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  1. Cast a ray from the player to the camera. If the ray hits a collider, cameras distance from player = distance to the hit location, else, camera distance = max distance
  2. Really the only kind of crypto language I liked in a game thus far is how final fantasy did it with the al-bhed language. But besides that, not really something I would enjoy outside of just wasting time like I do with other cryptopuzzles
  3. I can understand the apple rejection. Looks ok but what's with the side head bob? I see that a lot and always think who in the right mind swings there head like that when they run lol
  4. Just finished modeling the base mesh of a bird for my game and thought I would share. Like I said, it's just a base mesh so there is still optimization to do, vert altering, rescaling, rigging and so on, so don't expect much. It's just a mesh to work off of, nothing more. But here it is:
  5. Thanks man. The base mesh is probably a little more polys than I'd like but I prob won't be fully finished with it til tonight anyways
  6. A video is just a sequence of images so scale wise I'd doesn't really matter, it's mainly just a difference in how it plays. I haven't tried unitys new movie stuff but they've done a fair bit of bragging about it. You can always test it out and see if it's fits you
  7. A good level from top to bottom can take months by yourself, not days. Days is about the amount of time it takes to perfect a single model (model, map and texture -and rig and animate if that's the case-). Even finding exact placement, shaders and correct collision can take up to a couple hours. I've spent a little over a month and a half building a 100x100 level from scratch and it's not even a quarter of the way done, and that's just a demo level bc of building, testing and scrapping. Level design from scratch itself can take a vary long time if your perfecting each level. It took me over a week and nearly 17 models before perfecting a single grave 2 weeks ago. It was either too wide, too tall, not destinguished enough, funky collision, animation interaction was off, etc, etc... this all goes for how well you take care of your level tho. If your just slapping it together and never reworking your models, it may only take you a month to build one. But why spend all that time from scratch building a level if it isn't perfect
  8. bow!/search/page=1/sortby=relevance/query=Bow&price:0-5 1 second search on the asset store and animations at
  9. Ok. Ya was just wondering bc I see it quite frequently. Almost as frequent as click on a video about gameplay and have to sit through 10 minutes of menu showcasing. anyway, good luck man
  10. If the arms are placeholders, why are they fully animated with the weapons, does that mean the weapons are also placeholders? And if they're placeholders, why is the whole video about shooting and animations? just trying to understand that. I tend to see it a lot on the forum and get quite confused when I do see it
  11. for(a=0;a<10;a++) Spawn();
  12. That is odd. Must be just a nav mesh issue, Maybe you have the step height set to 0 and it's going spastic. Besides that I'm clueless
  13. I build my own systems most of the time. And all mass place trees is is testing the contact point from the camera and randomly testing heights inside a a unit circle and placing them. You can even build that yourself in unity terrain if u wanted
  14. Idk about that one, that might be a bug in your unity version. Idk tho bc I don't use unity terrain
  15. The error is misleading for the script provided. Destroying the object cancels any other call after that so it shouldn't be throwing an error at all actually. The issue is still what you stated, but I believe it's showing the wrong line for the cause of it. i believe the cause is your yield statements. If you yield for 2 seconds, it's going to continue to collect trigger calls in the meantime. You should remove any yield statements or at the start of OnTriggerEnter, put if(deadd == 69) return;
  16. Not sure why that is. Try slapping a mesh collider on it and set it to concave and see if it does the same thing. If so, you might have an additional vert floating around up there. p.s. Purely a guess, but wanted to atleast attempt an answer since there wasn't any
  17. Just download the kit here in the forum. There is nothing special about that that sets it apart from any other fps kit.
  18. Memories/Feeling/Emotion -good and bad- if a woman (could be a man also, not singling out) feels as if there body or souls no longer belongs them, they may feel the need to give it away which in terms is hard to kick. Good feelings or emotion may involve adrelin like rollercoaster or racing, and other ways experiencing something that had once gave you happy memories. Habit -good and bad- if you light a cigarette everytime you get in a car, more than likely when you quit, you'll often find yourself trying to reach one when you close the door. That's why a lot of people often eat more when they quit to fill that void (excluding the fact that nicotine makes you less hungry). Another habit may be is something like putting on a headset when gaming, even before knowing if any of your friends will be on. i can go on for days about addiction, but those are the more common ones
  19. This is a modified version of Penny De Byl's (Holistic 3D) implementation with a few minor performance enhancements. Attach Water.js to your water and modify the fishBounds variable to about a half unit away from the edges of your tank. Create a prefab of your fish with Fish.js attached and assign it in Water.js and press play. If you like this system, please check out her website at Water.js public var fishBounds : Bounds; public var fishPrefabs : GameObject[]; public var numFish : int = 10; @HideInInspector public var fish : Fish[]; @HideInInspector public var goalPos : Vector3; private var i : int; function Start() { fish = new Fish[numFish]; for(i = 0; i < numFish; i++) { fish[i] = Instantiate(fishPrefabs[Random.Range(0, fishPrefabs.Length)], Vector3(Random.Range(fishBounds.min.x, fishBounds.max.x), Random.Range(fishBounds.min.y, fishBounds.max.y), Random.Range(fishBounds.min.z, fishBounds.max.z)), Quaternion.identity).GetComponent.<Fish>(); fish[i].water = this; } while(true) { goalPos.Set(Random.Range(fishBounds.min.x, fishBounds.max.x), Random.Range(fishBounds.min.y, fishBounds.max.y), Random.Range(fishBounds.min.z, fishBounds.max.z)); yield WaitForSeconds(Random.value * Random.Range(1, 5)); } } function OnDrawGizmosSelected() { Gizmos.color = Color.yellow; Gizmos.DrawWireCube(, fishBounds.size); } Fish.js @HideInInspector public var water : Water; //public var animator : Animation; private var turning : boolean; private var averageHeading : Vector3; private var averagePosition : Vector3; private var direction : Vector3; private var vCenter : Vector3; private var vAvoid : Vector3; private var speed : float = 0.1; private var gSpeed : float = 0.1; private var rotationSpeed : float = 4.0; private var neighbourDistance : float = 2; private var dist : float; private var groupSize : int; private var i : int; function Update() { if(!water) return; if(water.fishBounds.Contains(transform.position)) turning = false; else turning = true; if(turning) { transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.rotation, Quaternion.LookRotation( - transform.position), rotationSpeed * Time.deltaTime); speed = Random.Range(0.5, 1); } else { if(Random.Range(0, 5) < 1) ApplyRules(); } //animator["Fish"].speed = 60 * (speed/30.0); transform.Translate(0, 0, Time.deltaTime * speed); } function ApplyRules() { vCenter.Set(0, 0, 0); vAvoid.Set(0, 0, 0); groupSize = 0; gSpeed = 0.1; for(i = 0; i <; i++) { if([i].gameObject != gameObject) { dist = Vector3.Distance([i].transform.position, transform.position); if(dist <= neighbourDistance) { vCenter +=[i].transform.position; groupSize++; if(dist < 1.0) { vAvoid += (transform.position -[i].transform.position); } gSpeed +=[i].speed; } } } if(groupSize > 0) { vCenter = vCenter/groupSize + (water.goalPos - transform.position); speed = gSpeed/groupSize; direction = (vCenter + vAvoid) - transform.position; if(direction != { transform.rotation = Quaternion.Slerp(transform.rotation, Quaternion.LookRotation(direction), rotationSpeed * Time.deltaTime); } } }
  20. The audio your listening to is the water reverb from the camera being submerged. There will be a few more changes like pitch, volume, etc but I'm not too worried about that ATM bc I'm still modeling and getting the animations and ai sorted out. But yes, camera plays the same audioclip in and out of the water and functions are already setup for manipulation. All my music and audio clips are recorded and mixed in the studio specifically for this game, so none of the audio is placeholders but may change slightly in the future. There is currently two tracks, one for the base level and one for the graveyard
  21. Here is just a quick game idea I was playing around with today. I'm not doing anything with it bc I've got my own game to make, but thought I would share. Little Mafia is an idea that plays towards GTA or mafia, but in the eyes of a child. A much smaller scale world, but much larger in comparison to player size. Worlds made of cardboard boxes with pictures of buildings on them and neighbors tree houses and sandboxes, the character moves around the map on a tricycle and power wheels with his squirt gun tucked in his diaper. His gang runs a bar that always keeps baby bottled on tap. like a boss baby meets Bebe's kids. Just I'd share so be my guest to use the idea.
  22. Check your quality and texture settings. It's possible that it's set to a low resolution or something that's different from the other pc. Or maybe the project is set to a higher dx that's not supported or installed on yours. thats just a total guess tho and I could be terribly wrong
  23. I'm going to free hand this they may be a mistake of two: class Character { var Name : String; var worldCharacter : int; var worldArmor : int; var worldWeapon : int; var availableWorldArmor : int[]; var availableWorldWeapons : int[]; } class DirectionSet { var north : Sprite[]; var east : Sprite[]; var south : Sprite[]; var west : Sprite[]; } public var worldCharacters : DirectionSet[]; public var worldArmor : DirectionSet[]; public var worldWeapons : DirectionSet[]; Direction set is a class that stores the animations for each direction. World characters, world armor and world weapons are arrays of direction set. So worldWeapons[0] would be the first set of weapon direction set which holds the animations for that weapon in the world. In the character class, you can set the name of the character, which world character set your using, which world armor set your using, which weapon set your using and which weapons and armor are available for this character to use. This is just a quick example of how it can be handled, Ofcourse you have battle characters, battle armor, battle weapons, stats, etc... but just showing the basics. There is a million different ways to handle it but that's the basics of how one would be handled
  24. Is the object that is colliding with this one name "shot"? Does it work if you change it from oncollisionstay to oncollisionenter? Are you moving the object by changing the transforms position or are you using a physics method to move it? Is your object moving to fast to detect collision? if you are saying something: transform.position.z += amount; that will not detect collision, you must use a physics method to move it like addforce or controller.move
  25. Sorry man, I'm just not seeing it. I'll have to let someone else answer this one.