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Found 2 results

  1. Hello, I'm a beginner in scripting & unity and i'm currently facing some difficulties in a learning project i'm working on : - The first one : what's the best way to keep the total amount of collected coins during game : I mean even if the player plays so many times the same level or closes the application, i'd like a way to find the total collected coins so that i can use this informations when scripting a shoping scene - The second issue: right now, when i don't react in my game ( i don't anything ) the screen unlights and then the phone get locked in few seconds. I'd like to force the screen to be active as long as the game is running even if the player is not reacting. How can i implement that ? Thanks a lot,
  2. Hey Guys I just saw a few examples on how to make like Coin Collection Scripts but then I found a Script of a Guy who was stuck on a Script. He wanted to do if his player collected like 10 coins the the level would switch to the next scene. I also dont know what to do does anybody knows how to make the script working. Heres the Script: private var coinsBegin : int; private var coinsCurrent : int; var levelToLoad:int; //level to load private var coinToNext:int=10; //coin necessary to open next level function OnGUI() { coinsCurrent = 0; var coinObjects = FindObjectsOfType( GameObject ); for ( var coinObject : GameObject in coinObjects ) { if ( coinObject.name == "coin" ) coinsCurrent++; } GUI.Label( Rect( 0, 0, 320, 20 ), "Collected " + ( coinsBegin - coinsCurrent ) + " of " + coinsBegin + " coins!" ); } function Start() { var coinObjects = FindObjectsOfType( GameObject ); for ( var coinObject : GameObject in coinObjects ) { if ( coinObject.name == "coin" ) coinsBegin++; } } function Update() { if (coinsCurrent == coinToNext ) { Application.LoadLevel (2); } } Heres the Link to his question: http://answers.unity3d.com/questions/28245/collect-10-coins-load-next-levelscript-not-working.html
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