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Found 18 results

  1. Have you guys seen this made by Makan_Gilani? This is what good game design like: - Element of fear/thrill (important) - Dynamic IK movement - Procedural (scripted) animations - Camera shaking (motion blur) - Destructable environment - (no sound? but imagine what it would be like with sound) The creator said he'll release a public demo soon so I recommend you follow his twitter: https://twitter.com/Makan_Gilani He also previously posted a similar demo: All #MadeWithUnity
  2. Hey guys, So I just got a new PC and I am looking to find a cool free roam survival game to play with some of my friends. I like the look of DayZ but I do not think that its worth the price atm. We all Like The forest, but Multiplayer is not out yet. Unturned got boring pretty fast Contagion is fun, but it's not free roam D: Does anyone have any ideas? It snows where we live in Canada pretty early (Like right after Halloween) So we wont be able to do anything outside soon We would like to try and find a good survival horror free roam game, with Multiplayer. Thanks in advanced!
  3. Hello people! If you don't already know, I'm in progress with a Zombie game. In this topic my goal is to pick up as many team members as possible, - but advanced ones! Because this is going to be a hard working time, because the deadlines might be short and the complexity we are working with might be hard. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Title: Z.O.E (Zombie Overtake Earth) Genre: Adventure, Horror, Science Fiction Description: You are in a city where it is being taken over by zombies and it is spreading fast. You have to escape before you get infected! Back Story: You play as the male, Zenobios. When Zenobios was 8 his parents were arrested for drug overdose and distribution of drugs. His parents was sentence to 20 years in prison, and Zenobios was adopted sense his grandparents and family members are dead, and his sister Zoe, was only 9 years old and was adopted into the same family too. The parents that adopted Zenobios and Zoe were strict, had very little care for them, and did not treat them respect. The parents treated them like a dictator ship. Whatever they said had no meaning to them and the last thing they would care about would be themselves. Later, when Zenobios and Zoe are older, in their early 20's, they were watching the news and it said "there is a recent outbreak in the University. The Scientists that were working there had got infected and now have some disease that so far is incurable. From what we know the disease is a priority 1 and is spreading quickly! It can spread by animals, insects, and people. We advise you to stay indoors and find safe shelter!”............................. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Plot for Game: When Zenobios and Zoe are older they both join the army. They both live in the army base and are some of the best solders there. Zenobios and Zoe get called into combat for their first time after training and have to go to the University and clear the whole place out because there was another outbreak in the science lab. Then the story continues with more problems and eventually the disease spreads to Zoe and then the city will be in total lock down and then the zombies start roaming the city and then eventually the end of the game. HOW WILL IT AFFECT THE GAMEPLAY Actually what you have read upside, was the back story and Main Plot. So actually the game first start after the back story video. The second level you are in is the part when you are in the army and get called into go and clear and make sure that the university is safe. After that the main problems and plots will start. * Now I'm out of ideas, but I'm working on it * ABOUT ME Nickname: Action Gaming (Company Name) Real name: Peter Age: 14 Good at: Java Script (Beginner), Ideas, Computer (Windows Preferably), Video Creating, Modeling (Beginner), Photoshop, Most of the Adobe Products, and my best thing is understanding and managing a network and business so almost a IT person. (Going for my certificate for Cisco CCNA Voice.) Location: Canada WHICH SLOTS ARE EMPTY TERRAIN EDITORS (creating the basic elements and the ground for the terrain like small mountains, ground texture etc. In this slot you can improve a bit what you think will look right - you will have a drawn map to look after, but the height and smaller things aren't drawn) - 0 / 2 TERRAIN DESIGNER (brings all the plants, prefabs, assets, houses etc. together) - 0 / 1 RUN MODELLER (smaller things like trees, plants etc.) - 0 / 1 (Won’t need one for now since Unity can make some for you and you can download some good ones off the asset store for free!) MISC MODELERS (models everything smaller, like wooden barrels, crates, keys, smaller inventory stuff etc.) - 0 / 1 MODELERS (models creatures, maps, houses, humans (actually you would not need to do a lot of character modeling because we are going to use Autodesk Character Generator. But you still might need to edit some things on them if we do not like them!) - 1 / 3 PROGRAMMERS (scripts and codes what is needed) - 0 / 2 MUSIC AND SOUND PRODUCER (Need to create a theme, sound effects, and all the music in the game!) - 0 / 1 MAP DRAWER (Needs to be able to draw the terrain for us) 0 / 1 GRAPHICS (one who design a logo, main menu etc.) 1 / 1 - I will make the title and stuff like that. But you guys will need to agree on it! TEXTURER (We will need a texture!) 0 / 2 ANIMATORS (ones who animate all the animations either inside of unity or with another program! So you will be animating the character guns, etc. Not the back story and story videos.) 0 / 2 STORY ANIMATOR (You will have to animate the back story and story inside a program and export it into a video file that Unity is able to play!) 0/2 VOICE ACTORS DO NOT NEED ANY YET BECAUSE WE STILL HAVE TO MAKE THE FULL STORY PLOT! SCREAMS and CRYING DO NOT NEED ANY YET BECAUSE WE STILL HAVE TO MAKE THE FULL STORY PLOT! ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION FROM ME: Please be fair, and do not let my age determine your choice. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Thanks for reading all of this! This was pretty long and I hope you join our Team! Thanks and greetings, Peter ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________
  4. Hey guys, I bought The Forest last night (I can't play it, My laptop sucks and the game keeps not responding in the loading screen) I figured I would buy it while It was $15 and buy the time I get a better PC the game should be coming along quite nicely. Just wanted to know what you thought of the game. Do you enjoy it? What are your best moments in it? (Funny/scary) Biggest bug you have found? (Not including the save bug) Are you excited for MULTIPLAYER!!!!! I hope that you can buy servers from them. Not just 1 big map for everyone. I would rather have a private server for my friends and I.
  5. Yeah so basically i'm in the process of making a HUGE terrain for my survival horror game "The Vengeful Dead". And I was wondering from you guys, the awesome community on here what tips/suggestions you had for me that could be of assistance. What would you guys want from a open world zombie fps? Original idea or not, what is it?
  6. Hello guys I am looking for a programmer (C# or Js, it doesn't matter) for a small horror game called Stages of Horror. The game is really simple. You are a person trapped in a labyrinth with diffrent levels. Each level has his own atmosphere. The main quest is to escape of the labyrinth by completing all 10-20 (or maybe later some more) levels. The game will be in a cubic style (cause I love that). I don't mean minecraft style (no voxel). But the players will exist from cubes so are the enemies. Your job will be: -Creating AI -Trigger jumpscares,players,traps,audio,.... -Main menu script -player movement -GUI -... Fill in this if you want to join an pm me ( or send me a mail at: delaeyb@gmail.com) -Name -Age -Country -Work experience (required! Just the basic stuff. This project will be small and for free. So dont expect payments. I will take the modeling on me. See my portofolio on my site (note: portofolio isnt complete cause my harddrive crashed a week ago by a lightning bold) http://bramscrum.weebly.com/ I already got a sound designer. Hoping for a quick answer! Cheers
  7. Hey Guys, Check out my Youtube channel. I post unity tutorials as well as game dev updates! https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC6y0_xUA0HMN1vrapFoOk0A
  8. So here it is boys! Like and Subscribe! Also, custom assets are coming! THIS IS NOT THE FINAL BUILD.
  9. Hello everyone, In this thread I will show the updates I'm making on my game. The name of the game has finaly been decided! It became "Sandy Slaves". I'm making this all by myself, but I'm buying most models from the Asset Store, because I'm mostly a programmer. The story: You live in the time of the slaves in egypt. No one knows who you are and you don't know anyone else. The only thing you heard is that when you've enough money, you can buy yourself free! This is where your story starts, you have to earn 50 coins in order to get free. In order to do this, you should start helping or robbing people for their money! Right now, I've finished about 20 of the 100-150 missions I'm planning to make. Don't worry, not all missions will be like: "Get me this for money!". No, there are/will be time based missions to, and missions where you must have requirements for. Ofcourse there will be plenty of collection missions, but that's not what I'm going for. I've also made some shops which can be needed in order to start/complete a mission. The game itself probably won't be Free to Play (I'm sorry). I'm going to make my own ICT company in a city close to where I live, and I need to earn some money to get new computers, PIN systems etc. But I might change mind later on this. I hope you will enjoy the videos that are coming as soon as possible! -- Update 1 -- -- Update 2 -- No music in the video right now. Next update will contain game music too. Please, donate 15$ to the button below so I can buy the guard model. This will make me able to make more a lot more missions! -- Update 3 -- MAKE SURE TO READ THE DESCRIPTION FOR A LIST OF UPDATES! -- Update 4 -- Donate here and you will get the game for free when it's done. You will also be on of the beta testers without any application format! I'm using the donation money mostly to buy models from the asset store. What's leftover will be invested in the website. https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=B43FW3E46M93G Have a nice day! Catchy Games
  10. So I wanted to know if there's a way with Oma's fps kit (1.3.5) to instead of having the "Lock Cursor" script, if there's a way just to lock the cursor when the scene is loaded. But i'd like it to still work with the Mouse Look scripts, does anyone know how I might be able to make this?
  11. removed due to complications. "Didn't thoroughly test it" Simple Loading Screen. Create a LoadingScreen scene add a GUITexture with your loading screen and create a JS with #pragma strict function Start () { Application.LoadLevel("Scene"); } function Update () { } = epicly easy loading screen. Sorry i couldnt post the real script.. Many bugs that i didnt notice at first.
  12. Are you having problems with back face rendering? Models Going see through with no idea why? Well have i got a fix for you! Shader "Backfaced Bumped Diffuse" { Properties { _Color ("Main Color", Color) = (1,1,1,1) _MainTex ("Base (RGB)", 2D) = "white" {} _BumpMap ("Normalmap", 2D) = "bump" {} } SubShader { Tags { "RenderType"="Opaque" } LOD 300 Cull Off CGPROGRAM #pragma surface surf Lambert sampler2D _MainTex; sampler2D _BumpMap; fixed4 _Color; struct Input { float2 uv_MainTex; float2 uv_BumpMap; }; void surf (Input IN, inout SurfaceOutput o) { fixed4 c = tex2D(_MainTex, IN.uv_MainTex) * _Color; o.Albedo = c.rgb; o.Alpha = c.a; o.Normal = UnpackNormal(tex2D(_BumpMap, IN.uv_BumpMap)); } ENDCG } FallBack "Diffuse" } This is the default Unity Bumped Diffuse Shader with one modification. "Cull Off". I was struggling to find a fix after importing CSS skins that where "Beautiful" but had rendering issues... This shader fixes the problem and has the properties of normal bumped diffuse so Shadows/Lights actually affect the model.. I hope there are people that can benefit from this To Use: In Unity Editor Right Click > Create > Shader, Name it Backface Bumped Diffuse, Open the shader with monodevelop and paste the code above, Now change your materials that are having issues to "Backface Bumped Diffuse" and enjoy your model the way it is suppose to look Enjoy! @Blue Requested. Before, After:
  13. Please. watch this if you like to join my team (ZENDICT Games) then send me a privat massages of what you do and prof that you can do it well. eny way, this game is heavly based on payday: the heist its going be a 4 player co-op robing banks. il ad diferent ways of doing stuff and it will turn out greate. so far as you can see in the game alot has already been done. i have used over a year just to get that done and would like to get some more help. pelase - Hans
  14. Hey All! I remember when I started learning Unityscript that I spent ages looking for one of these! In the end I wrote one myself, its extremely simple and just uses enabling/disabling of GO's and parenting etc. You will have to edit the GetComponent's where it gets the vehicle driving script. Simply place this on your vehicle and edit it a little and your good! This script also raycasts out the side of the vehicle to check for anything blocking the exit, BUT if only one exit transform is supplied (the left one) then it will not. (EG When you exit while still "inside" the vehicle, like the helis in the FPS kit.) This is currently the script being used in FLARE (my project) #pragma strict var TriggerEnter = false; var InVehicle = false; var Player : GameObject; var PlayerTrans : Transform; var Vehicle : GameObject; var VehicleTrans : Transform; //if only the left is in there will be no checking for blockage on the side of vehicle, this is used for the heli var LeftTrans : Transform; var RightTrans : Transform; var RightRay = false; var LeftRay = false; var VehicleCam : GameObject; var EnterMsg = "Enter Humvee"; function OnTriggerEnter (col : Collider) { if(col.name == "Player") { TriggerEnter = true; } } function OnTriggerExit (col : Collider) { if(col.name == "Player") { TriggerEnter = false; } } function Update(){ if(LeftTrans && RightTrans){ if(Physics.Raycast(transform.position, transform.right, 2)) { RightRay = true; }else{ RightRay = false; } if(Physics.Raycast(transform.position, -transform.right, 2)) { LeftRay = true; }else{ LeftRay = false; } } if(VehicleCam.active){ InVehicle = true; }else{ InVehicle = false; } if(InVehicle){ if(LeftTrans && RightTrans){ if(LeftRay && !RightRay){ PlayerTrans.parent = RightTrans; PlayerTrans.transform.position = RightTrans.transform.position; } if(!LeftRay && RightRay){ PlayerTrans.parent = LeftTrans; PlayerTrans.transform.position = LeftTrans.transform.position; } if(!LeftRay && !RightRay){ PlayerTrans.parent = RightTrans; PlayerTrans.transform.position = RightTrans.transform.position; } }else{ PlayerTrans.parent = LeftTrans; PlayerTrans.transform.position = LeftTrans.transform.position; } } if(Input.GetButtonDown("Interact") && (!InVehicle) && (TriggerEnter)){ GetIn(); } if(Input.GetButtonDown("Interact") && (InVehicle)){ GetOut(); } } function OnGUI(){ if((TriggerEnter) && (!InVehicle)){ GUI.Label(Rect (Screen.width / 2,Screen.height / 2,100,100),EnterMsg); } } function GetIn(){ PlayerTrans.parent = Vehicle.transform; Player.SetActive(false); VehicleCam.SetActive(true); if(GetComponent(HeliDashBoard)){ GetComponent(HeliDashBoard).enabled = true; } if(GetComponent(CarController)){ GetComponent(CarController).enabled = true; } if(GetComponent(HumveeDashBoard)){ GetComponent(HumveeDashBoard).enabled = true; } } function GetOut(){ PlayerTrans.parent = null; Player.SetActive(true); VehicleCam.SetActive(false); if(GetComponent(HeliDashBoard)){ GetComponent(HeliDashBoard).enabled = false; } if(GetComponent(CarController)){ GetComponent(CarController).enabled = false; } if(GetComponent(HumveeDashBoard)){ GetComponent(HumveeDashBoard).enabled = false; } } Enjoy! Tell me if there are any bugs.
  15. function ReloadShotgun (){ animation.Play(startReload); yield WaitForSeconds(0.4); animation.Play(insertBullet); yield WaitForSeconds(0.2); audio.clip = SGinsert; audio.volume = 1.0; audio.Play(); yield WaitForSeconds(0.2); animation.Play(endReload); yield WaitForSeconds(0.2); audio.clip = SGpump; audio.volume = 1.0; audio.Play(); } is there a way to make this do it 8 times. So it will put 8 Sheels in then play "EndReload" animation?
  16. So yeah guys here is the showcase for my realistic red dot sight effect enjoy!! p.s OMA you need to fix YouTube BB code
  17. I have animated a robot with Mecanim. Animations -Run -Jump -Idle -Walk backwards -Idle Wave -Fall EXTRA SCRIPT INCLUDED The Third Person Camera Script is included in this package! DOWNLOAD THIS AWESOME PACKAGE FROM HERE
  18. DaBossTMR

    New website!

    Hello guys! I have exciting news for you guys! I got a new website! Someone named Adrian had given me a website for free He's awesome. This site is still work in progress! www.renegradstudios.com
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