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Found 7 results

  1. help me to fix that error SendMessage ApplyDamage has no receiver! UnityEngine.Component:SendMessage(String, Object) NewZombieAI:Update() (at Assets/New folder (9)/NewZombieAI.cs:83) This is my NewZombie cs File using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class NewZombieAI : MonoBehaviour { Transform target; //the enemy's target public float moveSpeed= 3; //move speed public float rotationSpeed= 3; //speed of turning public float attackRange= 3; // distance within which to attack public float chaseRange= 10; // distance within which to start chasing public float giveUpRange= 20; // distance beyond which AI gives up public float attackRepeatTime = 1.5f; // delay between attacks when within range public GameObject anim; public float maximumHitPoints= 5.0f; public float hitPoints= 5.0f; public GameObject Zombie_New; //public Transform AudioClip attack; private bool chasing= false; private float attackTime; bool checkRay = false; public string idleAnim = "idle"; public string walkAnim = "walk"; public string attackAnim = "attack"; int dontComeCloserRange = 2; private Transform myTransform; //current transform data of this enemy void Awake (){ myTransform = transform; //cache transform data for easy access/preformance ///zombie_New.anim.GetComponent.<Animation>().wrapMode = WrapMode.Loop; Zombie_New.GetComponent<Animation> (). wrapMode = WrapMode.Loop; Zombie_New.GetComponent<Animation> ().wrapMode = WrapMode.Once; //anim.GetComponent.<Animation>()[attackAnim].wrapMode = WrapMode.Once; Zombie_New.GetComponent<Animation> ()[attackAnim].layer = 2; //anim.GetComponent.<Animation>()[attackAnim].layer = 2; //anim.GetComponent.<Animation>().Stop(); Zombie_New.GetComponent<Animation> ().Stop(); } void Start (){ target = GameObject.FindWithTag("Player").transform; } void Update (){ // check distance to target every frame: float distance = (target.position - myTransform.position).magnitude; if (distance < dontComeCloserRange){ moveSpeed = 0; //anim.GetComponent.<Animation>()[idleAnim]; Zombie_New.GetComponent<Animation> ().Play(idleAnim); //anim.GetComponent.<Animation>().CrossFade(idleAnim); Zombie_New.GetComponent<Animation> ().CrossFade(idleAnim); }else{ moveSpeed = Random.Range(2, 3); //anim.GetComponent.<Animation>().CrossFade(walkAnim); Zombie_New.GetComponent<Animation> ().CrossFade(walkAnim); } if (chasing) { //move towards the player myTransform.position += myTransform.forward * moveSpeed * Time.deltaTime; //rotate to look at the player myTransform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(myTransform.rotation, Quaternion.LookRotation(target.position - myTransform.position), rotationSpeed*Time.deltaTime); transform.eulerAngles = new Vector3(0.0f, transform.eulerAngles.y, 0.0f); // give up, if too far away from target: if (distance > giveUpRange) { chasing = false; } // attack, if close enough, and if time is OK: if (distance < attackRange && Time.time > attackTime) { //anim.GetComponent.<Animation>()[attackAnim].speed = 4.0f; Zombie_New.GetComponent<Animation> ()[attackAnim].speed = 1.0f; //anim.GetComponent.<Animation>().CrossFade(attackAnim); Zombie_New.GetComponent<Animation> ().CrossFade(attackAnim); target.SendMessage( "ApplyDamage", maximumHitPoints); attackTime = Time.time + attackRepeatTime; //GetComponent.<AudioSource>().PlayOneShot(attack, 1.0f / GetComponent.<AudioSource>().volume); } } else { // not currently chasing. //anim.GetComponent.<Animation>() [idleAnim].speed = 4; Zombie_New.GetComponent<Animation> ()[idleAnim].speed = 4; //anim.GetComponent.<Animation>().CrossFade(idleAnim); Zombie_New.GetComponent<Animation> ().CrossFade(idleAnim); // start chasing if target comes close enough if (distance < chaseRange) { chasing = true; } } } void OnDrawGizmosSelected (){ Gizmos.color = Color.yellow; Gizmos.DrawWireSphere (transform.position, attackRange); Gizmos.color = Color.red; Gizmos.DrawWireSphere (transform.position, chaseRange); } } NewZombieAI.cs
  2. hey guys, i trying to make shop for my game with xml, right now i hawe working database... the isue i need put all shop item by hand and set its value inside hierarchy script, if i hawe hundresds of items, each item hawe 11 diferent variables as stats, its litle bit time consuming :D. i need that program would it self find all objects and put it to list, then get all values (int's and float's) from xml file and attack it to list. using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using System.Collections.Generic; using System.Xml; using System.Xml.Serialization; using System.IO; public class XMLserialize : MonoBehaviour { public static XMLserialize ins; public GameObject player; public ItemDatabase itemDB; void Awake () { ins = this; } private void PreloadPlayerItemsToList (){ } public void SaveItems (){ XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(ItemDatabase)); FileStream stream = new FileStream (Application.dataPath + "/StreamingAssets/Xml/item_Data.xml", FileMode.Create); serializer.Serialize (stream, itemDB); stream.Close (); } public void LoadItems (){ XmlSerializer serializer = new XmlSerializer (typeof(ItemDatabase)); FileStream stream = new FileStream (Application.dataPath + "/StreamingAssets/Xml/item_Data.xml", FileMode.Open); itemDB = serializer.Deserialize (stream) as ItemDatabase; stream.Close (); } void PrepareToBuy (){ SaveItems (); } public void EditDatabaseEntries (int ThisId){ itemDB.list[ThisId].boughtStatus = true; SaveItems (); } } [System.Serializable] public class ItemEntry { // ginklo info listas public string gunName; public string gunType; public int price; public int spriteId; public bool boughtStatus; public int damage; public int clipSize; public float accuracy; public float fireRate; public float Weight; public float reloadSpeed; } [System.Serializable] public class ItemDatabase { //clases itemEntry info listu masyvas [XmlArray("Weapons")] public List<ItemEntry> list = new List<ItemEntry>(); void start (){ foreach (GameObject gun in GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag ("gun")) { //list.Add (gun); //this is where my issue } } } as you can see itemenry class is item stats that will be in list. itemdatabase class is list it slef, i can put items as gameobjects but that prompts error. (i did that in end of the script with foreach x.x) how to get all objects from hierarchy and stats then put everything to damn list thank you
  3. Hello guys.Please gve me one clone for counter strike? please! for unity 5! thx example:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nZVZhE-AhdU
  4. Hi guys. I want to convert a CSharp code to Javascript. It's possible ? The code (CS) : Hashtable setPlayerKills = new Hashtable() {{"Kills", 0}}; PhotonNetwork.player.SetCustomProperties(setPlayerKills); Hashtable setPlayerDeaths = new Hashtable() {{"Deaths", 0}}; PhotonNetwork.player.SetCustomProperties(setPlayerDeaths);
  5. Can someone help me convert this AI script from CS to JS? I want this script in JS because I don't understand CS. Thanks using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class ThirdPersonCharacter : MonoBehaviour { [SerializeField] float jumpPower = 12; // determines the jump force applied when jumping (and therefore the jump height) [SerializeField] float airSpeed = 6; // determines the max speed of the character while airborne [SerializeField] float airControl = 2; // determines the response speed of controlling the character while airborne [Range(1,4)] [SerializeField] public float gravityMultiplier = 2; // gravity modifier - often higher than natural gravity feels right for game characters [SerializeField][Range(0.1f,3f)] float moveSpeedMultiplier = 1; // how much the move speed of the character will be multiplied by [SerializeField][Range(0.1f,3f)] float animSpeedMultiplier = 1; // how much the animation of the character will be multiplied by [SerializeField] AdvancedSettings advancedSettings; // Container for the advanced settings class , thiss allows the advanced settings to be in a foldout in the inspector [System.Serializable] public class AdvancedSettings { public float stationaryTurnSpeed = 180; // additional turn speed added when the player is stationary (added to animation root rotation) public float movingTurnSpeed = 360; // additional turn speed added when the player is moving (added to animation root rotation) public float headLookResponseSpeed = 2; // speed at which head look follows its target public float crouchHeightFactor = 0.6f; // collider height is multiplied by this when crouching public float crouchChangeSpeed = 4; // speed at which capsule changes height when crouching/standing public float autoTurnThresholdAngle = 100; // character auto turns towards camera direction if facing away by more than this angle public float autoTurnSpeed = 2; // speed at which character auto-turns towards cam direction public PhysicMaterial zeroFrictionMaterial; // used when in motion to enable smooth movement public PhysicMaterial highFrictionMaterial; // used when stationary to avoid sliding down slopes public float jumpRepeatDelayTime = 0.25f; // amount of time that must elapse between landing and being able to jump again public float runCycleLegOffset = 0.2f; // animation cycle offset (0-1) used for determining correct leg to jump off public float groundStickyEffect = 5f; // power of 'stick to ground' effect - prevents bumping down slopes. } public Transform lookTarget { get; set; } // The point where the character will be looking at bool onGround; // Is the character on the ground Vector3 lookPos; // The position where the character is looking at float originalHeight; // Used for tracking the original height of the characters capsule collider Animator animator; // The animator for the character float lastAirTime; // USed for checking when the character was last in the air for controlling jumps CapsuleCollider capsule; // The collider for the character const float half = 0.5f; // whats it says, it's a constant for a half Vector3 moveInput; bool crouchInput; bool jumpInput; float turnAmount; float forwardAmount; Vector3 velocity; // Use this for initialization void Start () { animator = GetComponentInChildren<Animator>(); capsule = collider as CapsuleCollider; // as can return null so we need to make sure thats its not before assigning to it if (capsule != null) { originalHeight = capsule.height; capsule.center = Vector3.up * originalHeight * half; } else { Debug.LogError(" collider cannot be cast to CapsuleCollider"); } SetUpAnimator(); } // The Move function is designed to be called from a separate component // based on User input, or an AI control script public void Move (Vector3 move, bool crouch, bool jump, Vector3 lookPos) { // transfer input parameters to member variables. this.moveInput = move; this.crouchInput = crouch; this.jumpInput = jump; this.lookPos = lookPos; // grab current velocity, we will be changing it. velocity = rigidbody.velocity; ConvertMoveInput (); // converts the relative move vector into local turn & fwd values TurnTowardsCameraForward (); // makes the character face the way the camera is looking PreventStandingInLowHeadroom (); // so the character's head doesn't penetrate a low ceiling ScaleCapsuleForCrouching (); // so you can fit under low areas when crouching ApplyExtraTurnRotation(); // this is in addition to root rotation in the animations GroundCheck (); // detect and stick to ground SetFriction (); // use low or high friction values depending on the current state // control and velocity handling is different when grounded and airborne: if (onGround) { HandleGroundedVelocities(); } else { HandleAirborneVelocities(); } UpdateAnimator (); // send input and other state parameters to the animator // reassign velocity, since it will have been modified by the above functions. rigidbody.velocity = velocity; } void ConvertMoveInput () { // convert the world relative moveInput vector into a local-relative // turn amount and forward amount required to head in the desired // direction. Vector3 localMove = transform.InverseTransformDirection (moveInput); turnAmount = Mathf.Atan2 (localMove.x, localMove.z); forwardAmount = localMove.z; } void TurnTowardsCameraForward () { // automatically turn to face camera direction, // when not moving, and beyond the specified angle threshold if (Mathf.Abs (forwardAmount) < .01f) { Vector3 lookDelta = transform.InverseTransformDirection (lookPos - transform.position); float lookAngle = Mathf.Atan2 (lookDelta.x, lookDelta.z) * Mathf.Rad2Deg; // are we beyond the threshold of where need to turn to face the camera? if (Mathf.Abs (lookAngle) > advancedSettings.autoTurnThresholdAngle) { turnAmount += lookAngle * advancedSettings.autoTurnSpeed * .001f; } } } void PreventStandingInLowHeadroom () { // prevent standing up in crouch-only zones if (!crouchInput) { Ray crouchRay = new Ray (rigidbody.position + Vector3.up * capsule.radius * half, Vector3.up); float crouchRayLength = originalHeight - capsule.radius * half; if (Physics.SphereCast (crouchRay, capsule.radius * half, crouchRayLength)) { crouchInput = true; } } } void ScaleCapsuleForCrouching () { // scale the capsule collider according to // if crouching ... if (onGround && crouchInput && (capsule.height != originalHeight * advancedSettings.crouchHeightFactor)) { capsule.height = Mathf.MoveTowards (capsule.height, originalHeight * advancedSettings.crouchHeightFactor, Time.deltaTime * 4); capsule.center = Vector3.MoveTowards (capsule.center, Vector3.up * originalHeight * advancedSettings.crouchHeightFactor * half, Time.deltaTime * 2); } // ... everything else else if (capsule.height != originalHeight && capsule.center != Vector3.up * originalHeight * half) { capsule.height = Mathf.MoveTowards (capsule.height, originalHeight, Time.deltaTime * 4); capsule.center = Vector3.MoveTowards (capsule.center, Vector3.up * originalHeight * half, Time.deltaTime * 2); } } void ApplyExtraTurnRotation () { // help the character turn faster (this is in addition to root rotation in the animation) float turnSpeed = Mathf.Lerp (advancedSettings.stationaryTurnSpeed, advancedSettings.movingTurnSpeed, forwardAmount); transform.Rotate (0, turnAmount * turnSpeed * Time.deltaTime, 0); } void GroundCheck () { Ray ray = new Ray (transform.position + Vector3.up * .1f, -Vector3.up); RaycastHit[] hits = Physics.RaycastAll (ray, .5f); System.Array.Sort (hits, new RayHitComparer ()); if (velocity.y < jumpPower * .5f) { onGround = false; rigidbody.useGravity = true; foreach (var hit in hits) { // check whether we hit a non-trigger collider (and not the character itself) if (!hit.collider.isTrigger) { // this counts as being on ground. // stick to surface - helps character stick to ground - specially when running down slopes if (velocity.y <= 0) { rigidbody.position = Vector3.MoveTowards (rigidbody.position, hit.point, Time.deltaTime * advancedSettings.groundStickyEffect); } onGround = true; rigidbody.useGravity = false; break; } } } // remember when we were last in air, for jump delay if (!onGround) lastAirTime = Time.time; } void SetFriction() { if (onGround) { // set friction to low or high, depending on if we're moving if (moveInput.magnitude == 0) { // when not moving this helps prevent sliding on slopes: collider.material = advancedSettings.highFrictionMaterial; } else { // but when moving, we want no friction: collider.material = advancedSettings.zeroFrictionMaterial; } } else { // while in air, we want no friction against surfaces (walls, ceilings, etc) collider.material = advancedSettings.zeroFrictionMaterial; } } void HandleGroundedVelocities() { velocity.y = 0; if (moveInput.magnitude == 0) { // when not moving this prevents sliding on slopes: velocity.x = 0; velocity.z = 0; } // check whether conditions are right to allow a jump: bool animationGrounded = animator.GetCurrentAnimatorStateInfo (0).IsName ("Grounded"); bool okToRepeatJump = Time.time > lastAirTime + advancedSettings.jumpRepeatDelayTime; if (jumpInput && !crouchInput && okToRepeatJump && animationGrounded) { // jump! onGround = false; velocity = moveInput * airSpeed; velocity.y = jumpPower; } } void HandleAirborneVelocities () { // we allow some movement in air, but it's very different to when on ground // (typically allowing a small change in trajectory) Vector3 airMove = new Vector3 (moveInput.x * airSpeed, velocity.y, moveInput.z * airSpeed); velocity = Vector3.Lerp (velocity, airMove, Time.deltaTime * airControl); rigidbody.useGravity = true; // apply extra gravity from multiplier: Vector3 extraGravityForce = (Physics.gravity * gravityMultiplier) - Physics.gravity; rigidbody.AddForce(extraGravityForce); } void UpdateAnimator () { // Here we tell the animator what to do based on the current states and inputs. // only use root motion when on ground: animator.applyRootMotion = onGround; // update the current head-look position lookPos = Vector3.Lerp (lookPos, lookPos, Time.deltaTime * advancedSettings.headLookResponseSpeed); // update the animator parameters animator.SetFloat ("Forward", forwardAmount, 0.1f, Time.deltaTime); animator.SetFloat ("Turn", turnAmount, 0.1f, Time.deltaTime); animator.SetBool ("Crouch", crouchInput); animator.SetBool ("OnGround", onGround); if (!onGround) { animator.SetFloat ("Jump", velocity.y); } // calculate which leg is behind, so as to leave that leg trailing in the jump animation // (This code is reliant on the specific run cycle offset in our animations, // and assumes one leg passes the other at the normalized clip times of 0.0 and 0.5) float runCycle = Mathf.Repeat (animator.GetCurrentAnimatorStateInfo (0).normalizedTime + advancedSettings.runCycleLegOffset, 1); float jumpLeg = (runCycle < half ? 1 : -1) * forwardAmount; if (onGround) { animator.SetFloat ("JumpLeg", jumpLeg); } // the anim speed multiplier allows the overall speed of walking/running to be tweaked in the inspector, // which affects the movement speed because of the root motion. if (onGround && moveInput.magnitude > 0) { animator.speed = animSpeedMultiplier; } else { // but we don't want to use that while airborne animator.speed = 1; } } void OnAnimatorIK(int layerIndex) { // we set the weight so most of the look-turn is done with the head, not the body. animator.SetLookAtWeight(1, 0.2f, 2.5f); // if a transform is assigned as a look target, it overrides the vector lookPos value if (lookTarget != null) { lookPos = lookTarget.position; } // Used for the head look feature. animator.SetLookAtPosition( lookPos ); } void SetUpAnimator() { // this is a ref to the animator component on the root. animator = GetComponent<Animator>(); // we use avatar from a child animator component if present // (this is to enable easy swapping of the character model as a child node) foreach (var childAnimator in GetComponentsInChildren<Animator>()) { if (childAnimator != animator) { animator.avatar = childAnimator.avatar; Destroy (childAnimator); break; } } } public void OnAnimatorMove() { // we implement this function to override the default root motion. // this allows us to modify the positional speed before it's applied. rigidbody.rotation = animator.rootRotation; if (onGround && Time.deltaTime > 0) { Vector3 v = (animator.deltaPosition * moveSpeedMultiplier) / Time.deltaTime; // we preserve the existing y part of the current velocity. v.y = rigidbody.velocity.y; rigidbody.velocity = v; } } //used for comparing distances class RayHitComparer: IComparer { public int Compare(object x, object y) { return ((RaycastHit)x).distance.CompareTo(((RaycastHit)y).distance); } } }
  6. Hey, i have made this great working bullet hole script kinda like in Valve Games for example CSGO. Heres what i mean, watch my update video (link below) and you will see me showing what special it does, and BTW, it does force to rigidbodys, supports Reloading Animations and much more. Update Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t49IwuJxvdc&list=UUEom3TPdX7_5zE51Ur5Z8_A&feature=c4-overview I whant to Sell this system becouse it was freaking hard to make and its using shadders. I think it should have been 10 eurs or so but i will sell it for 2 Eurs. How do we make deal, you add me on skype (ghalexander91), in 24 hours or mutch mutch less i accept your request. Then i give you link in where you shall Donate me 2 EURS. After i get email that you have donated me i instantly send you rar file where the Bullet Hole system scripts are, and explane you how to use it. FOR PROOF THAT IM THE CREATOR OF THIS SCRIPT AND THERES NO JOKE IM GOING TO SEND YOU RANDOM JUST MADE SCREENSHOTS ON HOW THEY LOOK INSIDE. Please, just please, after successful purchase and other, find a minute to say that everything is ok or something else.
  7. Hello guys! Some time ago I saw a tutorial on reversing the hands so that my player will handle the weapon "on the right side" just like it is seen in most of the shooters today but I can't find it. Right now my player is holding the weapon "on the left side". I'm putting up a picture here to visualize my problem: I think it's somehow connected with the rotation in inspector. I think the values were x, -x and x for the x, y and z but I'm not sure. Or maybe I have to rotate whole thing in the modelling program or when I'm importing it/decompiling it? Weapon is imported from Counter Strike. Thanks in advance for the help, Cheers
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