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Found 18 results

  1. Version


    Fps Arms Pack With sleeve and Arms payday style The Original Model is from Unity. The pack is updated
  2. Since my last post reached 256 views and people left nice comments, I decided to model some low-poly arms. I tried to make them so they have ~256 verts. The end result isn't that good but I hope you'll still be able to find a use for them. Verts: 312 Tris: 616 LP_Arms.rar
  3. Hey! I'm having a small problem with the First Person Assault Character Pack https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/17201 , The problem is when i turn to the "Game" window, the arms doesn't show. I almost everything(Changing Culling Masks, Tags, etc) But it keeps showing I Appreciate Answers.
  4. NEW PACKAGE! This one is a bit late but sure was worth the wait I guess. It's a new pair of FPS Arms which you can use without crediting anyone from this site! It was made by me, and can be used ROYALTY FREE! Feel free to use it in whatever project you like! Please read the text file in the package before proceeding after download! Thanks! Download! Image: ___________________________________________________________________________ Original Post here at my website: 7XFGAMES
  5. Here are some fps arms i made in blender and textured with gimp! Enjoy PS. Arms are rigged! FPSarms.rar
  6. Really cool arms for you that want to make free animations in blender! As you already should know, you can't use this for commercial work. I havet made a singel asset on this model! Credits: Hyper - Rigging Buckweat - Arm and glove texture Valve - Default model Sixtoes - Top sleeve texture Shaban - Top Sleeve texture recolour ImBrokeRU - Rigging, sculpting [uPDATED RIG/CHECK THE README] Download link for the rig:http://www.mediafire.com/download/g95...
  7. Hey guys, I've been working on my new zombie game and i'm using Premium FPS kit 0.95, it's really a fabulous kit I've ever seen, with all features, for now i'm facing some really crazy problems in changing model of character and arms, please can someone help me with it I shall be very thankful to him :/ whenever i try to change it every time I get an error in return nothing changes, all working is done on GameObjects by the creator of that kit (ArmedUnity) and I've prefabs of models and arms I don't know how to change it, please guys help me, I'm really messed up
  8. Hey Community, I have some arms, and some weapons, and I wanted to know to to animate both in 3DStudio Max 2016. So far, I have this, but I know I can't animate without "IK or a biped Rig"(themars2011). How can I set it up, and successfully animate these arms? I'm a novice animator, but I know how to "animate" in 3dsmax, but just don't know how to set up my objects for realism. All help would be appreciated, and please, don't reply with "search google". I've spent many hours, without understanding how this works.
  9. Here is a free autodesk page where you can generate a free character and customize it!! You only need an autodesk acount. Click here --> charactergenerator.autodesk.com
  10. Well, if you liked our G36C package, you’ll like this even more! We have animated it, now you can just import this into your game-engine and start scripting! THAT EASY! Animations Included: Reload Animation w/ Arms Download Animation Preview Original Post here: BlendControl
  11. Hallo i am making a game with one of my friends and we are now in the multiplayer state and we need some good looking animations for both the Player in-game and for the arms so if you think you could make good animations then send me a friend request on skype and so you know it i will not pay for it but you get to be in the team. And you maybe think if you could see the game and yes you can i will drop a link down below to our facebook site so you can see if it is something for you and so you know it is a Wave survival game. Skype Name : morten28081996 Facebook Site : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Juvenile-Games/1406844389552177 Thanks for your time
  12. tho89

    FPS Arms Pack

    Hello everyone, The pack is updated http://armedunity.com/files/file/93-fps-arms-pack-updated/
  13. Don't feel like using that rigged character I posted earlier? Well here are some arms that will definitely blow your socks off. You can use this in any project absolutely royalty free! Do anything with it! Download Package Details: Verts: 1964 Faces: 1960 Formats Included – DAE, 3DS, FBX, OBJ. Native Format – .Blend The original post here at this site : BlendControl
  14. NEW PACKAGE! It's a pair of FPS Arms, COMPLETELY RIGGED AND READY TO BE ANIMATED! I've seen people requesting this and thought what the hell, WHY NOT GIVE IT AWAY? Now it's Normal and Specular Mapped, so in Unity3D, when selecting a SHADER, use BUMPED SPECULAR as it will give you the full properties of it's textures! Best thing is, NO CREDITS REQUIRED! AND, the TGA file is fully editable! Hope you like it! DOWNLOAD
  15. Hi Guys (one more time xD) , im asking for you The CSS Rigged arms , theses arms with black gloves who all members use it , but i cant find these arms ... so please who have this arms can share it to me for a +rep and thanks .
  16. shubham kumar

    fps charcter

    does multiplayer games really have full character ...i saw remix games tutorial he added a external character why...
  17. Hi I am very new to Unity and don't know any coding,animation, or how to model. I was wondering if anybody had an animated Chicago style Thompson with arms for my game I'm making. If so please P.M. (if it's available on this site like I said I'm new) that would be great. Thanks to those who do ahead of time.
  18. Call To Arms: Sadly The Game Has Been Cancled
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