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Found 8 results

  1. Theking

    Unity Labs Demo

    Can anyone please upload the Unity Labs Demo? It has been removed from the asset store.
  2. Hey it's Isaak, ArmedUnity moderator bringing you a quality made asset made to speed up your workflow. Are you looking for the ultimate 2D tool that transforms and optimizes your images into layered 3D? Then you've found the right asset, it's called the 2D to 3D Converter and is now available on the Unity Asset Store! Check it out now!
  3. Hey guys Im Isaak! A programmer with a lot of experience in Unity... trust me... and making hundreds of cash using Unity. Now if you guys want to make some money too, like its completely normal. I mean, you want to not only make games... but sell them right? Ill take you through an easy step by step process into becoming a pro business game programmer. Step 1 - Stop wasting time Yes, this is totally true. The average unity user wastes about 60% of time NOT developing, being distracted by the internet... ehem ArmedUnity... or Facebook, even the unity forums. If you wanna talk and develop simultaneously follow the next step. Step 2 - Start streaming with Twitch Now here is a way to make money while doing what you do best -- that is, wasting time on Unity. Start a Twitch account here https://www.twitch.tv/signup and download a screen recorder https://obsproject.com/download. Here is the latest statistic about streaming for cash: Step 3 - Start freelancing Yeah in case you didn't know, game development is actually a job. So sign up on https://www.freelancer.com/ and start looking for bids. What are bids? They are the job offers that you game developers are competing against... like savages fighting for the last bit of food. Here is a statistic about freelancing: Step 4 - Start publishing The type of croud that are going to play your indie games are... you guessed it... indie game fans. You as an indie game developer must publish your games to indie game websites like https://itch.io/ or http://www.kongregate.com/. The publicity will start to roll in a week, and the cash will come. If you want more publicity, get into contact with indie game bloggers. I mean check this out http://html5gamedevelopment.com/stupid-chess/... its a blog post about my game... and you know what? The moment that blog was posted, my publicity sky rocket up! Step 5 - Start socializing Become the Nikki Minaj of Twitter, where every single selfie of your sexy game will attract people's cash into your wallet. Post at least once per day, with a screenshot of your development. Use hashtags like #ScreenshotSaturday #unity3d #gamedev #optimization #unitytips #shooter #gamejam and of course... #f2f (if you're desperate haha). And perhaps use sponsored tweets once or twice per month: https://ads.twitter.com/signup/ads‎. Most importantly make sure you follow this legend : https://twitter.com/IsaakEriksson Step 7 - Relaaxxxx You are now a self sufficient game developer. Congrats and join the club. Have anything to add or say, please fell free to waste you're time on ArmedUnity commenting on this post. Cheers
  4. HQLP Weapons Pack 1 - High quality low poly weapons pack. Package contains: - 5 Low poly High Quality weapons. The average triangle count per weapon is more 3000 triangles. - Each weapon has it's own 2048 x 2048 texture and material. Weapons list: Melee: -Axe Pistol: -M9 MachineGun: -P90 -M4A1 Sniper: -L96 Any bug or question send to: proassetsunity@gmail.com (Pending for review on Unity AssetStore) (Sorry for the screenshots quality)
  5. About the developer. Hi, Isaak Eriksson from Luxembourg here. So lemme introduce myself. I'm actually doing an economics bachelors degree at the moment, but programming has always been my hobby. I took payed online courses, google hangout courses, and tought myself how to write in code. C++ brought me to Unreal Engine and worked with it for 3 years. But I never managed to work on a successful game. I just make my own assets to sell to other developers. 2D to 3D PREVIEW This new asset was designed to accelerate your 3D asset production speed by being able to convert 2D image formats (PNG, JPG, GIF, BMP) into 3D mesh but maintaining a low poly-count with multiple layers. The conversion is made possible by highly optimized multi-threaded code which supports large image resolutions. And with a custom window that's built for easy use, you've got an asset that can convert on the click of a button. Coming Soon... -Create beautiful levels in seconds; Create characters in seconds. There's no need for experienced 3D modelers. There are no boundaries to what you can do! -No annoying DLL files. Source code included. -Apply custom filters including transparency and depth. -Set the amount of voxels per pixel. -Customize the layer per color of your sprite. -Supports every Unity compatible format if converted into Sprite. -Supports the following raw formats: JPEG, BMP, PNG and GIF. Screenshots Contact Me I am a very open developer and if you email me at isaak.eriksson@gmail.com I will respond quickly. Talk to me and I can serve you the strongest cup of coffee, there's no need to hesitate.
  6. Futuristic Sniper Rifle [ PBR Ready ] - $2 Shotgun & Attachments - $2 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GET THEM ON ASSETSTORE NOW ONLY FOR $2 !!! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Regards Shaqs Aki
  7. A guy on the official Unity Asset Store is clearly selling illegal stuff. Here's a clear proof: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/36166 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ePOvPC0YLDs I have played Counter Strike Source, and this is clearly the default MP5 Navy model. Besides, he's also selling a lot of other weapons for atleast 5 bucks, which are taken from other games but just slightly modified; by adding attachements, retextures or re-animated. A link to his publisher/account on the Asset Store can be found here: https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/publisher/1994 Have fun reporting!
  8. Hello there, The following problem I'm experiencing the last few days is a problem on the Asset Store of Unity. First I log on, and I should be able to download and import the assets I've bought. So. ...But in the newer version (4.6 or higher) I'm having an issue that hardly seems to be 'fixable'. It seems I can't download any bought assets on my account when I am logged on, on the newer versions of Unity3D. This is really frustating because some of them can only be imported in atleast Unity's 4.5 version or higher. Mostly of all I'm getting the following message in the Console. It appears about 3 times when pressing the Download-button at an Asset (model, scripts etc.) . What I've been trying to do, but having no positive results (these operations do not fix the problem) : - Re-installing Unity3D - Replace newest version of Unity3D with an older version - Delete Caches - Delete downloadCaches - Delete Editor.log files - Block/Unblock Unity3D in FireWall settings - Reset internetConnection So, now I'm asking if someone could be handy in fixing this problem.
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