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Found 29 results

  1. I need a model of a demonic horse, preferably a .obj file with texture. Sadly though, I doubt i will get any replies as I have no money or anything I can give or pay. I am fifteen years old and don't have a bank account or anything like that. But if some kind soul could please make a model of a demonic horse, I will be forever in their debt.
  2. Here's small amount of free 3d scans.
  3. Hello, my name is Andres and I'm here to present my offer. What I'm willing to sell is a complete license of one of my 3d model projects, so, what do I mean by a complete license? Is simple, I will give you the complete project files (3d meshes, textures, PS files) of the model but also the rights of such project. That means you will be able to claim it as your own work/property and use it in whatever purpose you want, like use it exclusively on your video games projects or submit it to a 3d models store to resell it. If you are interested on this offer you can send me a pm here or via email on: andres_moreno1@outlook.es You can check both projects I'm willing to sell here: Jet Cockpit Holographic Sight
  4. OKay So back with a new model ! I am practicing hard surface modeling and currently working on this sniper ! Model Info- Objects | Polycounts | Current Tex-res Rifle - _2482 tris 4k Scope - _1540 tris 2k Magazine - _400 tris 1k Muzzle Break - _492 tris 1k Suppressor - _192 tris 1k One question ! >>> Can I use this gun for a mobile game ? ( I know that current texture resolution is very high for a mobile game but I will reduce it ) Thanks for reading... UPDATE: Only Details left ( Scratches and stuff ) regards
  5. Hi! My name is Justin Smith, I'm 16 years old and the lead dev of Tymelapse Games. Right now, our main focus is titled "Project Anvil" What is Project Anvil? Project Anvil is a SciFi FPS based in the Halo universe. We currently only have 3 devs and are in serious need of more, we need: 3d modelers, C# Coders, js Coders, Network coders, Map Designers, Terrain Editors, Texture-ers, Voice Actors, Concept Artists, and whatever you think you can contribute. ---About Project Anvil--- Crucible (Like Forge) War Games (Matchmaking) Instant Action (Firefight) Training Grounds (Duh ) Project Anvil runs on Unity 5.31f1 personal, it is and will always be 100% free to play Project Anvil will support up to 4 players per team at launch (Matchmaking/Forge) Project Anvil will support modifications and custom maps. ----STORY---- The year is 2562, you are a Spartan V set aboard the UNSC Anvil Station, testing experimental technology and actively participating in War Games alongside the Sangheili. On Anvil Station, you have access to many experimental feautures not yet available to other soldiers, such as the Crucible, unrestricted access to experimental armour, new weapons testing, new and realistic AI combat situations, as well as the ability to enlist in service to protect Human colonies from what's left of the Covenant. ----The Crucible---- The Crucible is a deck aboard the Anvil Station available for virtual battlefield creation, while designed for War Games, The Crucible is also available for other permitted uses as well. ----War Games---- War Games are simulated battle events, and training for both Sangheili as well as Spartan users. War Games has a variety of different training methods, including popular modes such: Slayer, FFA, Headhunter, Capture The Flag, Grifball, and more. ----Instant Action---- Instant Action is available to all Spartans aboard the Anvil Station, enabling them to fight remaining Covenant forces in order to protect Human Colonies. ----Training Grounds---- The Training Grounds are a deck designed specifically for Spartan weaponry, Movement, and Vehicle testing. Target practice and AI simulation are also available in the Training Grounds deck.​ Any additional questions? Any concerns? Ideas? Feel free to email us at: tymelapse.studios@gmail.com OR visit our website: www.project-anvil.weebly.com
  6. Hello there ! So I am back , I have not made ​​any models for a while , but now I'll start again , I try to make handmade textures , I am quite happy but what tyckter you feedback is always best : D
  7. Hi, i want to present my new environment asset https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/55653 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTIL8GF2p1c hope, you like it
  8. Hello everyone, im self taught 3D artist with years of experience, i have a character model to sell, this is Barbarian 3D model for mobile game, here the details: Price: $40 Model Description: - Rigged and ready for animation - the polycount is low so its suit best for mobile or web based game - the model include two armour and pants (like in the preview image) I give support for fixing some problem for free if needed, and im open for freelance 3d modelling work for any type or style game assets, more artwork can viewed in my portfolio: http://www.artstation.com/artist/amirhm please contact me by email: tiganbebek@gmail.com for quick answer. thank you in advance
  9. New Model i made ! i havet model anything for the past month so here you go give some nice feedback
  10. Download a low poly hand here : https://mega.nz/#!N0lRzTrJ!YvMr2DILQzXQfMjQlG-3m_2nHLMVXpAeihCiHyny1n4 So i hear all these fps kit noobs like hand models... so i followed this hand tutorial and voila! Another showcase of my learning expiriemce. Not shure if this is commercial ready but theres no licensing on it. Commercial use is allowed. Enjoy and feedback if you can Polycount : 780 poly. Fairly optimized for gameplay!
  11. Hey There Guys ! Finals Over, Now back with something new. Its a Shotgun Model, nothing special but with 4k HQ textures. I tried my best to texture it but its not the best ( As I am still learning how to texture ) Contents : 1-Shotgun - 3078 tris 1-Supressor - 188 tris 2-Reddot Sights - (480 tris)(765 tris) 1-Laser Sight - 412 tris 1-Torch - 574 tris 1-Combined Laser and torch - 390 tris Some ScreenShots ! Thank you for reading Regards Shaqs Aki
  12. Hi guys! Today I made a very simple model of a building. Hope you like it Included textures 1024 x 1024 (Diffuse + Normal Map) DOWNLOAD
  13. picture --> http://i62.tinypic.com/11lifci.png i just want some feedback and ideas what to do more on this rifle
  14. Download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/pu3v278pnz2erem/Building%203.blend?dl=0 Simple building, needs textured, can be used for simple non in game purposes such as, main menu background detail, or out of map detail, whatever you want. No credit needs to be given, i did make it, free for commercial use. IMAGE: https://www.dropbox.com/s/vzxnqljyir2f12s/Screenshot%202015-05-09%2015.10.05.png?dl=0 similar to some in OMA's fps game
  15. [ Available On Assets Store ] Hey Guys you may already know about this sniper Rifle, but let me introduce it Once again !!! I started it About a week ago and now it fully done, and its ready to be used in games. Currently Waiting for the assets store team for the review But I am Sure that it will soon get published and people will like it ! I wanted it to be a free asset but I guess 5 $ isn't a big amount for this kinda Art piece features : Low Poly Model Contains two LOD Resolutions 4k Textures, PBR supported for future games ! [ Some unity 5 rendered ScreenShots ] Thanks For Reading Guys ! Assets Store Link - http://u3d.as/fB0 Now Live ! Stay tuned - https://www.facebook.com/aki3dstudios Blog url - http://aki3dstudios.blogspot.com/2015/05/futuristic-sniper-rifle-pbr-ready.html Shaqs Aki
  16. 4Echo

    Spectre M4

    Reworked my material definition for these old textures, model + bakes done my RedRogueXIII. It's still a WIP though, some of the rust/dirt is too strong and undefined 3d Preview https://skfb.ly/CMJP Edit: - added a third render showing the silencer I also forgot to tell you that no generators (dDO, sub. painter) were used to texture this. The textures that you see were made with the teqnique of photosourcing.
  17. http://armedunity.com/topic/9260-male-survivor-free-download/ i have made so you can use this arms for this 3d model^ Is a very simpel rig! https://mega.co.nz/#!fh8mhboR if you need to use a key iH2rE51vUr2_5Hh7MWKoa4lqlTUQxbL_iFQ280LiQj4
  18. Hi everyone after a long time i decided to upload something for you guys .Feel free to use it in your projects. A Male Survivor Made in 3ds max ,Zbrush and photoshop Hope you guys like it. Download Here- http://adf.ly/qqbK0
  19. Hello guys i made a concrete barrier in blender. Download:http://www.mediafire.com/download/4qv2br5eej0og12/concretebarrier.unitypackage Pics:http://static.wixstatic.com/media/c68ccc_1ddf6767209a4e1c9c0b9c8e5f10153a.jpg_650
  20. This is my first Humanoid 3D model so i need some feedback from you guys .. Model info : - 294.872 Polygons - 213.319 Points
  21. Sorry guys i finished it long time before but i was lazy to upload it . So here it is DOWNLOAD LINK- http://www.mediafire.com/download/scdzv558ffe2w5h/Aek_971.zip -NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE
  22. Hello Everyone! This is my first model for me to ever post on ArmedUnity! This is a low poly Screwdriver. You can use this however you want. here is a screenshot of the model: http://gyazo.com/62839f04e78f64557cfbbfc53930aa47 Download Link: https://www.mediafire.com/?u2kkbbf98zui4yg Thanks!!!
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