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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, my name is Nikita. I'm young 3D Artist and I can create 3D buildings, props, textures for them, optimize models and after all create scene/level even big as a city. I have collaboration with several teams working as Game/Scene/Level Designer, Tester and Texture Artist. Now I'm looking for actually paid work, I'll not ask too much, but I need money as my models is really optimized and textured (optimization and texturing takes much more time that just modeling). And also I can work for russian and ukrainian localization, or even QA Tester for game. You can see some of my works here - https://sketchfab.com/nikitosnaz Please contact me via email - niknaz1604@gmail.com or discord - NikitoSNaz#7430
  2. Johannes

    My Portfolio

    Hi guys, I recently updated my portfolio and I just wanted to get some input from you guys on the website and its content. What do you think about the general look , the colors and such? Positive thoughts ,negative views, criticisms, constructive advice are all welcome. Its at : http://johannesnienaberdigitalartist.com/
  3. Hello everyone my name is Emil and I'm a Swedish 3d artist (I hope I wrote right) I have been in the armedunity forums for quite some time but never see me that much! here you have some of my latest projects! the K67 submachine gun! see you soon
  4. Hi there, I'm Jordan "Traslogan" Martin, Lead Developer of Infinitus Designs. We're a small dedicated indie team creating the indie MMO 'Yonder', a sandbox MMO. For more information, see our topic here: http://armedunity.com/topic/10680-yonder-a-sandbox-mmo-by-infinitus-designs At the moment, we are in Pre-Alpha stage, where we implement some core features and lay the groundwork of the game. At the moment, development is progressing well, but we are in need of another 3D artist to increase our visual content output. To which, we are now looking for a new 3D artist to join our team! If interested in applying for the role, certain things are expected: - We would like to know you have some experience in 3D artwork before applying to us. - Experience using Maya and Zbrush is a big plus. - You must submit a folio when applying so we can get an idea of what you are capable of. The project is, at the moment, a volunteer one. We have mid-to-long term goals to achieve a kickstarter project later down the line to help support the project, in the hope that we can achieve income and profit from the project. If interested in applying, please send an email to 'jim-g_101@hotmail.co.uk' , saying your name and that you are applying for the 3D artist position and attach a link to a folio as well please. We look forward to hearing from potential applicants!
  5. Hello people, I made this account a while back last year but I never really was active. Now time to change that I'm mostly a 3dmodeler using blender 'cause it's free I made my logo for those who want an example Anyone who wants to request go to the link below For those who are familiar with deviantart, you can view my current artworks/3d models here: http://deuxichthys.deviantart.com/
  6. Hey there ! . Presenting myself First,let me present myself : My name Adnan and i am a french amateur 3D Artist and Leader of the Game Project Silva . I have been visiting Armed Unity since 2012 and i had to make a break in 2013 but now i'm back . FaceBook - IndieDB - OpenClassrooms (FR) - ProjectSilva.com Project SILVA ________________________________________________________________________ Project Silva is a First Person Infiltration game based on a sci-fi planet named Heaven.The game focus on the story to deliver a dynamic and consistent story with our home-made Unity plugin : Memories. We are creating the game with Unity,coding in C# and the artistic tools are :Maya,PS,nDo,dDo and Xnormal . Project Silva Scenario ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Project Silva takes place in a far coming future where earth has disappeared and left behind it death few humans who traveled to different planets in the universe.Some of them found a desert planet and installed their base on it,that planet was then named Heaven.But Heaven was already occupied by the Androïdes,and they never wanted nor gave the humans an authorization to stay on SILVA,the official name of the planet that was given by the androïdes .The two civilizations then started a cold war and humans sent many secret agents in the Androïdes camp to destroy their Nuclear weapons before they start using them. The battle has just started and as an ADN75 Infiltrator you will be sent to many important Androïdes territories where your missions will vary from destroying Nuclear bases,Infiltrating the Androïdes camp to steal or hack important data.All your missions will be pretty clear and simple until you will discover the truth about the humans and their real goals in Heaven ; you will have the choice to stay with them and keep ignoring the reality or help the Androïdes and search more about the humans and the reason of their presence on Heaven.The Memories system will be used in this manner and every choice you make in any moment of the campaign will impact the rest of the game. Memories are texts (newspaper,e-mail,documentation,etc...) that can be found in the game environment during the campaign.There are many Memories in each Level and they are all dynamic,which means the informations they carry are based the Memories you've previously found. As there are two civilizations,you will only be able to follow one of them in certain chapters of the game,and the Memories of the civilization you are fighting against will note be available,but you can grab them on the game website by changing your chapters with those of someone else ! Introducing our team ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Our goal is to deliver a unique Infiltration experience with a colored Artistic direction . The game will be available on Windows,Linux and Mac . Currently we are a small team of young amateur developers and we work on the game on our spare time : -Chaumette « Fansub » Adnan :Project Leader,Art Director,Level Designer and 3D Environment Artist . -Baidhir « Mayaaz » Hidair : Weapon and Props Artist . -Mathis « Artemisart » Chenuet : Technical Director and Gameplay Programmer . -Pierre "Minéos" Gervais : Game design Programmer, UI Programmer and External Tools Developer . - François-Xavier « FX » Guillois : Scriptwriter . - Fanny « Jelly » Husson : Concept Artist . We are Recruiting ! ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ We are currently looking for some team members to help us in the development process of Project Silva . Here are the post we are seeking at : - 1 Level Designer : Experienced with the Unity Engine,modeling skills are a big + -3D Artists :Experienced with any modeling software,Character or Environment Artist . -1 Programmer : Experienced with the Unity Engine and the C# programming language . PS :The jobs are unpaid . If you're interested in one of the jobs bellow please contact me on my Skype : chaumette.adnan or fill the Contact Form on our website . ____________________________________________________________________________________________________ VIDEOS IMAGES Thanks !
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