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  1. ?? Im not a moderator? Lolz
  2. yeah its ok' ish but I personally would not buy it :l
  3. cam studio is 100% free and awesome
  4. or alternatively download 'transition manager' from the asset store.. its free and a ready to use splash screen
  5. micro-transactions in premium games, the whole sim city server mess and most importantly the STUPID AS F**K online pass system.. thankfully after being voted the worst company in america TWICE EA, has finally started to change but I personally strongly dislike most EA games (except for bf) :l
  6. no the chatroom is full... so that doesnt work
  7. yeah left4dead was amazing but didnt make the cut maybe next time coach
  8. 1. Mad Dash Racing 2. Halo 3 3. Halo 4. Forza Horizon 5. Mass Effect 6. Forza 4 7. COD 4 8. Skyrim 9. Pro Evolution Soccer 2005 (soo much fun, always used to play it with friends, the game itself kinda sucks, just the good memories) 10. RUNESCAPE MUTHERTRUCKERS
  9. maybe a skype group chat would be better for this? or some other IM service, i feel as though this will spiral out of control too quickly
  10. the other logical reason is because its too awesome to wait you wait for COD, you pre-order Battlefield
  11. What is on my mind? :s hmm... better think..

  12. I can code in c#... but not enough to help this project so its easier to say i cant
  13. Name: Connor -Speciality: Scripting (C++/UnityScript... i cannot code in c#) -Manager: No
  14. Hey guys, hey... If apple is so great then why do their cars, houses and favourite buildings have windows? Hahahahah... Yeah im a loser
  15. yeah the grammar kind of ruins it, I appreciate your german but someone in your team must speak english natively? if not, you could post as german and do a direct translation underneath? makes it look more formal I guess
  16. well what exactly do you want to do? setup pre-created rooms for the game? I dont know what your asking but you should start by using photon server and not cloud, there is a limit to what you can do with the cloud.
  17. i would turn it off but the pop-ups with muslim dating are beginning to annoy me
  18. hey! welcome to armed unity, if you ever need any help you should post in the need help section and our resident help bot (DabossTMR) will help you almost immediately.. seriously he can do anything anyways, welcome! and hope to see you around!
  19. you should really learn some coding tutorials first... you are seriously thinking about setting up a game studio and you can not even code a simple fall damage script.. learn to code to ATLEAST an intermediate level then come back and make a game you will show the world.
  20. uhm..... no. your argument is invalid. "They dont exactly MAKE all the hardware, but they do have it specially designed for their machines. For example, the hard drives are made by HITACHI but apple has them formatted with a special file system to run with OS X. The processors are usually specially made for macs by INTEL and NVIDIA makes graphics cards for macs only. Everything in a mac is wired into each other, so yes it does run smoother than windows. Its not so much the hardware, its that the OS is designed to work with this and only this hardware, making it run very efficiently. Windows has to be coded for many different pieces of hardware so they cant optimize anything, it has to work with all the low end stuff, macs only use high end parts. The motherboards and casing and screen are built by apple. Im not sure how to explain it exactly. Apple designs all the hardware, then they get big companies to build it for them, like Intel and Nvidia. Overall it does make things run smoother as there arent too many drivers too boot up, they just come built into the OS. the EFI also handles all the hardware so mac boot time is about half that of a PC. Basically on a PC, theres a jump between BIOS and loading the OS, in most cases Windows. First BIOS boots, then it loads up windows. On a mac, all the apple coding is built right in like an ipod. Turn it on and the OS and the hardware boot together. Its a good design idea, but it limits what a mac can do and thus means PC > MAC." but this shows in the price, and is only true for off the shelf pc's... obviosuly custom builds/hackintoshes are an exception to this rule.. Microsoft doesnt have a design partner but they still make great products so why should they make it themselves if its cheaper for us and cheaper for them to not do so?
  21. lol, Jmaster repped daboss down for his comment... LOL...
  22. yeah, im installing adblock now, heres a little preview of the beauty's that wanna meet me http://prntscr.com/194an3 EDIT: thanks OMA, i am now married with 14 beautiful kids and my own tandoori restaurant!
  23. ok, this may appear really random but why does armed unity always show me muslim dating ads? im using chrome and I only search for technology videos etc so why is DART not impacting the ads? does OMA have some sort of partnership with these sites? im tempted to sign up to see if it removes the ads :l
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