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Found 9 results

  1. Hey ArmedUnity forum, I'm working on a cool game with the awesome Unity engine and now I need help with one thing. I wan't to change the "Avatar" from my player to a other "Avatar" by a GUI button click. My question is, how can I do that? Thanks;) Screenshot: [1]: https://image.ibb.co/j8bzW7/Change.png
  2. Hello! As you can see it is really easy job, but I have a problem becasue... Never done that: I have code: void Update(){ updateGUIDimensions(); if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.I)) { //_open = !_open; } } And added new "if" that looks: if (Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Escape)) { !_open; } But there is no working "!_open" lonelly command, so... how can I make it, to only "close" inventory when click "escape"? Of course the !open code looks: public void toggleState() { _open = !_open; } Thank you, and I will use that knowledge to other projects in future.
  3. Hello I'm trying to take some components inside a prefav who is a Canvas, the prefav inside have two panels and, on each one of them, inside them, have 4 buttons, i want to access this buttons to try -somehow- to add the script to the OnClick() area and then, select a function, and add a variable if the function requiere it, so the questions are simple. How exactly i can access the panels and the buttons from C#? And then, how can i access the OnClick() selected script area of the buttons through C#? How can i from then get the function of that script through C#? And how i can, after that, bring a variable valu if the functin ask for it through C#? And also: What are exaclty at component level the panels?, i know they (i guess/heard) can't be selected like "Panels", so the question stands, whats exactly the type of component that a panel is?, it doesn't seem in the GameObject list than there is actualy a Panel type at all. This is what i have so far: . . . Canvas canvasPrefab = LoadSprite (); canvasPrefab.name = "canvasPrefab"; Instantiate(canvasPrefab, Camera.main.transform.position, Camera.main.transform.rotation); canvasPrefab.GetComponent (Canvas); //Not sure if this is right . . . Any comment, question or request for clarification will also be much apreciated. Thanks in advance
  4. Ok so as the title says my group needs help for the game we are making in class and we only have unity free. so im just gonna post any issues or questions we have here and ask for help. right now we need a lot of help with scripting, the ones we need now are: - A one time use button that will activate an elevator - A script to help make the game start and end
  5. Hey everyone! I'm making a quiz application and I've got a problem. I don't know how to make script like: add +1 to score when click on texture(or object, but i prefer texture button). You know what I mean? If i click on texture, that give me +1 to score, score up the screen. Can help me someone?
  6. Hi all! I'm completely new for Unity, yet I'd like to learn on the go. I'm using a PieMenu component with 3 different buttons. The default value for these buttons are: One Two Three (in an array named "command") There is a script for this in the project file: using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class MenuItemActions_3 : MonoBehaviour { void OnSelect(string command) { Debug.Log("A Left Menu Command Received: " + command); } } I want it work like if I click one of the buttons, a jpeg file appears for GUI. I also have a script for get a jpeg on GUI after click an object. But the above one is C# and this is javascript: var popupTexture : Texture2D; private var paperPopup : PaperPopup; function Start () { paperPopup = FindObjectOfType(PaperPopup); if (popupTexture == null) { popupTexture = renderer.material.mainTexture; } } function OnMouseDown () { paperPopup.Show(this); } Anyone could help me? It should open 3 different jpeg-s on the GUI. Thank you!
  7. I need a script that when you press a button touch pretend that I pressed a physical button, for example if I press the "A" button on the screen to simulate that you have pressed the space button and the player jump. Anyway I want a script so that pressing a touchscreen button act as if the player had pressed a physical button. Thanks in advance
  8. Hi everyone, i was wondering if someone can make for me a cool button skin ( simple , clicked , mouse over ) He will be in credits .. thanks in advanced
  9. Hello ArmedUnity Members, I'm creating a MainMenu and i would love to have quality control for the player. I have a script. here is a peice. function OnGUI() { GUI.skin = mainMenuSkin; if (GUI.Button(Rect(50,300,100,30),"Low")) { //Here is Where i would put the code. audio.PlayOneShot(buttonClick); } I tryed. QualitySettings.currentLevel = QualityLevel.Fastest; But someone on Unity Answers said. " This is how you declare a variable: VARIABLE_TYPE VARIABLE_NAME; QualitySettings.currentLevel means you are calling!! currentLevel parameter of object QualitySettings (or in your case it is Enum i guess)" and posted this. QualitySettings currentLevel = QualityLevel.Fastest; I have tryed this but im getting a error telling me to add a semicolon.. But there is one.. Does anyone know something that will help get this functioning? EDIT: I'm unity Unity 3.5
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