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Found 12 results

  1. OKay So back with a new model ! I am practicing hard surface modeling and currently working on this sniper ! Model Info- Objects | Polycounts | Current Tex-res Rifle - _2482 tris 4k Scope - _1540 tris 2k Magazine - _400 tris 1k Muzzle Break - _492 tris 1k Suppressor - _192 tris 1k One question ! >>> Can I use this gun for a mobile game ? ( I know that current texture resolution is very high for a mobile game but I will reduce it ) Thanks for reading... UPDATE: Only Details left ( Scratches and stuff ) regards
  2. Hey there AU ! So I've been working on a game with a friend for like 2 weeks, and we've made a huge progress through our best efforts. we are only two people my friend ( the programmer ) and me ( the rest ). we hope to release it on mobiles and PC/MAC within next 3 months. The game is a 2.5D platformer with no name yet, The game is in early development stage. We have our scene first models done, Mechanics done, 2 AIs are game ready and others are WIP along with the GUI. I am handling the art side of the project and I need some help with level designing. Artstyle of the Project : We are looking for a level designer to speed up the development . The designer has to make level layouts with the mechanics, hazards, AIs to make the gameplay hard and fun, think of new Ideas for better gameplay etc. The project will feature a revenue share which will be discussed with the level designer. if interested shoot me a pm or mail " Shaqs@outlook.in " with your portfolio. Happy developing Shaqs Aki
  3. Aww Snap !!! Goto - http://armedunity.com/topic/13677-level-designer-for-a-platformer-poly-art/?view=getnewpost
  4. Introducing new Alien Creature, I named it Crawler and its made keeping the Trending Art style in mind. Info: *Lowpoly Artstyle *5 Different textures *10+ Animations ( Walk, Run, attack...etc ) ScreenShots : Get it on AssetStore Blogger : Link Regards Shaqs Aki
  5. Futuristic Sniper Rifle [ PBR Ready ] - $2 Shotgun & Attachments - $2 _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ GET THEM ON ASSETSTORE NOW ONLY FOR $2 !!! _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Regards Shaqs Aki
  6. Hey there guys... I was secretly working on some assets for my new project, a smaaaall project indeed. FOR MOBILE PHONES XD I named this thingy "GHOST" and sculpted it in Blender, but as you can see my sculpting as well as my textures doesn't feel good. I wanted to know if anyone could suggest some better colors for this guy. Only texturing is left... So Anyone ? and Will use it for a mobile game. POLY COUNT IS 2542 tris only..... Regards Shaqs Aki
  7. Heya Guys, I was planning to work on my own simple game, How about a flight simulator with good graphics, arcade type mechanics ? I want it to be simple as I don't have enough time to work as a game dev, its just to sharpen my skills...and to earn some bucks. I tried modeling a plane ... here is a screenshot ( WIP ) it'll be a cartoony arcade shooter in 3D... any suggestions to make it more interesting ? Feedback appreciated !!! Regards Shaqs Aki
  8. Hey there ! My name is Shaqs, some of you already know me, So here is my Story... Today I decided to stop modeling for a year ( Summer Vacations already over so... I need to focus on my studies ), and I got two Guns on AssetStore. So I wanted to Share those Shitty guns for free..... Screenshots : - The Rifle - For Descriptions Visit Assetstore : https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/35487 - The Shotgun - For Descriptions Visit Assetstore : https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/38685 Ques: Do you want anything in return ? Ans: Nope you don't realy need to... But Critics are appreciated, and if you got a min you can rate and write a review on Assetsore. So, here are the voucher Codes : For Rifle - For Shotgun - Do not Redeem if you don't really need the asset... ** Only 1 for each is posted, so if anyone want them and its already redeemed Send me a mail. I'll send it Asap And I am out for a year, I'll Sure keep visiting and might starting working again but for now Studies... Good Bye ^ ^ ** And Please Don't Share them on torrents, it kills me when I see people pirate assets... If you can't buy... make your own, or... Quit game development... Shaqs Aki Skype : Shaqs_1
  9. Hey There Guys ! Finals Over, Now back with something new. Its a Shotgun Model, nothing special but with 4k HQ textures. I tried my best to texture it but its not the best ( As I am still learning how to texture ) Contents : 1-Shotgun - 3078 tris 1-Supressor - 188 tris 2-Reddot Sights - (480 tris)(765 tris) 1-Laser Sight - 412 tris 1-Torch - 574 tris 1-Combined Laser and torch - 390 tris Some ScreenShots ! Thank you for reading Regards Shaqs Aki
  10. PONGO [ Released ] Grab your Pongo, a tool usable as either a pogo stick or a gun, to obliterate enemies and traverse the vast islands of Flubber. Balance rapid movement and high jumps with challenging combat, hordes of enemies, puzzles and traps at every turn. Featuring over 45 challenging levels, charming 3D environments and an immersive original soundtrack, Pongo puts a new twist on classic platformer and shooter mechanics. Grab your Pongo and let the adventure begin! The Team Fenner Stevens : The Game Designer Shaqs Aki : The Modeler Ermal ferrati : The Coder Thanks to those who supported us to get GreenLit ^ ^ http://store.steampowered.com/app/369000/ We made it !
  11. [ Available On Assets Store ] Hey Guys you may already know about this sniper Rifle, but let me introduce it Once again !!! I started it About a week ago and now it fully done, and its ready to be used in games. Currently Waiting for the assets store team for the review But I am Sure that it will soon get published and people will like it ! I wanted it to be a free asset but I guess 5 $ isn't a big amount for this kinda Art piece features : Low Poly Model Contains two LOD Resolutions 4k Textures, PBR supported for future games ! [ Some unity 5 rendered ScreenShots ] Thanks For Reading Guys ! Assets Store Link - http://u3d.as/fB0 Now Live ! Stay tuned - https://www.facebook.com/aki3dstudios Blog url - http://aki3dstudios.blogspot.com/2015/05/futuristic-sniper-rifle-pbr-ready.html Shaqs Aki
  12. Hey there, I've been modeling for a few years and I feel I am quite good at it , So now starting to learn C# for game development as well as testing my level designing skills ( even a 13 years old can play with unity terrain so decided to go for something Different ). Got Dungeons Kit available on Assets Store. and its Really cool ! ( Looking forward to buy its expansion package if the Project goes on well ). The kit is awesome but its very bad for optimization, So I created the level in Blender, Joined the meshes as one independent Object and its now working fine Started the project yesterday and putting some lights to make it more appealing and a bit creepy. My plans for the Project - I'll make it a puzzle game something like stealth project ( By Unity ) as I am learning C# using it as a reference. Wont be a Fps, as there are already so sooo many shooters around, I'll make it a Tps and will not use OTS camera setup. Also I will use a Unique mechanic, Mmm not Unique but its not been used for years ( but strong enough to make the game interesting and Unique ). Here are some Screenshots ! Update [ Optimized the Graphics performance ] See ya'll thanks for reading ! Regards Shaqs Aki
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