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Found 12 results

  1. Hi Any audio experts know if there is a way to get basic sound recognition for certain types of sounds within Unity? I have a basic trigger happening based on sound volume. The bulk of the code in my update method is here void Update () { int position = Microphone.GetPosition(null); if (position < samples.Length) position += clipLength * sampleRate; clip.GetData(samples, position - samples.Length); float rms = 0.0f; foreach (float level in samples) { rms += level * level; } rms = Mathf.Sqrt(rms / samples.Length); float dbScale = 0.5f * (2.0f + Mathf.Log10(rms)); _volume= (Mathf.Clamp01(dbScale)); } But what I would like is to refine the detection for certain types of sounds, say a single hand clap. Since we are already grabbing a number of samples can anyone suggest a way to refine detection so we can detect certain 'types' of sounds?
  2. Hello guys, I've been busy on a map for a about a month or two now, and today I started adding sounds. I've encountered it before, and you have probably too; CUSTOM SHAPED REVERB ZONES. Yes, don't you get annoyed that you can only use spherical reverb zones? Well I did, so I made this simple little - not too advanced - script. Off course there is room for improvement (and adjustment offc), but if you are stuck at the reverb zone part, this might help. basically it allows you to use a trigger as a reverb zone. HOW 2 USE: 1. Just create a new C# script and name it reverbZone. 11/2 IMPORTANT: check the script so that it is compatible with your player, just check ontriggerstay and that stuff for the correct names and such. 2. add reverbfilter to object that contains audiolistener.(in this case your camera). (NOT A REVERB ZONE, A !!! F I L T E R !!!) 3. create trigger area. 4. add script to area. 5. boom Enjoy Also may I add that I suggest you to use Actual reverb zones at parts where you transition from one zone to another! This makes it alot smoother.
  3. Introduction Hello there guys! I haven't been active in the Showcase-section in a while, but now I am. ..Introducing a very accurate and improved Audiosystem inside Unity3D. As you've read the title of this topic, you can see that it is saying "CryEngine-like" (Crytek). Well, by that I mean the game-creating engine that was used to make the game-series of Crysis. So, but I wasn't just focused on this game-serie only, but also games that use a similar system; like FarCry 3 and FarCry 2. What is this? (Explanation) Okay, so now you may be wondering what "new" audiosystem I'm talking about. For those who played any of the games above you may have noticed that when you're shooting (for example) an Assault Rifle a gunshot will be played. But not just A Gunshot. They are using a looped Audioclip when you hold your Left MouseButton down, and once your MouseButton is up the echoing sound will be played. Do you understand what I'm trying to explain? I personally call it a "surpression-effect". So that is what I did using 2 scripts to keep everything accurate and having no extra-delay between every shot, just very accurate. Can I try a (web)demo somewhere? Well, finally you can. I have put a WebDemo-link below. Please read the controls and the Notes before you start playing. Here's the important Note #1 (before you start playing -- Press spoiler-button): Here's Note #2: This demonstration is not supposed to be a real game as deployment, but actually a technical demo. Here are the controls on how to play: - W, A, S and D to move around - Use your mouse to look around - Left MouseButton to shoot (Hold for Surpression-effect) - Z-key to zoom in/out - G-key and H-key to shout some useless Soldier-commands (no one can hear you) - Further controls can be seen while playing on the left corners of your screen. Play: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/96401752/Webdemo_AU%20(1)%20-%20Audiosys./WebDemo_AU.html Have fun looking around!
  4. Hi guys! I created this very simple script. When the player go in a Trigger zone audio.Play and when the player exit audio.Stop. Script (Js) function OnTriggerEnter(){ audio.Play(); } function OnTriggerExit(){ audio.Stop(); }
  5. Hi, We have being developing a project Unity + Metaio SDK. "When tracker shows in front of the camera, the tracker tracks the 3D model and also start to play an audio clips". Could you please give us any suggestions and advice. Thank you in advance..
  6. Hi everyone, I have a script for open and close a door and I want to make that the sound close have a delay of 1 second. Does anyone know how i can do this ? this is my function for closing the door: if (Input.GetButtonUp("Fire1") && IsOpen && CanOpen) { StartCoroutine (Closing ()); IsOpen = false; audio.PlayOneShot(close); }
  7. As our first asset we present the Ever-Expanding Game Soundtrack. Every month we will be increasing the pack size by 10 tracks or more. Early adopters get it nice and cheap before it hits the Asset Store. http://www.freewebstore.org/Ever-Expanding-Game-Soundtrack/Ever_Expanding_Game_Soundtrack/p2708158_12159490.aspx
  8. Hi everyone, i have a problem with a script that should play sounds in a random order. But I cant hear anything when I test it. This is the script: var sounds: AudioClip[]; function PlayRandom(){ if (audio.isPlaying) return; audio.clip = sounds[Random.Range(0,sounds.length)]; audio.Play(); } I attached the script to a empty gameobject and addet the sounds and a audio source to the object. Does anyone know how to fix this? (my player has a audio listener) thanks
  9. Here is a script i made for my mainMenu, So i can have Music Play untill my MainScene has been loaded, Then once that scene has been loaded it fades the AudioVolume & Then Deletes the gameObject. How To Use: Make A Empty GameObject Attach this script to it Add A AudioSource Component Fill In The Scripts Variables. Done. Once you have reached "LevelToDelete" It will fade out the music then destroy its self, Hopefully this will be usefull to someone. Have fun! Here is the Code.
  10. Hey guys I have a Script that creates a cube on pressing left mouse button and deleting cubes on pressing right mouse button but I also want to play sound on placing or destroying cubes like a placing sound for placing a block and a destroying sound for destroying a block. If somebody can help me it would be very nice thx! Heres my Script!: var Block : Transform; var textureIndicator : GUITexture; private var textures = new Array(); private var selectedTexture : int; function Start(){ Screen.lockCursor = true; textures = Resources.LoadAll("Textures", Texture); } function Update () { Screen.lockCursor = true; if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.E) && selectedTexture < textures.length-1){ selectedTexture++; } else if(Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Q) && selectedTexture > 0){ selectedTexture--; } textureIndicator.texture = textures[selectedTexture]; if(Input.GetMouseButtonDown(0) || Input.GetMouseButtonDown(1)){ var ray : Ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay(Input.mousePosition); var hit : RaycastHit; if(Physics.Raycast(ray,hit, 50) && (hit.transform.tag == "Block" || hit.transform.tag == "Terrain")) { if(Input.GetMouseButtonDown(1)){ var buildPos : Vector3; if(hit.transform.tag == "Block"){ buildPos = hit.collider.transform.position+hit.normal.normalized; } else{ buildPos = Vector3(Mathf.Round(hit.point.x), Mathf.Ceil(hit.point.y), Mathf.Round(hit.point.z)); } var newBlock : Transform = Instantiate(Block, buildPos, Quaternion.identity); newBlock.renderer.material.mainTexture = textures[selectedTexture]; newBlock.tag = "Block"; } else if(hit.transform.tag == "Block"){ Destroy(hit.transform.gameObject); } } } }
  11. Hello, My name is Michael La Manna and I'm one of the co-founders of Floppy Entertainment, LLC. We offer cost-effective outsourcing solutions for game developers. Our talented and experienced team provides a variety of services including game design, programming, concept art, 3D assets, audio design and music. If you have any clients that require outsourcing soloutions please feel free to contact me. Thank you, Michael La Manna Michael@floppyent.com www.floppyent.com
  12. Needing great music to go with your new game project but on a budget? Have a look and listen: Unity asset store: Unity Asset Store
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