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Found 86 results

  1. showcase

    hi guys i am new here , i just want to let you guys check my models you can get a good models with a small price ---- CLICK HERE ----
  2. Here are some fps arms i made in blender and textured with gimp! Enjoy PS. Arms are rigged! FPSarms.rar
  3. Hey guys , I've released a free War Airplane desktop asset on my website for you guys. are both Unitypackage and Base files versions for if you aren't using unity , the file format is FBX.Screenshots : asset is released under CC BY licence so please do credit me if you use it.
  4. Hey guys , I've released a free War Jeep desktop asset on my website for you guys. There are both Unitypackage and Base files versions for if you aren't using unity , the file format is FBX. Screenshots : The asset is released under CC BY licence so please do credit me if you use it.
  5. Hey Since i have been developing my game for a while and sometimes in need of resources, i thought i could give some lecture or course a try on 3d modeling & design topic. I know that there's a lot of 3d artists on this community, so i would like to ask your feedback, how did you get started and what kind of methods of learning did you use. For example, did you self teach yourself, then how? by watching youtubes videos, trying mess around in the 3d application or any other ways. Would it be better to focus on a single application and look up courses on that or find a general 3d course, which gives the basic understanding, if it's possible between different applications to teach like that. Anyway, interested to hear your opinions and experience.
  6. Hello armed unity members, I'm XshinobiX. I've been busy working on my project and also normal life issues. I've shown some glimpse of my work when I introduce myself in the introduction section of the forums. I will now share project progress and future progress through updates in the future. I hope you all like what I have done so far and stick around to watch or participate in the development of this project. Imagine playing a fighting game with some RPG elements. This might have been done already if it has I'm going to try to take it a step further or a new direction. I haven't created a story line for this game. I wanted to make playing the game very competitive like Tekken has taken it series. I'm working on developing the fighting mechanics first. Here are some old pictures. New Pictures - I'm alone on this project. I could use some help, if anyone like to join me on this project please let me know in a reply or just pm me thanks. I have a post under seeking team members section in our forums for more information. Thanks for checking out my project. I hope you guys continue to follow the development of my game, thanks. Members Working on this project - - XshinobiX Updates - v2 Alpha coming soon! - Adding new design for in-game HUD. - New Strike and Hit Detection System. - Introduce a injury system. - Adding new combat moves! - Adding Combos! - Opponent Generator. Videos - New Video coming really really soon. Release Date - - Unconfirmed Please give your support by liking my page on Facebook - Thanks for reading
  7. the photo in blender is just after i modeled it the photo in unity with the messed up mesh collider is after i exported it, the last photo is what i want it to look like. someone please explain why it does this or at least what i'm doing wrong, ignore the last one only showing the blue lines
  8. Hey, i got a sphere as a playground and want to have a day/night cycle. There are many tutorials for that but it seems they dont match to my problem. They are made for Terrains or 2D, but i got a Sphere on 3D. When i make the dirctional light move around the Sphere i have to take a skybox, but this is not what i want, the colors are weird and i want to have my own clouds, moving around the sphere. But when i do it only in 1 blue color, it wont get a night time, because it stays light blue of course. Is it possible to have a skybox as light blue and have day and night around the sphere? And to make it change the Color from light blue to a darker blue at night time? I just put a link here for my problem at 0:40 Would be awesome if someone knows a trick for this! Or how he did it with Blender or whatever
  9. We are looking for an artist who is capable of designing mobile game assets 2D and 3D. The 2D will be full game UI's, ranging from icons to ingame ui. The 3D will be designing new levels and maps for mobile games. If you think you are the person we are looking for please send me a message with your portfolio and pricing. Regards
  10. Hello guys and welcome to update #1 of Pirate Treasure! Pirate Treasure is a 3d puzzle platformer where you need to destroy buildings to get the gold! Currently there is only one bullet, the basic bullet. The basic bullet can destroy the light wood in 2 times and the dark wood in four times. Also there is currently only 1 world, the forest (jungle). In this world there will be only wood structures! The timer is also a big part in the game! You need to finish the level within the time, if you shoot the last bullet you have only 30 seconds left. With this I want to make sure people will play the level fast and don't wacht for hours at the same level! This project started first as a 10 Hours timelapse project, but because so many people liked it I build further and here it is! The first update of Pirate Treasure! Timelapse: update 1:
  11. hey there, i just want to show the bloody guillotine that i modeled and animated for a mobile game in blender. 1963 verts, 1480 tris 2x 1024px png (guillotine and the blade seperated, cause i used mirroring) today i would minimize the verts/tris and only use one texture, but this is some of my first stuff done, so it is okay for me. if you want to see it in action:
  12. Hi guys , i want help on how to make realistic shell ejection in javascript, i know i rarely use javascript since im a c# guy but since this will be added on OMA's weaponScriptNew then i need it on JS.. Here is my current one : //Shell script var bulletshell = Instantiate(bulletPrefab,shellspawn.position, bulletPrefab.rotation); bulletshell.rigidbody.AddForce(transform.up * 80); bulletshell.rigidbody.AddForce(transform.right * 140); my problem, i want to be MORE realistic and add some smooth rotation on it ... Any help would be appreciate
  13. *************** Get it On Google play and don't Forget to Rate, Review and Share it !! Play your role as an ultimate ranger sniper shooter. Aim and shoot to perform lethal strikes in furious combat, Kill them all for an honor. The best 3d sniper game for Android with real graphics and action. Hunt down the terrorists in dangerous raids and silent assassins. Eliminate all the contract killers and hired criminals at street level assassins, secure the base, give cover to your commandos,make safe passage for supply trucks or take out the single high-profile target equipped with modern weapons and surrounded by well trained marksmen with heavy machine guns, sniper rifles and assault rifles. Take on over different campaigns with unique goals and difficulty without compromising your identity, Use your tactical skills to compete with enemies, take them out with head shot or blow up the whole base in sniper assassin war. Highly upgrade-able weapons available, Choose your arms according to the mission wisely. Add different scopes, muzzles and clips to increase stability, damage rate and fire rate for a stunning shot. Use your cover as advantage to kill the enemies hidden in crowd and be a master of the arena. -- FEATURES -- ☆ Modern lethal weapons ☆ Thrilling missions with challenging targets ☆ Realistic vivid hd graphics with slow motion replays ☆ Addicting game play with quality sounds ☆ Easy controls ☆ No internet required ☆ Shop to buy new virtual goods ☆ Challenge your friends on Facebook and Google+ ☆ Universal app with optimized graphics and sound for tablets and phones Download the best 3d sniper game among all shooting and action games for free now and don't miss the amazing fun!! -- DOWNLOAD LINK -- -- FOLLOW US --
  14. In this video I make the hp system.
  15. Hey Guys ! I got a little question here: I started using Blender a while ago (2 months or something), Because I really wanted to learn how to make 3d models. But now I got a problem. How do I make textures for my 3d objects ? I have already made some 3d models with textures... But those textures are all just some raw images.... And they dont have things like normals and stuff. Do you use a texturing program ? or something completely different ? Please help D:
  16. Heya Guys, I was planning to work on my own simple game, How about a flight simulator with good graphics, arcade type mechanics ? I want it to be simple as I don't have enough time to work as a game dev, its just to sharpen my skills...and to earn some bucks. I tried modeling a plane ... here is a screenshot ( WIP ) it'll be a cartoony arcade shooter in 3D... any suggestions to make it more interesting ? Feedback appreciated !!! Regards Shaqs Aki
  17. Hello, fellow Halo fans! I'm a member working on the halo fan PC game called Installation 01. We want to bring back Halo to the PC. But in order to do this, we have to get more people who would enjoy recreating Halo to bring back our firepower. Being a fan team, we can’t make any money, and we won't take donations until a beta is released. We are doing this in our spare time. Professionals, students, and Halo fans coming together with whatever free hours they have. We are making something that we’ve craved for a long time, and aim to accomplish, a full Halo game for Windows, Linux, and Mac, bringing back the favorite classic gameplay and game modes from multiple Halo titles. We've already got a pretty HUGE team but we really need MAINLY more modelers to bring back the team's speed. We also aim to build the multiplayer structure around Halo 3's, or at least based off of it. Positions we need filled so this project moves faster: Artists: -2D- • Knowledge of GIMP, Photoshop, or any other comparable 2D graphics program. Largely needed for UI and texture work. • Willing to work on assigned projects within their deadlines. (we won't chew you out, we just EVENTUALLY expect a deadline.). • Knowledge of 3D modeling is a plus, but not required. -3D- • Skills with any widely used 3D modeling software, such as Blender, Max, or Maya. Zbrush is also welcomed. • Work within deadlines (once again, we don’t have a lot of deadlines, just know your limits) • Doesn't matter if you prefer environmental, structural, or organic modeling, your position is critically important at the moment. • Knowing how to texture models isn't required, but is a plus. • WE NEED A PROP MODELER! • WE NEED SOMEONE WHO CAN MODEL ARMOR, WEAPONS, AND MULTIPLAYER MAPS! (Customization is a big thing in this game) WE TAKE OUR WORK SERIOUSLY! WE ARE VERY PROFESSIONAL ABOUT WHAT WE DO! WE NEED GOOD MODELERS WHO KNOW WHAT THEY ARE DOING, NOT AMATEURS. If you wish to help out as any of those roles, just let us know here! NOTE: We use Skype to communicate. We have multiple chat rooms. Art, and code. NOTE: We are abiding by Microsoft’s Fair Use Policy, hence why we cannot make any money off the project, and why we must build everything ourselves, we cannot distribute “rips” of any kind from any Halo game. This is a community project, there is no chance for profit, the only reward for our devs is that they have the satisfaction of making a small dream into reality.
  18. Hey there ! My name is Shaqs, some of you already know me, So here is my Story... Today I decided to stop modeling for a year ( Summer Vacations already over so... I need to focus on my studies ), and I got two Guns on AssetStore. So I wanted to Share those Shitty guns for free..... Screenshots : - The Rifle - For Descriptions Visit Assetstore :!/content/35487 - The Shotgun - For Descriptions Visit Assetstore :!/content/38685 Ques: Do you want anything in return ? Ans: Nope you don't realy need to... But Critics are appreciated, and if you got a min you can rate and write a review on Assetsore. So, here are the voucher Codes : For Rifle - For Shotgun - Do not Redeem if you don't really need the asset... ** Only 1 for each is posted, so if anyone want them and its already redeemed Send me a mail. I'll send it Asap And I am out for a year, I'll Sure keep visiting and might starting working again but for now Studies... Good Bye ^ ^ ** And Please Don't Share them on torrents, it kills me when I see people pirate assets... If you can't buy... make your own, or... Quit game development... Shaqs Aki Skype : Shaqs_1
  19. hello guys this is A basic inventory system I have done couple months ago hope that will help you .
  20. Barrels !!!!! Rendered in Unity3d.
  21. This is a page that i found, its soo good and there are a lot of free 3d models!!!! Hope you like it!!!
  22. Version 1.1


    This is my free ladder asset made with rhinoceros3D. You can use it for educational proposes but you can´t sell it or gain money with it in a game. Hope you like it!!!!!
  23. So looking into changing things on a current project I'm working on, and what I'm looking to do is have a 3d scene, underneath a 2d overlay.. Just to give it some life instead of using a static image for the city.. Basically the image below. I'm trying to find a way to display the city using a 3d perspective camera, and everything else rendered as 2d.. I'm playing around with different cameras, but hit a few roadblocks.. I do have NGUI that I bought quite a while ago and use it a lot.. and I'm wondering if it wouldn't be best to render all of my other elements as a 2d GUI on top of the scene.. Most of the interface I can do in NGUI that way I think, but some of the scenes I'd like to combine some 2d and 3d elements both.. and having never ventured into the world of 3d, I thought I would ask.. any thoughts or ideas or suggestions? I appreciate all your feedback!
  24. eHi guys , i create a pack with bloody screens and i want to share it, NOTE : DO NOT DOWNLOAD THE PREVIEW SINCE IS NOT TRANSPARENCY DOWNLOAD IS IN THE END OF THE POST!!! Preview : 1.) Hard Blood (Preview 940x600)(Full 2500x1600) Mid Bloody (Preview 940x600)(Full 2400x1600) Low Bloody (Preview 940x600)(Full 2500x1600) Low Bloody 2 (Preview 940x600)(Full 2500x1600) Just A Scratch : (Preview 940x600)(Full 2500x1600) DOWNLOAD : For the awesome script by themars2011 click here
  25. Hello, [Quick Story] long time ago I started a project named TimeWalker. It's a first person shooter where you can control the motion speed of your actions. What makes it cool is that it has some awsome slow motion features. Seeing the bullets go past your head and watching your enemies die in slow motion is really awsome in my opinion. I had no help at all in this project, everything was made by me and me only. The reason why I stopped this project was the fact that I had no help on any aspect of the game, I had(and still have) no experience on designing or modeling, you can see in the video that the models look awful, that's because I made them using tutorials and following youtube videos. Now I wanna continue working on this project as many people I showed the game to really liked it, they actualy loved it and wanted more. I thought that if I continue the project I would need some help and get stuff more organised then how they used to be. Now that I got waaaaaaaaaaay better at programming and using unity this will be easier ,I think. [/Quick Story] Im currently looking for a 3d modeler/designer to help me in this project, I already got one but he's busy and needs some help as it's really hard to do everything on your own. Requirements: 1.Age: Age doesn't matter, as long as you're patient, understantable and comfort to work with. 2.English knowledge - As long as you can communicate with the rest of the "team" then you're okay to join us. 3.Modeling/Designing knowledge - You MUST have experience/knowledge on modeling/designing and using a software(your choice) to contribute to the game/team. 4.Must have at least some experience on using the Unity engine. 5.Must be able to work at least several hours a week. Now your favourite part , the payment. Currently I have no budget to pay you as I spent most of it on purchasing Unity. But I can guarantee you that the earnings made from the game will be equaly split to all of our team members. This is the first version of the game, the one I made a few months ago. A quick amateurish trailer I made. A demo of the old version. I also wanna say that I rebuilt (re-programmed) the whole game and removed every existing bug in the old version. If you want more information on the project or me then don't hesitate to ask. If interested you can contact me on skype : sun.siro or Steam : Thank you for taking your time to read this! P.S. I do know that such tag [Quick Story] does not exist.