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  1. OcularCash

    SeX Games

    No, I’m actually friends with a lot of pornstars and escort services bc I used to do a lot of there photography. But making visual game you can make it and throw up a price if you want and inform the stars on sites like ManyVids live. Sites like manyvids don’t have games built into there chat rooms so if they see games they can use, normally they will take it if offered. You can also ask a retweet group leader like @theserenitykay or @strawbryshrtck3 to tweet a link+game picture. Retweet groups are basically huge groups of porn models that retweet each other’s stuff to get there content noticed. Those 2 girls run retweet groups for manyvids. Telling them you will purchase content or add links to there content in the game may also increase your chances of them saying yes. But all depends on the quality of the game. For built in games using there chat CLICK HERE FOR API, chaturbate gets a ton of traffic and offers a text based game api for there chat rooms that you can sell for models essentially every game is just a list of prizes (what they do) and your game just randomly chooses an index in that list. That’s it. Then it’s just a matter of making it fun
  2. OcularCash

    SeX Games

    It’s a game showcase that I just finished and posted. There’s no mature images or videos, just mature text. Just added a shoutout to the person who requested it at the end. Simple Games for cam girls actually pays better than simple games on steam bc there’s not very many of them so the market is less saturated
  3. So the grabobjects variable is dereferencing the noobject gameobject correct? The only way that is possible is if somewhere in your code your either replacing it with something else or telling it to = null. The answer lies in your code. Just open your code and search for grabObjects = and that is where your issue is. Unless your talking about dereferencing After play mode has stopped and in that case, play mode changes do not affect edit mode
  4. OcularCash

    SeX Games

    I finished a quick game that contains a couple mini games for camgirl by request of a porn model named Mandy Dawn. Pretty simple and self explanatory how the mini games work. If you want to know how some of the mini games were created, let me know and I can show you how I made them. if you want to support Mandy Dawn, you can find her Pornhub, ManyVids and twitter links on her itch profile or in the game. From there you can check out her paid content https://mandydawn.itch.io/sex-games
  5. OcularCash

    Long time

    @reaperkan @Erarnitox lol ya I’m a dude. I just bang a lot and have 4 demon spawns. I’m not as active as I used to be but still develop when I’m not working or with the family or doing porn or something. Delirious devon has been at a stand still for awhile now. Not dead, just a big ass project. Doing a Minecraft like project for my kids a couple times a month that will one day get posted. Also did some shaders and built a Java app for creating/viewing real-time shaders for the construct 3 engine. Just a very busy person nowadays. Latest project I finished for Mandy Dawn and other cam girls: https://mandydawn.itch.io/sex-games by the way, feel free to show Mandy some love by purchasing some of her videos. You can find her links on her profile or in game. I told her I would do some promoting for her this week anyways
  6. Vansley hasn’t been logged in since mid 2018
  7. OcularCash


    look into replacement shaders
  8. Good to hear you fixed it. Just wanted to say I believe the issue with the first script may have been caused by using the update function. I had a simple issue 3rd person follow cameras and it was bc I was using update which update is not called at the same time physics is called result in a jerking motion when moving
  9. TakeDamage needs to be an rpc bc all copies of the character on each client needs to know it’s taking damage, at minimum, the the client that owns that’s object does. the most common thing you see ppl doing is calling the damage rpc on all clients, checking if it isMine (the client owner), if it is, then deduct health and sync it to all clients. It’s a hair less efficient, but it works. You can also (I believe) only call the rpc on the owner and then sync the health on all clients, that way only the owner receives the initial call. Don’t know for sure but pretty sure you can it that way. But both approaches work just fine
  10. I’m just generating the clouds using 2d simplex noise on a chunk by chunk basis. So when I chunk is generated, if that chunk is in a blob zone, build a cloud that covers the top of that chunk
  11. So a little update. I just got back from vacation and dabbled in this again a little. I fixed some of the bugs including the tree leaf problem between chunks. Also added clouds and plants and a temp main menu to input seeds and swap texture packs and so on. Just wanted to show a bit bc yes, I'm not just stopping at a simple voxel terrain and calling it finished like what you normally see people doing, I will be doing the whole show just my own version of it the way I want it
  12. I know I know, tons of minecraft like stuff out there but I started working on something for my 5 year old last friday. He's still loves minecraft and I couldn't find anything worth a crap that was minecraft related and vr for ios so decided to make it myself. Like I said, I only just started it a little over a week ago but a big chunk of it is already done outside of some minor glitches (like tree leaves not going where theyre supposed to go if it's on the side of another chunk). Alot of stuff has not been added like water physics (outside of drag when walking in it), no ai yet, haven't tuned in some of the algorithms for block generation, no menu or large inventory or anything yet. It does run very quickly tho so don't be afraid to use max settings, even if you are on a less than average pc But if you would like to try it in it's current state, I'll post a link below. Once it's close to being finished and before I add vr I will post the source here in the forum. (right click) to remove a block. (left click) to place a block. (q) and (e) cycles which block your holding. Mouse is currently not locked for testing reasons so watch where you click and there is no boundary barriers in place yet HERE IS THE LINK TO THE BUILD
  13. First shuffle the deck (array of cards). Then you can use while(hand < 5) to keep looping until you get a full hand. Now the tough part bc I don’t know your code (how the values are laid out), I’m assuming there’s only 1 card of each value from 4-36. but you want to grab the first card (obviously). Then check if the second card is <= 60 - firstCard - 22 “4 + 5 + 6 + 7” unless one of those numbers was the first card. And so on and so on. There’s too much stuff to explain but the jist is, make sure you don’t get to 60 before the 5th card and make sure there’s atleast 1 card left in the deck that will keep you under that value by card 5. You looking at a lot of comparing, and if you mess up, look forward to crashing your computer several times. So make sure all your checks are correct so you can break out of the while loop every time. edit: and before either 4, 5, 6, 7, or 8 is chosen, replace it a value < 60 - hand. So if 9 is lower and you choose 5, value now has to be lower than 60 - hand - (4+9+6+7+8) depending on how many cards you still need in your hand. If you still need 3 cards then it’s just (4+5+6) or (4+9+6)
  14. Another way is to generate random path first, put them in a list and when creating tiles, don’t put a mine if it’s part of the path psuedo: List<Vector2> path = RandomPath(width, height); for(int y = 0; y < height; y++) { for(int x = 0; x < width; x++) { bool a = false; for(int i = 0; i < path.count; i++) { if(path = Vector2(x, y)) { a = true; break; } if(a) continue; if(Random.value < 0.5) PlaceBomb(x,y); } } } Edit: just remember when creating a random path, you need to a* it back to find the shortest path. But if you are going to keep it 4x4 and never bigger, you can also just place bombs at 3 out of 4 nodes diagonally and a* to the finish since 4x4 isn’t very big to begin with. I.e. int c = 0; bool done = false; for(int i = 0; i < 4; i++) { if(!done) { if(Random.value > 0.8 || i == 3) { done = true; continue; } else { c++; placeBombAt(i, i); } else placeBombAt(i, i); } } FindPath();
  15. https://github.com/googleads/googleads-mobile-unity/blob/master/samples/HelloWorld/Assets/Scripts/GoogleMobileAdsDemoScript.cs take a look at the delegates in the start function
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