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Found 11 results

  1. If you remember my first zombies game made with the kit was basically crappy version of call of duty zombies, well now I have made it slightly more fun in my opinion. There are currently only 2 maps, the original Nazi base map which has a new room, new weapons and no longer has the broken mystery box. Some aspects of the map were changed for the purpose of flow and a few glitches were patched as well as new features like auto reload and a low ammo warning. I also added engrams that can drop random weapons from the zombies when you kill them basically like destiny. I also added a few weapons from destiny that you can get as well as a few other weapons from world war 2. Also added in a new perk in the new room. The bosses have a better and higher engram drop rate. The other map is a mixture of borderlands and some destiny aspects, mostly out in the open and only 1 perk in that map. the enemies are not Germans in this map they are borderlands style enemies. also has destiny weapons and the ww2 weapons and boss rounds. but in this map the only way to get new guns is through engrams. Just for fun not any other reason or commercial use at all. DOWNLOAD for more photos go to here and scroll down to previous project: http://clayschrome.wixsite.com/portfolio/my-work
  2. Version 1.0


    Power switch like call of duty
  3. Hey guys, i'm working on a wave spawn script for the zombie kit, but i just can't really get it to work, I'm just in to scripting and learned all the basics, i have some pretty good scripts already,, but this one is just getting on my nerves. All i need in this script is when all the zombies are spawned, it restarts the process and multiply's the amount of zombies for the new wave. All the other stuff on the scrtipt can i do myself, but i just need some help with the spawning process. Oh and when anyone starts about the: Invoke(''function'', waitBetweenWaves) stuff, i already tried it, and didn't work. All help is appreaciated! var currentWave = 1; var spawn : boolean = true; private var CheckForEnemys : boolean = false; var waitBetweenWaves : int = 15; var spawnPoints : Transform[]; // Array of spawn points to be used. var enemyPrefabs : GameObject[]; // Array of different Enemies that are used. var amountEnemies = 20; // Total number of enemies to spawn. var multiplyEnemysPerWave = 1.2; var yieldTimeMin = 1; // Minimum amount of time before spawning enemies randomly. var yieldTimeMax = 3; // Don't exceed this amount of time between spawning enemies randomly. var enemiesToSpawnAtTheSameTime : int = 1; var startRoundSound : AudioClip; var endRoundSound : AudioClip; function Start(){ if (spawn){ StartNewWave(); } } function StartNewWave(){ StartCoroutine("Spawn", waitBetweenWaves); } function Spawn(){ if(amountEnemies > 0){ yield WaitForSeconds(Random.Range(yieldTimeMin, yieldTimeMax)); // How long to wait before another enemy is instantiated. for(var s : int = 0; s < enemiesToSpawnAtTheSameTime; s++){ var obj : GameObject = enemyPrefabs[Random.Range(0, enemyPrefabs.length)]; // Randomize the different enemies to instantiate. var pos: Transform = spawnPoints[Random.Range(0, spawnPoints.length)]; // Randomize the spawnPoints to instantiate enemy at next. Instantiate(obj, pos.position, pos.rotation); CheckForEnemys = true; } amountEnemies --; } } function Update(){ var enemies = GameObject.FindWithTag("Enemy"); if (CheckForEnemys){ if (enemies == null){ StartNewWave(); amountEnemies = Mathf.RoundToInt(amountEnemies * multiplyEnemysPerWave); audio.PlayOneShot(endRoundSound); CheckForEnemys = false; } } }
  4. Hi, I am currently working on a project called Duty of Honor planning to rename it to Unicry Which of them is better Its and adventure FPS game (impressed by Farcry and COD MW) featuring Features Plannig to Add advanced AI ( still working on it) Dynamic Reflection (Completed ), Weapon recoil, ( working for now ) Parkour System (Not started ), Enemy Take Down System (Plannig to Add), These are Features i am planning to add for AI -> Idle -Talk with a friend (Done) -Do reapairing or any other jobs(Fishing,Lumbering) - if near a vehicle climb it and take it for ride() - Patrol (Done) ->Suspecious (if hears some strange noise may be gunfire) -Go and investigate -Found player then attack (Done) - Found a dead body then notify others and search - If not found anything then speak a covering sentence(eg "may be a squirell ,Hm") -> Alert - If enemy is Aggressive then move close to player by hiding(move from one hide pos to another - if enemy is not so aggresive then he shall flank from one and move from cover to cover around the player (Done) - if enemy is near an Mounted Weapon or a car then use it - if Team Leader avaliabe then follow his commands to kill player and his freinds SHOULD I ADD GENETIC ALGORITHM Do you guys think its worth to add programming and time. ( ) Here most of the Behavior uses Node based Tatical Pathfinding (Done) to move through the safest path when searching or to fire at player Here is a demo of the tool developed for this purpose The Node Based Tatical Path Finding uses Dijkstras algorithm (Ingenious of him). -- >Added Efficient Damage System. -->Now working on a bit complex visibility system So what do you guys think do you think should i add or remove something please do help me in this And i am going to release a pre alpha test in a while(may be 3 months from now as I have exams coming up after which i shall continue and i suck when it comes to texturing and skinnig literally take upto 4 hours) But i do have a really old Standalone build(built about 3 -4 months ago ) the project has not been touched until now (Exams and tests,working on models) If you guys like i will upload it please do give any feedback you like,any corrections, Sorry If i talk too much (I.ll remeber to talk rell;y less next time) Here http://youtu.be/HLkwnNtrXrA is an video of my old scene it hasnt been touched in while so it has a few bugs THANK YOU.
  5. Hello! I'm new among developers and needs help. If you have time and of course the source or good conditions you can do the same for me the script for Walking (FPS walker script) something like that. Top to the script was incorporated features such as Crawling, crouch and sprint. if you could pomuc me with this script Please write to the theme given above script. When I finish the game surely I will add you as the main creator of characters and the script. I hope that soon I get Reply. (If you do not want me to write it done (he | she) script to append the answers on this subject under the script here Password: ** SCRIPT IS NOT MY **
  6. It's always been COD at the top of the market. I know this isn't a gaming forum, but I'm assuming much of you developers are gamers as well, and many of you are interested in the fps genre, so I wanted to hear your opinion... This year, I have a feeling that Battlefield 4 will dominate the market. It looks stunning! COD Ghosts just looks like MW3 in my opinion. any thoughts? CoD: Ghosts Gameplay and Explanation: BF4 Gameplay:
  7. So i'm not amazing with coding. But i've been trying to get a Wave/Round Spawner for enemies. My Unity3D asset store is broken and I've been trying to fix it but it won't load. This may be a stupid question, but does anyone know where I may possibly find a round spawning script? Or if there are tutorials?
  8. Hello there to all of you reading this! This undecided project, which is a WIP, is currently being constructed on by a two-man-army! We currently are working on a campaign mode, but nothing else. We're about 0.05% done, since we have so much to do! Do realize now that you will NOT get paid. Hate to break it to you, but the truth is supposed to set us free. Right? This project currently is a WIP, and a level is being designed; but only 1. We intend to construct a game that is based on the large operation that is worldwide known as War on Terror, which started with the 9/11 attacked. That's a suggestion that we may or may not use that scene, but it's unlikely. Skipping ahead. We are currently looking for: A) C# (and possible JavaScript) Programmers (1-2) - We're all newbies at one point, and so we're lenient. We just require you know what you're doing, to be frank. Animator(s) (1-2) - We want medicore-advanced animators. C) Modeler(s) (1-2) - We want ADVANCED modelers. D) Voice Actors (3+) - We want decent, non-crappy quality recordings. We're looking for American-accented people as of now. E) Graphics Designer(s) (1-2) - We want ADVANCED graphics designers, ranging from textures to blood and gore splats, and all of that nice stuff. Nothing like gooey, sweet, sticky blood dripping on the floor. F) Level Designer(s) (1-2) - We require you are pretty good at level designing. G) Trailer/Video/Gameplay/Photographic Editors (2) - We require you are ADVANCED at editing these types of things in order to ensure the output of the game is professional. H) Non-lechers (9+) - We want people who won't leach off of OUR hard work as a TEAM and take credit for the work they did not put into it. I) Beta Testers - The star means infinite, in case you don't realize that. We're looking for beta testers and criticizers as we get into the more 50% stage. We'd like for one person to have Unity Pro, but Unity Pro is not required. It -would- help with shadow effects, etc. for the final project, but, it is not required, for you can bake shadows, albeit it takes longer. Game Info This Work-In-Progress FPS game will rock the FPS genre! It intends to have that realistic twist like the Battlefield series, but go the extra mile to success! It will include the action-packed, thrilling campaign game play you get from some of the world's most recognized series such as Call of Duty, whilst staying on the realm of realism! Do you like killing terrorists? Well damn, who doesn't? Do you like action packed games? Well, DAMN, who -DOESN'T-? If -YOU- are searching for a fun game to beta test or play when it is prepared, all for the low, low, sweetening low cost of only $0.00, this amazing, FPS thriller will be in -YOUR- hands. All for that low, low cost of free. As of now, we are unsure if this will be a part-time hobby or a massive, around-the-clock project; perhaps somewhere in between.
  9. Hey! Me again One question: could you guys help me with the zombie Waves? I was going for a type like cod zombies where you have to kill "this amount" of zombies and then wait "this amount" of time. And then increase the amount of zombies etc. Like cod zombies almost... I tried but it didn't work out for me \ ... I'm using omas enemy spawner script, just so you know but help out a fellow brother here? Thanks in advance
  10. So well i set myself a challenge to create a FNP90 at the same time i set my modeler (Darknet) to make an MP7. NEW RENDERS!!! 31/03/2013 I used 3D Studio Max 2012. Anyway here the High poly renders. Poly count is just in the million mark First person perspective. Side Veiw Angled Veiw NEW RENDERS : 31/03/2013 If i make anymore Models ill add them to this topic. ALSO just to calrify this. DO NOT ASK TO DOWNLOAD THIS MODEL OR ASK ANYONE TO GIVE YOU THIS MODEL. IT IS FOR SHOWCASE ONLY!
  11. Hey Guys, me and my friend are making a game for unity. It is a Hunger Games style game and we have some scripting and modeling done. However, I need help getting the FPS animations for pulling back the bow, punching, swinging a sword ect. So if you want to help us make this game you can contact me on Skype at minikaratekidh.h Thanks, MiniKarateKid
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