Space Rescue

Tired of the strain that Alpha Centauri has taken? Brain draggin’ from trying to setup too many strategies in NBA Live? Take a break; grab the shareware version of Space Rescue from Gameday.



Space Rescue is essentially an Asteroids remake, well sort of a cross between Asteroids and the old game Defender. Asteroids’ style you control a little ship you zip across the void of space while zapping…well, asteroids. As you do this you must rescue astronauts, a la Defender, that have been sucked out of the space station, The Argonaut after the hull was breached during a massive asteroid storm. Simple little story, which is a relief because anything more than that would take longer to read than to play the actual game.

No need to configure a joystick here, the keyboard will suffice. No thinking required either; just leave your brain atop the monitor and save it for pretty much anything else. The game is as simple as pound a key to fire your ships’ gun and run over (rescue) astronauts and return them to the space station. Doing all this garners you points, points for blasting the asteroids and more points for rescuing and returning surviving astronauts. Don’t forget to avoid getting smashed by those asteroids.

That is pretty much all there is to it. Oh, and lest I forget, you can also shoot up UFOs’ for points…yee haw! Will the fun never cease?

Graphically you’ll be able to rest that GeForce card and break out the …

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E3 – the games

From the same ‘ol to nothing ever seen before



Today’s article is the second in a two-part feature on the Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) held in L.A. May 11-13. Yesterday’s article gave a brief overview of what E3 is. Check it out if you really want to know. Today’s focuses on the actual games showcased at the expo – and mostly just the top game in each genre.


Sadly, this area was possibly the least represented category at the Entertainment Expo. And sadly the top sports game is a sequel that will possibly rehash its last installment. Electronic Arts’ “Madden NFL 2001” will probably play exactly like the 2000 game, but its biggest gain is in the graphic department. Large tweaks – like higher resolution player models – and smaller ones – like including wristbands and other gear on each player – will make it look as good as the eye-candy PlayStation 2 version.


Another ill-represented category with its top game also a sequel. However, when the game is LucasArts’ “Escape from Monkey Island,” it’s easy to forgive. The funniest and most beloved series in adventure gaming will be getting its fourth installment sometime this year. It was unexpected but a joy to hear. It will also bear some remarkable changes. It will change from its two-dimensional (although quite impressive) graphics, to a three dimensional world. It will be running on the same engine that ran another of LucasArts’ adventure games – “Grim Fandango.” While the game play …

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Seat Massagers for Gaming Chairs

If you ask ten of the most successful professional gamers from e-sports which are the most important miscellaneous element needed for success, you might get surprising answers. Sure, the mouse and professional keyboard are important, but on the long term, they will all tell you about the importance of having a good seat massager for gaming chairs.

Many of the modern gaming chairs also come with a massage feature, which is welcomed but also contested by professional and amateur e-sports players. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of seat massagers for the people spending a lot of time in front of the computer: gamers.

Advantages of massage chairs for gamers

  1. Anytime – after a long and tensed Counterstrike fight online with your friends, you might want to relax by watching a quick Youtube movie before beginning the next session. By turning on your massage chair, you will relax easier and you will be ready for playing a lot faster than your opponents! Don’t tell them your secret, but we bet some of them already know it and they use professional massage chairs in their breaks.
  2. It can give similar effects with the ones offered by a therapist – most of these chairs are programmable, which is a delight for gamers to discover. Doesn’t be surprised the features of these chairs can be just as complicated as the controls of a space ship, as they offer many features and a relaxing massage at any time. This means you can relax after

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Five Dreamcast Games You Absolutely Must Buy in 2000

The new year is going to be a good one for Dreamcast owners. Although most of 1999’s releases haven’t been very inspiring or long-lasting, 2000 promises to be completely different, with a large number of impressive looking titles scheduled to be released. We’ve decided to pick the five titles we personally are looking forward to, and give brief previews of why they should be in any Dreamcast owner’s library.



Since the Dreamcast’s graphics capabilities pretty much guarantee that all games will look amazing, we decided to base our decisions upon gameplay, story and pedigree information collected across the ‘net, and upon the likelihood of the game actually shipping before Jan 1, 2001.

1. Ecco the Dolphin: Defender of the Future

Appaloosa’s vision of the future is one in which humans and dolphins rule the Earth together, protecting the inhabitants of land and sea alike from a group of evil tyrants. In a desperate, last ditch attempt at victory, these tyrants build a ship and send it back through time in order to prevent the historic alliance of man and dolphin from taking place. Fortunately for us, however, Ecco is caught up in the backwash of this ship, and is also transported into the past, where he is the only being capable of saving the future.

Any serious Genesis fan will tell you that the original Ecco the Dolphin was one of the most unique titles to grace the system, and Defender of the Future looks to follow in that tradition, …

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Dweep. No it’s not a typo. It’s the creation of Dexterity Software. So what exactly is Dweep? Well, Dweep is the shaggy purple hero of his own game. Dweep is a game for puzzle fans only so Tetris and chess fans should be the first in line for this little gem.



Dweep is all alone in a hostile world and it’s his job, with your help, to rescue the baby Dweeps. You must guide Dweep through ingeniously designed levels that contain a vast array of traps that are present to prevent Dweep from rescuing his youngin’.

Logic is your ally as you try to maneuver Dweep past the deadly obstacles to his prize. The level design can be frustrating – almost to the point of yelling at Dweep for making a misstep. OK so I’m guilty of yelling at my monitor, it’s not unusual if you live with me. Some of the challenges you’ll face include laser beams, bombs, ice, hot plates –oh there are just too many to list. There are also various items that you can use to your advantage and some can be used in a couple of ways, requiring you to pick the correct usage for the situation.

In order to pass by laser beams you must use a mirror to change the direction of the beam. The only problem is you have a choice of mirrors pointing in opposite directions, so it’s easy to pick the wrong mirror. You can also use a wrench to …

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