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Found 42 results

  1. Weird Animation On Scene

    Hi, I'm having a weird issue with a 3d model. When I import it inside unity, In the preview Tab the animation seems to work fine (as show in picture). But When I put the model in the scene and try to play the animation, The mesh disappear and only a kind of bone structure is left (joined picture). anyone has an idea why please? EDIT: to give more info about how did I got here. As I'm learning, I took the working model with animation FBX file from unity and Import it inside Blender. Then I re-exported it inside Unity and I got this problem. Regards,
  2. IBrain - A Smart Character A.I

    IBrain give you the power to create very easy SMART Character !!With the top drop-down menu, providing options for create a character with types and behaviors like :Chase, Waypoints, Random..The project also includes a range of simple example character form Mecanim Example asset and new Smart Waypoint scriptWork with Mobile and Unity 2017.XX https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/116128
  3. Hello, I'm having a bit of a weird issue that I can't seem to solve. What I'm trying to do is animate my character, as a test I just want to animate the entire character (with root and everything) up and back down. However, when I set a keyframe and then add a second one, the first keyframe will now have the same value as the second keyframe. If I add a third keyframe the first and second keyframe will get the same value as third keyframe. Etc.. Why is this happening? I explained it visually here: My player has an animator controller. This happens for every bones/limb my character has, making it impossible to animate. I have some existing animations, but they don't have the proper XYZ movements of the root so I want to add them. I do seem te be able to animate an empty gameobject, but it doesn't work on my Player. My player: This is hope my player is built: Thanks in advance
  4. Hey there fellas ! How are you all ? Good I hope ! Here is some character I made. It is rigged and has animations. (I wish I had screen recorder to show it with Anims) He looks cool right ? Any critics are welcome Aki Shaqs PS: Do let me know if anyone likes it and wanna check it out. Also Guys, I have set up my portfolio (sort of) click here --> Akishaqs. Tell me if it looks nice, I will be adding more stuff there so... Can you guys just take a look and give some feedback ? Thank you !
  5. [Unity 2D] Character Paperdoll System

    Hello folks!, I am creating a 2D online game based on a fantasy and adventure world, the logical part between server and client I am going muto well until now, I have done all the treatments of this type and also implemented the database. But an important thing is the inventory system, where I will equip the character and change his look, but in 3D games this is not difficult but I am finding it difficult to do for a 2D game that are treated as sprites .. I'll need support, if anyone knows where I start, suggestion, idea, anything is welcome. For example: When equipping an armor I know I should by the sprite on top of the other, that's fine, I can activate the sprite but how will I use the correct sprites for the animations of the original sprite, for example, when the player moves left it use the armor sprite on the same side and so on for the other positions. How can I do animations of sprites related to attacks when equipping a sword. In fact it is an equipment system for sprites (2D characters as in RPG Maker games). I have seen this system in other engines but I have never been able to reproduce in unity, if anyone can help me, I am grateful. See you.
  6. Blender Rig Problem

    Hi! It's been a while. I'm working now on a project, and in the making of the character, I've encountered a rig problem. I've attached the image with the problem. I've tried to use weight painting, but it has no effect, also tried to change de vertex group, but also had no effect. This is how it looks without movement
  7. Hi. I got the FPS Kit c# version, and I'm trying to use it for a mecanim setup (Standard TPS Scene). I transferred The weapon manager to the Hand, also the Sounds and MiniMap, Placed the Weapons Correctly, and Turned off the Arms of the original player after taking out the weapon, also moved all the character scripts and disabled the camera script since I have another camera setup, Also Added The FPS controller to the Weapon Script and Picked the player camera at the same script. The weapon runs, Muzzle flash is showing and bullet counter / Reload are working fine, but it seems like a problem with the Raycast of the hit, it doesn't shoot from the weapon forward and I didn't even find where is it shooting, also the sounds and footsteps aren't working, Health is working fine, the Pick Item "E" GUI shows up but I can't pick the item. I need the whole system Except the movement and animation scripting, and I'm using the same original project folder. I'd like to know what to change, Thanks in Advance. Edit: Just Noticed the Raycast Only shows like this (The Red Line) When I set my back to the wall, when I get off it no longer shows. What's the Problem? Edit #2: The RayCast is for the "Protect Camera From Wall" Script, but somehow the Shooting Still works only on that wall, and seems to come from somewhere far.
  8. Problems with movement

    Hi guys, The problem, as seen in the picture. Hill should stop. But how? Thank you..
  9. 3D Barbarian Mobile game model

    Hello everyone, im self taught 3D artist with years of experience, i have a character model to sell, this is Barbarian 3D model for mobile game, here the details: Price: $40 Model Description: - Rigged and ready for animation - the polycount is low so its suit best for mobile or web based game - the model include two armour and pants (like in the preview image) I give support for fixing some problem for free if needed, and im open for freelance 3d modelling work for any type or style game assets, more artwork can viewed in my portfolio: http://www.artstation.com/artist/amirhm please contact me by email: tiganbebek@gmail.com for quick answer. thank you in advance
  10. I am trying to develop multiplayer games with Unity3D and I use a plugin "MultiLAN V3.0" and I must add the functionality of team and character choose , it is for my study project and I am very a hurry by time, I would be very grateful for your help .
  11. Hi guys how is it going? I know this is a long stretch but I am in need of some decent gun and arms rigs that are animated with the following animations: > Idle > Reload > Fire > Draw If anyone has some animated guns with arms on their PC or wherever, and are willing to share with the community for place holders only, NON COMMERCIAL use....then please help me. All the best, HairySeal
  12. About Character Controller

    Hi guys, Character, moving with the mouse. But, I want to improve it. E.g, Problem ; How do we do this? So, one way?
  13. | Level Up System Custom GUI Problem |

    Hello! I have a problem nothing big but don't really know how to fix it. So I have a script that makes you able to add a Custom GUI. The Problem is that it still doesn't change the GUI for some reason. If anyone can fix it would be very appreciated, thanks. import System; import System.Collections; import System.Xml; import System.Xml.Serialization; import System.IO; import System.Text; class DemoData { var x : float; var y : float; var z : float; var name : String; var experience : float; } class UserData { public var _iUser : DemoData = new DemoData(); function UserData() { } } //var target: Transform; //var generalWidth = 50; //var userHeight = 50; //var playerHealth = 1000; //var MaxPlayerHealth = 1000; //var playerMana = 1000; //var playerEnergy = 100; //public var playerDamage = 10; //var playerCurrency = 5000; var playerPositionX = 0; var playerPositionY = 0; var playerPositionZ = 0; //var damageNpc = 1; //Variable For Experience ******************************************************* public static var curExperience = 1; var ExpBarEmtey = 0; var ExpBarCur : float; var screenHeight : float; static var ExpPart = 25; var curLevel = 1; var LvMax = 0; var Lv0 = 1; var Lv1 = 5; var Lv2 = 8; var Lv3 = 9; var Lv4 = 12; var Lv5 = 15; var Lv6 = 17; var Lv7 = 18; var Lv8 = 19; var Lv9 = 20; var Lv10 = 25; var Lv11 = 26; var Lv12 = 28; var Lv13 = 30; var Lv14 = 32; var Lv15 = 33; var Lv16 = 36; var Lv17 = 39; var Lv18 = 42; var Lv19 = 43; var Lv20 = 45; //EndofExpVariables ************************************************************* //Saving Variables ************************************************************** private var _Save : Rect; private var _Load : Rect; private var _SaveMSG : Rect; private var _LoadMSG : Rect; //var _ShouldSave : boolean; //var _ShouldLoad : boolean; //var _SwitchSave : boolean; //var _SwitchLoad : boolean; private var _FileLocation : String; private var _FileName : String = "SaveData.xml"; //public GameObject player; var player : GameObject; var playerName : String = "Default"; var MyStyle : GUISkin; private var myData : UserData; private var _data : String; private var VPosition : Vector3; //EndOfSaving Variables ********************************************************* function Awake () { // GUI for the Save/Load _Save=new Rect(10,33,60,20); _Load=new Rect(10,55,60,20); _Name=new Rect(50,240,200,20); _SaveMSG=new Rect(50,120,200,40); _LoadMSG=new Rect(50,140,200,40); _NameMSG=new Rect(50,180,200,40); // XML Save/Load path _FileLocation=Application.dataPath; // Creating something to store information into. myData=new UserData(); } function OnGUI () { // playerName = GUI.TextArea (Rect(generalWidth,userHeight,100,25),playerName); //Health ******************************************************************** // GUI.Box (Rect (50,75,150,25), "Health:" + playerHealth); //EndOfHealth *************************************************************** //Mana ********************************************************************** // GUI.Box (Rect (50,100,150,25), "Mana:" + playerMana); //EndOfMana ***************************************************************** //Energy ******************************************************************** // GUI.Box (Rect (50,125,150,25), "Energy:" + playerEnergy); //EndOfEnergy *************************************************************** //Currency ****************************************************************** // GUI.Box (Rect (50,150,150,25), "Gold:" + playerCurrency); //EndOfCurrency ************************************************************* //Experience **************************************************************** GUI.Box (Rect (10,10,60,20),"Level:" + curLevel); //EndOfExperience *********************************************************** //LoadingPlayers ************************************************************ if (GUI.Button(_Load,"Load")) { GUI.Label(_LoadMSG,"Loading from: "+_FileLocation); // Load our UserData into myData LoadXML(); if(_data.ToString() != "") { myData = DeserializeObject(_data); VPosition=new Vector3(myData._iUser.x,myData._iUser.y,myData._iUser.z); player.transform.position=VPosition; curExperience = myData._iUser.experience; Debug.Log("Load Successful"); } } //EndOfLoadingPlayers ******************************************************* //SavingPlayers ************************************************************* if (GUI.Button(_Save,"Save")) { GUI.Label(_SaveMSG,"Saving to: "+_FileLocation); //Debug.Log("SaveLoadXML: sanity check:"+ player.transform.position.x); myData._iUser.x = player.transform.position.x; myData._iUser.y = player.transform.position.y; myData._iUser.z = player.transform.position.z; myData._iUser.name = playerName; myData._iUser.experience = curExperience; // Time to creat our XML! _data = SerializeObject(myData); // This is the final resulting XML from the serialization process CreateXML(); Debug.Log(_data); } //EndOfSavingPlayers ********************************************************* } function Update () { // if(playerHealth <= 0) { // print(playerName + " has died..."); // die(); // } // if(playerHealth > MaxPlayerHealth) // { // playerHealth = MaxPlayerHealth; // } // Here is the level decider. If the current exp is higher then the number there then you +1 level. switch(curLevel){ case 0: if(curExperience <= Lv0){ curLevel += 0; } case 1: if(curExperience >= Lv1){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv1; } break; case 2: if(curExperience >= Lv2){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv2; } break; case 3: if(curExperience >= Lv3){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv3; } break; case 4: if(curExperience >= Lv4){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv4; } break; case 5: if(curExperience >= Lv5){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv5; } break; case 6: if(curExperience >= Lv6){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv6; } break; case 7: if(curExperience >= Lv7){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv7; } break; case 8: if(curExperience >= Lv8){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv8; } break; case 9: if(curExperience >= Lv9){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv9; } break; case 10: if(curExperience >= Lv10){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv10; } break; case 11: if(curExperience >= Lv11){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv11; } break; case 12: if(curExperience >= Lv12){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv12; } break; case 12: if(curExperience >= Lv12){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv12; } break; case 13: if(curExperience >= Lv13){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv13; } break; case 14: if(curExperience >= Lv14){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv14; } break; case 15: if(curExperience >= Lv15){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv15; } break; case 16: if(curExperience >= Lv16){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv16; } break; case 17: if(curExperience >= Lv17){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv17; } break; case 18: if(curExperience >= Lv18){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv18; } break; case 19: if(curExperience >= Lv19){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv19; } break; case 20: if(curExperience >= Lv20){ curLevel += 1; LvMax = Lv20; } break; } } //function die() //{ // player.transform.position = Vector3(5,0,5); // A vector 3 teleport // playerHealth = 1000; // playerMana = 1000; // Reseting the vitals or else it will loop the death(HP = 0) // playerEnergy = 100; //} //function OnCollisionEnter( collision : Collision ) { // if(target == null && GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Enemy")){ // target = GameObject.FindWithTag("Enemy").transform; //} //} //function OnTriggerEnter() //{ // if(target.gameObject.tag == "Enemy") // { // collider.isTrigger = true; // playerHealth -= damageNpc; // Comment this out if you dont wanna take damage. // curExperience += 5; //Exp per interaction with the enemy. // } //} //XML Code ***************************************************************** function UTF8ByteArrayToString(characters : byte[] ) { var encoding : UTF8Encoding = new UTF8Encoding(); var constructedString : String = encoding.GetString(characters); return (constructedString); } function StringToUTF8ByteArray(pXmlString : String) { var encoding : UTF8Encoding = new UTF8Encoding(); var byteArray : byte[] = encoding.GetBytes(pXmlString); return byteArray; } function SerializeObject(pObject : Object) { var XmlizedString : String = null; var memoryStream : MemoryStream = new MemoryStream(); var xs : XmlSerializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(UserData)); var xmlTextWriter : XmlTextWriter = new XmlTextWriter(memoryStream, Encoding.UTF8); xs.Serialize(xmlTextWriter, pObject); memoryStream = xmlTextWriter.BaseStream; // (MemoryStream) XmlizedString = UTF8ByteArrayToString(memoryStream.ToArray()); return XmlizedString; } function DeserializeObject(pXmlizedString : String) { var xs : XmlSerializer = new XmlSerializer(typeof(UserData)); var memoryStream : MemoryStream = new MemoryStream(StringToUTF8ByteArray(pXmlizedString)); var xmlTextWriter : XmlTextWriter = new XmlTextWriter(memoryStream, Encoding.UTF8); return xs.Deserialize(memoryStream); } function CreateXML() { var writer : StreamWriter; var t : FileInfo = new FileInfo(_FileLocation+"/"+ _FileName); if(!t.Exists) { writer = t.CreateText(); } else { t.Delete(); writer = t.CreateText(); } writer.Write(_data); writer.Close(); Debug.Log("File written"); } function LoadXML() { //StreamReader r = File.OpenText(_FileLocation+"\\"+ _FileName); var r : StreamReader = File.OpenText(_FileLocation+"/"+ _FileName); var _info : String = r.ReadToEnd(); r.Close(); _data=_info; Debug.Log("File Read"); } //EndOfXML Code **************************************************************
  14. Here is a free autodesk page where you can generate a free character and customize it!! You only need an autodesk acount. Click here --> charactergenerator.autodesk.com
  15. So this is a new test for my FPS controller that i might use for future projects. I will need you'r guys feedback. Thanks! https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/61522125/Test/Test.html
  16. PACK Battlefield 3 Character Models

    HI Today I came to bring a pack of 3d models of Battlefield 3 hope you like it Download Link: *link removed*
  17. jumping for character controller

    so i have this code for my character, but the jumping doesnt work. When i press space, the character simply teleports to a higher position void FixedUpdate() { moveDirection = new Vector3 (Input.GetAxis ("Horizontal") / 2, 0, Input.GetAxis ("Vertical")); moveDirection = transform.TransformDirection (moveDirection); moveDirection *= speed * sppedmultiplier; if ((Input.GetAxis ("Vertical") > 0.5f) && running) sppedmultiplier = 2; else sppedmultiplier = 1; if (GetComponent<CharacterController> ().isGrounded) { if (Input.GetButtonDown ("Jump")) moveDirection.y = jumpSpeed; } moveDirection.y -= gravity * Time.deltaTime; GetComponent<CharacterController> ().Move (moveDirection * Time.deltaTime); }
  18. please somoane help me to change character to fps kit 2.0 , i try on this video but not working https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R4iShtcYBMw my id skype mentolatux, add me plss and help me
  19. Animations in FPS KIT 1.3.5.

    how do i add an animation to the player i want it to get up from a bed when the game starts . when i apply the animation , after the animation the camera gets stuck. my camera doesnt move right or left. please help.
  20. Male Survivor (free download)

    Hi everyone after a long time i decided to upload something for you guys .Feel free to use it in your projects. A Male Survivor Made in 3ds max ,Zbrush and photoshop Hope you guys like it. Download Here- http://adf.ly/qqbK0
  21. I need an animator. Willing to pay up to 50 - 60 dollars. Will send you a rigged character. Animations needed Rifle Idle Rifle Run + Sideways Animation Rifle Reload Rifle walk + Sideways Animation Pistol Idle Pistol Run + Sideways Animation Pistol Reload Pistol walk + Sideways Animation Sniper Idle Sniper Run + Sideways Animation Sniper Reload Sniper walk + Sideways Animation Your animations will be shown on ExitGames(Photon) Page. Main Page Proof: Hey Jake, A big thanks to you and team for that really nice mail of yours! We appreciate that and are happy that Photon does help you. Getting messages down so far is impressive and the kind of values you send, setting and genre of your game sound great, too. We are always happy to receive videos and material to use on our page and in trailers on conferences. Just drop us a link when you're ready. Greetings to the whole team! Tobias Exit Games | www.exitgames.com | @exitgames | +49 40 413 596 0 Executives Christof Wegmann CTO, Wim de Smet CFO Trade Registry / Amtsgericht Hamburg, Germany HRB 85991 ++ http://twitter.com/exitgames for product announcements ++ http://twitter.com/exitgamesstatus for status updates So any help if much appropriated. - Jake PayPal. Amazon. Or your choice.
  22. Hi Guys, I'm working on a new FPS Samurai game built in unity and require a samurai for the enemy. Currently I've been searching different asset marketplaces however the good assets are super high poly counts. I need a rigged samurai that will work with mecanim animations and that is optimised for mobile performance. I've added a link to a picture of the style I'm after, this is one of the models that is too high res/poly count for my mobile project (found on turbosquid.) LINK to turbosquid asset So that you can visualise what I'm talking about in terms of the gameplay, here is a little WIP video of the game so far DROPBOX link to video Paid work, please comment for inbox me to discuss further. Thanks guys, Regards, Tim
  23. Prototype Character

    Hi guys, I have a little free asset^^ Prototype Character, a little modification of "SpeedBall Player" model of Character Ink (I separe the claw from the head and prepare different game objects with claws in differents positions) The model is rigged for mecanim You can download from my website totally free! Click here to see the asset and some screenshots
  24. I need a 3D model of a female human. I won't go into detail here, but it is based off of a real person, so it needs recognizable facial details. Also, I will need to see some past work of yours. If you need some programming work done, please explain what you need done before working on the model, as I might not be able to do the task you need. I'm not the best programmer, but I can do a lot. Skype: harshicly5 Email: tre.babcock@gmail.com