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  1. Danielbr

    FPS tutorial

    I used the FPS of the OMA as an example, I want to do mine since the beginning
  2. Danielbr

    FPS tutorial

    /\ YES put the gun I know more I want to put my movements
  3. Danielbr

    FPS tutorial

    I'll try to explain once again, you know your FPS Kit? So I wanted to do one more so than with my guns, you know?
  4. Danielbr

    FPS tutorial

    looks so new in these things through games, I've seen several tutorials fps over all the weapons are stuck, I wanted this shot when the gun moves and when you press it too Move, kit like the one his most fps with my own animations
  5. Danielbr

    FPS tutorial

    hi I was watching a tutorial on how to make a FPS, the more weapons are stuck if you can pass me a tutorial of animation with FPS I would be grateful
  6. hello guys I have a problem to have because I give a MAX file I downloaded 3ds max 9 more he still does not work in unity there I see you try to open the file in max 9 3ds max appears an error and does not open Auque can tell me what's going on?
  7. Danielbr

    max file to FBX

    Perhaps you can export FBX files to max The animations are these: viewtopic.php?f=38&t=330 and then could I put for download on 4shared thank you
  8. olha skipe nem tenho mais tenho msn daninhosantos2009@hotmail.com
  9. I am wanting to create a fps project and wanted to use one of These models are all over here in the forum of the MAX and I have not 3ds max on my pc: ( How Can I Use these weapons in my project? I'm from Brazil and translated by Google:):) ha and one more thing that has fps that project here in the forum as it adds new weapons and that only through beginner
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