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  1. Photon / Maps

    I don't understand why you would post a screenshot. Just created a debug build and it should tell you what's wrong
  2. Photon / Maps

    Create a debug build for your project. As I stated in chat, if the game in the editor works fine but the build doesn't, it's a settings issue or incompatibility issue. If you create a debug build, you will see any errors or messages in the build itself that would not be thrown in the editor
  3. Tank head rotate angle ?

    It's because your rotating the localrotation to the world rotation. You have to convert world rotation to local, then zero out x and z. For instance: rotation = worldLookRotation; localRotation.xz = 0;
  4. Tank head rotate angle ?

    Your using rotation instead of local rotation
  5. fbx issues with blender

    Awesome. I'm leaving when in maybe 15 minutes?! So you should have it in within the hour. I'll just send one tho, don't want to have to do all of them, just to see if it works and get your method if it does
  6. fbx issues with blender

    I'll send you one of the models after work today and see what you can do
  7. fbx issues with blender

    Educational software won't work tho. I'm fairly decent at maya and highly knowledged in 3ds max but haven't been using them in a few years since they started that subscription nonsense, that's why I'm in blender. If you use educational software, it restricts just about everything outside of "learning" including using in a paid application and I'm not one to attempt breaking application terms and conditions. im going to just go about it the hard way and convert them into multiple formats, fixing any issues and combine them
  8. fbx issues with blender

    Ya that's what I'm thinking too. I started doing it yesterday afternoon. Friday I need to fix all the play with the joints and see of a single model and see which rotations are correct by playing through the animations. I think it's gonna take some time to do unfortunately
  9. fbx issues with blender

    So I downloaded 2 different versions of blender (not including the version I normally use) and tried the autodesk fbx plugin on all 3 and blender isn't even recognizing the bos plugin so that's a bust. Tried exporting stl from maya and drumroll..... jack squat. After hitting export it does nothing. No created file, no errors. So another bust. Also tried importing the dae export from maya with all 3 versions of blender and can only import the rig (and the rigs bone orientation is off) and import absolutely nothing, not even the bones, if any mesh is included in the file. so I guess I'm just crap out of luck for about 15 models + rigs when it comes to an easy export. The only alternative seems to be export the rig as dae, fix each bones orientation (hopefully just snapping joints together) then export the mesh as obj and scale it by 0.01 and renaming every bone back to the original names (so legacy animation will pick it) and re weigh the mesh with the rig. Omg this gonna suck
  10. fbx issues with blender

    Haven't tried stl yet. I tried dae and fbx. Fbx just states "could not import" and dae imports the rig but none of the mesh and rig has bones that are improperly orientated. I read stl might work last night but haven't tried yet. But I did read this morning that in order for autodesk fbx converter exports to open in blender, you have to add the autodesk fbx sdk plugin so I might try that as well. Thanks for the reply
  11. fbx issues with blender

    I'm having some fbx issues when importing some models into blender and I'm not sure how to get around them. I need them in blender because I don't currently have a subscription to 3ds max or maya and need to get some edits done and have them readily available in blender. I download a maya trial since I no longer use it and tried to import the model + rig and export them to import into blender with no luck and the fbx converter is just crashing blender. The issue is that blender can't import fbx 3100 for some dumb reason (which is the format they are in). but anytime I use another program to export them into another format, something goes wrong when trying to import them into blender. The models and rig work perfectly fine in maya and also load in unity but for some reason, blender is just not agreeing with it. If someone can please get a list of models exported to an fbx format that blender agrees with and imports properly that would be greatly appreciated. If someone knows of a way to fix this issue but doesn't have time to do it, if you could please, let me know how to do it so I can get this problem solved. if anyone can help, let me know below and I will send you a link to a download
  12. Low Poly Disc Gun Prototype

    No, I've always just modeled for fun and for my games when I'm not programming
  13. Low Poly Disc Gun Prototype

    Thanks. It was a really quick mockup but it turned out pretty good I thought
  14. Low Poly Disc Gun Prototype

    I felt like doing some modelling this morning before working on my levels and was playing around with a banana gun I had in mind. Turned out to be more of a diskette gun than a banana gun (banana clip not included). This is just a prototype of something I had in mind. It's not perfect but hey, can't expect much out of 30 minute model off the top of your head. Trigger is a hand trigger instead of a finger trigger for characters that don't have fingers. I'll probably make a banana in the future sometime and texture it and so on but anytime soon. Also might make a pineapple grenade and elephant gun (a small elephant you hold that shoots peanuts lol) but idk, maybe one day 632 Triangle Diskette Gun Prototype:
  15. Probably bc your sticking that code in the update function. Put it in the start function instead