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Found 2 results

  1. Version 0.1


    Credits: -Eteeskitutorials Invers kinematics arm scrpt... Original Post http://armedunity.com/topic/8879-free-playerinverse-kinematics-arms/
  2. Hi I'v been working with inverse kinematics recently and faced several problems which i have been able to resolve, but there are some that are still in progress or planning/thinking out the scheme how to solve them. One of those problems is keeping correct offsets for the handles, for animation switching and combining bodyweight rotation,weight and LookAt position. A good example would be, for example: Phase 1: Player is holding a shotgun in his hands and the aiming gun down idle animation is played. Phase 2: Player enters the state, where the right mouse button for gun aiming state is triggered and gun aiming animation is played. Phase 3: Player starts using mouse freely moving around the game, to aim the gun at desired location. The problem starts from Phase 2, the offset handles set and parented under the gun as a child is correctly and precisely positioned to hold the gun correctly, when the Phase 1 is played. So when the player is in Phase 1 the gun hands positions are correct. When playing Phase 2, the left hand offset handle positions are the same, but since the animation is different, the offset doesn't match previous one visually. The gun is slightly further away from the left hand. When the player gets to the Phase 3, moving the mouse and trying to aim at desired target, the lookat position and weights are set. The head and upperbody moves based on the weight and lookat position, but the set hand IK for the certain weapon stay at same position, not moving with the bodyweight. I'v heard some ideas how to fix those major problems in my player controller setup but haven't found a complete solution yet. Some thoughts and ideas i have come up with right now is: key framing aiming animations, the aiming animation is only 1 frame so the animation doesn't mess the IK part up. The thing is, i really dont like that part, because i want to maintain my full setup as its not seperated to upperbody or lowerbody masks. Second theoretical solution? is to smoothly assign the weight to the arms, so the bodyweight and lookat would modify hand positions up, down, left and right or in any direction aimed. Open to any ideas, solutions, concepts who have played around with IK. NB. I only try to solve it with built-in IK, not any addons,extensions. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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