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Found 5 results

  1. Hello,I learn to make hacks for unity games,and i like to share with armedunity comunity! It is simple,just i work for single players games,and hacks for multiplayers are buggy!Any way,you need cheat engine and Visual studio! Any way,need to share?
  2. Hi everybody, I just want your opinion on something... For a Sniper, in the aim, the field of view should be about how much ? (for the main camera) Sorry for my english ^^' Thanks.
  3. jake1012

    Aim Script

    Hello, Im trying to make a turret aim to the location of my cursor I have tryed .LookAt And some other scripts. They have some what worked Problem: A : The gun follows cursor but is glitch y or doesn't move after a certain point. B: all the movement is invert What im asking: Please post Help or Link to something that will help(Ref) No scripts Please. I dont like kitty scripture's. Thank you! Meaning i dont like copying code. Now if you want to post a reference like how you did it. That's fine as long as you Please explain how it works. I'm asking the community to further my knowledge
  4. Is possible to create animations with prefabs in separate 3D animation program?
  5. Scripting the crosshair changes color and simple whenever you aim at his enemy it will change color. Make good use of it. //Script by Paulo Junior var Crosshairtexture : Texture2D; //Texture your Aim var CameraPlayer : Camera; //Camera your Player var Size : Vector2 = Vector2(35,35); //Size Aim var ColorStart : Color32 = Color.white; //Color Start Aim var ColorTarget : Color32 = Color.red; //Color While Enemy var TagEnemy : String = "enemy"; //Tag your enemy var DistanceRay : float = 10.0; //Distance ray private var TargetOn : boolean; //while collider with Enemy private var RectHair : Rect; //Rect your aim private var newColor : Color32; // Color Aim function Update() { RectHair = new Rect(Screen.width / 2 - (Size.x /2),Screen.height / 2 -(Size.y / 2),Size.x,Size.y); //Apply Position your aim var ray : Ray = CameraPlayer.ScreenPointToRay(Vector3(Screen.width /2,Screen.height / 2,0)); //Position ray var hit : RaycastHit; //hit collider if(Physics.Raycast(ray.origin,ray.direction,hit,DistanceRay)){ if(hit.collider.tag == TagEnemy) TargetOn = true; } if(!hit.collider){ TargetOn = false; } } function OnGUI () { if(TargetOn){ newColor = ColorTarget; } if(!TargetOn){ newColor = ColorStart; } GUI.color = newColor; //Apply color GUI.DrawTexture(RectHair,Crosshairtexture); //Show texture AIM }
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