry about the size, I just exported the whole project as a package) Instructions: 1. Add tag "wood" 2. Tag "wood" in the Resources folder as "wood" 3. Profit??? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Screenshots: Sources for Models/Textures: Textures: Models:!/content/18098
  17. I am practicing low poly style modeling in blender, and I thought I would share one of the models. This mountain was made from a heightmap, and except the backside, which has a little gap/ model is going straight down on one part, it should make a great background for games. The model has 2 materials, one for the main color, one for the snow. Terr01.fbx And, since I made this post, I'd like to show some work in progress with my other models, I think they look pretty neat even if they are a beginer's work
  18. Hey guys , I've released a free War Airplane desktop asset on my website for you guys. are both Unitypackage and Base files versions for if you aren't using unity , the file format is FBX.Screenshots : asset is released under CC BY licence so please do credit me if you use it.
  19. Hey guys , I've released a free War Jeep desktop asset on my website for you guys. There are both Unitypackage and Base files versions for if you aren't using unity , the file format is FBX. Screenshots : The asset is released under CC BY licence so please do credit me if you use it.
  20. Version V1


    Hi Spent the day creating this for my sons project but thought i would share it with the community on AU because there not many free gun prefabs ive seen around it"s a ARGi with all removable attachements For use on None Commercial project use unless you have my consent also please give a shot out Please leave a thank you if you Download it and your constructive comments below enjoy With be updated so leave you ideas I have decided due to many requests to release this asset for commercial use it is now published for commercial & non commercial but credits must be given in final build for non-commercial & commercial i think this is fare thank you Free Map Download HILL HOUSEFree 2 floor fps Map Direct Download Here Enjoy Remember to give Credits Thanks Pacciones Aug with attachments.unitypackage
  21. Feel free to use it in your commercial projects AK47.unitypackage
  22. Hello game developers! I've been doing a lot of 3D modeling for practice and I figured I should give some to the community. Here is a little Bowie knife. License: You CAN publish a game using this commercially, you CAN modify the model or textures in any way to see need. However, you CANNOT sell or distribute this model in any case. If you wish to give it to someone send them the link to this post. Sketchfab: 360 giff: Model Info: 266 Faces 219 Vertices Download: Enjoy earthlings, there are more to come.
  23. FREE UNITY 5 FPS KIT (AU MODDED KIT) Hi guys, I modded the AU FPS Kit v1.5 (unity 5) Added some new internal scripts, new models,new sounds, new textures, new aim system (Render Texture), ecc. Just for fun Original Armedunity fps kit: Dirt Lens Bloom: Weapon attachments: AK-12: Rifle: Tactical Grip: Skybox: ACOG Sight: AT-Mine model: Sniper Rifle: Assault Rifle: Rpg7: Concrete ground texture: Wall texture: Buildings from: Ladder Pack: Buggy 3d model: Storage Building: Container: Road Blocker: Free Barrel Model Pack: Construction Site Pack: Barricade: Oggetto Conatatore: Code written by Nahom Agidew (MasterDevelopers'programmer) Dirty Screen Texture: Dirty Screen Texture 2: http://uploads.gamed...t/monthly_02... Cinema Themes 2: DOWNLOAD:!ahgWWKSS Key: !cTHem2WMka9gnNGkQBfeiccQ5V9ZnSW0V64tNLwnM-M
  24. Hey there guys ! Since we are all together and this forum is alive again, I thought why not share some art ? I am not a very good artist or modeler but I have some free voucher codes for my packages ! First is lowpoly stylized double barrel : for details go!/content/61631 Free Voucher code : ASV-TUXC-74XG-J7E3-FHAX-FQ3* ( a character is missing and it is ? ) Now this is crawler : Details ? go here!/content/52743 Free voucher code : ASV-UY3T-J96C-LC94-YWMY-CQD* (I am not a bad guy, this is just to prevent useless activation) This one is Boo an Alien : Ah,!/content/62050 Free Voucher code : ASV-HDPR-VMHL-XJUK-XWH9-73F* (Please do not abuse) Okay so I removed last letters from codes just to prevent... Ah you know why, Hints: The second code lacks a number, start from high to low while other two lack alphabets. Plus i see there are people seeking team members, if any new dev want to use my assets in their game (only if anyone finds them useful) you can check my Assetstore and request. I'll send the code (Can't just put all stuff here) Why in hell am I giving 'em for free ? I am mad ? or may be I am just too kind. Your buddy Shaqs Aki
  25. assets

    Hello, i would to share with you a pack of low poly assets made by me, containing 5 free UnityPackges. All packages are free to use (commercial and personal). You don't need to put credits, but would be nice if you credit me. =) You can download directly in this link (github): Thank you for your attention. Cheers. PREVIEWS