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Found 15 results

  1. Greetings I still strugling to buy an assets with paypal balance cause i don't have a credit card But its seem like i must use credit card with paypal, but i could do a payment at sellfy.com without a credit card I already change the payment method at paypal setting into paypal balance Is there any way to solve it? Thanks in advance.
  2. How can i use the AU_FPS_KITv1.5?
  3. Version 1.0


    This package will install everything you need to have a functional game start it does this by having 4 scenes that you edit (PDF instructions included for help), these being - Menu - Intro - Loading Screen - Wilderness (You replace with your main level) Menu is pretty simple but good, Play texture normal then a hover version same for exit Intro shows your logos (Default 3) with a fly in animation, found in the animation folder Loading Screen shows a circle rotating smoothly for 8 seconds before loading main level. Wilderness is a simple terrain that you will replace with your main level instead. MAKE SURE TO CHANGE LEVEL NAME IN LOADING SCREEN TO MATCH YOUR SCENE NAME. Video: Any further questions go to extragaming123@gmail.com Thank you for downloading / giving it some thought. LEGAL NOTES: I did not make the loading effect, it can be downloaded here: http://armedunity.com/files/file/41-loading-effect/ The loading screen is an effect and doesnt load anything you will have to make that happen yourself! This can be used in both commercial and non commercial games without any fuss! Please subscribe to my youtube channel here: ExtraGaming
  4. FPS game created with Unity 5 version 5.4.3, available in free download here: http://www.mediafire.com/file/d66l6ccd6jhh7at/juego.rar
  5. Hello kind developers, I just tend to upload random videos of me playing around with unity, I dont plan on working on games since I dont have the resources for a complete project, I just like working on random projects specifically FPS. So here is what Ive been playing around with the past couple of days. Found a new map on the asset store, very high quality ! NOTE: The models you see placed in the scene are not mine!, I just put everything together(other than the demo). FAQ: Post processing used: I made a post on all the assets I used for that Quote: What are your next plans? A: Not sure at the moment simply playing around and improving in the process. Quote: Why are you constantly uploading? A: I love your feedback, the previous couple of posts you guys told me what was wrong in my scene and I fixed the problem, hence new knowledge! Quote: Go to hell, you just put everything together in 5 min! A: Actually took two days :D, but I enjoy doing these types of demos/projects Im not claiming to be Superior to anyone else or attempting to sell this as a game/asset. Main Asset used: Map Props: (https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/87209) https://ibb.co/kYJ7N5 : Ampify Motion Blur Sample
  6. These are not my assets, but they are handy and... FREE! Website: www.devassets.com
  7. Here is a Hand Radio model that i made recently, i wanted to share it with you and maybe you will find it helpfull and find a use for it. https://www.turbosquid.com/3d-models/free-3ds-model-asset/1127601
  8. Hello, i would to share with you a pack of low poly assets made by me, containing 5 free UnityPackges. All packages are free to use (commercial and personal). You don't need to put credits, but would be nice if you credit me. =) You can download directly in this link (github): http://bit.ly/2b9AFm3 Thank you for your attention. Cheers. PREVIEWS
  9. Hello friends, I want to introduce my new props Anti Tank Obstacle 5$ Link to Unity Asset store Anti tank obstacle (also known as tank obstacle) Game ready model, fully detailed and textured PBR materials equipped with textures for diffuses, normals, specs All textures have resolution 2048x1024 Polygons: 1,094 Vertices: 1,033 Сoncrete Block 5$ Link to Unity Asset store Concrete Blocks set of 3 different blocks objects are optimized and ready for use in games, or visualizations Low poly model, fully detailed and textured PBR materials equipped with textures for diffuse, normal, specular Diffuse 2048x1024 Normal 1024x1024 Specular 1024x1024 AO 1024x1024 Debris $10 Link to Unity Asset store Debris set Сardboard boxes, piles of garbage, separate pieces of paper, newspapers - All objects of this pack are made with high-AAA quality -PBR materials equipped with textures for diffuse, normals, specs -All textures have resolution 1024x1024 2 heaps of garbage 11 separate pieces of paper Tank Container $15 Link to Unity Asset store Tank container game ready asset - All objects of this pack are made with high-AAA quality -PBR materials equipped with textures for diffuse, normals, specs Polys 3264 Verts 3664 Hangar Set $15 Link to Unity Asset store This pack includes a modular hangar All objects of this pack are made with high-AAA quality -PBR materials equipped with textures for diffuse, normals, specs entrance part 351 polys central part 570 polys gates 980 polys Сontainers Set $15 Link to Unity Asset store This pack contains metal containers 4 colors - Green - Red -gray -Blue - All objects of this pack are made with high-AAA quality -PBR materials equipped with textures for diffuse, normals, specs Each container game ready asset contain 7109 polys All textures have resolution 2048x2048
  10. Version 1.1


    This is my free ladder asset made with rhinoceros3D. You can use it for educational proposes but you can´t sell it or gain money with it in a game. Hope you like it!!!!!
  11. Hi everyone My name is Janus and iam from Denmark and live in Copenhagen, and let me just say 'Sorry for my bad english', i will do my best I've been 3D Modelling for over 12 years now, and studied 3D Game Artist @ TrueMax Academy which is located in Vanloese, Denmark. I've also been selling my work for several years now at market places like Turbosquid, Envato, The3DStudio, CGTrader, and Unity Asset Store. What i would like to share with you are, is that i've decided to share my work to be downloaded for free at my new launched website. My models are free to be used on Free Productions / Games, and as long they are not sold anywere else. What iam trying to accomplish by doing this and actually give out years of work, is especially giving the oppurtiny for low budgets Game Developers alot of high quality low poly 3D models to work with, i really admire that so many people out there are creating so many games, or at least trying! Here is are some screenshots of my work, which is / or will be avaliable.. and that's just a small piece of the cake... So if my models my have any interest, be sure to drop by and check it out HERE Have a nice day everyone! Regards! Triix3D / 3DLowPolyModels
  12. Hi Unity-Freaks, I would like to showcase my new industrial buildings and exterior assets on the assetstore and here is a very low poly blade / knife asset game-ready. I really hope you like it. I started now with dDO, some people out there using this too?
  13. NEW PACKAGE! It is a map props package this time! Working on an FPS? TPS? RPG? And don't have the necessary models to make your map look EXTRAORDINARY? Well this package can help you out! It contains a few but good looking assets that will surely lighten your map up a bit with realism! This package contains 2 kinds of barrels, some crates, a metal door, some rusty railings, and 2 garbage bags WHICH you can duplicate and modify! Download! IMAGE:
  14. Hello, My name is Michael La Manna and I'm one of the co-founders of Floppy Entertainment, LLC. We offer cost-effective outsourcing solutions for game developers. Our talented and experienced team provides a variety of services including game design, programming, concept art, 3D assets, audio design and music. If you have any clients that require outsourcing soloutions please feel free to contact me. Thank you, Michael La Manna Michael@floppyent.com www.floppyent.com
  15. It is not up to the mark, but somehow i did it. It was my first attempt at Nature Assets. Hope You like Programs Used : Blender Gimp TO DOWNLOAD PLEASE VISIT : http://pixel4d.blogspot.in/2013/04/nature-assets-release.html
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