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  1. Just a guess but could it possibly be from mixing humanoid and generics
  2. Object Impact Sound Script Help

    Any script attached to the water. Doesn't really matter which one. As long as it has access the the sound you want it to play and the audio source you want to play it on. Besides that, your good to go. https://docs.unity3d.com/ScriptReference/Collider.OnTriggerEnter.html
  3. Object Impact Sound Script Help

    I assume your water does not have a collider correct? If it doesn't, oncollisionenter wont be called because it wasn't collided with a collider. If you don't want a collidable collider on the water (because walking on water is prob something you don't want add), you add a box collider on the water and make sure it fits on the sides and is deep enough. Then tick is trigger and add a script calling OnTriggerEnter(). If the trigger contains the object, play the sound
  4. Fps assault Arms Pack Issue

    Click on the the arms mesh object in the scene and in the skinned mesh renderer, adjust the bounds that it encapsulates the arms no matter the rotation. The issue is most likely that the render bounds are not large enough so it doesn't render the arms when animated forward because the render bounds are not visible
  5. camera effect help

    Create an animation and play it on awake. That's literally all you do, it's an animation. https://unity3d.com/learn/tutorials/s/animation there is no exact science. Create a key frame, move it, create a key frame.
  6. camera effect help

    What effect are you talking about? Moving the camera from the ground like your standing up is an animation, not effect. There is several camera "effects" in that video. You have to be a lot less vague
  7. Low Poly Pagoda

    Awesome work man. It looks great. It's all good, that's the whole reason I posted. Good work
  8. Low Poly Pagoda

    Here is a pagoda I've been working on. It's not really too low poly and should be able to work fine with smooth shading as is (besides remapping and retexturing). This is not optimized to it's fullest because I am still making edits (Edited version will not be posted). I am also making the other pagoda's and building and lanterns and what not but I will not be posting those either so please don't ask. Texture is the same as the other low poly topics I've made. PagodaNew.zip
  9. Progressive Reloading(Shotgun)

    Did you search for how to do it or go straight to starting a new topic? A topic was created just a week or two ago asking the exact question: but as OMA answered, there are also for loops and while loops that are able to do progressive reloading. The answer in the previous topic I mention recursive functions. Idk why some ppl think for each loops are the only kind. Not only are there tons more but for each the absolute worst loop you can use performance wise because entire classes every iteration when 9/10 of the time you don't need the entire class. Idk why so many unity tutorials use them. Probably bc most unity tutorials are created by someone who learned for other tutorials or noobs who haven't learned to optimize yet
  10. Custom Editor graphical points to set vector3 position

    Sorry, the position is patterns / max.xy * rect.xy. That takes pattern's position relative to the max and scales it to integer values within a rect
  11. Custom Editor graphical points to set vector3 position

    few questions Does those values go into the negatives? For instance, min of -1 max of 1. Basically, where is 0,0 of the spray pattern? Is it in the middle, the lower left, upper left, etc etc... I only ask because that has a lot of affect on the math behind it. Here is a sudo of 0,0 being bottom left: Rect rect = new Rect(posX, posY, sizeX, sizeY); GUI.BeginGroup("", rect, "Box"); for(i = 0; i < patterns.Length; i++) { Rect r = new Rect(patterns.x -2.5f, rect.height - patterns.y -2.5f, 5, 5); GUI.Box("", r); } as for moving it around, you would if r.Contains(mousePosition) & mouseDown. If so, selectedPatternIteration = i. If selectedPatternIteration = i, then patterns = GUIMousePosition - Vector2(rect.xy). Else if mouseDown, selectedPatternIteration = -1 (some value that will say hey, nothing's selected). That (I believe) is the math behind it in editor windows and legacy ingame, not 100% sure about custom editors tho
  12. Make object mass not affect other objects

    Hm. Try building a debug build and see if any warnings or errors are thrown in the build. If it works fine in editor and not in build, something is not properly building
  13. Make object mass not affect other objects

    Decrease the mass of the player and increase the mass of the ship. A ship should never have the same mass as a player unless your ship is 160lb. Another alternative is to not use a rigidbody on your ship and program the buoyancy yourself (which is probably more efficient anyways) or lock the z rotation (but the problem will still occur on the x axis unless you lock it as well ) or you can use a character controller instead of a rigidcontroller
  14. Low Poly Bridge

    Here is a lowpoly bridge I made yesterday and optimized this morning. Pretty self explained so I'll just leave the description at that lol Texture can be found on any other low poly topic i've posted. It's just a color palette image as shown in the screenshot. You can make it even lower poly without affecting quality by merging the verts on each of the forward edges on the underneath side if you want to. Would drop you down to around 450 or so 488 tris Bridge.zip
  15. Obvious Color transition

    For informational purposes, if you don't have a cookie attached, it doesn't mean your not using one. Unity assigns the default cookie if the cookie slot is empty. I believe it's the same image as the default particle, if not, it's very close to it. If absolutely no texture is used (even the default texture) then it would be a giant projected (hard edged) box. That's just the way unity calculates there lighting. but on topic now. The reason there is a color difference is because the color intensity relies on two factors, the brightness of a light and the intensity of the ambient. So, if the ambient is set to 0 and light is set to 1 then somewhere in the middle (in the soft edge of the cookie) there will be values between 1 and 0. So this example shows what it what look like: center screen: 1, 0, 0 (red for example) middle left of screen: 0.5, 0, 0 left screen: 0, 0, 0 the only way to fix this is to find a happy medium between light intensity and ambient OR darken the light intensity OR use, like we previously mentioned, a cookie with hard edges instead of soft or a more softened cookie the darken it less dramatically. There's a reason why we mentioned cookies. It's not bc we are hungry it's bc it's the only alternative if you dont want to change the intensity of the light or ambient. That's just the way math works, to get to black from red, it's going to continue to get darker, the cookie is what tells how fast that transition is going to happen