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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, I quickly put together a hunger and thirst script, and I just wanted to share something with you all, and you can use it as you please HungerThirst.cs And here's an example on how you could use it HealthExample.cs
  2. AND THIS IS NOT HOW TO DO IT, use: Color desColor = Color.Lerp(m_emptyColor, m_fullColor, m_currentAmount / m_maxAmount) Thanks YoungDeveloper
  3. Hunger/food script like DayZ!

    Hey does anyone have a food/hunger script laying around because I just can't write the code Im stuck so yah! Help! I need this script urgently...
  4. Script for Hunger

    I put that script for my little guy to hunger, type Hunger 0, 1, 2, 3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10? Anyone know what I put?
  5. hey Guys I just made a Script called "Hunger". (All two Scripts are JavaScripts) It is very simple and like a Hunger and health Bar with GUI Texture. If you add the Hunger Script to the Player there will stand nothing because you have to add a GUI Texture for the Hunger and the Health Bar. If the hunger is higher then 85 Points the player will be given 3 Live Points every Second. When the hunger is 0 your health will decrease by 3 every Second. here is the Script. Translations: Lebenstärke = Health Satt = Hunger Balkenlange = how longe the bar should be. Script: var Health : int = 100; var MaxHealth : int = 100; var Hunger : int = 100; var Timer : float; var Texture1 : Texture2D; var Texture2 : Texture2D; var BarLength : int = 100; private var Speed : int = 3; function Update () { Health = Mathf.Clamp(Health, 0, MaxHealth); if(Health > 0){ Timer += Time.deltaTime; if(Timer >= Speed) { if(Hunger >= 85) { Health += 3; } if(Hunger <= 0){ Health -= 1; Speed = 1; } else { ​ Hunger -= 1; Speed = 3; } Timer = 0; } } } function OnGUI () { GUI.DrawTexture(Rect(400,400,100*Hunger/BarLength,20),Texture1); GUI.DrawTexture(Rect(400,430,100*Health/BarLength,20),Texture2); }
  6. Hello, My name is Benji Leos,and I am looking for a team.My Team members currently are 4 of us, We are currently working on a game called The Hunger Games Online.Which is going to be like(if you play minecraft)the survival games on minecraft multiplayer.If you are willing to help then keep reading.We have been working on the game for about 3 weeks already, but we need more people so we can speed up the process.We are putting up and asset on the store about the Human Model and Already rigid.If you join our team and help us texture it or animate it then you will get $. So now lets get to the point now.below this paragraph copy the red. | | \ / \ / Why do you want to join and help? Skype: What are you going to do if you help(Ex.Modeler): How good is your work? If so you join how many hours will you work? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Please Note I'm Going to post Pictures Here: Please Note that this picture is a basic layout of the map