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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, [Quick Story] long time ago I started a project named TimeWalker. It's a first person shooter where you can control the motion speed of your actions. What makes it cool is that it has some awsome slow motion features. Seeing the bullets go past your head and watching your enemies die in slow motion is really awsome in my opinion. I had no help at all in this project, everything was made by me and me only. The reason why I stopped this project was the fact that I had no help on any aspect of the game, I had(and still have) no experience on designing or modeling, you can see in the video that the models look awful, that's because I made them using tutorials and following youtube videos. Now I wanna continue working on this project as many people I showed the game to really liked it, they actualy loved it and wanted more. I thought that if I continue the project I would need some help and get stuff more organised then how they used to be. Now that I got waaaaaaaaaaay better at programming and using unity this will be easier ,I think. [/Quick Story] Im currently looking for a 3d modeler/designer to help me in this project, I already got one but he's busy and needs some help as it's really hard to do everything on your own. Requirements: 1.Age: Age doesn't matter, as long as you're patient, understantable and comfort to work with. 2.English knowledge - As long as you can communicate with the rest of the "team" then you're okay to join us. 3.Modeling/Designing knowledge - You MUST have experience/knowledge on modeling/designing and using a software(your choice) to contribute to the game/team. 4.Must have at least some experience on using the Unity engine. 5.Must be able to work at least several hours a week. Now your favourite part , the payment. Currently I have no budget to pay you as I spent most of it on purchasing Unity. But I can guarantee you that the earnings made from the game will be equaly split to all of our team members. This is the first version of the game, the one I made a few months ago. A quick amateurish trailer I made. A demo of the old version. http://www.kongregate.com/games/SunnSiro/time-walker/ I also wanna say that I rebuilt (re-programmed) the whole game and removed every existing bug in the old version. If you want more information on the project or me then don't hesitate to ask. If interested you can contact me on skype : sun.siro or Steam : http://steamcommunity.com/id/SunSiro Thank you for taking your time to read this! P.S. I do know that such tag [Quick Story] does not exist.
  2. Hi all of you Developers out there. My name is Matew and i`m a Level Designer and a 3d modeler for 5 years now. I am seeking employment as a Freelancer ... I can create AAA levels ( Scenes ) in both Unity and Unity Pro, i design the models, textures and other materials and objects, so you can say that they are unique and i make camera animations for cutscenes and custom shaders for every situation. I worked on serveral titles that you might heard of : Brink (Some Skin Textures and part of Envoiernment), Ion Assault (Parts of Textures and Models), and the list goes on. I need to specify that i work with legaly paid assets and software (Unity, Cinema 4D, Maya, Blender, Daz 3D, Poser). For payment details if you wish to hire me, you can contact me at imaginmad@gmail.com Here are some Screens of my work : https://www.dropbox.com/s/awux84ez54nhfmg/Screenshot%202014-08-09%2018.44.18.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/ma45hky5xiaydap/Screenshot%202014-08-09%2019.56.35.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/1qwth22pt5wzuoe/Screenshot%202014-08-09%2019.55.51.png https://www.dropbox.com/s/e85rif38ygfrewz/Screenshot%202014-08-09%2019.55.38.png Hope of Doing Business with you, Best of Luck !
  3. Hello guys, a couple of days ago, I pause my game development since I stacked in the main menu design. So guys I searched for software that can create easily menu for unity, but I didn’t find. So I decide to develop one myself and also to release it! My software is named: Unity 3D – Menu Designer, and have the following features: First of all and in my opinion the most important is the Drag & Drop Function that allows you to design your menu faster and easier! Second is the ability to resize the controls using (A,D,S,W) keys One more and with significant meaning is the Live Debugger* Next one is the ability to export the menu and auto-generate the code in both JavaScript and C Sharp (C#) Create easily buttons, labels, boxes, textboxes, textareas and more and customize them without a single line of code! Finally I also spend quite a lot time to create detailed help menu in order to understand everything and create an amazing menu for your game! I will finish and publish the software within the next week! Stay tuned and please comment bellow [*Live Debugger = you can drag and drop, resize, change the properties of the controls and watch the result at the same time!] //Update i keep working on this , it may take some time since there are a lot of things i need to add. Untill now : Editor : Live Debugger : Updater : ~~ d Version 1 : Beta Not Ready : Screen.Width , Screen.Height functions C# Exporter Labels CAN'T resized by ASDW keys (due to bug) Save / Load Editable Format Download Link : http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?3aywdltg34lj9wu
  4. Hey guys, i made an application that is able to design splash screens for your application. Application's Features : Easy to use GUI Many customizable properties such as : Dimensions , showing time, back color, back image, window mode or board-less window Up to 3 buttons that are customizable and supports 3 actions on mouse click : Open the default program (like skip button), Open an other file, Exit Live preview of the result You can save and load at .ssf format your splash screen (not encrypted). You can build your splash screen, the result will be the .exe file and a .dll file with the same name, the dll file contains information about your splash screen and is encrypted, you can also export your splash screen to .dll file and replace the one you build in order to update your splash screen You can open .ssf files with double click (at some cases you have to set as default program the SplashScreenDesigner.exe because your pc might block the application to auto set itself as default) You can select the file you want to run when the time is over at the application tab(view screenshots) You have to type the file name not the path and then put the file at the same folder with the splash screen Some screenshots Virus Total Scans Splash Screen Designer.zip
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