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Found 11 results

  1. Thank you for reading. The game I am discussing has already been in development for a year and a half. It is a unique offering, and I will have industry connections to position the game for a publishing deal. Next, I will discuss the game and why I am looking for a designer this late in the game. The game is a 3d fps set in an alternate timeline in late 80s chicago. Complete civil unrest and chaos in the streets. The experience is a 4 person coop vs cpu, which includes civs with multiple behaviors, various police and special units, and then also enemy units to do with the plot line. The 4 characters are 80s themed and the soundtrack and feel is geared towards a retrowave/dystopic city in the 80s. Unique features of the game (already developed): * Randomly generated cities using static base maps *Randomly generated missions, rng looting system, highly interactive assets including buildings and lootable containers like desks, safes, etc., *4 character classes with build screens and customization. *Handrolled AI that is very efficient, not using a* or navmesh. I can handle 3 times the models on screen, if not more. *dynamic spawn point generation, dynamic loot generation. There will be a number of base maps offering a completely randomized experience every playthrough. Updates to the game will be asset creation to add to the rng engine. The storyline part of the game will feature static maps. I was working with an artist that contributed to a AAA game, but thats not what im looking for. The game's value comes from the gameplay and characters. I'm not trying to compete with AAA graphics, consider it more a stylized approach. I'm seeking 1 individual who can model, texture and animate at least at a quality indie level. Once the game is in full alpha it will be promoted by my contacts for a publishing deal. I will need help doing the 4 character models, a few special police units, and some city assets. This will be a profit share opportunity for the right person, and I'd be happy to do up a contract if we work well together. If you are as serious as I am and would like to jump on board please either pm me or respond via thread. I will be happy to answer any questions here, and will update with screenshots shortly.
  2. Hi guys and girl. I want to collaborate with someone or team. You know, Im artist. I can... but I don't want to make 3d model work now. Mostly Drawing, design, art direction... Pls. Only realistic and serious projects, not fan game works, copycat survival games or boring we want you type military fps games vs... Thank you. Especially in Stockholm / Sweden !
  3. We are looking for an artist who is capable of designing mobile game assets 2D and 3D. The 2D will be full game UI's, ranging from icons to ingame ui. The 3D will be designing new levels and maps for mobile games. If you think you are the person we are looking for please send me a message with your portfolio and pricing. Regards
  4. Hello everyone! We (Luton Studios) are interested in search for new 3D artists to assist us with the development of Paxitium, a multiplayer survival game set in the late 19th century. Our latest update video of the game can be found here: Here are some more up-to-date screenshots of the game: Who we are searching for (prioritized from top to bottom): Environmental Artist (foliage, buildings, other props, etc) [up to $100 per asset] Also accepting other 3D artists (items, animals) [up to $100 per asset] We are willing to pay for a reasonable price based on a per-model basis. However, since we are extremely tight on budget as we are high school/college students, we are unable to surpass $100 in payment. We do not need AAA perfection, but it should be pleasing enough to the eye (probably about 8-10 hours spent on it). Prices will be negotiated to a reasonable amount. Payment will be issued upon completion of each model. Models are expected to come with at least diffuse, normal and specular maps at 2K/4K resolution. We also accept new members interested in joining the development team, however we do not pay team members. If the game is publicized, all team members will obtain equal revenue share. Steam Greenlight of the game is planned for summer of this year. If you are interested, please contact us by email. In the email, please include images of previous work and the price range you intend to have for your work. Email: lutonstudios@gmail.com Thanks for reading, Kevin and William, Luton Studios
  5. Hello, We're a small indie team made out of 2(hoping to be 3) members working on a small/medium sized game. We're looking for a person who can do textures and lighting in Unity3D 5(.3). The textures don't have to be realistic as they're mostly cartoony and simple. We also released a game on Steam named Pongo(http://store.steampowered.com/app/369000). We hope this will make you feel like you're working with professionals . The game is stealth based and you play as a guy who goes around stealing toys in museums and toy stores. You have time bombs which slow down/stop or speed up the time for you or the guards. It's a third person shooter, from a bird's eye point of view. Right now we want to work on the levels and start polishing the game up then release it! You can see the game here: http://www.indiedb.com/games/nick-o-time Contact us by sending an e-mail to team@drixygames.net with some basic information about yourself and your skype. Thank you for taking your time to read this.
  6. My team needs someone for textures. We have multiple textures, but no one to texture the enviroments. Any help is great. Contact me at yousaffhabib@outlook.com
  7. 4Echo


    Want to hear an introduction eh? Too bad I'm telling you anyway. I'm 4Echo, a game-artist with 5 years experience within the modding community specializing in texturing but can also do animating, modelling and sound design. I offer fair rates and wont do free work. I'm currently working at Xenova Games developing the game Squad force as the lead texture artist. Previous work I've done? If you are a visitor of Gamebanana or maybe Eat3d you've probably seen my work before. But for you other people there's some pictures below. Tigg's SA80 (wip) http://imgur.com/a/VVQAH My own knife (never finished) http://imgur.com/4q97055 RedRogueXII's Spectre M4 + ingame screenshots from Counter Strike Source (weapon mod WIP, gloves also made by me) http://imgur.com/a/ORWCv IVmyLife's Benelli M4 (Squad Force) http://imgur.com/jziwCJy Knechrupert's EE-3 Carbine (Boba Fett's rifle from Star Wars) http://imgur.com/ehAG7n4 ImBrokeRU's Ru556 http://files.gamebanana.com/img/ss/wips/537b23493fe80.jpg mr.Rifleman's Ak74 animation (WIP) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E8M2yFbsUM4 Edit: Added my Ru556 texture render Some more information about me: Name: Alexander Jansson Age: 17 Occupation: Full-time student at NTI secondary upper school with the major 'Information and mediaknowledge', freelancing at Xenova games as the Lead texture artist working on Squad Force. Responsibilites: Admin at I3d, running and directing my own game modding studio called Darkside on Gamebanana working on mods for several source engine games. Past work experiences: I had a short internship (two weeks, in sweden we call it PRAO) at Overkill studios. Texture art-style: When it comes to my art-style within texturing I mainly focus on esthetics, taking into account what the players should feel like when using the weapons when I add small details. I work with both photo-sourced and brushed textures with minimal use of plugins like dDo. Having created textures for over 5 years have given me a lot of experience especially in the normal shading work-flow (Diffuse, Normal, Specular and Gloss) though I have experience within Physically based rendering aswell as the classic "painted lighting" art style. Animation art-style Animation on the other hand would be a more stylistic approach that the usual "realistic ones", I have experience with rigs with IK and Biped setups; I prefer biped. Sound art-style With my sounds I focus on a cinematic experience than the generic realistic ones, I prefer cinematic sounds though I can also make "realistic" sounds if the client wants them. Other info I offer fair rates and focus on quality before quantity, if I'm not satisfied with my work I'll re-do it untill I'm 100% satisfied with it. I expect payment in the "pay per hour" style but can also be satisfied with "pay per work done". Prices differ between textures, animations and sounds after this formula and are all depending on the size of the workload. I always log my worktime Formula for textures 1-5 hours 20$ 5-12 hours 30$ After 12 hours the price increases by 5$ every 1,5 hours Formula for animations 1-10 hours 15$ after 10 hours +2,5$ Formula for sounds Paid per work done, 2,5$ for each sound set All prices can be discussed over email or skype. Contact info: Email: 4EchoGB@gmail.com Skype: Ask in a PM //Cheers, 4Echo
  8. Hello. I am Working on a game Called Darkened Survival. Its a game alike to the Hunger Games Movie. Why alike? well because i dont whant to get copyrighted, and whats alike is that you spawn in the middle, maximum 24 can be in one server, you need to fight each other untill theres just one alive. The diffrence is that you spawn in the middle yes but in the moutain and the spawn area will explode after 60 seconds as the games begun. You are in a floating area/terrain. Falling through will kill you. So it seems that the I need Good Models and Great music creators. Now about the payment. I am palling to Pay you all a great amount of money IF its a good work PLUS only when the game is in sale (So basicly if you are doing great ill Credit you and Pay you most of the money i get form others purchasing this game). What i need you to Post Bellow is: 1.Some of your work (Few model Pictures OR your music videos/files) 1.How often do you have free time
  9. I need a 3D model of a female human. I won't go into detail here, but it is based off of a real person, so it needs recognizable facial details. Also, I will need to see some past work of yours. If you need some programming work done, please explain what you need done before working on the model, as I might not be able to do the task you need. I'm not the best programmer, but I can do a lot. Skype: harshicly5 Email: tre.babcock@gmail.com
  10. Hello guys You probably know that I am working on a life simulator called Urbem Vita (see post in showcase section). The developing process is going well but we need a new member to fill up our two-man team. Due to lack of time and personal reasons our previous texture artist had to quit the project. Althoug he made a lot of textures for the game we need more. Thats why we need YOU! Some requirements for the job: -Experience with Gimp, Photoshop or any other kind of painting/photoediting program -A skype account -Dropbox account - ( able to UV-unwrap in Blender 3D ) Some Information about the job: - The style of the game is lowpoly/simple --> no uberhighquality textures needed -You will get paid (5$/month if you delivered textures that month) Any question? mail me at delaeyb@gmail.com Cheers Bram (sorry for typo's and missing links, post is written on mobile, soon an edited one)
  11. We are looking for a texture artist that can provide textures for the environment and texture the props. This is a non-paid job, i am sorry. This is a horror game: A kid was brought in this mental asylum after killing his father and his mother using his father's tomahawk. The doctor diagnosed the kid with chronic insanity. When the kid was asked why did he killed his parents, he said that his parents were actually murdered and he hid under his bed until the murderer left. After being in this asylum, his mind started to develope a monster which eventually became real. Every night at 3:10AM the monster exits the kid's room and starts killing one person per night. In order to stop the monster the kid had to die, so he hanged himself up. The monster didn't disappear, but he stopped killing patients. There are a few people still alive in the asylum, but they are all insane. However, the monster killed every stranger that entered the asylum. If you are interested send an email at hivgames@gmail.com
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