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Found 38 results

  1. Ah yes, a brand new project. For like the 5th time. I bet I could make an awesome game, that is if my ADHD brain could stick with it for 1 month. Nevertheless, I think this project has potential and therefore am continuing to stick with it. It's a third person shooter. Not much else to it. Don't really have an idea for a storyline or anything, but so far I think development is going well. Anyways I captured a little video with Windows 10's built-in game recorder and used Snipping tool for couple pics. So here it is. Hope you like! Video: Screenies: https://imgur.com/gallery/Bujf1o3
  2. Version 1.6


    Requires unity 5.6.3 or higher. In unity 5 you will have to rebuild the lighting data. In unity 2018.3 you will get MinAttribute error. To fix this error, open MinDrawer script and add following line at the top: using MinAttribute = UnityEngine.PostProcessing.MinAttribute; Also you will have to rebuild the lighting data. *************************** VIDEO TUTORIALS * How to open project: * How to add animated weapon: * How to add weapon by replacing model
  3. Hello guys, these are weapon scripts from FPS Kit, modified by me to add the auto reload. Just copy the code and put in place of the original, thanks! WeaponScriptNEW: SniperScript: ShotgunScriptNEW:
  4. FPS Kit v1.4.0a With One Man Army and myself having our own projects to work on and very little time to work on Kit Updates, I've decided to show you the progress on the newest version of the Free Kit and let you test it out with a downloadable player. This way you can test out the features without having multiple browsers open. As you've figured out by now, yes, multiplayer has been added upon several requests for such. Also, a simple weapon selection menu has been added to give you a start for your weapon managing needs. Check below for updated list of bugs. Build x86 DOWNLOAD Build x86_64 DOWNLOAD Project Files DOWNLOAD FPS Kit v1.4.0b Beta version will be released at a later date. The beta version will include fixes from alpha, vehicles and much more. Check back in the future for release dates. FPS Kit v1.4.0 Full version will be released after beta testing. The full version will include all fixes from alpha and beta. Check back in the future for release dates. Current Bugs Dead Replacements show up if exiting and re entering a server (will be fixed in beta version) If a server closes, the scene players are not removed (Easy fix, but will be fixed in beta version) Weapon does not show on other players in your scene (will be fixed in beta version) How To's PLAYER MESH SWAP : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XlRaZhjomuI Demo: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/230875276/Preview/Preview.html
  5. Hi I'm trying to make enemy character who is in idle animation and when i shoot him, his body will be replace with ragdoll. Im using AU fps kit by the way. Can anyone help me please?
  6. I need a FPS kit that will support Unity 4.1.5 without any error. If you know any link or youtube link then please tell me.
  7. I finished editing the Oma kit "Au kit FPS 2" whole, put new animations, put new weapons and sounds, new phases, weapons modifications, menu and everything. However I need help to let you multiplayer using the Photon, I found no tutorial, if anyone can help me I will be thankful for thanks.
  8. Is there a way I can change the arms model to two blocks (Minecraft arms)
  9. I want to display the whole hero character with the whole body and arms, is there a simple way to do this? If not, is there a way to change the arms model to something more 'blocky' resembling a minecraft rig?
  10. I'm trying to change the message displayed when the player box collider collides with the elevator platform button box collider in the AU FPS KIT v1.5, but can't find the code where I can change the message displayed ("Press Key E To Use"). Could someone please tell me where I could find the script to change the message?
  11. ExoticalX7

    FPS Kit?

    So should this be and fps kit? ----------------------------------- COMMENT BELOW!! honelsty how dafuq do you make a poll
  12. This is a main menu addon for FPS Kit 1.5 Code is written on C#. This Asset can be used not only with the FPS Kit. Some instructions are in the credits window. And i need a man, who can translate from Russian to English correctly, to make a instruction file. This package will be updated with a new feaures. (plz, say what i need to add here) SCREENSHOTS: Update History: 1.0: Initial Release 1.1: GetActive fix 1.2 Added Level Selection MainMenuAddon.unitypackage
  13. Last year I downloaded this project but I do not remember where to download it if someone can help me I appreciate it
  14. Hi, I'm using the C# version of FPS Kit 2 v1.5. I add a weapon and an optic (Holographic Sight), so when I fire the weapon in hip mode, the bullet goes to the center of the screen. Nice. When I'm aiming: When I aiming, the bullet goes lower than my Red Reticle of the HoloSight, making you hit the chest when pointing to the target's head. Is there some way to change that? Or I'm doing something wrong? I copied the script parameters from the defalut M4 w/ Silencer. I think that this part of code is responsable to set from where the bullet spawn and hit. Vector3 dir = gameObject.transform.TransformDirection(new Vector3(Random.Range(-0.01f, 0.01f) * triggerTime, Random.Range(-0.01f, 0.01f) * triggerTime, 1)); Vector3 pos = transform.parent.position; //Vector3 pos = OpticPos.transform.position; if (Physics.Raycast(pos, dir, out hit, range, layerMask))
  15. Hi guys! I'm selling this for 80$ : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mygDxOsFsFg| The kit is perfect if you want to make an AAA game, because •HD Quality •Guns •Awesome gameplay •Awesome character control •Multiplayer(Two teams) •Two maps •Cool loading effect •Awesome menu •Simple and modern health bar •Simple and modern ammo bar •Chat room (for the multiplayer) •Amazing environment Here is my skype if you want to buy it! Skype: deleted
  16. Hello guys.Please gve me one clone for counter strike? please! for unity 5! thx example:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZVZhE-AhdU
  17. please help me i need to buy a unity game which like red crucible 2 old game. kindly please help me will pay enough coins
  18. Hey guys ! I started using OMA's fps kit a while ago, and I was messing around with it until I stummbeled upon some errors : Assets/Resources/NewScripts/WeaponManager.js(130,70): BCE0004: Ambiguous reference 'fireMode': fireMode, fireMode. Assets/Resources/NewScripts/WeaponManager.js(134,69): BCE0004: Ambiguous reference 'Ammo': Ammo, Ammo. Assets/Resources/NewScripts/WeaponManager.js(168,83): BCE0004: Ambiguous reference 'fireMode': fireMode, fireMode. Assets/Resources/NewScripts/WeaponManager.js(185,76): BCE0004: Ambiguous reference 'fireMode': fireMode, fireMode. Is there anyway to fix this ???? (btw im new to the forums so dont blame my bad forum posts) here is the code: /** * Script written by OMA [www.armedunity.com] * Edited by pokeyoshi3 (for multiplayer Capabillities) **/ var weaponsInUse : GameObject[]; // used weapons, among which you can switch. var weaponsInGame : GameObject[]; // all weapons, which could be used in game var worldModels : Rigidbody[]; // just a prefab which could be instantiated when you drop weapon var firstguns : GameObject[]; // these are the startweapons to reset the current weapons on respawn. var hit : RaycastHit; var distance : float = 2.0; var layerMaskWeapon : LayerMask; var layerMaskAmmo : LayerMask; var dropPosition : Transform; var switchWeaponTime : float = 0.5; @HideInInspector var canSwitch : boolean = true; @HideInInspector var showWepGui : boolean = false; @HideInInspector var showAmmoGui : boolean = false; private var equipped : boolean = false; //@HideInInspector //var i : int = 0; //@HideInInspector var weaponToSelect : int; //@HideInInspector var setElement : int; //@HideInInspector var weaponToDrop : int; var mySkin : GUISkin; var pickupSound : AudioClip; private var textFromPickupScript : String = ""; private var notes : String = ""; private var note : String = "Press key <E> to pick up Ammo"; private var note2 : String = "Select appropriate weapon to pick up ammo"; function Start (){ weaponToSelect = 0; DeselectWeapon(); weaponsInUse = firstguns; } function Update () { if (networkView.isMine == true) { if (Input.GetKeyDown("1") && weaponsInUse.length >= 1 && canSwitch && weaponToSelect != 0) { DeselectWeapon(); weaponToSelect = 0; } else if (Input.GetKeyDown("2") && weaponsInUse.length >= 2 && canSwitch && weaponToSelect != 1) { DeselectWeapon(); weaponToSelect = 1; } if (Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel") > 0 && canSwitch){ weaponToSelect++; if (weaponToSelect > (weaponsInUse.length - 1)){ weaponToSelect = 0; } DeselectWeapon(); } if (Input.GetAxis("Mouse ScrollWheel") < 0 && canSwitch){ weaponToSelect--; if (weaponToSelect < 0){ weaponToSelect = weaponsInUse.length - 1; } DeselectWeapon(); } var position = transform.parent.position; var direction : Vector3 = transform.TransformDirection (Vector3.forward); if (Physics.Raycast (position, direction, hit, distance, layerMaskWeapon.value)){ var prefab : WeaponIndex = hit.transform.GetComponent("WeaponIndex"); setElement = prefab.setWeapon; showWepGui = true; //if you want more than 2 weapons equip at the same time if(weaponsInUse[0] != weaponsInGame[setElement] && weaponsInUse[1] != weaponsInGame[setElement]){ //&& weaponsInUse[2] != weaponsInGame[setElement] && weaponsInUse[3] != weaponsInGame[setElement]){ equipped = false; }else{ equipped = true; } if(canSwitch){ if(!equipped && Input.GetKeyDown ("e")){ DropWeapon(weaponToDrop); DeselectWeapon(); weaponsInUse[weaponToSelect] = weaponsInGame[setElement]; if(setElement == 8){ var pickupGOW1 : Pickup = hit.transform.GetComponent("Pickup"); addStickGrenades(pickupGOW1.amount); } Destroy(hit.collider.transform.parent.gameObject); }else{ if(setElement == 8){ if(Input.GetKeyDown ("e")){ var pickupGOW : Pickup = hit.transform.GetComponent("Pickup"); addStickGrenades(pickupGOW.amount); Destroy(hit.collider.transform.parent.gameObject); } } } } }else{ showWepGui = false; } if (Physics.Raycast (position, direction, hit, distance, layerMaskAmmo.value)){ showAmmoGui = true; if(hit.transform.CompareTag("Ammo")){ var pickupGO : Pickup = hit.transform.GetComponent("Pickup"); //ammo for pistols, rifles if (pickupGO.pickupType == PickupType.Magazines) { var mags : WeaponScriptNEW = weaponsInUse[weaponToSelect].gameObject.transform.GetComponent("WeaponScriptNEW"); if(mags != null && mags.firstMode != fireMode.launcher){ notes = ""; textFromPickupScript = note; if(Input.GetKeyDown ("e")){ if(mags.ammoMode == Ammo.Magazines){ mags.magazines += pickupGO.amount; }else{ mags.magazines += pickupGO.amount * mags.bulletsPerMag; } audio.clip = pickupSound; audio.Play(); Destroy(hit.collider.gameObject); } }else{ textFromPickupScript = pickupGO.AmmoInfo; notes = note2; } } //ammo for Sniper rifle if (pickupGO.pickupType == PickupType.SniperMagazines) { var magsSniper : SniperScript = weaponsInUse[weaponToSelect].gameObject.transform.GetComponent("SniperScript"); if(magsSniper != null){ notes = ""; textFromPickupScript = note; if(Input.GetKeyDown ("e")){ magsSniper.magazines += pickupGO.amount; audio.clip = pickupSound; audio.Play(); Destroy(hit.collider.gameObject); } }else{ textFromPickupScript = pickupGO.AmmoInfo; notes = note2; } } //ammo for weapon if second fireMode is luancher if (pickupGO.pickupType == PickupType.Projectiles) { var projectile : WeaponScriptNEW = weaponsInUse[weaponToSelect].gameObject.transform.GetComponent("WeaponScriptNEW"); if(projectile != null && projectile.secondMode == fireMode.launcher){ notes = ""; textFromPickupScript = note; if(Input.GetKeyDown ("e")){ projectile.projectiles += pickupGO.amount; audio.clip = pickupSound; audio.Play(); Destroy(hit.collider.gameObject); } }else{ textFromPickupScript = pickupGO.AmmoInfo; notes = note2; } } //ammo for rocket launcher if (pickupGO.pickupType == PickupType.Rockets) { var rockets : WeaponScriptNEW = weaponsInUse[weaponToSelect].gameObject.transform.GetComponent("WeaponScriptNEW"); if(rockets != null && rockets.firstMode == fireMode.launcher){ notes = ""; textFromPickupScript = note; if(Input.GetKeyDown ("e")){ rockets.projectiles += pickupGO.amount; rockets.EnableProjectileRenderer(); audio.clip = pickupSound; audio.Play(); Destroy(hit.collider.gameObject); } }else{ textFromPickupScript = pickupGO.AmmoInfo; notes = note2; } } //ammo for shotgun if (pickupGO.pickupType == PickupType.Shells) { var bullets : ShotGunScriptNEW = weaponsInUse[weaponToSelect].gameObject.transform.GetComponent("ShotGunScriptNEW"); if(bullets != null){ notes = ""; textFromPickupScript = note; if(Input.GetKeyDown ("e")){ bullets.magazines += pickupGO.amount; audio.clip = pickupSound; audio.Play(); Destroy(hit.collider.gameObject); } }else{ textFromPickupScript = pickupGO.AmmoInfo; notes = note2; } } //pickup health if (pickupGO.pickupType == PickupType.Health) { textFromPickupScript = pickupGO.AmmoInfo; notes = ""; if(Input.GetKeyDown ("e")){ var playerGO = GameObject.Find("Player"); var health : PlayerDamageNew = playerGO.gameObject.transform.GetComponent("PlayerDamageNew"); health.hitPoints += pickupGO.amount; audio.clip = pickupSound; audio.Play(); Destroy(hit.collider.gameObject); } } } }else{ showAmmoGui = false; } } else{ enabled = false; } } function addStickGrenades(amount : int){ yield WaitForSeconds(.5); var stickGrenade : GrenadeScript = weaponsInGame[8].gameObject.transform.GetComponent("GrenadeScript"); stickGrenade.grenadeCount += amount; stickGrenade.DrawWeapon(); } function OnGUI(){ GUI.skin = mySkin; var style1 = mySkin.customStyles[0]; if(showWepGui){ if(!equipped){ GUI.Label(Rect(Screen.width - (Screen.width/1.7),Screen.height - (Screen.height/1.4),800,100),"Press key << E >> to pickup weapon", style1); }else{ GUI.Label(Rect(Screen.width - (Screen.width/1.7),Screen.height - (Screen.height/1.4),800,100),"Weapon is already equipped"); } } if(showAmmoGui){ GUI.Label(Rect(Screen.width - (Screen.width/1.7),Screen.height - (Screen.height/1.4),800,200), notes + "\n" + textFromPickupScript, style1); } } function DeselectWeapon(){ //Dectivate all weapon for (var i : int = 0; i < weaponsInUse.length; i++){ weaponsInUse[i].gameObject.SendMessage("Deselect", SendMessageOptions.DontRequireReceiver); var deactivate : Component[] = weaponsInUse[i].gameObject.GetComponentsInChildren(MonoBehaviour); for (var d in deactivate) { var d : MonoBehaviour = d as MonoBehaviour; if (d) d.enabled = false; } weaponsInUse[i].gameObject.SetActiveRecursively(false); } Wait(); } function Wait(){ canSwitch = false; yield WaitForSeconds(switchWeaponTime); SelectWeapon(weaponToSelect); yield WaitForSeconds(switchWeaponTime); canSwitch = true; } function SelectWeapon (i : int) { //Activate selected weapon weaponsInUse[i].gameObject.SetActiveRecursively(true); var activate : Component[] = weaponsInUse[i].gameObject.GetComponentsInChildren(MonoBehaviour); for (var a in activate) { var a : MonoBehaviour = a as MonoBehaviour; if (a) a.enabled = true; } weaponsInUse[i].gameObject.SendMessage("DrawWeapon"); var temp : WeaponIndex = weaponsInUse[i].gameObject.transform.GetComponent("WeaponIndex"); weaponToDrop = temp.setWeapon; } function DropWeapon(index : int){ for (var i : int = 0; i < worldModels.length; i++){ if (i == index){ var drop : Rigidbody = Instantiate(worldModels[i], dropPosition.transform.position, dropPosition.transform.rotation); drop.AddRelativeForce(0,50,Random.Range(100, 200)); } } }
  19. Hey guys ! I just wanted to share my tribute to the halo franchise with this halo indie game I am making with OMA's fps kit My Game is called Halo: Spartan 117 follow it on http://gamejolt.com/games/action/halo-spartan-117/35922/ (You can also find more screenshots and videos here) here is a screenshot
  20. Hello guys..I have this problem When the player is driving the vehicle and he is attacked by an enemy everything works fine. The player dies and the "spawn" menu appears . But when the player is spawned again, the vehicle controller is still enabled. This only happens when the player dies driving the car. I've tried everything but I can't fix it. I think that it can be solved with something like: if player is dead then vehicle control = disabled. But I can't find how the player receives damage while he is inside the car. Any ideas? Thanks Ps: please don't ask me to show the scripts and that kind of stuff.. I have no problem with it, but I don't have a WiFi connection right now so I'm posting this with my smartphone
  21. So what I was wondering was how exactly would you be able to make the score add up, by a certain number in the fps kit. I mean once you kill the zombie/beast or something it adds to your score. If someone help me with this, it'd be appreciated.
  22. guys please can any one help me and tell me how to get it working how can i change the character model that is but by the developer in the fps kit 1.3.5 put on mind that i am new please fast reply and thanks
  23. Is possible to create animations with prefabs in separate 3D animation program?
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