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  1. Define target by tag and search for child inside it ?

    1: targets = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Enemy"); target = targets[someValue]; 2: deadPoint = target.transform.Find("dead_point");
  2. Inventory System UI conversion (Paid)

    Converting GUI to UGUI is generally simple, but at the same time kind of a pain. The reason is that GUI is all code based as UGUI is 50% code, 50% prefabs. That's why since UGUI released, you never see anyone posting a GUI system outside of releasing the entire project or largely bundled asset. You may find somebody willing to do it, but not as many people are go down that rabbit hole
  3. Reusable weapon particle effect

    Good god that's a lot of bullet holes lmao
  4. This is just an example project showing how you can use particle bullet marks without instantiating and pooling. Nothing much more to say than just particle weapon effects example. The project I put it in was something I was working on sometime ago and just never got around to finishing it, fixing some of the issues or actually doing something with so thought I'd just use it for this reason here. Download Here edit: warning: this does not account for parenting to moving objects. If it hits a rigidbody, you have to use an instantiated object and parent the mark to the rigidbody per normal
  5. Unity Update Mode - Help

    By changing animator.updateMode back and forth https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/AnimatorUpdateMode.html
  6. Poll (kinda) - What pc games you would wish to have

    Fortnite The escapists the last night
  7. Cross-promotion Inside Game with updates

  8. FPS animation for projectile based shooting

    You just animate it however you want. There is no rule on how it should be done. I use legacy animations and would just use code for recoil/advance (lift) and do full animation on the weapon itself by calling animation.Play(shootClip); but it can be done however you want
  9. FPS animation for projectile based shooting

    Your question has already been answered twice. Once by me and once Roland. Are you just not reading the posts or you just don't understand the answer? ************************** UnityGamesRoland stated: For projectile based shooting, you are spawning a bullet somewhere which has to go in a given direction, so you cannot spawn it from the center of the screen, that would look weird. Instead you spawn it at the muzzle transform (use an empty gameObject as @OcularCash said) and you can move it in a given direction. ********************************
  10. FPS animation for projectile based shooting

    Wow you guys seriously need help. "Casting, whether raycast or prefab, WILL YIELD THE EXACT SAME RESULTS. SAME POSITION, SAME DIRECTION, SAME HIT LOCATION so in the world would they be cast from different locations? Cameras aren't affected by sway, animation, nothing... so why would an experienced programmer project a raycast from one? But seriously you can do what you want honestly, I tried. Good luck luck man 👍
  11. FPS animation for projectile based shooting

    Disclaimer: although shooting from the barrel is what should always take place, you do have 1 thing that you have to fix. That is that when you are against a wall, although your camera shows your weapon isn't going through it, your muzzle is actually on the other side of the wall so you can shoot through things if not fixed. Each project is different and can be fixed in different ways, but that is something you will also need to consider fixing. I would suggest just casting a ray from the butt of the weapon to the barrel and see if it hits anything.
  12. FPS animation for projectile based shooting

    Here is how to ignore collision with your own collider. https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Physics.IgnoreCollision.html to answer your question, because the tutorials that your watching are by noobs. You can even check kits in this forum, even examples I posted 5 & 6 years ago, they always shoot/cast from the barrel. Shooting from the camera doesn't account for any player/weapon movement
  13. FPS animation for projectile based shooting

    Who in the world told you that you raycast from the center of the screen? The only time you raycast from the center of the screen is if it's a sniper that has a GUI overlay, otherwise it should always be in the direction of the weapon from the weapon, whether raycasting or instantiation, as stated before. And you don't adjust the position of the cast, you adjust its forward direction (rotation). the easiest (less mathematical) way is to add an empty gameobject to the front of the barrel facing forward and name it spawnTransform. Then just rotate it in a random direction (degree) and spawn a bullet (or start a raycast) there. Then apply force (cast ray) in spawnTransform.forward. So that shows there is no difference between the two, casting a ray and spawning a bullet is calculated the same way edit: and make sure you add a layer mask (tell the bullet not to collide with a certain layer) so that it doesn't make contact with your own collider
  14. FPS animation for projectile based shooting

    As Roland stated, you just change the bullets forward vector. You do the exact same thing in raycasting. Nothing should ever be projecting based on just the animation alone whether it's a projectile or a raycast. If that were the case, every weapon would need different idle animations bc every weapon has different accuracy.
  15. Cross-promotion Inside Game with updates

    Just slap it inside a MySQL database and fetch the data whenever needed