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Found 35 results

  1. So, you may have seen my crappy fps before, but now I made an even better one! I deleted a whole bunch of random things on my drive to make space, and that old fps was one of them. Not much to look at for right now, I have been trying to get the basics down. There is crouching, better jumping, good footstep sounds, fully working AKM, attachment system ( I don't have any models yet), etc. So here are some screenshots! Probably going to replace the arms, and there is no Post-Processing yet. I don't know how to work blender to well, but the arms are mine! Still, I think it looks ok so far
  2. Title: Battle of Force Genre: Action, FPS[MULTIPLAYER] Description: MULTIPLAYER Shooting game Prologue: Nothing. ABOUT ME: Nickname: AshwinTheGammer Real name: Ashwin Age: Sixteen. Good at: Java, HTML, Gaming, Javascript(not of Unity). Location: India. CURRENTLY PERSONS I NEED : PROGRAMER (C#) 2/2. ANIMATOR (BLENDER) : 1/2 Here is my 1st game video Here is 2nd update of game In previous updates I was using FPSE kit but this time I'm not using kit I have made all thing from scratch. You can trace my updates on My discord server. Yes I would provide you the models and you just have to animate it! That's it! DESCRIPTION FROM ME: Please be fair, and not let my age determine your choice and I`ll not pay you any money or anything for this work.
  3. Finished my new character yesterday. A colourful demon Based on Cory Loftis' illustration : View it on sketchfab : https://sketchfab.com/models/94179ffada2145c6abbc860d0e482805 If anyone is looking for a modeller I am free!!! Have fun! Akishaqs
  4. NEW PACKAGE! This one is a bit late but sure was worth the wait I guess. It's a new pair of FPS Arms which you can use without crediting anyone from this site! It was made by me, and can be used ROYALTY FREE! Feel free to use it in whatever project you like! Please read the text file in the package before proceeding after download! Thanks! Download! Image: ___________________________________________________________________________ Original Post here at my website: 7XFGAMES
  5. Hi! It's been a while. I'm working now on a project, and in the making of the character, I've encountered a rig problem. I've attached the image with the problem. I've tried to use weight painting, but it has no effect, also tried to change de vertex group, but also had no effect. This is how it looks without movement
  6. I need a 3d modeler that can make broken buildings such as skyscrapers and roads with no sidewalks(Yes I have looked everywhere)
  7. I am practicing low poly style modeling in blender, and I thought I would share one of the models. This mountain was made from a heightmap, and except the backside, which has a little gap/ model is going straight down on one part, it should make a great background for games. The model has 2 materials, one for the main color, one for the snow. Terr01.fbx And, since I made this post, I'd like to show some work in progress with my other models, I think they look pretty neat even if they are a beginer's work
  8. the photo in blender is just after i modeled it the photo in unity with the messed up mesh collider is after i exported it, the last photo is what i want it to look like. someone please explain why it does this or at least what i'm doing wrong, ignore the last one only showing the blue lines
  9. Hey, im working on a sphere as a planet. I created some trees in blender and gave them a mesh collider. When i want to place these trees on the sphere, they are not placed correctly because the sphere is like a ball .. obviously .. How can i make Unity place the trees in the right angle? When the tree is placed on the east side it has to be a angle of 90 to the sphere. just posting a picture of my issue http://imgur.com/kYPAv6c
  10. Hello guys! It is monday again so time for another tutorial This time it is how to create breakable objects The system includes: *sounds *particles *how to spawn the broken object
  11. hello guys and welcome to another tutorial! In the next month we are going the create a bamboo plant! There will be every monday a tutorial! Also if you have any questions, please ask in the comments below! So in the first part we are going to create the object and we are going to prepare the texture: Textures: http://stockstockstuff.deviantart.com/art/Big-Bamboo-125534937 Hope you guys like it!
  12. How to make a realistic laptop in blender and gimp. You will make in the first part the object, and in the later parts we are going to make a texture from our own photos. Also at the end we are going to bake our own normal map! Good luck! If you have any questions, please ask in the comments! (feedback is always welcome!)
  13. War Heroes is a first person shooter that is still WIP. At this point I'm only making the basic things. But I hope I can add in the final game a new sort shooter. Last news update: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dR-72L2rEcc Last normal update: The trailer of Industrail Maze and the soundtrack: And if you want the see the whole process fast, here is the overview from updates 1-6:
  14. Hey Guys ! I got a little question here: I started using Blender a while ago (2 months or something), Because I really wanted to learn how to make 3d models. But now I got a problem. How do I make textures for my 3d objects ? I have already made some 3d models with textures... But those textures are all just some raw images.... And they dont have things like normals and stuff. Do you use a texturing program ? or something completely different ? Please help D:
  15. Hello guys, We are making FPS game called "Kill or Die" and we would like some help about game. Every money we make would split in team, but for now the project is unpaid so don't expect money until frist few updates Previus work & Progress: I have been working in unity and blender for a long time and want to do game with people around the world, this is my first big project and would like you to join our team. For now, just two of us are making the game and we want to expand with more people. Job roles We need any kind of people from modeler and scripter to people that just want to help us making the game, but for now we have modeler and scripter. Modeler 1/Any Scripter 1/Any Although we are starting making the game, after few upgrades in game we will make you tube chanel and keep everybody update. Hope you will join our team.
  16. dacodecboy


    Barrels !!!!! Rendered in Unity3d.
  17. EDIT: This triple-posted because of my horrible internet, so very sorry I have tried to clean that up. I never post here, so hi. My friends and I are about to release a mobile game on iOS and Android, but we have had this little side project going on for ages (2 years I think?). Its just a multiplayer FPS, we have restarted the project multiple times and I recently converted the whole thing from Unityscript to C# (That took ages ) and also implemented Photon Networking which is AMAZING. The game doesn't really have much direction, although we want it to have some sci-fi elements. The player will be human however due to availability of models and stuff. So yeah, here is some renders of a Laser SMG. My friend draws up a 2D plan on paper and I modelled it and applied the tiny amount of materials to it. Its pretty crap, but I thought it was cool. I'd also like to say thanks to the whole community in general, because you guys are awesome and this site really helped me get into game dev in general Photos! (Sorry they aren't embedded here, they are big images and I couldn't get spoilers working?) Aiming down the sights (with no materials added in the render, and an outline) Render of the side with a red trigger Render of the side with a blue trigger and kawaii mode enabled Testing different "barrel sheath" textures/normal maps Testing different "barrel sheath" textures/normal maps PART 2 Bad Render with self illuminating materials
  18. This tutorial is on box modeling and texturing a Viking sword from start to finish. In this tut we make a model then creating a UV map, baking the ambient occlusion and then making a colored alpha texture, normal and specular map. Run time 2 1/2 hrs+ Tutorial Menu. http://youtu.be/RVWczVoIqxc The finished model. http://www.blendswap.com/blends/view/76852
  19. Don't feel like using that rigged character I posted earlier? Well here are some arms that will definitely blow your socks off. You can use this in any project absolutely royalty free! Do anything with it! Download Package Details: Verts: 1964 Faces: 1960 Formats Included – DAE, 3DS, FBX, OBJ. Native Format – .Blend The original post here at this site : BlendControl
  20. Hey When i take breaks from game development, then i sometimes go and make 3D Models so i can keep my modeling up and get better at it slowly. So when i took a break from my dodgeball game i then made a axe(Really didn't use a reference image so it might look weird at some places like the wood handle) Suggestions on what i could make other times when i take a break is very appreciated Also feedback is very appreciated too
  21. Heyy Guys, I'm sorry if this isn't the area to post it in, but I thought it was 3D models and I would like to learn abit. Do you guys know any good tutorials, or a good way to learn either Blender, Maya or 3D Max. Could you please list them!. Cheers Caleb - Lt. Kurisba - Tomlex Entertainment
  22. Hey guys Im trying to make a house in blender. I need to the wall to be exactly the same as the other. So I thought I could just mirror it. But I can't figure out how to. I tried to google it and they said to do Ctrl M I tried that. it didn't work. If anyone could help it would be awesome. thanks -Stuart
  23. Is possible to create animations with prefabs in separate 3D animation program?
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