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Found 7 results

  1. Hello, I'm using the FPSKit_v1.3.5. The project is being built for android, so I am replacing the models with low poly ones. I have all the "low poly gun models" lined across a table, they have colliders and weapon index and I can pick them up. Then, I have clones of these "low poly gun models" with only a "Weapon Script" & "Weapon Index" and these are attached to the Weapon Camera (for when wielded) So, all is perfect, until i drop a weapon. When the "low poly gun models" get dropped they are replaced with the original "high poly models". Although they do still have an index and everything works perfectly, except i want these "dropped models" to be the "low poly models" I tried, replacing the "World Models (Rigidbody)" with the low poly models (in the WeaponManager). But, then they disappear after dropping them. Not sure what I'm doing wrong? Any help would be greatly appreciated! Please & Thank you!
  2. Hello! I am a noob, with no formal education, so, I really appreciate these free FPSKits! They're great for learning, awesome for noobs like myself. I'm using the FPSKit v1.3.5 written in Unity Javascript. The issue I'm having is with the GUI elements. (ex. health, ammo, score, etc.) I simply want to move them to the top center of the screen. But, the only GUI experience I have is with the new Unity GUI Canvas etc. I think I have to change the "Rect Width/Height values". But, I'm not sure where?? Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Hello, my new multiplayer fps, Kill Confirmed(http://armedunity.com/topic/13760-kill-confirmed-fps/) has been doing really well on GameJolt. I was just wondering how I would go about uploading it to the armed unity games website. Is there a certain process or forum thread that I am missing? Anyway thanks to all you guys that checked my game out on GameJolt. Again, heres the gamepage-http://gamejolt.com/games/kill-confirmed/147147 And that short video of gameplay! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fcGEgxJpT-M - Valkrie (or SlapChickenGames)
  4. Hey guys, I've been working on my new zombie game and i'm using Premium FPS kit 0.95, it's really a fabulous kit I've ever seen, with all features, for now i'm facing some really crazy problems in changing model of character and arms, please can someone help me with it I shall be very thankful to him :/ whenever i try to change it every time I get an error in return nothing changes, all working is done on GameObjects by the creator of that kit (ArmedUnity) and I've prefabs of models and arms I don't know how to change it, please guys help me, I'm really messed up
  5. Hi! Since you probably have no clue who I am, I'm Marshall I'm Announcing my two projects i'm working on (one is better than the other). The objective of the first one (Marble's Voyage) is just like a simple marble game. You collect coins, bounce on bounce pads and overall just try to get to the end of the level. However the only thing different is that upon starting a new level, you build on the last one until you have a whole city. This one is not my personal favorite. At the top part of the screen shots there is the screen shots of Sharpsteel. Sharpsteel is a survival game just like any other, but with a twist. You have no idea how to craft weapons! However you start off with an Axe (Hence the name Sharpsteel). All screen shots are from actual game play. NOTE: Credits go to Speed Tutor for some assets and scripts!!! Changes since the post was posted: marble's voyage was completely remade with a new everything! sharpsteel now has crafting! sharpsteel now has a day/night cycle! sharpsteel has a campfire! axe in sharpsteel now has a texture! removed old gui texture in sharpsteel! now you can control more than one ball in marble's voyage! marble's voyage is now a marble tilting game! and too much more Screen shots:
  6. Hey, i have made this great working Muzzle Flash + Sparks; Snap Shots: http://oi61.tinypic.com/2ypjfjb.jpg http://oi59.tinypic.com/2agp91t.jpg http://oi57.tinypic.com/2j2uazq.jpg I Want To Sell This Because It Was Really Easy ! Its Only 5$ + Sparks(1$) How do we make deal, you add me on skype (giorgi.yavrelishvili), in 24 hours or more i accept your request. Then i give you link in where you shall Donate me 6$. After i get email that you have donated me i instantly send you Rar file where the Muzzle Flash Particle is, and explane you how to use it. For Proof That I am The Creator Muzzle Flash Particle i will send you Some Pictures ! Please, just please, after successful purchase and other, find a minute to say that everything is Ok or something else.
  7. I Want Th Star Script In Unity What Languge Can I Use? I heard thet unity java script is the best. where can i learn it? i want to create game like dayz... what the difrent betwen every languge?
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