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Found 34 results

  1. Hi guys and girl. I want to collaborate with someone or team. You know, Im artist. I can... but I don't want to make 3d model work now. Mostly Drawing, design, art direction... Pls. Only realistic and serious projects, not fan game works, copycat survival games or boring we want you type military fps games vs... Thank you. Especially in Stockholm / Sweden !
  2. Hi everyone! After 3 years of no activity I just started making games again. One of my new projects is #Fast And Smart, wich is a 2D android game. Its kinda rougelike with brain training battle system. (You have a short amount of time to answer a simple math question like 3+2) As you play the game gets harder, so you learn more. The game is in its final states, just needs a little bit of polishing I attached some pic's as well Now i wan't to publish the game to the Play Store but let me know if you have any ideas or questions, or just wan't to try it out. Good to be back.
  3. Hi!!!! I am creating a 2D project..... The Following are the Objects Used 1) Player - Gameobject 2) Spawn Location - Array 3) Max & Min Range - Int 4) Powerup - Gameobject From last one week i am stuck with this issue.... ---> I want to spawn the powerup at random location.. but need to check if the player reaches the nearest spawnlocation... But the powerup should only spawn once.... And as the player collects the Powerup the spawn location should get reset and again the second nearest location should get set in the spawnlocation array.... Code:- if (spawnpointreset == false) { spawnlocation = spawnpoint[UnityEngine.Random.Range(0 , spawnpoint.Length)]; spawnpointreset = true; } Vector2 playerPos = Player.transform.position; Vector2 spawnpos1 = spawnlocation.transform.position; if ((Vector2.Distance (playerPos, spawnpos1) <= maxrange) && spawned == false) { Debug.Log ("Hey Spawn Manager is Working"); powerupspawn (); // as the spawn should only do work once.. and reset the spawn location.... } } void powerupspawn() { Instantiate (powerup, spawnlocation.transform.position, spawnlocation.transform.rotation); spawned = true; spawnpointreset = false; } }
  4. Anyone interested in messing around with a 2D platformer? (Making not Playing) I've been kind of bored lately and started a little project similar to Pixel Survival 2. As of now its mostly on paper and in my head besides a few things like the main core engine which is a tough choice between Corgi and Platformer Pro. (Dont hate on the choices lol) The main idea is to make a RPG kind of 2D platformer with ideas from games like Zelda, God of War, and Pixel Survival. Thinking a long story line gameplay with going feral as a theme Not quite planning on making any money off this project but i am determined to finish what ive started so my brain can move on. Pretty much just wondering if anyone thats also bored or has free time would wanna join in on the fun doesnt matter what skills you may offer 2D art & animations, audio, coding just having another person to talk game design with is good when your surrounded by "normal people" Feel free to hit me up -Note- This is NOT any form of a job/request/showcase/offer or anything else lol Im just that guy in a circle passing the peace pipe outside the circle.
  5. First of all, I am happy that after a few months I can finally post again on the ArmedUnity forums. For some reason, I could not access the site through any browser, I don't know if the problem was on my end, or the site was down for a time. Now that I finally have a decent computer, I can resume and start any projects I wanted, without being limited due to my computer's power. Second, around four months ago my friend and I came up with an idea about a 2D project, which we named "Perfect Society"(Please note that we have no information about any current games/other projects going with the same name, but if it becomes an issue, we can work it out). Let's start the introduction of the game with some information and screenshots. We think this idea is somewhat unique, and are excited about sticking with this project. Story: The Scenario: Features: [Screenshots: UPDATES,FEATURES AND NEWS BELOW: New sprites in work, this one shows a human transport ship, work in progress: Ship rough idea.png?dl=0 [Update0.1] Reworked Lighting and visibility [Update 0.2]Systems progress and other Dynamic events
  6. Have you ever wondered what it's like to be a grandpa? This game will show you the day of grandfather, from morning till evening. Ride a bicycle, feed grandson, sort pills and more! This day will be unforgettable for you! This experience you will not get anywhere else! Features - 8 different levels - Click, drag-and-drop, balance, shake, wipe, and many other non-recurring actions - Easy-to-learn for any player with increasing difficulty for the most sophisticated - Nice music - Flat design
  7. Introduction As a side project, I am currently working on a top down shooter kit (for games like zombie/survival waves, team deathmatch, counter strike), that will look professional compared and compatable on mobile devices, including a lot of advanced features (AI, map editor) that can be implemented easily. Im not showcasing this kit yet, but maybe some betas can be tested if requested. Most kits are hard to use and difficult for beginners (most unity users that use kits are beginners), and thus this user friendly kit should contain custom inspectors, and documentation. But I need some advice on features, and opinions. I also need a catchy name. Thanks guys. The Roadmap Progress - Multithreading for tile management - Added a HUD supporting 2 weapons icons, health with ammo bar (Minimap is also added but not shown) - More tile paint brushes including box fill (think magic wand from minecraft => massive time saver) - You can now hide the tile picker to save space Finally introduced entities as a counterpart to tiles (are also serialized just as tiles in .map files) - Game Lobby has been set up with working chat - As you can see this is the player in action (ammo had a weird bug) - Progression has been made on the AI. MORE PROGRESS IS POSTED FURTHER INTO THE TOPIC
  8. We are looking for an artist who is capable of designing mobile game assets 2D and 3D. The 2D will be full game UI's, ranging from icons to ingame ui. The 3D will be designing new levels and maps for mobile games. If you think you are the person we are looking for please send me a message with your portfolio and pricing. Regards
  9. hey guys, i'm working on a small project where i want navigation to be tied to the tiles, basically the same as in pokemon where if you move you can only go from tile to tile instead of moving freely. is there a way to cut my map into tiles and store the coordinates of those tiles?
  10. PUMP JUMP : PUMPKIN RISE - Brings a new way to Pump, Jump and Rise without breaking your phone or throwing it against the wall. Accept the insanely addictive challenge of hardest yet simplest game ever. Experience the adventure of a Halloween Pumpkin in this super simple yet attractive game play with super stunning graphics and digital sound. All you have to do is to just Tap and Tap faster on the screen to Rise and Jump through the world by dodging wooden logs in a fast paced game. Stay Alive, Be quick to pass through the moving obstacles, Set a high score and challenge your friends in this ambitious game to beat your high score. WARNING: Don’t get annoyed it’s challenging; unlike any other flappy tappy annoying games. --- FEATURES --- ☆Brand New and Addictive simple touch screen game, unlike any other Tap games you have played before. Suitable for all ages. ☆Astonishing Halloween Pumpkin animations and high resolution graphics. ☆Excellent digital music and sounds. ☆Facebook Sharing – Easy to share your score in friends and family. ☆Easy and fun to play, yet hard to master. ☆Optimized both for phones and tablets. So enjoy the unlimited fun from a larger screen as well. ☆And be warned; this game is INSANELY ADDICTIVE. So, who can tap hard and rise to the highest in “PUMP JUMP : PUMPKIN RISE”? Download and Start playing now and set the high score and beat your friends and family. -- DOWNLOAD LINK -- Like us on Facebook or follow us on twitter for the latest update and our new games. --- FOLLOW US ON TWITTER --- --- LIKE US ON FACEBOOK --- --- SCREENSHOTS --- --- GAMEPLAY VIDEO --- View My Video
  11. I want to be able to draw lines on screen and automatically they should be converted into a smooth line or snap to a grid and form rigid body with collision in real time- android,2d
  12. In this video I make a color changing system and a size changing system for our dots / points / balls / how ever you wanna call them
  13. Hey brothers, I am working for creating a boundary at the side of the screen using Camera. Means by the View of the screen and player position I am working on the code(C#) but seems to be not working. Var camera = camera.main; var currentplayerpos = transform.position; if( currentplayerpos > camera.main) { //................. the stop code for the player. / or the destroy the player and game finished/ } please help
  14. In this video I make the hp system.
  15. Hey guys , so I was browsing the forums and such and I couldnt really find a good 2D controller anywhere so I decided to code a simple one. This is pretty basic stuff. There are keycodes that you can setup in the inspector for movement and jumping. The jump works by a triggered boolean that detects the "ground" tag to check if it can jump. The scale var is used for flipping the controller and can also be changed in the inspector. So yeah. There you go. *Ill probably post an updated one with animation later. var moveLeft : KeyCode; var moveRight : KeyCode; var Jump : KeyCode; var PlayerScale : int; var speed : float = 4; var JumpHeight : float = 10; var canJump : boolean; function Update () { if (Input.GetKey(moveLeft)) { GetComponent.<Rigidbody2D>().velocity.x = speed *-1; transform.localScale.x = -PlayerScale; } else if (Input.GetKey(moveRight)) { GetComponent.<Rigidbody2D>().velocity.x = speed; transform.localScale.x = PlayerScale; } if (Input.GetKeyDown(Jump)&& canJump) { GetComponent.<Rigidbody2D>().velocity.y = JumpHeight; canJump = false; } } function OnCollisionEnter2D(other : Collision2D) { if(other.transform.tag == "Ground") { canJump = true; } }
  16. My team needs someone for textures. We have multiple textures, but no one to texture the enviroments. Any help is great. Contact me at
  17. Hello, I have the problem in spawning trees object from prefabs folder to the ground drawing by EdgeCollier 2D. Here my code in add new tree object, with checking by RaycastHit for the Ground position on fixedupdate() every frame. //3 float objectPositionX = lastObjectX + Random.Range(objectsMinDistance, objectsMaxDistance); RaycastHit2D hit; hit = Physics2D.Raycast(transform.position, Vector2.right, 100f, mask); obj.transform.position = new Vector2(objectPositionX, hit.point.y); obj.transform.position is new position obj the tree, and objectPositionX doing good. So, How can i get exactly Y position of the ground for put the trees on above ground. At the moment It's always put incorrect position. Thanks John
  18. Hey guys my names "Monsta" and im going to be making an Online Multiplayer iOS game for devices such as the iPhone and iPad. This game will be an open world zombie survival game, throughout the game you will have to find Food, Armor, and Weapons to survive. Players will be able to find other players and there will be cars for transportation. I want to create this game because I personally think it will be huge. There are no other 2D Zombie Multiplayer Open world games in the App store right now so I want to be the first to make it happen. I am looking for people that can work for free.(No-Pay) This is what ill be looking for: - Programmer - Audio Design (Music) - Audio Design(Effects) - 2D Design/GFX Design If you would like to help and you know how to do one of those in the list above you can add me on Skype or send me a PM. Skype: EsoMyEgo -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  19. I have worked on this project,soon it will be finished and will be available for download on our website or play on Game Features: Scores Best Score Character Shop Coin Collect Player Animations Sprites Buttons And more check in video Need to add: Loading Image (like on mobile games) (AgonBlinz) Needed to fix: Platform Sounds .... Video: Website: Read This: I used 2d infinite runner kit.
  20. Hey, i'm trying to get the angle between a collision between two 2d objects. View the image bellow :
  21. Hi everyone ! I have a problem ... I tried everything i was able to try ... I also used GUI buttons ... but when I was pressing right and left arrows ... the player was just facing in that direction ... but no move ... and about jump button ... my player jumps that many times that I press the jump button... If I'm using the Pc controls, "A" "D" and "Space", everything works fine ... What is the problem ? So how I can add GUI controls ? Here is my Script : using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class Player : MonoBehaviour { private bool _isFacingRight; private CharacterController2D _controller; private float _normalizedHorizontalSpeed; public float MaxSpeed = 8; public float SpeedAccelerationOnGround = 10f; public float SpeedAccelerationInAir = 5f; public bool IsDead { get; private set; } public void Awake(){ _controller = GetComponent<CharacterController2D>(); _isFacingRight = transform.localScale.x > 0; } public void Update() { if (!IsDead) HandleInput(); var movementFactor = _controller.State.IsGrounded ? SpeedAccelerationOnGround : SpeedAccelerationInAir; // Resharper disable ConvertIfStateToConditionalTernaryExpression if(IsDead) _controller.SetHorizontalForce(0); else _controller.SetHorizontalForce(Mathf.Lerp(_controller.Velocity.x, _normalizedHorizontalSpeed * MaxSpeed, Time.deltaTime * movementFactor)); } public void Kill() { _controller.HandleCollisions = false; collider2D.enabled = false; IsDead = true; _controller.SetForce(new Vector2(0, 20)); } public void RespawnAt(Transform spawnPoint) { if (!_isFacingRight) Flip(); IsDead = false; collider2D.enabled = true; _controller.HandleCollisions = true; transform.position = spawnPoint.position; } public void HandleInput() { if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.D)) { _normalizedHorizontalSpeed = 1; if (!_isFacingRight) Flip(); } else if (Input.GetKey(KeyCode.A)) { _normalizedHorizontalSpeed = -1; if (_isFacingRight) Flip(); } else { _normalizedHorizontalSpeed = 0; } if (_controller.CanJump && Input.GetKeyDown(KeyCode.Space)) { _controller.Jump(); } } private void Flip() { transform.localScale = new Vector3(-transform.localScale.x, transform.localScale.y, transform.localScale.z); _isFacingRight = transform.localScale.x > 0; } }
  22. So looking into changing things on a current project I'm working on, and what I'm looking to do is have a 3d scene, underneath a 2d overlay.. Just to give it some life instead of using a static image for the city.. Basically the image below. I'm trying to find a way to display the city using a 3d perspective camera, and everything else rendered as 2d.. I'm playing around with different cameras, but hit a few roadblocks.. I do have NGUI that I bought quite a while ago and use it a lot.. and I'm wondering if it wouldn't be best to render all of my other elements as a 2d GUI on top of the scene.. Most of the interface I can do in NGUI that way I think, but some of the scenes I'd like to combine some 2d and 3d elements both.. and having never ventured into the world of 3d, I thought I would ask.. any thoughts or ideas or suggestions? I appreciate all your feedback!
  23. Hello everyone !!! Wanted a help of you guys. I've tried search on this subject here in the forum and found nothing similar. Well ... I have a project for a 2D game to make a game of Battleship. Could someone point me to some tutorial for me to study, or even a sample project so I can learn from it. From already thank you very much! All have a wonderful weekend!
  24. I'm sure you've come across this problem easily if you've played with or used the Unity 2D Features such as Polygon Collider and simple Animator, Everytime I setup an animation for a sprite to change frames when it already has a polygon collider, it doesn't recalculate or refresh any changes, it just continues with the old polygon collider from the original frame of the sprite as if nothing changed. Unity never thought it would be relevant that a game developer would need the polygon collider to update, WITH the actual sprite as it's animated? so Lame, so far my only workaround is destroying the polygon collider and re-adding it... which as you would think is very cost heavy, it is. So if anyone has any other ideas please be sure to share! Destroy(GetComponent<PolygonCollider2D>()); gameObject.AddComponent<PolygonCollider2D>(); This is generally bad practice and shouldn't be done, but Unity's given us 2D game developers no choice!
  25. Hello guys i have made new game for mobiles i needed for it lot of days. News: New buttons New effects MainMenu - Select planet (Galaktik or Grassic) they looks different (more fun for play) New planets - Galaktik and Grassic Changed white objects in gameplay Different players per planet Game Features: MainMenu Loading Screen Animated Buttons Animated Player Animated Object Facebook Button - Click to go to facebook site ---------------------------------------------------------- Created By:AroBlinz ---------------------------------------------------------- Video: ---------------------------------------------------------- Bugs in video: Half game screen not seen at MainMenu ---------------------------------------------------------- Comment (Anything) News: - New mainmenu - New buttons - New gameplay