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Found 21 results

  1. Hey everyone! Its been a little bit since I've posted and that's because I've been working on a cartoonish/low-poly shipyards asset. It finally got approved and released on the asset store so I would be honored if you wanted to check it out! Store Page - https://assetstore.unity.com/packages/3d/environments/urban/cartoon-shipyards-124154 Showcase Video - -Features-Buildings- 2 Storage houses- 1 Loading house- 1 Bridge- 1 WarehouseVehicles- 1 Aircraft carrier- 1 Jet- 2 Trucks- 1 Forklift- 1 Trailer- 1 Barge- 1 TrainProps- 1 Barrel- 1 Cardboard box- 1 Chain link fence- 1 Crane- 6 different shipping containers- 1 Dirt pile- 1 Rock debris- 1 Electrical Box- 2 fence types- 1 Radio tower- 1 Road block- 1 Sand crate- 2 signsEvironment- 1 Tree- 1 Bush - Slap Chicken Games 2018
  2. Hey, iwanted to share something with you that you might find useful. Im working on a Terrain Generator for my game and had some problems due to a lack of documentation of the TerrainData methods so i decided to share a working WIP version of my Terrain Generator. Note that the scripts are early wip and do contain some bugs and has some poor coding style at some points. But i think they are a good reference if you want to build a Terrain Generator yourself or even build further on this one. First of all here is a small preview: So here is the Script for the Texture Data: Here is the main Terrain Generator Logic: Note: you can see its still wip and includes empty methods but i left everything as it is if you want to expand it. And finally here is the Custom Inspector for the Terrain Generator: I hope you like this one since it took me longer that expected to create Also please share any improvements that would be great (Y) Thanks for the read and let me know if there are any major flaws/bugs as well if there are any questions -> feel free to ask
  3. I am practicing low poly style modeling in blender, and I thought I would share one of the models. This mountain was made from a heightmap, and except the backside, which has a little gap/ model is going straight down on one part, it should make a great background for games. The model has 2 materials, one for the main color, one for the snow. Terr01.fbx And, since I made this post, I'd like to show some work in progress with my other models, I think they look pretty neat even if they are a beginer's work
  4. ykk

    unity terrain

    Hello everyone. I need the video map. How can i do this map.
  5. Hello Everybody . I would like to know how to create a very realistic terrain. Thanks
  6. Almgp

    Automapping pack

    introducing you set for automatic texturing a engine. the model does not need UV. Support lightmaps (light probs). for variability shader draws top grass \ sand and mixing at a distance, and generates detailed texture masks variability Enjoy! https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/33428
  7. Trying to get some input on what you guys think of the asset that i made for the asset store, it basically paints the texture base off height, that be change at runtime, or just a one time modification, works with all terrain sizes. https://www.assetstore.unity3d.com/en/#!/content/19749 if interested in buying send me a message Reducing the price to 10 dollars just waiting for unity to approve.
  8. The plan is two make this available on PC only. Use keyboard to control the helicopter, use mouse to orbit view about helicopter. Problem: The camera is going thru the terrain, it will probably also go thru all meshes Video here shows current nasty... http://youtu.be/SeV_P2RaMoo Here is the scene showing the assets connected to the camera... https://www.dropbox.com/s/s3my1v54oem2gsx/terrainthru.PNG Here is the code .. check the attempts I have made (very badly) .... using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; public class CamMouseOrbit : MonoBehaviour { public Transform target; public float distance = 10.0f; public float xSpeed = 5f; public float ySpeed = 2.5f; public float distSpeed = 10.0f; public float yMinLimit = -20.0f; public float yMaxLimit = 80.0f; public float distMinLimit = 5.0f; public float distMaxLimit = 50.0f; public float orbitDamping = 4.0f; public float distDamping = 4.0f; private float x = 0.0f; private float y = 0.0f; private float dist; void Start () { dist = distance; Vector3 angles = transform.eulerAngles; x = angles.y; y = angles.x; // Make the rigid body not change rotation if (rigidbody) rigidbody.freezeRotation = true; } void LateUpdate () { if (!target) return; Vector3 oPos = transform.position; x += Input.GetAxis ("Mouse X") * xSpeed; y -= Input.GetAxis ("Mouse Y") * ySpeed; distance -= Input.GetAxis ("Mouse ScrollWheel") * distSpeed; y = ClampAngle (y, yMinLimit, yMaxLimit); distance = Mathf.Clamp (distance, distMinLimit, distMaxLimit); dist = Mathf.Lerp (dist, distance, distDamping * Time.deltaTime); transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp (transform.rotation, Quaternion.Euler (y, x, 0), Time.deltaTime * orbitDamping); transform.position = transform.rotation * new Vector3 (0.0f, 0.0f, -dist) + target.position; // Vector3 newPos = transform.rotation * new Vector3 (0.0f, 0.0f, -dist) + target.position; // newPos.y = Mathf.Clamp(newPos.y,Terrain.activeTerrain.SampleHeight(oPos),0.5f); // transform.position = newPos; // float dist1 = newPos.y - Terrain.activeTerrain.SampleHeight(newPos); // // if(dist1 < 0.5) // { // newPos.y = newPos.y + 0.7f; // } // transform.position = newPos; // Vector3 wantedPosition = transform.rotation * new Vector3 (0.0f, 0.0f, -dist) + target.position; // // //Vector3 bumperRayOffset; // Vector3 back = target.transform.TransformDirection(-1 * Vector3.forward); // RaycastHit hit; // // //if (Physics.Raycast(target.TransformPoint(bumperRayOffset), back, out hit, 2.5f) // if (Physics.Raycast(target.position, back, out hit, 2.5f) // && hit.transform != target) // ignore ray-casts that hit the user. DR // { // // clamp wanted position to hit position // wantedPosition.x = hit.point.x; // wantedPosition.z = hit.point.z; // wantedPosition.y = Mathf.Lerp(hit.point.y + 1.0f, wantedPosition.y, Time.deltaTime * 5.0f); // } // // transform.position = Vector3.Lerp(transform.position, wantedPosition, Time.deltaTime * 5.0f); } float ClampAngle (float a, float min, float max) { while (max < min) max += 360.0f; while (a > max) a -= 360.0f; while (a < min) a += 360.0f; if (a > max) { if (a - (max + min) * 0.5f < 180.0f) return max; else return min; } else return a; } } Please help ... : ( We will braai together when all this comes thru .. : )
  9. Hey guys, I just posted a youtube video on how to make a creepy forest in unity. It's pretty simple but I thought it might help people out. Feel free to give me feedback/ criticism if you want https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kK5ePQ-j0o&list=UU6y0_xUA0HMN1vrapFoOk0A
  10. Hey guys, I just posted a youtube video on how to make a creepy forest in unity. It's pretty simple but I thought it might help people out. Feel free to give me feedback/ criticism if you want http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2kK5ePQ-j0o&list=UU6y0_xUA0HMN1vrapFoOk0A
  11. Hello, When camera is near to the terrain, it moves off the map. What is the script I should insert to prevent the camera from moving off the terrain?
  12. Hey guys, i have a question, how is possible to make the terrain textures (for example with rocks) to have a 3d style (like heightmap). I know how to do it on a cube but no on Terrain. Example : I think is something about shaders. If someone can please make a short tutorial on how to create and assign to the terrain. Thanks
  13. Well, I'm back with my new Free " 5 Textured Rocks Pack " in medium poly Very useful for nature in Survival games Hope you like! ~Jackal~ Download: http://adf.ly/iREbR Image:
  14. Hey, does anyone have an idea how to create a infinite terrain for a MMO game? I found this in the asset store but i dont know if that is the right thing for a MMO.
  15. Hello guys, I am going to showcase a game I am currently developing with a friend. It's a survival game in a prehistoric setting (no guns, no zombies, no vehicles). The game is in 3d and not in the voxel art style (like minecraft). The terrain is random generated and the main objective of the game is to survive (you can die due starvation, animals, fall damage, fire and later other players). All of the game is WIP ofcourse and there will need to be a lot of polishing. The game won't be free, you can buy it for a couple of dollars/euros/pounds. Here is our website link: http://nexus-productions.weebly.com/ (yes we know, weebly sites arent awesome). Feel free to donate and subscribe or give some suggestions on the site or below this post! Any questions, pm me. UPDATE 14: -New arms -Buildsystem (WIP) -New buildings -New vegetation -Lots more;! Screenshots: Cheers
  16. founded this good tutorial generating terrain from scripting enjoy.. http://forum.unity3d.com/threads/198651-Tutorial-Procedural-meshes-and-voxel-terrain-C
  17. Hi guys i have a question , when i put a low size on textures for the terrain from close distance its look awesome crystal clear , but from far distance it's weird Low number High Number both are almost from same distance (especially the close distance screenshots are exact from the same distance) so is there any way to fix it ?
  18. SHADER: Screenshot: SOURCE: http://wiki.unity3d.com/index.php/Earth/Planet TEXTURES: http://www.shadedrelief.com/natural3/pages/extra.html
  19. Hey all! We're in the process of creating our first map, and so far, well...it looks pretty nooby! Using the terrain tool built in to unity we add a texture and apply it - 15px or sometimes 5px. Although we have looked all over the net to find textures that wouldn't give this effect we couldn;t find any. Therefore, can anyone in the Armed Unity community help us get rid of the "tiled" look and make the terrain look better! Thanks in advance! Acid Academy - adhamthecomputingguy.wix.com/acidacademy
  20. I have been trying to apply a texture to a terrain from C for over a week now. New to Unity3D however applying a texture to a primitive took me 30 seconds to figure out what am I not doing correctly here? using UnityEngine; using System.Collections; using Utility; public class test : MonoBehaviour { //use this for initialization void Start () { //create a new terrain data TerrainData _terrainData = new TerrainData(); //set terrain width, height, length _terrainData.size = new Vector3(20, 1, 20); SplatPrototype[] terrainTexture = new SplatPrototype[1]; terrainTexture[0] = new SplatPrototype(); terrainTexture[0].texture = (Texture2D)Resources.Load("Standard Assets/Terrain Assets/Terrain Textures/Grass (Hill)"); _terrainData.splatPrototypes = terrainTexture; //how do I now apply the loaded texture to my terrain? //how do I test if my texture has loaded correctly? //Create a terrain with the set terrain data GameObject _terrain = Terrain.CreateTerrainGameObject(_terrainData); } // Update is called once per frame void Update () { } }
  21. Ok so I finally got a head ache on this one if anyone can help thank you so much Since the trees are terrain only objects if you paint them or mass place them ... I want to be able to create invisible prefabs over each tree store in this line of code from what I understand it should work : it only half way does ... it creates the same number of objects per the number of stored tree's in the terrain data for the terrain, but has problem and places all the objects in 0,0,0 the origoin of where the terrain is set .... not the tree positions ... here is the code if anyone has a clue ... I would be like SWEET MAN!
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