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  1. ?? Im not a moderator? Lolz
  2. yeah its ok' ish but I personally would not buy it :l
  3. cam studio is 100% free and awesome
  4. or alternatively download 'transition manager' from the asset store.. its free and a ready to use splash screen
  5. micro-transactions in premium games, the whole sim city server mess and most importantly the STUPID AS F**K online pass system.. thankfully after being voted the worst company in america TWICE EA, has finally started to change but I personally strongly dislike most EA games (except for bf) :l
  6. no the chatroom is full... so that doesnt work
  7. yeah left4dead was amazing but didnt make the cut maybe next time coach
  8. 1. Mad Dash Racing 2. Halo 3 3. Halo 4. Forza Horizon 5. Mass Effect 6. Forza 4 7. COD 4 8. Skyrim 9. Pro Evolution Soccer 2005 (soo much fun, always used to play it with friends, the game itself kinda sucks, just the good memories) 10. RUNESCAPE MUTHERTRUCKERS
  9. maybe a skype group chat would be better for this? or some other IM service, i feel as though this will spiral out of control too quickly
  10. the other logical reason is because its too awesome to wait you wait for COD, you pre-order Battlefield
  11. What is on my mind? :s hmm... better think..

  12. I can code in c#... but not enough to help this project so its easier to say i cant
  13. Name: Connor -Speciality: Scripting (C++/UnityScript... i cannot code in c#) -Manager: No
  14. Hey guys, hey... If apple is so great then why do their cars, houses and favourite buildings have windows? Hahahahah... Yeah im a loser
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