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Found 43 results

  1. Hello, By the Able_Elizalde request, I will start the tutorial about ,,How to create a simple tetris game". So far I've never tried to make a tetris game. And this may not be the best way to do tetris style game. You can test final result. In these tutorials I will show you how to: Generate board Create a shape Move shape down Collision between other blocks and edge User input Block rotation Check if there is full row, destroy and move blocks down The first part of this tutorial is here. The second part of this tutorial is here.
  2. Helllo, I recently created my new blog, about unity, and also my first post which is how to create a simple match3 style game. You will learn how to: Generate board Select two blocks Check if they are near Swap position and data Check for match3 Destroy and spawn blocks Tutorial: Blog:
  3. Hey guys, I just posted a youtube video on how to make a creepy forest in unity. It's pretty simple but I thought it might help people out. Feel free to give me feedback/ criticism if you want
  4. The Update and a shape that is performed in every few frames , The FixedUpdate and a shape that is performed before q update and every frame ; WHAT IS THE UPDATE AND THE FIXEDUPDATE UPDATE CODES AND USUALLY USED WITH MOST SIMPLE SIMPLE AS ACCOUNTANTS ETC . The FIXEDUPDATE CODES AND USUALLY USED WITH MORE COMPLEX ACCOUNTANTS OF TIME PHYSICS SETTINGS ETC EXAMPLE PUT ON A SCRIPT AND OPEN THE CONSOLE CTRL + SHIFT + C OR WINDOWS CONSOLE >> simple >> void Update ( ) { print ( Time.deltaTime ) ; } void FixedUpdate () { print ( Time.deltaTime ) ; } A More Complex Target public Transform ;/ / UmCubo public Transform Ob ;/ / A Camera With ortograica vision viewing the aerial target in sight bool UseFixedUpdate ; void Update ( ) { Target.transform.Translate ( 0,0,20 * Time.deltaTime * ); if ( UseFixedUpdate == false ) { Ob.transform.position = Target.transform.position ; } } void FixedUpdate () { if ( UseFixedUpdate == true ) { Ob.transform.position = Target.transform.position ; } } WHAT DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE UPDATE AND FIXEDUPDATE WHAT MORE LIGHT UPDATE OR FIXEDUPDATE ? The Update and lighter because it does not execultado whole frame To use mobiles not use the update fixed simple update; OBS i don't talk english perfectly sorry for the all grammatical errors ANY DOUBT : D
  5. REALLY good How to use GUI Tutorial. Hey Guys! Today I found a really good GUI tutorial. So far I'm learning quite a bit from it. And I think it could help a lot of new people out who are trying to make a main menu. Hope It Helps!
  6. founded this good tutorial generating terrain from scripting enjoy..
  7. Bone Weight Copy Tutorial For Blender This is for blender users who do not know how to do this. I recently figured out how to do this. This made weight painting a whole lot easier for me, hopefully it would do the same for blender users learning how to weight paint in blender. Weight painting is a very time comsuming process if you don't know any tricks. This is going to make weight painting a whole lot faster for you guys. I'll try to explain this process to you guys in steps to make it simple. 1st Step ASSIGN VERTEX GROUP The first thing you want to do is assign your bones to a vertex group under edit mode. Select the vertices you want to assign to your vertex group under edit mode. Name your vertex group. After you created a vertex group for all your bones. You can go to weight paint and start setting weights for your model. 2nd Step COPY VERTEX GROUP Now you want to copy that vertex group by clicking on the arrow on your right. Go down the list to copy vertex group. Blender should create a new vertex group naming it copy at the end. 3rd Step MIRROR AND ASSIGN WEIGHTS The next thing you want to do is select the bone you want the new copied vertex group to be assigned to. Click the arrow to the right of the vertex group. Go down the list again to mirror vertex group. Blender should then mirror the weights to the bones you have selected. *The mesh the bone is assign to must have the same topology or some weights will fail to mirror* Delete the old vertex group and assign the copied vertex group as the same name as your bone. And there you have it! I hope the helps someone out there. I just found this out recently, I thought I would share it with you guys. Please share your comments, questions and concerns, thanks you. Check out my game under the showcase section and give your support!!! The topic name is - FRIECE - Fighting Game ProjectThank you for reading.
  8. Hey Guys , I Need Help , I Was wondering and trying to add animated legs to a FPC that I Got , How can I Add them , and Is the Torso of the player going to be visible or not
  9. Reverting back to previous version of Monodevelop ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A lot of people are not happy with the upgrade Unity has given it’s new built-in script editor – MonoDevelop. So here’s how to effortlessly revert back to the previous version you know and love. There are two methods in which you can go about this: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Option 1: 1) If you have the old version of Unity (that had your prefered Monodevelop version on it) somewhere re- install it and copy the Monodevelop folder found in your Unity installation location to your desktop: C:\Program Files\ 2) Next, re-install Unity 4.3 and drag back the Monodevelop folder – Tell Unity to use this version when prompted. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Option 2: Download this zipped copy of MonoDevelop 2.8.2, taken from Unity 4.2.2, and use it. You can either replace the new version that was shipped with Unity 4.3, or copy the old version to your program files folder as a standalone programme, so that future Unity upgrades don't replace it. This is the preferred method as it preserves the new version just in case you want to use it again. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Click to Instantly Download Happy New Year to all.
  10. Hey guys I have uploaded videos on how to make a multiplayer FPS game on unity. so please head over to this link to go to my channel and you will find the vids there. Credits go to Richard Boomsma and Remix Games (reuploaded their videos) Thanks for reading this Regards EL_Gaming
  11. I'm not good at art but here is a picture of how to make a basic person! Step 1: Make the bones of the person (kinda looks like a stick man) Step 2: Make the body more 3d and less like a "Stick Man" Step 3: Go over the person and make an outline around the bones and bam! Step 4: Enjoy!
  12. UV Mapping is one the interesting part while texturing an object. The following tutorial covers how to properly mark seams for a cylinder and unwrap it in UV image editor. This is very basic tutorial for beginners. This method can be used if you are making metal barrels, or barrels of rifles or shotguns. COMMANDS USED : Shift + A = To import an object into the scene Alt + Right Click = To select Vertices in a line Ctrl + E = To Open Menu to mark Seams, Sharp etc. Ctrl + A = To fix Location, Rotation and Scale of an Object U = To open UV Mapping menu Tab = To view vertices of and object A = To select/Deselect all vertices of an Object Step 1 Open Blender and import a cylinder into the Scene. Step 2 Right Click on Cylinder and Press Ctrl + A and click on 'Scale'. At the lower left corner check all three - Location, Rotation, Scale. This feature will fix the scale, location and rotation of your object to 0,0,0 and hence there will be less glitches while unwrapping. (Use this feature only if you modify you object, for eg i have stretched cylinder with respect to Z-axis. So, i need to do this.) Step 3 Now press tab to view vertices of the cylinder. Hold 'Alt' and right click on any vertices of the top circle part of the cylinder. Now press Ctrl + E and click on 'Mark Seam'. Do the same for bottom part also. Step 4 After Making the seams for bottom and top parts, select any line in between the cylinder as shown in the pic below. Mark seams for it also. Step 5 Marking Seams is Done here. Now open UV Image editor, Select all vertices of the cylinder and press 'U' on the keyboard to open uv mapping menu. Click on 'Unwrap'. Your Cylinder will be nicely unwrapped. (In Graph Editor) Now create some distances between them by individually selecting them( Right click on any of the vertices and press 'L' on the keyboard to select all of the vertices of that part. Press 'G' to move the part around. Congrats! UV unwrapping is done. Now bake an image and texture it using Gimp or Photoshop. I hope you have enjoyed the tutorial. If you have some problems feel free to ask in the comments below.
  13. I'm having trouble finding a good explanation on how to use an array(yes I've searched google). I'm trying to make an NPC find all game objects in a scene with a tag, store all these gameobjects in an array and only target the closest gameobject to the NPC. Also is there a better way of doing this? An array explanation would still be good just in case I ever want to use it if this is the case
  14. Hi everyone! I made somthing like trailer to show my current work. This is part of my Android game creation tutorials. I will made version for android (with full tutorial how to made it from scratch) and PC version, it will be shooter rpg. Hope you will like it
  15. Hello everyone today I bring you a tutorial on a component of unity often used to make artificial Intelligence. Requirements for this tutorial: Unity PRO. What this componete capable? He and able to make an enemy away from walls and calculate what the distance closer to your path. Tutorial: Step 1 Step 2 Script name "AI" var ComponentNav : NavMeshAgent; var Target : Transform; function Start () { } function Update () { ComponentNav = GetComponent(NavMeshAgent); //find Component type NavMeshAgent ComponentNav.destination = Target.position; } Step 3 Script name "Mouse" var slowDown : float = .2; var screenCamera : Camera; var zDistance : float = 5.0; function Update () { var mousePos = Input.mousePosition; if(Input.GetButtonDown("Fire1")){ transform.position = screenCamera.ScreenToWorldPoint(new Vector3(mousePos.x, mousePos.y, zDistance)); } } Step 4 Step 5 Step 6 Step 7 Donwload Project :
  16. Hi guys, I'just wanted to show you my new youtube channel and my new website, whit as main topic obviously Unity 3D. go check them out and let me know what you think about them Site: Channel: thanks.
  17. How do i call a NGUI Panel in the Scene/ is already in the Scene, I went to "Button "Respawn" and want to call it from there as soon they click on spawn it will call the NGUI panel then will go back to normal?