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Found 15 results

  1. check my first update for my game, thanks D: i am looking for a little team who can help me create the game, i need map designer 1 or 2 or 3, free time work only, pm me if interested
  2. Hello everyone i want to tell you that if you need 3d models like weapons, attachments, .etc i think i can help you. I have an account on TurboSquid where i upload my 3d Models some of them are paid but i have free ones too. Also if you need any model for your game or project i will be glad to help you with my current models and i can make you specific models if you need. (only for serius games and projects that have future) The basic models (lowpoly) are free, the only paid models i do are complex ones, but most of them are free. Here is the link for Turbosquid : http://www.turbosquid.com/Search/Artists/AndrijaAlp And down you can see some free models that i'm offering.
  3. Hi community, Just in case anyone would like any low poly models made or animated(I try to keep models under or around 1000 tri), I am available for small project work or single models. My workflow consists of 3dsmax/photoshop/unity. Prices are always negotiable. So feel free to message me here or at pogwitch@gmail.com. I attached a few examples of my work. Regards Pogwitch.
  4. Pit

    Small Medieval Pack

    Hi. I want to show you my Small Medieval Pack. Please check it and let me know in this topic what other objects would you like to see in new medieval packs. Thank you)
  5. Introducing new Alien Creature, I named it Crawler and its made keeping the Trending Art style in mind. Info: *Lowpoly Artstyle *5 Different textures *10+ Animations ( Walk, Run, attack...etc ) ScreenShots : Get it on AssetStore Blogger : Link Regards Shaqs Aki
  6. Hey there guys... I was secretly working on some assets for my new project, a smaaaall project indeed. FOR MOBILE PHONES XD I named this thingy "GHOST" and sculpted it in Blender, but as you can see my sculpting as well as my textures doesn't feel good. I wanted to know if anyone could suggest some better colors for this guy. Only texturing is left... So Anyone ? and Will use it for a mobile game. POLY COUNT IS 2542 tris only..... Regards Shaqs Aki
  7. Hey Guys ! I got a little question here: I started using Blender a while ago (2 months or something), Because I really wanted to learn how to make 3d models. But now I got a problem. How do I make textures for my 3d objects ? I have already made some 3d models with textures... But those textures are all just some raw images.... And they dont have things like normals and stuff. Do you use a texturing program ? or something completely different ? Please help D:
  8. HI Today I came to bring a pack of 3d models of Battlefield 3 hope you like it Download Link: *link removed*
  9. Hey Guys, This is an Auto loading Shotgun model. Just Finished textures... ( If you like this and want to use in your project ( Comm or Non Comm ) I would like to share it with you) Contact me if you want it... Some Screen Shots Unity 4 Renderer ( It looks alot better in unity 5 ) Model Info - Tris = 2068 Textures = 1 Normal Map, and Hand Painted Diffuse and Specualr Map ( 1024*1024 ) Contact Info - PM me on AU, or mail me @ Shaqs.Aki@gmail.com Thanks for your time... Regards
  10. Hi Guys I made a little 50 by 50 inch map using the Unity 3D Engine and Prototype, just remember that this is my first go at modeling a map especially a Multiplayer Map for Team-Death Match. Screenshot 1: Screenshot: 2: http://www.mediafire.com/view/d5u19ka3fob9f34/Capture2.PNG Screenshot 3: http://www.mediafire.com/view/hdd0b8sahdg8bl6/Capture.PNG Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?e1gql2zsoge6dxb
  11. Carlos000001

    Ciras vest

    Here is a showcase with a few renders of a recently model that I made. Is a CIRAS tactical vest, can be used to add a more military look to any FPS game character. Maybe i'm going to submit this to the asset store with a price of $10 or $5 dollars, and later update the package with a helmet, gloves, knee pads and a holster. The poly count is 362 verts. / 598 tris. Includes interior faces to avoid see invisible parts from different perspectives 2k textures, Diffuse, Normal and Specular A first person view
  12. I was looking for a crane, something I can animate and found this website http://www.archibase.net/ did not find in the sticky thread, so it might help those that develop games like GTA (today's style, crime etc) this site gives a lot of extras, all free. p.s. If you use a given model for a commercial game, I would contact the original modeller to discuss compensation, obviously, but until then, no strings. [added] another site; the catch: You need to have Blender and sign up, but again a lot of high quality models http://www.blendswap.com/
  13. Hi I'm Hossein Bagheri Member This is one of my old job that I used to download High quality and low poly modeling for games is Hope you enjoy Pictures: Download Modeling By : Hosien3d or Hossien Bagheri Tanks
  14. anarko67

    3D Characters

    Hi guys My free contribution : """GIRL1.FBX(TPOSE)"""" + Texture LINK: https://dl.dropboxus...18149/tpose.fbx https://dl.dropboxus...pose.images.zip """MUSCLE MAN.FBX""" + ( Texture ) : LINK : https://dl.dropboxus...9/MUSCLEMAN.zip """"NINJA.FBX"""" + (TEXTURE) LINK : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/195918149/Ninja.zip """"MagnusGirl.FBX""""" + (TEXTURE) LINK : https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/195918149/MageGirl.zip """GirlNude.FBX""" + (TEXTURE) """GirlNudeWing.FBX""" + (TEXTURE) """GirlArmor.FBX""" + (TEXTURE) """GirlArmorAfro.FBX""" + (TEXTURE) LINK : (315MO) https://www.dropbox.com/s/eb4ka0b49mnfhk7/GirlMulti.zip Comming soon : MODELS : Child 3D models See you later .
  15. Hi guys i was wondering if anyone knew where to get high def zombie models with animations walk,attack,ect. Preferably for free thanks. Also im liking for models of post apocaliptic houses,buildings,people. please halp thanks.
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