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Found 8 results

  1. It’s A Disaster! is a retro 2D casual-action survival game with lite RPG elements such as crafting, NPC interaction and general party mechanics. The game will feature several scenarios as roll-out DLC, but the initial game comes with 1 scenario. You start at the top of a burning skyscraper and must make your descent through the deadly building gathering resources, creating items of necessity and rescuing survivors as you go. The game is a tribute to the silver-screen of Hollywood and her troupe of disaster survival films, with this scenario ‘Disco Inferno’ being based on the film 'The Towering Inferno’. Whilst there is a great deal of drama and serious content in the game, it comes with lots of tongue-in-cheek humour too. It also takes inspiration from 'The Escapists’ along with other games. Role & Responsibilities As Lead Developer you will begin by implementing the game mechanics and translating these onto the game objects. Object Deterioration Debris Generation Floor Volatility Fire, Water & Smoke Mechanics Current State Most graphic assets have been imported and mapped to Prefabs within Unity, the remaining objects will be handled by the current 2nd developer. As the visual style of the game is a blend between retro pixel-graphics and modern techniques, most effects for the above will be implemented using Unity’s particle system. The current 2nd developer will continue to work on assets, map import, optimization and other core aspects of the game however they will also be handling the audio design of the game. The 2nd developer believes that roughly 40% of the game’s development has thus far been implemented. Most basic functionality has been implemented, this includes: Character controls Camera control Lighting effects Collision controls Pushing/dragging objects Searching containers Inventory Map import process from Tiled Compensation We are offering 20% of the game’s rev-share. Candidates Viable candidates for the lead position will have a strong portfolio of game development material available, they will have a solid comprehension of the Unity platform (experience with Unity 2D and the platform’s Particle System are obviously helpful). Our team has a strong work ethic and we’ve already committed ourselves with 6 months of continual development and financial investment hiring a few freelancers. This is a game that is going to complete production and we are looking for a candidate with vision and passion to match the team’s own. Additional Information 70% of the game’s art and animation is estimated to have been completed, we also have a professional marketing team involved in the game’s production. We would like to take a viable early alpha to Kickstarter in April or May for PR, with an aim to release the game at the end of Q2 or Q3 2016. We have a great deal of expansion and DLC content planned for the game, but continuing with the game past it’s initial product phase, will be only be contractually optional. We have a strong team and have formed great friendships during the game’s production for the past 6 months. Our current developer cannot manage all aspects of both audio design and game development and he has carried development to a point where the next lead developer can focus their attention on the game’s mechanics. The current developer brings 16 years of experience as a professional software engineer to the table and was recently headhunted by Mojang. Having already financially invested in the game we did consider a freelance option however we ultimately concluded that a freelancer was unsuitable for the lead role as their work had to be checked, nor are we at a financial plateau of hiring a developer full-time. So our only hope is rev-share, save us Obi-Wan Kenobi! Contact Information Please email the Lead Designer 'Wolf Beaumont’ at wolf.beaumont@gmail.com. Don’t forget to include a link to your portfolio and information about your skills and experience. Screenshots & Promotional Art Promotional Poster - http://i.imgur.com/zQRj7aF.png Scenario Title Screen -http://i.imgur.com/sGl9kRc.gifv Screenshot 1 -http://i.imgur.com/H9g1Hok.png Screenshot 2 -http://i.imgur.com/ADd6JMW.png Screenshot 3 -http://i.imgur.com/i8wsf2m.png Screenshot 4 -http://i.imgur.com/xQiyzns.png
  2. Looking for a person to spruce up my terrain for my medieval terrain. I've already made the basic terrain, for the devolves pay you will be paid by however you would like.
  3. Hi all of you Developers out there. My name is Matew and i`m a Level Designer and a 3d modeler for 5 years now. I am seeking employment as a Freelancer ... I can create AAA levels ( Scenes ) in both Unity and Unity Pro, i design the models, textures and other materials and objects, so you can say that they are unique and i make camera animations for cutscenes and custom shaders for every situation. I worked on serveral titles that you might heard of : Brink (Some Skin Textures and part of Envoiernment), Ion Assault (Parts of Textures and Models), and the list goes on. I need to specify that i work with legaly paid assets and software (Unity, Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender, Daz 3D, Poser). For payment details if you wish to hire me, you can contact me at imaginmad@gmail.com Here are some Screens of my work : https://www.dropbox.com/s/awux84ez54nhfmg/Screenshot%202014-08-09%2018.44.18.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/ma45hky5xiaydap/Screenshot%202014-08-09%2019.56.35.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/1qwth22pt5wzuoe/Screenshot%202014-08-09%2019.55.51.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/e85rif38ygfrewz/Screenshot%202014-08-09%2019.55.38.png Hope of Doing Business with you, Best of Luck !
  4. Gaze


    Hey guys! So today i decided to make the logo for my game-development (company), i an currently a one man crew, so i don't know how to call that haha History about the name, if you were wondering about the name, it's something a friend once said to troll a girl, because she always used to call us ''tjollers'', so the guy said with a funny robot voice up; ''i am Tjollerbot2000, i came here to destroy you''. And since then the name just kinda got stuck with us. we created a huge clan of tjollerbots on PS3, going from tjollerbot1000 to tjollerbot12000, and all of us were master prestige on black ops, so everytime we entered a lobby, everyone from the enemy team left So i was thinking about a name for my company for a LONG time, until i went on ps3, looked at my name, and realised it was the perfect name! So that's kinda how i started it. afterwards i was thinking of a logo, it had to be cool, old-school, a bit farcry 3 - Blood dragon retro style, you know, how everyone in the 90's used to make their album-covers. so when i was at work this morning, i tought of the perfect idea. it was old school, was robot-like, and awesome. IF YOU DIDN'T READ THE PART ABOVE; heres the logo: 1024x1024: 1920x1920: 5760x5670: i really hope you like it and reply what you think?
  5. If you want a professional looking website for your project but don't want to use a cheap looking, slow online website builder then I can build your website for you at very little cost. If you're interested, contact me here and we will negotiate the price: jordanblythe@hotmail.com Demo website (Most navigation links are just there for show, contact us page and home are the only pages in the demo) Prices will be negotiated so you get a more reasonable price All websites feature: - Good search engine optimisation so your website is easily found through a search engine - no advertising - Fast loading - Compatible with all current browsers(Chrome, firefox, IE, opera, safari) - Embedded youtube videos What you will need before we can start: - A logo - All images you want on your website - All written content needs to be written before you hire me - An email address that you check regularly What you get: - Embed unity web player games to your site - Carousel on your homepage(image slider) - Contact page with email form - Embedded Ustream page with instant messaging - Custom social media buttons - Customize style to what you want or use one of my templates - Paypal donation button - Embedded Ustream page with instant messaging - Custom fonts
  6. Hey everybody! My name is Hafizul. Call me Apit if you prefer. I'm developer also a youtuber. I make games (all of them is horror) So if you guys like horror game, that is nice because I have it. View my games on GameJolt profile http://gamejolt.com/profile/alanj2007-games/22297/ I recommend you Error and Stalker. I'm now working on new game called "Journey To Dawn" I will release it on halloween, so 3 days left. If you guys want more information, go to my website http://alanj2007.weebly.com/ If you want to know a latest update, follow me on Twitter @HafizulJailani and like my page on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/Alanj2007Games I don't force you to do it but I would be happy if you do it
  7. Hello , what;s up? My name is Martin(14y,Poland) and i'm a new developer unity and im making a Survival Zombie Game (Multiplayer) like WarZ or DaisY [invisible World] Actually i havnt got a lot of updates on youtube but this may be change ^^ First Update is already finish at 5% xD What's your project? How are you and what do you thing? What's your name ?
  8. Howdy Ho! My name is Ģirts (married male) (You can call me Sac) - i am from Latvia (IIRC this page's admin also is from Latvia). Im quite an experienced Unity developer - i first heard of Unity about 3 years ago when it was ported to Windows and then i started learning this tool. (beforehand, tried some Python game modding, 3D modelling in 3D Max). My portfolio Later on, alongside learning Unity - i started learning 3D modelling in depth (first with Wings3D, then Blender(now im sticking with Blender)). Have participated in several projects (my own, Freelance, 1 commercial iOS project). I am common with: Unity coding (C# (mostly), Unity Javascript(earlier projects), Boo (i am experienced Python coder)); Unity Development (mostly i have worked with game logic creation); Basic Unity Networking; AI (my own trials and errors, RAIN{indie}); Blender (Modelling, Animating, Rigging, Skinning, Texturing, etc.); etc. (i am using many tools like Sculptris, GIMP, MeshLab, MakeHuman (there are lots of them)) I have also dealt with CryEngine 3, UDK(Unreal Development Kit) and ShiVa game engines. I am giving 3D Computer Graphics lectures (covering Blender, Unity) at Vidzeme University Of Applied Sciences My portfolio My LinkedIn I am open for discussions...
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