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Found 26 results

  1. NEW PACKAGE! This time is a small office which YOU can use in your game for free! NO CREDITS REQUIRED! Just download and import! Simple! Now, this scene is untextured because I thought you guys might like putting in your own theme on here. Yeah, some objects in this scene are infact UV Mapped, the ones that seem a bit complicated to do so, I took care of them. Now this is NOT game ready, this is just a scene which you can texture and put in your Game/Render! It is only 5.2k Polygons therefore the whole scene is pretty suitable for a game. Download! IMAGES:
  2. Dear community, we (2 guys) are a little tagteam of students from germany and are working with Adobe CC ( Illustrator, Photoshop etc.), FL-Studio, Blender, Unity and Visual C#. We made a little project, which could be useful for some developers. It's an 'airsoftgun sniper' project. But it also can be used as a ballistic projectile sniper, you just have to change some sounds. The project contains: ⦁ a sample scene ⦁ airsoft sounds ( CO2 capsule, airsoft shot, reload etc.) recorded in FL ⦁ a pickup prefab with script ⦁ a sniper crosshair made with Illustrator ⦁ a bullet model (pellet) and an airsoft rifle made in Blender ⦁ dynamic targets ( a round metal plate, a breakable winow [only 4 pieces sry:/] ) ⦁ healtscript and other components... You can downoad this project for free, but we use ShareCash, so please dont hate, rather support us! Password for file: unity Download: http://surefile.org/file/D6LH89
  3. It was a cool script that I made, hope you like it! http://www.mediafire.com/file/6vwa6q33c3fxi3q/blockPlacerAsset.unitypackage
  4. Hey guys :3 This is my second game release on google play service! Check out ya ! https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LogyexGames.EndlessTurns
  5. Hello game developers! I've been doing a lot of 3D modeling for practice and I figured I should give some to the community. Here is a little Bowie knife. License: You CAN publish a game using this commercially, you CAN modify the model or textures in any way to see need. However, you CANNOT sell or distribute this model in any case. If you wish to give it to someone send them the link to this post. Sketchfab: https://sketchfab.com/models/ba772a31b05a4dae81ee654b051895aa 360 giff: https://gyazo.com/ae380b1b63907a36127a4b3fd6cdb8ad Model Info: 266 Faces 219 Vertices Download: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B2vPiBIX_4AAeWVJX3lWNGpxdnM Enjoy earthlings, there are more to come.
  6. Guys i have found a nice template but i don't know is this a fake/Virus downlod? can one of you test it? Link to the site: REMOVED Thanks
  7. As a little hobby i started doing/learning some environment scenes, such as mountains, islands, deserts, snowy tops after lot of trial and fails this came out kinda ok-ish Check the download Section for .raw height map file ( currently only for Premium members ) And hoping to create mountain series ( but only if people need it )
  8. https://soundcloud.com/benheathmusic/sounds-of-silence
  9. Hello there, The following problem I'm experiencing the last few days is a problem on the Asset Store of Unity. First I log on, and I should be able to download and import the assets I've bought. So. ...But in the newer version (4.6 or higher) I'm having an issue that hardly seems to be 'fixable'. It seems I can't download any bought assets on my account when I am logged on, on the newer versions of Unity3D. This is really frustating because some of them can only be imported in atleast Unity's 4.5 version or higher. Mostly of all I'm getting the following message in the Console. It appears about 3 times when pressing the Download-button at an Asset (model, scripts etc.) . What I've been trying to do, but having no positive results (these operations do not fix the problem) : - Re-installing Unity3D - Replace newest version of Unity3D with an older version - Delete Caches - Delete downloadCaches - Delete Editor.log files - Block/Unblock Unity3D in FireWall settings - Reset internetConnection So, now I'm asking if someone could be handy in fixing this problem.
  10. hey i just met you and this is crazy but heres my app so download and rate it maybe? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.spamfun.synquest XD its not very good yet, but i am working on it and will be making it better with an update from time to time thankyou
  11. Hi everyone My name is Janus and iam from Denmark and live in Copenhagen, and let me just say 'Sorry for my bad english', i will do my best I've been 3D Modelling for over 12 years now, and studied 3D Game Artist @ TrueMax Academy which is located in Vanloese, Denmark. I've also been selling my work for several years now at market places like Turbosquid, Envato, The3DStudio, CGTrader, and Unity Asset Store. What i would like to share with you are, is that i've decided to share my work to be downloaded for free at my new launched website. My models are free to be used on Free Productions / Games, and as long they are not sold anywere else. What iam trying to accomplish by doing this and actually give out years of work, is especially giving the oppurtiny for low budgets Game Developers alot of high quality low poly 3D models to work with, i really admire that so many people out there are creating so many games, or at least trying! Here is are some screenshots of my work, which is / or will be avaliable.. and that's just a small piece of the cake... So if my models my have any interest, be sure to drop by and check it out HERE Have a nice day everyone! Regards! Triix3D / 3DLowPolyModels
  12. Helllo, I recently created my new blog, about unity, and also my first post which is how to create a simple match3 style game. You will learn how to: Generate board Select two blocks Check if they are near Swap position and data Check for match3 Destroy and spawn blocks Tutorial: http://unityplus.blogspot.com/2014/0...-tutorial.html Blog: http://unityplus.blogspot.com/
  13. A free scifi weapon kit for use in games, they are low poly with no textures. http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/73417
  14. Hey, Trying to sell this Starter Scripts (i think they are very usefull) So it has and Inventory systen created from 2 scripts (1.the inventory it self; 2.Pick up(You can add unlimited gameobject ammount to the game and inventory will do everything else it self)) + Crouching and Sprinting (With effects and Stamina) + Bullet hole system + Recoil System + Scripted Walking Animation + Mouse Delay with Editor (Usualy added for Weapons) + Camera Bobbing. The Bullet Hole system also supports Reloading animation (you can edit how much for script to wait), which means that it has ammo system in it. But please NOTE that it dosent have ammo pick up system in it YET (i will get it done really soon im just busy with my project ATM) Here test scene in WepPlayer: So if you like it and interested in getting (2 EU) it add me via Skype (ghalexander91), ill give you link to my website were you will need to donate 2 EU, after that ill check it and send you rar file were All the Scripts are and after i will explain how it all works! Also know that the scene was made in 3 minutes so you can make all look alot better
  15. Here is a free model based on a USP .45 , it is my first blender project. Hope you enjoy. Download link: (http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/72385) Alternative: (http://www.mediafire.com/download/h40it1z4wlvael1/USP+.45.zip)
  16. NEW PACKAGE! It's a pair of FPS Arms, COMPLETELY RIGGED AND READY TO BE ANIMATED! I've seen people requesting this and thought what the hell, WHY NOT GIVE IT AWAY? Now it's Normal and Specular Mapped, so in Unity3D, when selecting a SHADER, use BUMPED SPECULAR as it will give you the full properties of it's textures! Best thing is, NO CREDITS REQUIRED! AND, the TGA file is fully editable! Hope you like it! DOWNLOAD
  17. 2nd model for download free software -3ds max ,photoshop mesh-4 uv-1024*1024 download here-http://www.mediafire.com/download/xic637u6jxsjrj0/barrelpack.rar AK47 COMING SOON
  18. NEW PACKAGE ON THE OCCASION OF MY BIRTHDAY! It's a road barrier, also called a concrete barrier, which you can use alongside some of the other map props package! The making of this barrier, also called a tutorial, is up on our YouTube channel and you too can learn how to make packages like us! Enjoy: Download! IMAGE:
  19. Here is a new package finally! The M4A1 Sopmod! It's pretty common nowadays featuring in almost EVERY FPS I can think of. This particular one has Diffuse, Normals, and Specular maps with it. The magazine however DOES NOT have normals. But it's not that big of a deal. The specular map is integrated into the alpha channel of the diffuse TGA map so if you use this package with UNITY3D, don't forget to set the shader to Bumped Specular and slide the shininess slider to maximum! (Maximum shininess is used for objects such as the metal on a gun!) ANYWAYS! Download! IMAGE:
  20. NEW PACKAGE! This time, it's a grenade, smoke grenade that is! It's the M18 Smoke Grenade, which is suitable for ANY FPS game you're developing! Use it in a deadly arsenal to put up smoke while you go in for the kill/go in for a heist. Best of all, it's LOW POLY! Won't put a high number on your drawcalls count or lag your testing even a bit! ENJOY! _____________________________________________________________ Download! IMAGE:
  21. NEW PACKAGE! Here it is. The ACOG Sight used by militants all over the world. This particular model is made SPECIFICALLY for the UNITY3D Game engine. I've placed the SPECULAR Map in the Alpha Channel of the TGA texture which means you will just have to use the BUMPED SPECULAR Shader in Unity and you're good to go! Don't forget to slide the shininesss slider to maximum! And to change the main and the specular colour both to white! HERE YOU GO! (NOTE: Pictures taken IN GAME). PS: NO CREDITS REQUIRED! DOWNLOAD!
  22. Ready for this? Oh hell you better be! The new and improved AK-47 Tactical! This one, I modeled using a reference of COD MW3, Oh yes. I bet you'll like this, it's pretty low poly compared to the ones I see other people using, and it has specular maps embedded into the alpha channel of the diffuse texture., so if you're using Unity3D as your engine, don't forget to set the shader to "Specular" Thanks and enjoy this package! Download Please support my website where I give out the models I make! Support it by sharing! Thanks! FBXControl.com
  23. Uh here I am, standing in front of you guys with a request. THAT request is that I am in need of an AI prefab that I can drop into my scene, set some variables to right values and I am good to go. THIS AI can be simple, and it can have a simple man as the model, I have loads of models and ANIMS so that's that. SO yes. FPS AI Prefab with instructions on how to use it anyone? Thanks. (Sorry if I seem a bit demanding, xD XD XD).
  24. hello all .. some time ago, I needed someone to help me and only one person concentrated on helping .. the idea of ​​the script, was to create a professional sound engine, with 4 beeps .. (Idle, low, med, high) and to see that the rpm will increase, the sounds are activated and disabling above .. eg == 1000 -> 1000 = low = play sound == 3000 -> 3000 = med = play sound and stop low etc. .. I think the idea .. but not how to do it properly, and not that long ago I started with this .. script (CS) = using UnityEngine; public class SoundEngine : MonoBehaviour { bool debug=false; public AudioClip Idle; public float IdleVolume=0.35f; public float IdlePitchFactor=1f; public AudioClip engineLow; public float engineLowVolume=0.35f; public float engineLowPitchFactor=1f; public AudioClip engineMed; public float engineMedVolume=0.35f; public float engineMedPitchFactor=1f; public AudioClip engineMax; public float engineMaxVolume=0.35f; public float engineMaxPitchFactor=1f; public AudioClip engineNoLow; public float engineNoLowVolume=0.35f; public float engineNoLowPitchFactor=1f; public AudioClip engineNoMed; public float engineNoMedVolume=0.35f; public float engineNoTMedPitchFactor=1f; public AudioClip engineNoHigh; public float engineNoHighVolume=0.35f; public float engineNoHighPitchFactor=1f; AudioSource IdleSource; AudioSource engineLowSource; AudioSource engineMedSource; AudioSource engineHighSource; AudioSource engineNoLowSource; AudioSource engineNoMedSource; AudioSource engineNoHighSource; private Drivetrain drivetrain; float volumeFactor; int i,k; public void SetDebug(bool db){ debug=db; } AudioSource CreateAudioSource (AudioClip clip, bool loop, bool playImmediately, Vector3 position) { GameObject go = new GameObject("audio"); go.transform.parent = transform; go.transform.localPosition = position; go.transform.localRotation = Quaternion.identity; go.AddComponent(typeof(AudioSource)); go.audio.clip = clip; go.audio.playOnAwake = false; if (loop==true){ go.audio.volume = 0; go.audio.loop = true; } else go.audio.loop = false; if (playImmediately) go.audio.Play(); return go.audio; } public void EngineLow() { if ((this.drivetrain.rpm == 1000f) || (this.drivetrain.rpm > 1000f)) { this.EngineLowSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineLow; this.EngineLowSource.audioSource = this.EngineLow; Vector3 enginePositionV=Vector3.zero; engineLowSource = CreateAudioSource(engineLow, true, true,enginePositionV); } else { this.EngineNoLowSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineNoLow; this.EngineNoLowSource.audioSource = this.EngineNoLow; Vector3 enginePositionV=Vector3.zero; engineNoLowSource = CreateAudioSource(engineNoLow, true, true,enginePositionV); } if (this.drivetrain.rpm > 2000f) { this.EngineLowSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineLow; this.EngineLowSource.audioSource = this.EngineLow; } else { this.EngineNoLowSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineNoLow; this.EngineNoLowSource.audioSource = this.EngineNoLow; } if (this.drivetrain.rpm > 3000f) { this.EngineLowSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineLow; this.EngineLowSource.audioSource = this.EngineLow; this.EngineMedSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineMed; this.EngineMedSource.audioSource = this.EngineMed; Vector3 enginePositionV=Vector3.zero; engineMedSource = CreateAudioSource(engineMed, true, true,enginePositionV); } else { this.EngineNoLowSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineNoLow; this.EngineNoLowSource.audioSource = this.EngineNoLow; this.EngineNoMedSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineNoMed; this.EngineNoMedSource.audioSource = this.EngineNoMed; Vector3 enginePositionV=Vector3.zero; engineNoMedSource = CreateAudioSource(engineNoMed, true, true,enginePositionV); } if (this.drivetrain.rpm > 4000f) { this.EngineMedSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineMed; this.EngineMedSource.audioSource = this.EngineMed; } else { this.EngineNoMedSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineNoMed; this.EngineNoMedSource.audioSource = this.EngineNoMed; } if (this.drivetrain.rpm > 6000f) { this.EngineMedSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineMed; this.EngineMedSource.audioSource = this.EngineMed; } else { this.EngineNoMedSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineNoMed; this.EngineNoMedSource.audioSource = this.EngineNoMed; } if (this.drivetrain.rpm > 7000f) { this.EngineMedSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineMed; this.EngineMedSource.audioSource = this.EngineMed; this.EngineHighSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineHigh; this.EngineHighSource.audioSource = this.EngineHigh; Vector3 enginePositionV=Vector3.zero; engineMedSource = CreateAudioSource(engineMed, true, true,enginePositionV); } else { this.EngineNoMedSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineNoMed; this.EngineNoMedSource.audioSource = this.EngineNoMed; this.EngineNoHighSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineNoHigh; this.EngineNoHighSource.audioSource = this.EngineNoHigh; Vector3 enginePositionV=Vector3.zero; engineNoMedSource = CreateAudioSource(engineNoMed, true, true,enginePositionV); } if (this.drivetrain.rpm > 8000f) { this.EngineHighSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineHigh; this.EngineHighSource.audioSource = this.EngineHigh; } else { this.EngineNoHighSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineNoHigh; this.EngineNoHighSource.audioSource = this.EngineNoHigh; } if (this.drivetrain.rpm > 8900f) { this.EngineHighSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineHigh; this.EngineHighSource.audioSource = this.EngineHigh; } else { this.EngineNoHighSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineNoHigh; this.EngineNoHighSource.audioSource = this.EngineNoHigh; } if (this.drivetrain.rpm > 9000f) { this.EngineHighSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineHigh; this.EngineHighSource.audioSource = this.EngineHigh; } else { this.EngineNoHighSource.audioSource = AudioSource.EngineNoHigh; this.EngineNoHighSource.audioSource = this.EngineNoHigh; } } public void rpmVal() { this.rpmOnValue = Mathf.Clamp(this.drivetrain.rpm, this.drivetrain.minRPM, this.drivetrain.maxRPM) / 10000f; } private void Start() { drivetrain= GetComponent<Drivetrain>(); this.backgroundMat.color = this.backgroundColor; this.IdleSource.audioClip = AudioClip.EngineLow; this.EngineLowSource.audioClip = AudioClip.EngineLow; this.EngineLowSource.audioClip = AudioClip.EngineLow; this.EngineLowSource.audioClip = AudioClip.EngineLow; this.EngineMedSource.audioClip = AudioClip.EngineMed; this.EngineMedSource.audioClip = AudioClip.EngineMed; this.EngineMedSource.audioClip = AudioClip.EngineMed; this.EngineHighSource.audioClip = AudioClip.EngineHigh; this.EngineHighSource.audioClip = AudioClip.EngineHigh; } void FixedUpdate(){ if (drivetrain){ float factor=drivetrain.rpm/drivetrain.maxRPM; engineNoLoweSource.volume = Mathf.Clamp01((1 - drivetrain.throttle)*engineNoLowVolume*factor); engineNoLowSource.pitch = 0.5f + engineNoLowPitchFactor*factor; engineLowSource.volume = Mathf.Clamp01(drivetrain.throttle*engineLowVolume*factor + engineLowVolume*0.3f*factor); engineLowSource.pitch = 0.5f + engineLowPitchFactor*factor; engineNoMedSource.volume = Mathf.Clamp01((1 - drivetrain.throttle)*engineNoMedVolume*factor); engineNoMedSource.pitch = 0.5f + engineNoMedPitchFactor*factor; engineMedSource.volume = Mathf.Clamp01(drivetrain.throttle*engineMedVolume*factor + engineMedVolume*0.6f*factor); engineMedSource.pitch = 0.5f + engineMedPitchFactor*factor; engineNoHighSource.volume = Mathf.Clamp01((1 - drivetrain.throttle)*engineNoHighVolume*factor); engineNoHighSource.pitch = 0.5f + engineNoThrottlePitchFactor*factor; engineHighSource.volume = Mathf.Clamp01(drivetrain.throttle*engineHighVolume*factor + engineHighVolume*0.9f*factor); engineHighSource.pitch = 0.5f + engineHighPitchFactor*factor; } } } ------------------------------------------------------------------ please help me, and I will be grateful for life!
  25. Hi everyone, today finally i finish develop my software. How does it work? Simple, he add to any video under the 301 views much views as you set. YOUTUBE VIDEO: I'm not responsible of the actions you do with this software. Thanks for read this. I hope you like my (first serious) little program (by Jackal) DOWNLOAD LINK: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?r8tq71xjtejuivo If you find any bug/infection/malfunction or other contact me in PM please.
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