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  1. Never really tried all that hard to do it but I'm about 95% positive it's impossible without building it with the editor source
  2. As Calum stated, you can't use anything related to the editor during runtime. Normally, as he also said, you would put it in a folder called "Editor" and all is well, but you've also got things in that same script that need to be ran during gameplay but it will be excluded from the build and your going to run into issues trying to get information from an editor file. the only option is break it up into two seperate scripts, one for editor related stuff to place in the editor folder and the runtime stuff that will stay outside of the editor folder
  3. Not many music people come to the forum so welcome. i think your music is very good, but not for the genre your looking for. I can def see your music doing incredibly well in racing and/or fighting games tho. My brother does my music at trailerpark studios in LA as seen here: and in the bomber box project in the download section but if I was making one of genres mentioned above, I would def have a place for you. I wish you the best of luck and if you need help in the future, always feel free to ask.
  4. Looks good, but there shouldn't be a major impact on performance with the rain. Make sure the rain only encapsulates the player at a radius of like 15 or so units and it should be ok
  5. using a value you can tell it whether it's logged in or out. Using OnApplicationQuit you handle the toggle if the user closes the application while still logged in.
  6. Example:
  7. Looks really good man. Only issue I see is the ui is pretty busy. Kinda got lost trying to figure out what where and what does what. But by judging by your map screenshots it looks like you fixed the stail coloring and flat textures I was seeing in the video. looks good 👍 Hope to see it release
  8. Hey, if i got this correctly this works like a guestbook right ? Anyways i just wanted to let you know that im really thankful for the great code OC has submitted to this forum. OcularCash is a skilled coder and always lends a helping hand for those who reach for it. Thanks to him i was able to solve quite some problems so far. Keep being the way you are! (Y)

  9. I take it this a blender question and not a unity question based on the screenshot correct? You should be able to yes, but you may have reweigh it if it's already weighed. You may be able to click 1 armature, shift click the next and hit p to parent them together. Then you should be able to use the parent box to adjust them. But that's just a guess, I've never parent 2 armatures together in blender, only in unity
  10. Nice 👍 I thought it might have been multi scene rendering like this: ill just do some tests myself then and see the differences. Looks good btw
  11. @Erarnitoxyou can use the same animations on multiple rigs in legacy as well, it's not just a mechanim thing. And for unity animation bugs, unity animation bugs only occur when going from negative to positive or positive to negative when manipulating the transform, which is where ppl mistake How to animate in unity. Your not supposed to manipulate it's transform directly, your supposed to manipulate the transformation from the animation window, not from the transform component. Every animation I've used and still use since I've been using unity (about 5 years) were created inside unity. It's a good system, but people tend to just move stuff around not paying attention to what window there using to do it. The reason is because the transform component uses wrapped transformations while the animation window uses clamped.
  12. Good. And to add tho, this is also a demonstration of parent movement animating:
  13. Hierarchy should look like: Player>weaponCam>weaponManager>arms/weapons. The weapon manager is what your animating for movement. When you have sway it looks like Player>weaponCam>sway>weaponManager>arms/weapons. And so on. You just animate/move parents and it animates/moves all the children
  14. It's bc the running animation isn't on the weapon, it's on the parent that holds all the weapons
  15. If you don't mind me asking, did you use a depth masking shader like I did on the tardis effect a few years ago or did you use multi scene rendering like "a crack in the slab"? Only asking bc I will be doing a similar effect in my game but haven't tested the performance of the multi scene rendering, only depth masking