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Found 13 results

  1. Hi, I'm having a weird issue with a 3d model. When I import it inside unity, In the preview Tab the animation seems to work fine (as show in picture). But When I put the model in the scene and try to play the animation, The mesh disappear and only a kind of bone structure is left (joined picture). anyone has an idea why please? EDIT: to give more info about how did I got here. As I'm learning, I took the working model with animation FBX file from unity and Import it inside Blender. Then I re-exported it inside Unity and I got this problem. Regards,
  2. Hello, I'm having a bit of a weird issue that I can't seem to solve. What I'm trying to do is animate my character, as a test I just want to animate the entire character (with root and everything) up and back down. However, when I set a keyframe and then add a second one, the first keyframe will now have the same value as the second keyframe. If I add a third keyframe the first and second keyframe will get the same value as third keyframe. Etc.. Why is this happening? I explained it visually here: My player has an animator controller. This happens for every bones/limb my character has, making it impossible to animate. I have some existing animations, but they don't have the proper XYZ movements of the root so I want to add them. I do seem te be able to animate an empty gameobject, but it doesn't work on my Player. My player: This is hope my player is built: Thanks in advance
  3. Hi guys how is it going? I know this is a long stretch but I am in need of some decent gun and arms rigs that are animated with the following animations: > Idle > Reload > Fire > Draw If anyone has some animated guns with arms on their PC or wherever, and are willing to share with the community for place holders only, NON COMMERCIAL use....then please help me. All the best, HairySeal
  4. how do i add an animation to the player i want it to get up from a bed when the game starts . when i apply the animation , after the animation the camera gets stuck. my camera doesnt move right or left. please help.
  5. I need an animator. Willing to pay up to 50 - 60 dollars. Will send you a rigged character. Animations needed Rifle Idle Rifle Run + Sideways Animation Rifle Reload Rifle walk + Sideways Animation Pistol Idle Pistol Run + Sideways Animation Pistol Reload Pistol walk + Sideways Animation Sniper Idle Sniper Run + Sideways Animation Sniper Reload Sniper walk + Sideways Animation Your animations will be shown on ExitGames(Photon) Page. Main Page Proof: Hey Jake, A big thanks to you and team for that really nice mail of yours! We appreciate that and are happy that Photon does help you. Getting messages down so far is impressive and the kind of values you send, setting and genre of your game sound great, too. We are always happy to receive videos and material to use on our page and in trailers on conferences. Just drop us a link when you're ready. Greetings to the whole team! Tobias Exit Games | www.exitgames.com | @exitgames | +49 40 413 596 0 Executives Christof Wegmann CTO, Wim de Smet CFO Trade Registry / Amtsgericht Hamburg, Germany HRB 85991 ++ http://twitter.com/exitgames for product announcements ++ http://twitter.com/exitgamesstatus for status updates So any help if much appropriated. - Jake PayPal. Amazon. Or your choice.
  6. If i get too much animations for my character, the game perfomance is worse? (I want to make another type of realism) If the awnser is yes, how I can stop an animation in mecanim? (And not go to idle again, just like a pause)
  7. Version V1


    This is a free Sample of a few mocap data that i have recorded in an empty room. They weren't recorded perfectly they were tweeked to produce cleaner movements . DeJaVu Studios
  8. "This is a Free Version of my Animations Controller Script" "When this helps you than like this!" Changelog: New System New Keys New Animations Controller
  9. hi everyone i watched remix games tutorial and in that he animated every animation in unity and i also tried it. done with every animations but have a confusion with run animation how can i do it .i made but while in game mode sometimes it doesn't play sometime its position changes and doesn't return to its original position...i am confused help me ..
  10. Hi everyone I need a animated foot. Only the animation not the model. Greeting Ninamster1 ^ ^
  11. Hi, I know your not aloud to use MW2 Weapon-Animations for commercial but i was wondering if someone has any animations, Pref, M4 - M9 Baretta Or M1911, Could please send me a Private Message with a link, I know there not aloud to be posted in forum due to violation of rules. Weapons im looking for. M4 - M16 1911 These are the Two main weapons i want to implement into my game and i need some "Placeholders" so i dont feel rediculous running around with a cube and no animations since im not using FPSKIT anymore Any help is appreciated.
  12. Characters: Toon Turtle Hero w/ New Anims ANT Rigged Models Zombie Beast Female S.W.A.T Officer Male Zombie Robot Bootcamp Solider for First Person + Script Weapons: Makarov Plasma Rifle [Halo] SCAR M16A4 AK Halo W.i.P.s Weapon Animation Pack Assault Rifle [Halo] SP-320 Bobzik HK53, Grease Gun + AR70 Glock Akimbo L118A Combat Arms Weapons Desert Eagle G36C Modern Warfare 2 Weapon Pack M37 ODST Weapons MW2 AK Other: Bioshock First Person Arms First Person Arms MW2 Frag Throw Hope this Becomes a sticky I will update it once new Models are uploaded here.
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